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Top 15 Shopify event calendar apps: Latest update in 2023!

The Shopify event application stands out as a highly valuable tool for businesses seeking to maintain order and inform their customers about upcoming events. If you are looking for a suitable Shopify event app for your online store, stop by this article!

We will provide you with the latest updated list in 2023 of the top 20 Shopify events app. Read and choose one for your store!

What are Shopify events?

Shopify events are a way to keep track of significant activities and changes in your Shopify store. 

These events provide a record of actions such as orders being placed, products being added or updated, customer information changes, and other important activities within your e-commerce platform. 

What are Shopify events?

Shopify uses events to help you monitor and analyze your store’s performance, track customer behavior, and maintain an audit trail of actions taken by both customers and store staff. 

Shopify provides a history of these events in the admin panel, making it easy for you to review and analyze your store’s operations, track trends, and troubleshoot issues. You can also use the event data for reporting and integration with third-party tools, such as platforms for analytics or systems for managing customer relationships (CRM).

Shopify also offers a programmatic way to access event data through the Shopify API, allowing developers to build custom solutions and automation based on these events.

Benefits of using events in your Shopify store

  • Real-time Monitoring: Events provide a real-time record of actions and activities in your store.
  • Performance Analysis: By tracking events, you can gain insights into how your store is performing. 
  • Order and Inventory Management: Events related to orders and inventory help you keep your stock levels up to date and ensure efficient order fulfillment. 
  • Customer Insights: Customer-related events provide information about your customers’ behavior. 
  • Customization and Automation: You can create custom events in Shopify to track specific activities or actions that are unique to your business. 
  • Integration with Third-Party Tools: Event data can be integrated with third-party analytics tools, CRM systems, and marketing automation platforms. 
  • Audit Trail: Events serve as an audit trail, making it easier to identify the cause of issues or discrepancies within your store. 
  • Developer Flexibility: Developers can use the Shopify API to access event data, enabling them to build custom solutions and automation tailored to their specific needs. 
  • Scalability: As your store grows, the use of events remains a scalable and reliable way to manage and monitor your business activities. Whether you have a small store or a large enterprise-level operation, events provide a consistent way to track events and changes.

Using events in your Shopify store offers a comprehensive and powerful way to monitor, analyze, and manage your e-commerce operations. It provides valuable insights and can help you utilize data-driven insights to optimize performance and customer experience in your online store.

Top 20 Shopify event calendar apps in 2023

1. Appointment Booking Cowlendar

Appointment Booking Cowlendar is a Shopify app that allows merchants to take bookings, appointments, events, and services booked through customers on their calendars. It is a user-friendly and reliable app that can assist businesses of any scale in simplifying and optimizing their scheduling procedures.

Appointment Booking Cowlendar app. 

Cowlendar offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for booking appointments, including:

  • Booking notifications
  • Time zone detection
  • Email reminders
  • Custom meeting duration
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Google Meet automatic Links
  • SMS Notifications 
  • Abandoned bookings
  • Custom sender
  • Booking deposit

Appointment Booking Cowlendar is a Shopify app that offers a variety of benefits to businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Requires zero technical knowledge
  • Substitute the “add to cart” button with a “book now” button on every product page.
  • Arrange face-to-face meetings or schedule virtual appointments using Zoom or Google Meet.
  • Send email notifications and reminders for scheduled appointments and bookings..
  • Enable group bookings, permitting multiple customers to reserve the same time slot.
  • Application designed for use in various sectors, including restaurants, education (teachers), hotels, healthcare (doctors), boat and car rental services, and hairdressers, among others.

Price: Free to install, $12,99/ month for premium level, $18,99/ month for elite level, $28,99/ month for ultra level

Rating: 4,9 stars based on 770 reviews.

2. Appointment Booking Appointo

Appointo is an appointment booking software that allows businesses to create and manage online booking systems for their websites. It is a no-code solution, so businesses of all sizes can use it to create a booking system without any coding knowledge.

Appointment Booking Appointo app


Appointo offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for booking appointments, including:

  • Email Notifications
  • Block Unavailable Dates
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Automated Subscription Booking
  • Mobile App
  • Email / Text Reminder
  • Google / Outlook Calendar
  • Booking Bundles
  • Customise Customer Portal
  • Set the locale for the customer portal

Here are some of the benefits of using Appointo for appointment booking:

  • A customer booking portal that empowers customers to oversee and control their reservations.
  • Automatically sends emails and text messages for reminders, confirmations, rescheduling, and more.
  • Provides support for group appointments and seamlessly integrates with Google, Outlook calendars, and Zoom.
  • Compatible with all themes and offers automatic translation to match the store’s language.
  • Effectively handle both one-time and recurring booking subscriptions, including payment processing.

Pricing: Free to install, $1/month for all 3 levels: pro, premium, and advanced

Rating: 5 stars based on 461 reviews

3. Appointly: Appointment Booking

Appointly is robust appointment scheduling software designed for service sales within the Shopify platform. It strives to deliver a smooth booking process for both vendors and clients, allowing for automated booking creation without the need for manual intervention, ultimately conserving time and valuable resources

Appointly app

Appointly offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for Shopify events, including:

  • Email Notifications
  • Admin Rescheduling and Cancellation
  • Block Unavailable Dates
  • Separate Team Member Dashboard
  • Widget Customization
  • Customer Rescheduling & Cancellation
  • Custom Email Template
  • Reminder Alerts
  • Group Appointments
  • Custom Questions
  • Calendar Integration
  • Zoom Integration
  • Deposits / Partial Payments

Here are some of the benefits of using Appointly for event scheduling:

  • Versatile Configuration: Integration with calendars, adding custom questions, support for group events, and more.
  • Team Member Assistance: Incorporate your staff as team members to accommodate multiple bookings.
  • Incorporate Google/Outlook calendars for bidirectional synchronization and establish a connection with Zoom for online meetings.
  • Effortless appointment cancellation and rescheduling process without the need for manual intervention.
  • Deposits: Accept partial payments or deposits for appointments.

Pricing: free to install, $5/month for starter level, $9/month for pro level. 

Rating: 5 stars based on 551 reviews

4. Shop Events Calendar

The Shop Events Calendar is dedicated to highlighting your events, promotions, announcements, product releases, and more through a mobile-friendly calendar. You have the choice of two calendar designs: the original layout or a list view. Furthermore, you can personalize the calendar settings to ensure they match your precise preferences.

Shop Events Calender app

Shop Events Calendar offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for Shopify events, including:

  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Original & List Design
  • Style Options

Here are some of the benefits of using Shop Events Calendar for event scheduling:

  • Unlimited Event Creation: Generate an endless number of events for your calendar.
  • Your Store, Your Calendar: The calendar is designed to harmonize with your store’s themes and fonts, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Seamlessly Integrate Your Other Calendars: Easily incorporate your calendars from Google, Apple, and other platforms.
  • Rapid Calendar Installation: Opt for the convenient one-click installation or embed the calendar manually if you prefer
  • Calendar Translations: Translate your calendar into a multitude of languages.

Pricing: Free to install, $6/month for annual level and $8/month for monthly level.

Rating: 5 stars based on 99 reviews

5. Appointment Booking App Propel

Appointment Booking App Propel is a popular choice for Shopify merchants who want to offer a convenient and easy-to-use booking system to their customers. It is also a good choice for businesses that are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use appointment booking solution.

Appointment Booking App Propel 

Appointment Booking App Propel offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for Shopify events, including:

  • Email Notifications
  • Pick / Block Dates
  • Admin Reschedule & Cancel
  • CSV Export
  • Custom Questions
  • SMS Reminders
  • Customer Reschedule & Cancel
  • Manual Bookings
  • Group Appointments
  • Multiple Calendars
  • Zoom Integration
  • Google Calendar Sync

Here are some of the benefits of using Appointment Booking App Propel for event scheduling:

  • Utilize group appointments to provide classes, webinars, events, and a variety of other offerings.
  • Minimize no-shows, solicit reviews, and achieve more with SMS and email notifications.
  • Enhance your booking form with personalized questions to collect the specific information you require.
  • Effortlessly accept deposits and partial payments to secure reservations.
  • Seamless Zoom integration that automatically generates meeting URLs and syncs with Google Calendar.

Pricing: Free to install, $9.95/month for pro level and $19.95/month for premium

Rating: 4.9 stars based on 200 reviews

6. CoAttend ‑ Booking app

CoAttend is an application that streamlines the process of event management within your Shopify admin, thanks to its seamless integration. With its user-friendly interface, you can effectively manage orders, reservations, and notifications on various devices. 

CoAttend - Booking app

Utilizing this app empowers your customers to effortlessly include multiple attendees when making purchases on your Shopify store. CoAttend offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for Shopify events, including:

  • Shopify POS integration
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Multi language
  • Email reminders
  • Unlimited events/instructors/locations

Here are some of the benefits of using CoAttend for event scheduling:

  • Customers have the option to select a specific date and time from the calendar.
  • Customers can add multiple participants to their reservations, and all plans offer unlimited bookings.
  • Automated email notifications are sent both prior to and after an event.
  • Events and reservations seamlessly integrate and synchronize with your Google Calendar automatically.

Pricing: $9/month for the starter level, $19/month for the basic level, and $49/month for the pro level

Rating: 5 stars based on 8 reviews

7. Evey Events & Tickets

Evey Events & Tickets serves as a comprehensive ticketing solution for event organizers. This app enables you to effortlessly create, sell, and scan event tickets while ensuring a consistent and branded ticketing experience for your attendees. 

Evey Events & Tickets

Its seamless integration with your Shopify store allows you to efficiently manage both event participants and other customers within a single, unified system. Evey Events & Tickets offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for Shopify events, including:

  • Unlimited events/ticket types
  • Sell tickets on your store
  • Customize email/SMS and web/PDF/Apple tickets
  • Collect ticket info
  • Events calendar
  • Attendee messages / scheduled reminders
  • Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Zoom, Shopify POS

Here are some of the benefits of using CoAttend for event scheduling:

  • You can establish various ticket categories, including options for seated, tiered, multi-day, and virtual events, among others.
  • You can generate tickets in diverse formats, such as PDFs, Apple Wallet Passes, or calendar-based tickets.
  • The tickets include a scannable QR code for streamlined check-in, which can be easily managed through mobile apps.
  • You possess the capability to send messages tailored to either a specific group or all of your attendees, using email or SMS.
  • Easily connect with other applications, such as Klaviyo, MailChimp, Zoom, and Shopify POS, for seamless integration and expanded functionality.

Pricing: Free to install, $49/month for the standard level, $189/month for the professional level.

Rating: 4.6 stars based on 97 reviews.

8. BTA: Appointment Booking App

BookThatApp is a versatile and feature-rich solution suitable for a wide range of industries. Shopify merchants worldwide rely on it to facilitate appointments, classes, rentals, ticketing, events, tours, and more, all within a single system. 


By using BookThatApp, you can instill confidence in both your customers and staff, ensuring efficient management of your appointment scheduling requirements. BookThatApp offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for Shopify events, including:

  • Google Calendar integration
  • Supports POS
  • Email reminders
  • Deposits/Bonds
  • Availability Search
  • BYO SMTP server

Here are some of the benefits of using BookThatApp for event scheduling:

  • Enhance productivity through the automation of bookings, scheduling reminders, and generating reports.
  • Enjoy robust scheduling features that cover services, staff, and multiple locations.
  • Effortlessly connect with external calendars and reserve with Google and various other applications for a seamless and integrated experience.

Pricing: Free to install, $14/month for the lite level, $25/month for the standard level, $49.95/month for the premium level. 

Rating: 4.7 stars based on 394 reviews

9. Tipo Appointment Booking

The Tipo Appointment Booking app is a robust scheduling tool tailored for Shopify. It enables you to effortlessly provide appointment booking options for a diverse array of services and occasions, including but not limited to retail shopping assistance, spa treatments, hair salon appointments, fashion styling sessions, tutoring sessions, and consultations.

Tipo Appointment Booking

Tipo Appointment Booking offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for Shopify events, including:

  • Customizable booking form
  • Integrated Zapier
  • Appointment email notification
  • Google Calendar Sync

Here are some of the benefits of using Tipo Appointment Booking for event scheduling:

  • Booking Management – Keep tabs on appointments with comprehensive booking details.
  • Simple integration with Google Calendar.
  • Tailored booking form: customize day off, location, date and time, font, color, background, and more.
  • Personalized fields: Gather additional customer information with custom fields.
  • Automatically sends emails and texts for reminders, confirmations, rescheduling, and more.

Pricing: free to install, $14.90/ month for the pro level.

Rating: 4.6 stars based on 375 reviews.

10. Mahina Event Calendar App

The Mahina Event Calendar App is specifically designed for Shopify users looking to enhance their stores with attention-grabbing events. Mahina has created a user-friendly interface with options for customization and localization, making it effortless to create events for your customers. 

You can link products to an event and market them as tickets, or gather RSVPs for events you’re hosting. Its goal is to streamline the event creation process and provide an engaging experience for your audience.

Mahina Event Calendar App

Mahina offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for Shopify events, including:

  • List and Grid View Layout Options
  • Online and Offline Event Options
  • Add Image
  • Additional Themes
  • Ability to customize and save Themes
  • Session Breakdown
  • Add events to Google Calendar
  • RSVP feature
  • Customise Email RSVP response
  • Download and Manage RSVP invitees
  • Event-wise Analytics

Here are some of the benefits of using Mahina for event scheduling:

  • Present your events with a visually appealing user interface.
  • Associate products with your event and offer them as tickets for sale.
  • Gather RSVP details and send personalized email responses.
  • Tailor the app’s appearance and language to your preferences.
  • Build customized event filters.

Price: Free to install, $9.99/month for the standard level, $19.99/month for the premium level.

Rating: 4.7 stars based on 23 reviews

11. Experiences: Events & Tickets

The Experiences app introduces bookable retail experiences to your store, allowing customers to stay on-brand within your domain without the interference of third-party booking systems. With Zapier integration and other connectivity options, you can seamlessly link to various tools, and our support team is readily available for any additional assistance you may require.

Experiences: Events & Tickets

This Experiences app offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for Shopify events, including:

  • Shopify theme integration
  • Customizable email
  • Shopify POS check-in app
  • iOS eTicket check-in app
  • Zapier, MailChimp, and Zoom integration

Here are some of the benefits of using the Experiences app for event scheduling:

  • It seamlessly integrates with any Shopify theme and ensures a speedy setup of booked experiences.
  • Tailor email and text reminders to your liking to ensure customers receive timely reminders to attend their appointments.
  • Effortlessly embed a calendar or a list of all your experiences.
  • Easily connect with thousands of apps, including Zapier, MailChimp, Zoom, and a wide range of others.

Price: $9/moth for the basic level, $39/month for the premium level, and $129/month for the preferred level.

Rating: 4.6 stars based on 71 reviews.

12. SLOT Event Appointment Booking

SLOT is a scheduling application developed by Copilot that allows for the booking of individual and group appointments, classes, sessions, and various services. 

SLOT Event Appointment Booking

With this app, you can transform any item into a calendar that can be reserved, or you can establish a dedicated booking page for your services. SLOT provides a diverse range of features, making it a potent and versatile tool for Shopify events, including:

  • Multilanguage calendar
  • Self-serve team website
  • Unlim calendars
  • Email notifications
  • Google/Outlook Calendar integration
  • Edit/cancel appointments by customer
  • Custom appointments page

Here are some of the benefits of using SLOT for event scheduling:

  • Promote the sale of services and enable both paid and optional payment options for booking.
  • Display the appointment scheduler on either all service products or specific ones based on your preferences.
  • Utilize scheduling applications such as Calendly and Book That for booking appointments.
  • An appointment booking application that offers email and SMS notifications for both customers and your team.
  • Efficiently handle appointments within the Shopify admin and through a dedicated URL.

Price: Free to install, $15/month for the essential level, $20/month for the essentials with SMS level.

Rating: 4.4 stars based on 136 reviews.

13. Booking App by Webkul

If you offer services to your customers, whether you’re a doctor, a dance teacher, a tuition instructor, or in the business of selling tickets, and you operate your online store using Shopify, the Webkul app is an ideal solution. 

Booking App by Webkul

With the Booking App, you can effortlessly integrate a calendar and time slots, allowing customers to conveniently book your services based on the available slots you’ve set up. Webkul offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for Shopify events, including:

  • Appointment Type Booking
  • Rent Type Booking
  • Event Type Booking
  • Concert Type Booking

Here are some of the benefits of using Webkul for event scheduling:

  • A user-friendly interface for adding a booking feature to your products.
  • Choose from the six diverse booking types available to suit your specific requirements.
  • The admin has the capability to oversee and control customer bookings, including approval, rescheduling, and cancellation.
  • Effortlessly mark specific dates as unavailable within the booking timeframe.
  • The admin can include custom fields and additional information associated with the product during the booking process.

Price: $18/month for the basic level, and $15.83/month for the yearly plan.

Rating: 4.9 stars based on 56 reviews.

14. Meety Appointment Booking

The Meety Appointment Booking app is a reliable partner that empowers you to transform your products into bookable services and effectively manage your scheduling. It offers customizable widgets, automated reminders, a user-friendly design, and a range of other features to bolster your brand’s reputation and draw in a larger customer base. 

Meety Appointment Booking

Additionally, the app provides multiple integration options, ensuring seamless coordination between appointments and preventing scheduling conflicts. Meety offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for Shopify events, including:

  • Customizable widget
  • Automated timely reminders
  • User-centered design

Here are some of the benefits of using Meety for event scheduling:

  • Maintain continuous connection with your customers throughout the entire process through automated email reminders.
  • Customize the booking widget’s look and text to match your brand’s unique style and identity.
  • Prevent scheduling conflicts effectively by utilizing smart integrations specifically designed for online meetings.
  • Harness the potential of your business with valuable real-time analytics that offers meaningful insights.
  • Effortlessly configure and establish services using real-time changes preview widgets for immediate adjustments.

Price: Free

Rating: 5 stars based on 4 reviews.

15. Ticket Spot

Ticket Spot represents a robust calendar application designed to simplify event organization within your Shopify store. It offers advanced functionalities for both physical and online events, enabling effortless event creation, management, and promotion. 

Ticket Spot

Additionally, Ticket Spot’s automation toolkit facilitates seamless integration with your preferred applications and facilitates attendee engagement through SMS or email notifications. Ticket Spot offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for Shopify events, including:

  • Seamless Event / Calendar integrations
  • Theme, style, and design options
  • Customizable Themes and Designs
  • Display unlimited events
  • Targeted Event Filtering
  • Access to all layouts
  • Automated Email and SMS Campaigns
  • Unlimited attendees per event
  • Access to all integrations
  • Checkin Mobile App
  • Drag and Drop Advanced Email Editor
  • Automatic Social Media Promotion
  • SmartEvent AI Event Generation

Here are some of the benefits of using Ticket Spot for event scheduling:

  • Market tickets and obtain digital event confirmations.
  • Utilize automation for effective attendee interaction and event management.
  • Enhance event visibility across various social media platforms.
  • Tailor the fonts, colors, and layouts of your event list to your preferences.
  • Incredibly user-friendly while offering an extensive array of customization choices.

Price: $1.99/month for the starter level, $5.99/month for the professional level, $18.99/month for the growth level, and $24.99/month for the business level.

Rating: 5 stars based on 6 reviews.

Issues that users often encounter with the Shopify events app

Shopify Events is a powerful tool that can help you stay up-to-date on important events in your Shopify store. However, there are a few issues that users often encounter with the app.

  1. Delayed delivery of events

One of the most common issues with Shopify Events is that events may not be delivered immediately after they occur. This can be a problem for businesses that need to respond to events in real time. 

For example, if a customer places an order, you may want to be able to send them a confirmation email immediately. However, if the event is not delivered to the app immediately, you may not be able to send the email until the event is eventually delivered.

  1. Missing events

Another common issue with Shopify Events is that some events may not be delivered at all. This can be a problem for businesses that need to track all of the events that occur in their store. 

For example, if a customer cancels an order, you may want to be able to track that event so that you can understand why the customer canceled the order. However, if the event is not delivered to the app at all, you will not be able to track that event.

  1. Errors in event data

Shopify Events will display only the following types of events:

  • Orders
  • Fulfillment
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Discounts
  • Shipping
  • Payments
  • Refunds
  • Inventory

Other types of events will not be displayed on Shopify Events.

  • Invalid event data: The data can be incorrect or incomplete. This can cause problems with processing the data. However, to make sure that all the data is correct, you can check the Shopify documentation.

Here are some tips for avoiding events issues:

  • Use a reliable webhook provider: A reliable webhook provider will help to ensure that events are delivered promptly and reliably.
  • Handle errors gracefully: Applications should be able to handle errors gracefully and log them for future reference.
  • Be aware of changes to event format: Developers should keep an eye on Shopify’s documentation for changes to event format.
  • Use a real-time data processing system: A real-time data processing system can help to ensure that events are processed as soon as they are received.
  • Double-check data: After the events are received and processed, double-check the data to ensure that the data is correct.

In addition to these general tips, there are also specific things that users can do to avoid certain types of event issues. For example, to avoid delayed delivery of events, users can use a webhook provider that offers a low-latency delivery option. 

To avoid missing events, users can enable the “Retry failed deliveries” option in Shopify’s admin panel. To avoid invalid event data, users can validate the data against Shopify’s documentation. To be aware of changes to the event format, follow the official Shopify blog for announcements.

By following these tips, users can help avoid the most common issues with Shopify Events and ensure that their applications can process events reliably.

Boost your Shopify store’s performance with Mageplaza

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Hire Mageplza’s Shopify Experts/ Developers

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  • 9+ years of experience in E-commerce: Mageplaza, with a demonstrated history and vast expertise in Shopify web development, is a seasoned company in this field. They have successfully collaborated with clients worldwide, including those from the UK, the US, and Australia.
  • Wide range of services: Mageplaza provides a complete array of services, such as custom theme development, app development, store setup, integration, and continuous support. With its diverse services, you can trust Magplaza for all facets of your Shopify store development.
  • Customization capabilities: Recognizing the significance of a distinctive and visually attractive online store, Mageplaza comprehends the value of uniqueness. Mageplaza’s developers are adept at crafting custom themes, tailoring your Shopify website to align with your brand identity, and ensuring a standout online presence amidst competitors.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance: Mageplaza offers continuous support and maintenance services to guarantee the seamless operation of your Shopify store. With timely updates, bug fixes, and troubleshooting assistance, you can concentrate on your core business, confident that the technical aspects are expertly managed by Mageplaza’s team.
  • Cost-effective model: Whether you operate a small business or a large enterprise, Mageplaza can customize a pricing plan to fit your specific needs and budget. Mageplaza’s transparent pricing structure eliminates hidden costs, providing you with a clear understanding of the expenses involved.
  • Guaranteed time range: Recognizing the significance of meeting deadlines, Mageplaza ensures that you can launch your Shopify store promptly, kickstarting revenue generation without unnecessary delays. The guaranteed time range ensures the completion of your project within the agreed-upon timeframe.



In conclusion, staying ahead in the competitive world of e-commerce requires the right tools and resources. This latest update for the top 20 Shopify events apps in 2023 will offer an exciting array of options to enhance your event management and drive success for your business.

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