How to Solve Magento Error 503 After Upgrade?

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If you or your visitors are facing error 503 – service temporarily unavailable, there are some problems with your website. It also means that the server cannot implement the request at the moment because it cannot respond, it may be busy, or it may be in the maintenance state. You might see the following message.

Magento error 503 after upgrade
Magento error 503 after upgrade

You may encounter this type of error as you install an extension or update your Magento version. Every time this message shows up, your visitors cannot reach your site.

However, don’t worry! We’re here to help you. We’re going to show how to solve Magento error 503 after upgrade right below.

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The causes of error 503

During the upgrade to Magento 2, the system generates the file maintenance.flag to show the system is in maintenance mode. This can be useful to hind any problems that happen during the installation or upgrade of your customers.

This file is automatically deleted after the whole process is finished. However, sometimes it may not be automatically removed, or the file may be generated again in the system. Hence, the existence of .maintenance.flag file in Magento 2 system will show error 503 - Service Temporarily Unavailable.

How to solve Magento error 503 after upgrade

Turn off the maintenance mode

  • Navigate to the Magento root folder and remove the file var/ .maintenance.flag.
  • Then refresh Magento 2 cache from php bin/ magento cache: flush or through the admin panel.
  • Check the error log if the message shows up “Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.”
  • If an error says “Please upgrade your database”, let’s run php bin/ Magento setup: upgrade from the root directory.

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When you’ve done all the above steps, you can deal with error 503 - Service temporarily unavailable. If you find anything unclear about the solution, drop a line in the comment section. We’re very pleased to support you.

Thanks for your time!

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