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Show lively notifications and promotions with Promo Bar extension

Vinh Jacker | 08-13-2019

Show lively notifications and promotions with Promo Bar extension Show lively notifications and promotions with Promo Bar extension

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It is an undeniable truth that one of the foremost compelling ways to dispatch your advancement campaigns is to show pertinent notices to your target customers conveniently. Especially with a Magento 2 store, eye-catching Promo Bar is something you cannot disregard since they can offer great benefits such as

  • Capture customer’s impression.
  • Engrave the brand pictures profoundly in customers’ mind.
  • Encourage clients to purchase products.

Promo Bar

Promo Bar for Magento 2

Draw customer's attention with eye-catching promo bars on your website

Check it out!

Main Contents

What is called Promo Bar?

What is called Promo Bar

A Promo bar could be a highlight that lets you appear promotions on your eCommerce site. Promo bars are as a rule at the beat of all of your pages. It supports you to show data approximately promotions, deals, rebates, free shipping and more. A few indeed let you incorporate a countdown clock to let customers know how much time they have to get a bargain!

These bars can be used especially for creating urgency before a holiday like New Year, Christmas, Easter; or other sales events like Cyber Monday and Black Friday. They can also be used at certain times of year, like if you’re offering Spring sales or Mother’s Day specials.

How online stores benefit from Promo Bar?

Bring attractive marketing promotions close to buyers

Bring attractive marketing campaigns close to buyers

Promo bars precisely works as notice bars, so store runners can apply effortlessly and fittingly to any promoting campaigns. The promo bars are set at the eye-catching positions will offer assistance online stores pass on messages approximately the continuous or up and coming campaigns. You can also use Pro Banner with the same functions on your Magento 2 web stores.

Notifications of new store programs or policies

When the store has any upgrades or news, they can inform them by utilizing promo bars. The news can be the opening of a modern department, the devotion programs with remunerate focuses, etc. Promo bars can be made utilize of adaptably concurring to particular points.

Let take Free Shipping Bar for example. If you are going to launch a new shipping policy such as “Free shipping for order over $500”, Promo Bar can be placed on the homepage, product page and even on your blog which are related to the new policies.

Notifications of new store programs or policies

Actively reach target customers

The energetic and moving bars on pages of store locales will make the stores see dynamic all the time. The guests coming to this location will feel this store is working actively and would like to surf more.

Eye-catching advancement bars will draw client consideration superior. In addition, the appearance of bars is rehashed so that it works as an update. Subsequently, clients will be spurred and empowered not to miss the great chances and wrap up with buys.

Highlight Features of Promo Bar module

Display Unlimited Promo Bars On Page

With Promo Bar, you will be able to show various promotion banners on your store pages. This allows you to advertise multiple sales campaigns or notifications simultaneously.

If multiple banners are displayed at the same time, customers can be well noticed about all the sale and discount programs that are running on site.

Display Unlimited Promo Bars On Page

Apply Condition To Auto-display Promo Bars

Condition application is one of the most exciting features of Promo Bar plugin. Store admins will have the ability to set conditions to show promotion bar from the backend.

For instance, the “Sale off 50% for Women Jackets” promo bar will be displayed to a customer when the items which belong to Women Jackets are included in their shopping cart. Also, the promo bars can be prepared for each period by conditions. And when that period comes, the promotion bar will be displayed automatically.

Apply Condition To Auto-display Promo Bars 1

Apply Condition To Auto-display Promo Bars 2

Easy To Design Promo Bars

Promo bar is an effective tool to attract customers to your stores and boost sales. Therefore, its appearance is significant. Understand this, Promo Bar extension offers five pre-made eye-catching templates for store owners to use. As a result, admins can directly use it or customize some elements in the templates if they want.

  • Text Content
  • Text Color
  • Background Color
  • URL
  • URL Text
  • URL Text Color
  • URL Text Background Color

Noticeably, there is no limitation in selecting the content and color when you design promotion bars or notification bars. In addition, this module also supports variables in order to customize the bars fully and quickly.

Easy To Design Promo Bars

Slider Or Separately Promo Bars

There are two options for you to show multiple promo bars on the same page, which are Slider and Separate.

With the Separate options, promotion bars which are placed in the same position will be arranged based on the priority level. With the remaining option, all the bars which are in the same place will be shown one after another, and the fade effect will be applied to change the bars. Depending on the themes of your store site and the number of promo bars, one type can be selected to display the promotion bars in an appropriate way.

Slider Or Separately Promo Bars

Place Promo Bars In Any Position On Store Site

When store owners have finished designing an attractive appearance for the bars, they can choose to place it anywhere they like. Besides the ready options which are placing the promo bars at the top of the page or content, admin can also use snippet to custom the positions of the bar easily.

After a bar is saved, you can paste the snippet code at any position on your store site to display the bar.

Any Position On Store Site

Set Schedule To Display Promo Bars

The promo bars can be set up to start running in a suitable time with ease. The start date and end date, which are a promo bar valid time can be set. During this time period, you can also set the promo bar to auto-close or auto-reopen with a particular schedule.

For instance, the promotion bar will be closed after 1 minute and open again after 5 minutes. Continuously displaying promotions can sometimes annoy shoppers. Because of that, a litter gap time could make the promo bars more friendly to users.

Set Schedule To Display Promo Bars

Full Features List of Promo Bar module

For Store Admins


  • Enable/ Disable the module
  • Set category which contains promo bars
  • Allow/ Disallow promo bars to be closed by customers
  • Close promo bars automatically after particular time
  • Reopen promo bars automatically after particular time

Display Setting

  • Allow/ Disallow multiple promo bars
  • Set time to swift bars

Create/Edit Promo Bar

  • Set a promo bar’s name
  • Set the promo bar’s status
  • Choose the promo bar’s store views
  • Choose the customer group to display the promo bar
  • Set the promo bar’s category
  • Set the promo bar’s start date and end date
  • Set the promo bar’s priority
  • Set the promo bar’s condition
  • Allow design the promo bar include: Text content, Load Template, Text Content Color, Background Color, URL Text, URL, URL Text Color, URL Text Background Color
  • Allow previewing Template from the backend
  • Set the position for displaying promo bar: Choose available options or use snippet code
  • Set the schedule to close and reopen promo bar

    For Customers

  • Well notified about news and promotions
  • No longer miss good chances, good prices
  • Have more enjoyable shopping time on site


Through this post, we hope that you can have a choice for your promotion campaign and notification solution. Magento 2 Promo Bar extension assists your stores to display notifications, promotion campaigns easily via small bars on the top of pages or any positions to attract customers. The module works effectively to draw customer attention and increase store sales.

Promo Bar

Promo Bar for Magento 2

Draw customer's attention with eye-catching promo bars on your website

Check it out!

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