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Magento Statistics 2024: Usage, Trends and Performance

Dive into the heart of e-commerce innovation with our latest exploration into Magento’s 2024 landscape! As the digital marketplace blooms, Magento stands as a beacon for businesses and developers, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth and creativity. 

This blog is your gateway to the most cutting-edge statistics, trends, and performance metrics that are shaping Magento’s journey this year. Discover the secrets behind Magento’s thriving ecosystem and how it’s redefining the future of online retail. Whether you’re charting a new course for your business or coding the next big e-commerce solution, these insights are the key to unlocking your potential. 

Find out right below!

Magento Usage Statistics

More than 670 million websites are currently utilizing Magento as their e-commerce platform.

As of February 2024, 677,539 websites are using Magento, which encompasses detailed information such as location, hosting data, and contact details. This total includes more than 145 million active websites and an additional 371,860 domains that redirect to these sites.

A total of 209,696 websites use Magento 2, including 90,364 live sites and 314,014 redirecting domains, complete with location, hosting, and contact information.

Out of the total live Magento websites, Magento 2 powers approximately 41% of the Magento ecosystem, while Magento 1 supports the remaining 59% of active websites.

The US is the country that uses Magento the most in the world.

The United States leads the global usage of Magento with a significant count of 42,526. The United Kingdom and the Netherlands follow with 10,508 and 9,201, respectively, indicating a strong preference for Magento in Europe.

Top 10 countries using Magento
United States 42,526
United Kingdom 10,508
Netherlands 9,201
Germany 8,329
Italy 4,480
Brazil 4,026
Australia 3,798
France 3,729
Spain 3,017

Furniture is the most sold item on websites using Magento

Furniture, fashion, and shoes are the top three categories for Magento websites. With furniture leading at 2,252 and closely followed by fashion at 2,069. Shoes take the third place with 1,552 websites.

Top 15 categories of Magento websites
Furniture 2,252 
Fashion 2,069 
Shoes 1,552 
Groceries and Food 1,458 
Bags 1,414 
Medicine 1,249 
Computers 1,228 
Jewellery 1,172 
Alcohol 1,167 
Kitchenware 1,064 
Bed and Bathroom 946 
Apparel 858 
Womens Clothing 759 
Nutrition 756 
Fitness 714 

20,055 Small Businesses Choose Magento for E-commerce.

Magento demonstrates a strong foothold among small businesses, with the 0-9 employee size category leading at 20,055 users. The 20-49 employee segment also shows robust usage with 16,579 businesses.

Magento customers by employee size

4,041 Magento websites that are also using Magento Enterprise.

Over 39,000 websites migrate to Magento 2.4 version

39,127 Magento websites are powered by the latest Magento 2.4 version, followed by 16,889 Magento websites have upgraded to Magento 2.3. A small number of 4,193 Magento websites are utilizing Magento 2.1, and 3,106 Magento websites are running Magento 2.2

Nearly half of shoppers who make purchases on Magento websites do so using a mobile device.

Magento Market Share

Magento holds a 2.34% share of the global e-commerce platform market.

Magento holds a 2.34% share of the global e-commerce platform market.

Magento Open Source, the platform’s free version, accounts for nearly half of this with a 1.15% market share.

Magento Commerce, the premium, paid version of the platform, contributes a 0.25% share.

Magento 2, the latest version of the platform, has a market share of 0.15%, representing early adoption as users transition to the new technology.

Magento’s top 1 million websites have a global market share of 1.03%

Magento secures a 1.03% market share among the top 1 million websites, showcasing its solid foothold in e-commerce. 

In the realm of the top 100,000 websites, Magento’s market share slightly increases to 1.15%.

Among the elite top 10,000 websites, Magento’s market share has grown to 1.32%.

Magento ranks as the 12th most popular e-commerce technology in the United States.

Among the top 1 million sites in the US, Magento holds a market share of 9.23%, placing it as the third most popular e-commerce technology in this category.

In the UK’s e-commerce platform market, Magento has secured a 1.2% share.

Magento Growth Statistics

Magento had an impressive growth with 29% revenue growth in 2023.

In the 2023 fiscal year, Magento investors see a 29% higher platform revenue, an ROI boost of 247% over three years.

Magento was reported to have 67% faster development of new features in 2023.

There are more than 50% of productive developers joined the Magento community in 2023.

Magento Store Count Up 5.9% in 2023 Q4

In the fourth quarter of 2023, there was a 5.9% rise in the number of Magento stores compared to the previous quarter and surged 30% in 2023 Q4 compared to the previous year.

Magento store growth from 2019 to 2024
Quarter Active Stores
2019 Q3 120,737 
2019 Q4 125,730 
2020 Q1 135,288 
2020 Q2 129,057 
2020 Q3 134,842 
2020 Q4 143,343 
2021 Q1 148,300 
2021 Q2 155,594 
2021 Q3 156,102 
2021 Q4 161,970 
2022 Q1 158,336 
2022 Q2 158,589 
2022 Q3 163,435 
2022 Q4 163,714 
2023 Q1 156,224 
2023 Q2 154,560 
2023 Q3 151,845 
2023 Q4 147,509 
2024 Q1 145,530 

Magento Marketing Statistics

Email marketing is focused on businesses using Magento

2,542 Magento websites that are also using Marketo Mail.

13,018 Magento websites that are also using MailChimp, in which 4,407 websites are also using MailChimp SPF.

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Google offers the most marketing tools for Magento websites

Google tools for Magento website

Google Optimize 360 is integrated into 4,344 Magento websites.

Google Conversion Tracking is implemented on 24,542 Magento websites.

Google Remarketing is employed by 30,886 Magento websites.

Microdata for Google Shopping is utilized on 28,761 Magento websites.

Google Analytics is active on 85,439 Magento websites, with 49,953 of them utilizing Google Analytics 4.

Google AdSense is utilized on 3,681 Magento websites.

Magento businesses also focus on social media platforms

TikTok Conversion Tracking Pixel is implemented on 4,171 Magento websites.

Yotpo integration is observed on 2,416 Magento websites.

Facebook Pixel is utilized by 34,326 Magento websites.

Magento stores embrace Facebook with over 64,000 using the platform.

Facebook is the most popular platform, with 64,498 stores utilizing it, followed closely by Instagram with 52,356 stores. Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn also have significant representation among Magento store users, with 27,131, 26,848, and 26,471 stores respectively.

Magento stores social media usage
Type Stores
Snapchat 207
Yelp 1,253
Tiktok 3,647
WhatsApp 5,508
Pinterest 11,125
LinkedIn 26,471
YouTube 26,848
Twitter 27,131
Instagram 52,356
Facebook 64,498

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Magento Third-party Integration Statistics

HubSpot integration is observed on 2,963 Magento websites.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is utilized by 29,087 Magento websites.

Dotdigital Engagement Cloud is integrated into 2,353 Magento websites.

Klaviyo is employed by 5,671 Magento websites.

Algolia is utilized on 4,065 Magento websites.

LiveChat is implemented on 2,753 Magento websites.

Zendesk integration is found on 5,505 Magento websites, with an additional 4,023 utilizing Zendesk Embeddables.

Braintree is integrated into 56,918 Magento websites.

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Magento Payment Statistics

PayPal Leads Among 69,343 Magento Websites

Across a diverse array of payment options, PayPal emerges as the preferred choice among Magento websites, with 69,343 sites integrating it into their checkout process. Notably, 6,937 of these websites also feature a PayPal button directly on their product pages. 

Amazon and its payment service are utilized on 26,491 Magento websites, with 4,163 of them having Amazon Payments enabled.

Other prominent payment methods include MasterCard, Apple Pay, Visa, Stripe, and Afterpay, each catering to varying numbers of Magento websites.

Magento stores payment services
Payment Method Total Websites
PayPal 69,343
Visa 26,588
MasterCard 19,918
Stripe 13,543
Amazon 4,163
Apple Pay 3,137
Afterpay 1,500

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In summary, Magento’s 2024 landscape boasts significant usage, growth, and market positioning. With over 670 million websites utilizing Magento for e-commerce and a strong adoption of Magento 2, the platform remains a cornerstone in global digital commerce. Geographically, the United States leads in usage, while Europe also shows significant adoption. Notable revenue growth and increased developer engagement highlight Magento’s continued evolution. Marketing efforts focus on expanding reach, while diverse payment options, led by PayPal, prioritize consumer convenience. Overall, Magento remains a pivotal player in shaping the future of online retail.

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