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Magento Developer Price Per Hour: Cost to Hire a Magento Specialist for Your Business

If you’ve ever calculated your E-commerce website costs, you’ll know that a developer’s rate per hour forms a fair share of the budget. And if you are running a store on such a powerful yet expensive platform as Magento (Adobe Commerce), different price tags can significantly affect your final project development costs.

In fact, Magento developer rates vary depending on their expertise, location, and project role. For example, you can find a freelancer in Asia charging $20/hour or partner with a North America-based developer for $100/hour.

As a certified Magento development company, we know how confusing it is to find accurate prices. Thus, we are here to share some insights on Magento developer rates around the world with you.

At the end of this article, we hope you’ll know how much it costs to hire a Magento developer, where to find them, and which hiring options you have as a business owner. Let’s dive in!

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Table of contents

Magento developer price per hour breakdown

After thorough studies, we found out that Magento developer price per hour can be anywhere from $15 to $250, depending on their location, expertise, certifications, and project role.

So, don’t get surprised if a US senior Magento developer charges you at least five times more than a specialist of the same level of expertise in East Europe. Let’s have a look at the below approximate pricing map!

Average Magento developer price per hour by region and expertise
Average Magento developer price per hour by region and expertise

A Magento developer’s hourly rate is primarily affected by three factors: role in a project, level of expertise, and location. We’ll analyze each of them individually.

By project role

Finding a developer is like getting the right key to the keyhole: you’ll need more narrow Magento experts to meet your particular project needs or solve any complicated task.

As we said above, the fee for their services might significantly vary depending on their role in your project. Below are the possible options that you might see in the market.

  • Front-end Magento developers. They often deal with your website’s “surface” that a user interacts with. They build Magento templates and themes, determine where to place the checkout and/or “Add to Cart” button, as well as make your website accessible, intuitive, and visually appealing. Their hourly rate might range from $20 to $85.

  • Back-end Magento developers. They work on the server-side of your website. They’re in charge of all the functionalities behind the scenes, including writing code, making updates & changes, integrating extensions, and creating custom modules. Their hourly rate might range from $35 to $100.

  • Full-stack Magento developers. They deal both with the front-end & back-end of your website. Their hourly rate might range from $40 to $150.

  • Magento solution architects. You might find this role unfamiliar, but many business owners are searching for Magento architects. Like an architect in a construction project, a Magento architect plans and creates scalable, flexible, and well-documented tech solutions and designs for your site. Their hourly rate might range from $80 to $300.

Each Magento developer should be aware of the latest updates and technologies. Their knowledge and expertise could be proven with years of experience and prior projects. Adobe Commerce also issues certifications that add value to the developer’s portfolio; you can learn more in the section right below.

By level of expertise

Level of expertise/certifications can remarkably affect a Magento developer’s price per hour. You can use Adobe certifications to quickly assess a developer’s experience and map them to specific job roles.

Since Adobe updated its certification program in 2020, you might find three certification levels, all of which dictate Magento developer hourly rate:

  • Adobe Certified Professional (~ $20-$65/hour)
  • Adobe Certified Expert (~ $35-75/hour)
  • Adobe Certified Master (~ $60+/hour)
Adobe certification levels
Adobe certification levels

When hiring a Magento developer, you should look for their certification badges. They’re paramount no matter whether you work with a freelancer or outsource your work to a reputable Magento development company.

By location

According to Talent.com, the average Magento developer salary in the US is $110,000/year and $57/hour. With more Magento certificates and years of experience, a US developer climbs up the career ladder and can charge $150-200/hour as a senior developer and even up to $300-500/hour as an architect.

But why pay the high rates if you can offshore? As you know, the location also affects Magento developer costs.

Obviously, E-commerce website costs in the US are often much higher. Magento developers in North America usually charge the rate of $100-275/hour. Developers in West Europe follow with the rate of $40-125, then $20-50 in East Europe. You can find the cheapest rates in Southeast Asia at $15-20/hour.

Below is a more specific breakdown of a Magento developer price per hour in some countries.

Country Magento developer price per hour
The USA, Canada $100-275
Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain $50-100
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru $30-55
Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine $35-60
Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa $20-40
China, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam $15-40

It’s true that you get what you pay for, but don’t get misunderstood by the low cost of Magento developers in some countries. For instance, the cost of hiring developers in Ukraine, Hungary, or Poland is much lower due to reduced corporate taxes and living expenses. In fact, these countries are renowned for a huge number of tech specialists, especially Magento top talents.

Magento developer hiring options

There are three common options for hiring a Magento developer: in-house vs. agency vs. freelance. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each option to help you make the right decision!

Build an in-house team

An in-house team of Magento developers works within your company. You hire Magento developers to fulfill their responsibilities on-premises and continuously control the technical side of your project. Generally, a company hires an in-house Magento development team when they need daily development and support.

However, this option is typically favored by larger companies that have already established employee infrastructure because it’s quite time-consuming and admin-heavy.

Build an in-house developer team
Build an in-house developer team

Here are the pros and cons of choosing this option.

Pros Cons
- Dedication. You will have a small team dedicated solely to your company full-time with no competing priorities. Thus, they may achieve goals in a shorter time.

- Long-term commitment. Provided that your funds can sustain it, your developers won’t be looking to move to the next project as soon as you have launched.

- High engagement. Developers will have in-depth knowledge of your company’s culture, business objectives, and customers.

- Fast project progress. You can assign tasks and troubleshoot quickly, meet developers in-person to change the design or customize features, and in general, manage priorities and deadlines much faster.
- Admin-heavy process. You’ll have to deal with all the admin tasks that go with employing people, including National Insurance, pensions, etc.

- Complex management. Besides daily operational management, you will be responsible for training, retention, dealing with illnesses, and increasing connections.

- High upfront costs. Consider training, recruitment, necessary licenses, and many other overhead costs that will need sustaining.

- Slow to get started. It’s really time-consuming to find the right people to build your team. This process may take several weeks.

Hire an offshore agency

Offshore development is rising in popularity, mainly due to the temptingly low costs. Magento development agencies often gather together real professionals for particular projects. They have lots of experience working with different clients across industries and will manage your project from start to finish.

Magento development agencies are often hired on a per-project basis. They’re a perfect fit if you have more than one task but less than a long-term visionary project requiring ongoing support.

Let’s look at the specific pros and cons of recruiting an agency!

Pros Cons
- Solid expertise. Programmers working in development companies are often Magento certified and have solid expertise to troubleshoot your problems. They’re also aware of all tools and latest technologies on the market.

- Cheap cost. The cost of living in Ukraine, Vietnam, India, China, etc., is much lower than here in the US, so development companies charge a lower rate.
- Time difference. Living in different time zones brings a new set of challenges. Scheduling calls during unsociable hours and waiting full days for an email response can add extra stress to the process.

- Less attention and dedication. Development companies will follow your requirements closely, but they’ll be less devoted to your long-term business objectives.

If you want to hire experienced Magento developers at the best rates, while they pay a lot of attention and dedication to your brand, then Mageplaza is a great choice for you.

Hire Mageplaza developers
Hire Mageplaza developers

Since 2014, Mageplaza experts have been developing 221+ extensions and powering 106,000+ customers in 175+ countries. Mageplaza is well-known for its wide range of well-coded extensions, fast and wholehearted support, and dedication to growing the Magento community.

At Mageplaza, you can hire dedicated Magento developers to launch your online store, improve your website performance, develop a custom Magento theme, migrate to Magento 2, or support your website on an ongoing basis.

When hiring Mageplaza developers, you’ll enjoy:

  • High-quality code development. The code is managed and reviewed regularly to ensure the best quality. Our programmers and QA team always run tests to provide consistent experiences.

  • Direct communication. You’ll communicate directly with our Magento developers and project managers via Slack, Google Meet, or other tools you find useful.

  • Guaranteed time range. You can easily create and go with the timeline that matches your needs.

  • Cost-effective model. Only from $15/hour, you’ll get a team of developers and managers working on your specific projects, whether it is development or maintenance.

  • Flexible hiring plans. No commitment is required. You can hire a developer to handle your project any time you need for as long as you want.


Hire freelancers

Freelancer is a self-employed developer who provides development services and earns money on a per-project basis. Unlike development companies, freelancers undertake smaller projects with fewer deliverables and often require your supervision or guidance.

Hire Magento freelancers
Hire Magento freelancers

Freelancers are a great staffing option for highly specialized yet single tasks. Here are some pros and cons of hiring a freelance Magento developer.

Pros Cons
- Lower rates. Most freelancers often charge less than an outsourcing agency because they don’t have the overhead expenses.

- Quick to get started. If you find freelancers with availability, they can jump in and get coding straight away.
- Lack of ongoing support & maintenance. Freelancers are likely not to be available when you need them, as they can be busy doing other projects from other companies.

- Trust issue. Some freelancers promise more than they can. So, you should check their expertise carefully before hiring.

Where can you find certified Magento developers?

If you want to hire experienced Magento developers, start with well-known online platforms, such as Clutch, Upwork, and Magento partners.


With a list of 200,000+ agencies in 500+ categories, Clutch helps you easily find the right solution for your business.


Clutch includes data-driven content (industry trends and insights), verified reviews, as well as a leader matrix to show how companies compare in a specific market. You should look at the number of projects successfully completed by each company and clients’ feedback.

Magento developer price per hour on Clutch: $50-150/hour, depending on each company’s location.



Upwork lets you connect with top-rated remote developers and agencies. The platform generates a list of qualified professionals in different spheres all around the world with the help of AI matching technology.

You’ll get a shortlist of candidates that should be a great fit for your business. You can see their profiles, project portfolios, reviews, and ratings to make your own decision.

Magento developer price per hour on Upwork: $15-90/hour based on a freelancer’s level of expertise and location.

Magento partners

We also recommend checking official partners on the Magento website. Magento offers a list of trusted companies that help merchants (just like you) deliver superior customer experiences on the platform.

Magento certified partners
Magento certified partners

Magento Solution/Technology Partners are trained, trusted, and certified companies with a strong knowledge of Magento. They build leading B2B and B2C projects for global brands, SMBs, and enterprises.

The bottom line

As you can see, there is a sea of options when hiring Magento developers and a lot of variability in their pricing.

US-based Magento developer costs may seem sky-high, while the freelance price per hour might be tempting but risky for a reputable business. If you are budget-sensitive, going offshore can save you a pretty penny while delivering the same code quality.

Mageplaza is a trusted Magento partner with a number of experiences in this field. We commit to the highest standards on different services - from consulting to development - and fulfill your project requirements to the fullest.

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