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How to setup Magento 2 Login With Social Account?

Vinh Jacker | 06-28-2021

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Consumers these days are much more knowledgeable, at the same time, skeptical about a brand’s products, services, and reputations. When this happens, businesses no longer have complete control over the buying process.

The focus of modern marketing has shifted more and more toward enhancing user experience (UX) to push sales instead of mass production like it was in the past.

UX, in fact, encompasses every touchpoint between businesses, products, services, and customers. Even the most minor details can influence the user’s satisfaction.

With that in mind, let’s talk more about social login, its benefits in improving UX, and how to add this feature in your Magento 2 store.

social login

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Table of Contents

Why you need a Magento 2 social login extension

Speed up the login process

Needless to say, the use of social login makes the login process quick and convenient for users. In other words, your site users can access their accounts to shop on your site easily using their wanted social credentials instead of filling out a registration form like before.

One of Google’s best features is that it allows regular users to save and use passwords when signing in to a website or app on Android or Chrome.

With this benefit of Google and the availability of social login, customers can log in or sign up for a new account on a site within a few clicks. This simple action improves the bounce rate and user experience during the shopping process as well.

Enhance customers’ shopping experience and retention rates

Consumers these days can purchase anything and anywhere with no limitation due to the development of technology. This is when user experience becomes a vital factor determining customers’ purchasing decisions as well as online stores’ retention rates.

As a regular customer, we will be more willing to come back to a website with

Plus, forcing new customers (who’ve not connected to the brand) to remember their usernames and passwords to access the site is difficult.

Simplifying the login process is the first step of enlarging your customer database and building a more solid relationship with potential prospects.

An effective method to collect users’ data

Though it can be a bad idea to require customers to sign up for making purchases, in some cases, accounts can be incredibly beneficial for the store owners.

One of them is how eCommerce enterprises turn customers’ account info into precious data for further marketing strategies.

Social login allows you to collect basic information of the account owner such as gender, age, birthday, and even interests.

Increase traffic and engagement

User experience happens no matter if we do anything or not. Even if it’s a positive or negative user experience, both result in the brand’s conversion rates, retention, and loyalty.

Of course, the best efforts always pay off!

According to Forbes, strategic user experience has the potential to increase a business’s conversion rate by as much as 400%.

A Magento 2 Social Login extension encourages unsubscribers to sign up for accounts on an eCommerce site, thus indirectly improving both store traffic and user engagement.

Avoid spam accounts

Spam accounts are one of the factors that put an online store at a security risk. Plus, no owners feel happy when there are tons of junk accounts cluttering up their database.

Most importantly, these fake accounts come along with several downsides, such as:

  • A higher cost for operating the whole store’s systems

  • Since spam or bogus accounts will never interact with your stores, they lead to a decrease in engagement rates and conversion rates

  • More seriously, making it difficult for the store admin to synthesize and analyze the store’s data, resulting in inaccurate reports

The use of a social login extension keeps your store away from spam accounts as well as cyber attackers, which might happen in the future.

social login

FREE Social Login for Magento 2

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How to add social login for your Magento 2?

Step 1: Install a Social Login extension to your Magneto store

Mageplaza offers 2 versions of Magento 2 Social Login:

  • Standard plan: No charge required

  • Professional plan: A one-time-payment package that’s $99

2 versions of Magento 2 Social Login
2 versions of Magento 2 Social Login

Compared to the free module, the Social Login’s professional version provides users with:

  • More options for social networks, including Disqus, Mailru, Odnokalassniki, Steam

  • Availability of social account management

  • Social login in Magento’s default checkout page

  • Set the location (URL) where customers will be directed to when successfully logging into your website

  • Ability to enable or disable Captcha when customers login via their social accounts

Social Login extension for Magento 2
Social Login extension for Magento 2

Besides these differences, the Standard plan meets the most essential requirements online merchants need for their stores, such as:

  • Offer up to 10 login options corresponding to 10 social networks, including most popular ones like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Instagram

  • Automatically update customer information

  • Come with the standard registration popup

  • User-friendly interface to customize the login popup fitting the store design

Click here to explore more outstanding features of Mageplaza’s Social Login module for Magento 2.

Step 2: Activate the extension from the Admin account

To enable Mageplaza’s Social Login module for your Magento store, you need to navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Mageplaza extensions > Social Login > General section.

Activate the extension from the Admin account
Activate the extension from the Admin account

Then, choose Enable = Yes to start working with this extension at the store’s backend.

Step 3: Configure the Social Login’s settings

Configure the Social Login's settings
Configure the Social Login's settings

Next to the Enable field, right in the General section, our extension gives store admins the ability to customize the social log in’s functionality and design, particularly:

  • Set Send Password To Customer = Yes. The system will automatically send a notification to the customers. It reminders them to change passwords when signing in via social accounts for data protection

  • Select Show Social Login Buttons = Customer Login Page/ Customer Create Page/ Social Login Popup/ Customer Authentication Popup. Just choose ones you want to show social login buttons (Allow multi-selection)

  • Set Use Popup Login = Popup Log. Then, a popup will appear when you choose a social network to log in to or sign a new account. At the same time, users can see social login buttons in Login Dialog, Create New Account, and Forgot Passwords

  • Use Popup Login As Authentication Popup = Yes. The popup of social login will be used as Authentication Popup

  • For Popup Links Selector, fill in the class name of elements that will cover your social login buttons

  • Require More = Always Require/ If a social account does not provide E-mail. For Always Require, customers are asked to verify their info via a popup when they register social accounts. The other selection means that the system requires email confirmation if customers use social networks don’t require real email

  • Information Required = Email/ Name/ Password. Here you can decide whether to ask customers additional information (email, name or/ and password) after they create social accounts successfully (Allow multi-selection)

  • Popup Effect = Zoom/ Newspaper/ Horizontal move/ Move from top/ 3D unfold/ Zoom-out. Pick your favorite effect for the login popup when it displays in the storefront

  • Custom CSS. This field is where the store’s admin can customize the popup using CSS code

Read more: Detailed User Guide for the Magento 2 Social Login module.

Step 4: Configure login options (up to 10 social networks available)

Right at the General sections are 10 social networks where you can configure the settings for each one.

Up to 10 social networks supported
Up to 10 social networks supported

All you have to do is find the social platforms you want to show the login button, expand it and do the following steps:

  • Set Enable = Yes to display the Sign-in button for the selected social networks

  • For the Sort Order field, the number you fill in this field will decide the order to show social login buttons

Example of the Sign In popup in the storefront
Example of the Sign In popup in the storefront

Merchants who opt to the Professional plan will see a “Redirect URL” field. Here, they can insert a URL to lead customers to when they finish the login process.

After the customer clicks on Sign In with any social login button, a corresponding Loin dialog will appear. Users just have to do exactly the steps they usually do to sign in that social account.

Login via Facebook account
Login via Facebook account

Remember to click on the Save Config button in the top-right corner when you complete all the settings for the social login button. The last step is to test the results on the storefront and make sure nothing goes wrong.

The bottom line!

As for a seamless user experience, how eCommerce stores market across multiple channels and satisfy shoppers at every touchpoint is essential.

Since an increasing number of online merchants have adopted social login, don’t lose customers who are looking for this convenience.

And if, at this point, you’re still finding a free (but still effectively) Social Login module for your Magento store, the free version of Mageplaza’s Social Login won’t disappoint you.


With over a decade of experience crafting innovative tech solutions for ecommerce businesses built on Magento, Jacker is the mastermind behind our secure and well-functioned extensions. With his expertise in building user-friendly interfaces and robust back-end systems, Mageplaza was able to deliver exceptional Magento solutions and services for over 122K+ customers around the world.

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