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Shopify Dashboard: Everything you need to know

Shopify is regarded as one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. With its advanced features, it has evolved and attracted a user base. The developed feature within the Shopify ecosystem is the Shopify Dashboard. It helps merchants save time in managing, operating their businesses.

What is Shopify dashboard?

The Shopify Dashboard is an important business analytics tool. Users can gather important data on revenue, products. They develop the most suitable strategies. 

The data collected will be presented in graphs, charts, and tables. They make it convenient for users to analyze. This is an indispensable tool for businesses. If they want to develop e-commerce in general, and Shopify in particular.

Users can track daily, weekly, and yearly sales figures; enabling detailed evaluation of total revenue. Additionally, it provides insights into website traffic, product views, and more. Beyond analysis, the Shopify Dashboard facilitates detailed customer and product management. Shopify Dashboard is flexible. Retailers can customize the interface, add features, and organize it according to their needs.  

Shopify dashboards benefits

Let’s explore some of the benefits. The Shopify Dashboard brings users to improve results and revenue. 

  • Monitoring the sales process: It provides a comprehensive overview of your store’s performance. It includes sales, traffic, and customer engagement metrics in real-time.   
  • Inventory management: Sellers can monitor inventory levels and restock products. When they are running low. This helps meet real demand, avoid waste, reduce the risk of losses, and seize profit opportunities.
  • Using cloud computing for data analysis: Users provided with advanced security measures. They can completely trust against potential network threats. The Shopify Dashboard offers a secure, efficient environment for data analysis and processing.  
  • Benchmarking and goal setting: Setting benchmarks and track progress towards predefined business goals. It helps you identify areas for improvement. It helps you identify areas for improvement. Sellers utilize Shopify dashboards to establish: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) goals. 
  • Marketing campaigns optimization: Shopify stores can monitor the performance of their marketing campaigns. They can identify which campaigns drive the most traffic and conversions. While it is adjusting budgets or strategies.
Benefit of shopify dashboard

Five Common Shopify Dashboard templates

Depending on each merchant’s usage needs. There will be different ways to set up the Shopify dashboard. In the following section, we will explore 5 dashboard templates that you should be aware of.

1. Shopify overview dashboard

This template will include information about traffic, conversion rates, best-selling products, and performance. The Shopify overview dashboard will help viewers have an overview of the current performance of the store. From these metrics, merchants will be able to develop a suitable strategy to increase conversion rates.  

2. Shopify sales dashboard

The Shopify sales dashboard will include information. They are revenue, order values, and channel performance. With this template, merchants can track sales trends, analyze behavior, and adjust prices.  

Shopify sales dashboard

3. Shopify product dashboard

Sellers can optimize product offerings, inventory management. The Shopify Dashboard includes information on product performance, inventory levels, and product details.  

4. Shopify fulfillment dashboard

It includes date, customer, total quantity, etc. Users will be provided with a more efficient order processing workflow while ensuring effectiveness. 

5. Shopify general analytics dashboard

The figures provided in the Shopify general analytics dashboard. It includes: customer retention rate, website performance, campaign effectiveness, etc. Therefore, sellers will have the most comprehensive overview of their e-commerce activities.   

Two types of Shopify Dashboards

1. Overview dashboard on Shopify admin

Overview dashboard on Shopify admin
Overview dashboard on Shopify admin

 The Shopify dashboard brings many benefits to users. These include recent sales data that allows you to compare the effectiveness of different sales channels. Additionally, the dashboard is considered a report. It will display all the performance of your store within a specific timeframe. 

To view the overview dashboard on Shopify admin, you can follow these steps: 

Step 1: After logging into your account, click on “Analytics.” This action will display all real-time data on the dashboard.   

Step 2: You can set the time range in which you want to view the report, such as 7 days or 30 days.

Step 3:  Users will easily compare current sales figures with previous periods.  

Step 4: Afterward, click on Apply to view all the most valuable metrics. They are shown in numeric format and graphs.

Step 5: If you want to delve deeper into any data. You can click on the “View Report” button to access detailed reports for that data.   

2. Shopify Dashboard Apps (4 best choices)

We’ve compiled a list of the best Shopify dashboard apps. They are making a significant impact in 2024.


Geckoboard is a versatile dashboard app that allows you to create custom, real-time dashboards, displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics from various sources, including your Shopify store. 


  • Centralized view of critical KPIs for informed decision-making
  • Real-time monitoring of store performance and trends
  • Customizable dashboards tailored to specific business needs

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for in-depth website and traffic analysis. And help users provide valuable insights into customer behavior, source conversions, and more.


  • Detailed understanding of website traffic patterns and user interactions
  • Conversion tracking for e-commerce goals and performance analysis
  • Integration with Shopify for comprehensive data insights

Better Reports

Better Reports is a robust reporting app designed to extract, analyze, and visualize Shopify data, enabling advanced reporting and data manipulation.


  • Create custom reports tailored to specific business needs
  • Automate report generation and delivery for streamlined operations
  • Advanced data manipulation for in-depth analysis and insights

Data Export IO

Data Export IO

Data Export IO is a comprehensive data export and reporting app. It empowers users to extract and analyze Shopify data for custom reports and insights.


  • Extract and analyze Shopify data for custom reports and insights
  • Automate data export processes for streamlined reporting
  • Export data in formats for flexible analysis and sharing


In the above article, we have provided you with the most basic information about the Shopify dashboard. This includes its benefits and templates. This knowledge will help you use Shopify and achieve the best results.

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