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How to Use code in external file/script in Magento 2

In order to use code in external file/script in Magento 2, the topic covers an example which will use the existing in the Magento 2 root folder. You can set the file’s name to abc.php, then let’s open to inject the below code:

use Magento\Framework\App\Bootstrap;
require __DIR__ . '/app/bootstrap.php';
$params = $_SERVER;
$bootstrap = Bootstrap::create(BP, $params);
$obj = $bootstrap->getObjectManager();
$state = $obj->get('Magento\Framework\App\State');
$quoteId = 1;
$quote = $obj->get('Magento\Checkout\Model\Session')
echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';
$productId = 1;
$product = $obj->get('Magento\Catalog\Model\ProductRepository')
echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';

When you have done, this means you are successful in using the code in the external file/script in Magento 2. Thanks for your reading and please comment below if there is any trouble in that.

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