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Kalles Shopify Theme Free Download: Is it Available?

Are you looking for a solution to create a professional online store on Shopify? Kalles theme is one of the most popular options. It is easy to use, even for beginners. It comes with lots of beautiful pre-made designs you can choose from. You can also change these designs to perfectly match the style of your business.

Actually, Kalles Shopify Theme is a premium theme, not available for free download. So, there will be no download links in this article. However, don’t stop here—scroll down and read to see why Kalles is worth using even if you need to spend some money to be able to use it!

Kalles Theme: Overviews

What is the Kalles Theme

Kalles is a premium Shopify theme specifically designed for startup online stores. It is built by The4, a company known for developing popular Shopify themes like Unsen, Basel, and Gecko. Kalles is an ideal theme for new enterprises. 

Kalles is a high-quality Shopify theme at an affordable price. It is available on ThemeForest, a famous marketplace for website templates. It offers two different licensing options.What is the Kalles Theme?

Key Features of Kalles

It has lots of features for different types of business. Let’s delve into some of the key features that make Kalles a powerhouse for Shopify stores:

  • Advanced mega menu: The Kalle’s theme provides a complex menu system, which helps customers search and browse products.
  • Image focal points: This feature of Kalles allows one to specify the main focal points in an image. Customers will focus on the most important parts of the product.
  • Advanced search and discovery: This feature allows searching products effectively.
  • Intelligent filter and sort system: Customers can look for products based on specific criteria.
  • Animation effect: The website becomes more lively and engaging depending on this effect.
  • UX/UI optimized: User interface and user experience are optimized to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Pre-order Features: Allows customers to pre-order upcoming products.
  • Fast Loading Speed: Quick page load times improve user experience and SEO.
  • Countdown Timer: Countdown for events or promotions.
  • Color Swatches: Display product color samples, making it easier for customers to choose colors.

The next one, you will learn the Kalles Shopify theme free download.

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How to Download Kalles for free

The Kalles theme for Shopify is an excellent choice for businesses and online stores. With a range of powerful features, Kalles not only provides a selling platform but also creates an impressive user experience. 

However, this theme is not available for free download. In other words, downloading it for free violates copyright. It also may lead to a lack of technical support and updates from the developer. This could affect the performance and security of your online store.

How to Download Kalles for free

As mentioned above, currently, we don’t have a link for a free download. We’ll update here once available. For the best experience and legal compliance, it’s recommended to purchase themes through official channels like ThemeForest.

How to install Kalles theme to your Shopify store

After purchasing the Kalles theme from an official marketplace like ThemeForest, you must download the theme files to your computer.

Step 1: Go to Themes

  • In the Shopify homepage, log in to your Shopify admin panel.
  • In your Shopify admin, you navigate to the Online Store and then click on Themes.Click on Themes

Step 2: Upload the Theme

  • In the Theme library section, you select Add theme and then opt for Upload zip file.
  • Click on Choose File to select the Zip file of the kalles theme that you downloaded.Upload the Kalles Theme
  • Click Upload to start the installation process.

When this theme is uploaded, you can customize and publish it to go live on your store.

How to customize your store with Kalles Shopify theme free download

Kalles comes with over 30 pre-built demos covering a wide range of industries. These demos give you a starting point for your store’s design and layout. 

After installation, you can customize your Shopify store whatever you want. Here are step-by-step to design your store with Kalles theme on Shopify you need to know:

Step 1: Header Customization

  • Select the Header section to configure elements like the logo, navigation menu, and search bar.
  • You can upload your logo, choose its alignment, and set the navigation style that best fits your store’s design.Upload your logo in the Header section
  • In the theme customization interface, scroll down to the Footer section.
  • Here, you can add or remove content blocks, such as newsletter signup forms, menu links, or social media icons.
  • Adjust the layout, background color, and text color to ensure the footer complements the rest of your site.

Step 3: Homepage layout

  • Customize the homepage by adding, removing, or rearranging sections like featured products, collections, and slideshows.
  • Use the drag-and-drop feature to organize the sections in your preferred order.

Step 4: Product and Collection Pages

  • Configure the product pages by selecting the Product pages option and adjust settings like image sizes, product descriptions, and related products.Adjust settings in the Collection Pages
  • For collection pages, you can set the number of products per row and choose pagination or infinite scrolling.

Step 5: Site-wide Setting

  • Under Theme settings, you can manage global settings like typography, buttons, and form styles.Manage typography settings
  • Set consistent styles for headings, body text, and calls to action across your store.

You always preview your changes to see how they look on different devices. Once satisfied, click ‘Save’ to apply the changes to your lively store.

5 Examples of successful stores with the Kalles theme

The Kalles theme has been embraced by various successful online stores across different niches. Let’s examine 5 stores that have successfully used the Kalles theme to improve their branding.


Manscaped makes use of Kalles’ interface to create a beautiful online store. It attracts customers with:

  • Minimalist, modern design with high-quality product images.
  • Smooth user experience with large product images, clear CTAs, detailed information, and positive reviews.
  • Flexible interface customization with a hero section on the homepage, product category grid, and targeted content sections.

Manscaped offers an efficient online shopping experience, converting visitors into customers.Manscaped offers an efficient online shopping experience.

MVMT Watches

Depending on Kalles theme, MVMT creates a luxurious online experience that perfectly showcases their stylish watches:

  • Parallax scrolling effect, high-quality product images, minimalist aesthetics.
  • Shoppable product grid with zoom functionality.

Olivers Apparel

Olivers Apparel uses the flexible Kalles interface to create a vibrant online store. They reflect their playful brand identity with:

  • Breaking away from the monotonous outlook, it uses vibrant colors, playful typography, and creative layouts.
  • They use a grid or full-width banner.
  • They display lifestyle images.

Olivers Apparel gives customers a special online shopping experience that attracts trendy and fun-loving customers.


ByRokko aims to create a minimalist online store. They showcase a commitment to high-quality and sustainable fashion.

  • They focus on high-quality products and sustainable materials.
  • They share their commitment to the environment and environmentally friendly production processes.
  • The image displays clothing details and structure.

ByRokko effectively communicates its brand values and celebrates its sustainable fashion.ByRokko showcases a commitment to high-quality.


Beardbrand created a website that appeals to its target audience: bearded men. They achieve this by:

  • They use bold colors, masculine fonts, and textures.
  • They provide beard care tutorials through video.
  • They provide detailed information about the product and benefits of beard care, thereby establishing a leading position in men’s grooming.

Beardbrand is not only an online store; but it’s also a hub for the bearded community. It fosters brand loyalty and encourages repeat customers.


To sum up, The Kalles Shopify theme is renowned for its diverse and powerful features, which can assist in creating a visually appealing and effective website. This, in turn, contributes to the success of your online business. Seeking kalles shopify theme free download versions can lack crucial support and updates from the developer. Hopefully, the information provided in this article will assist you in building and developing your Shopify store. 

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