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How to Setup Facebook Livechat in Magento 2

Vinh Jacker | 12-01-2017

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The sphere of Facebook and its community have solidified the platform as one of the biggest playgrounds for eCommerce business. Nowadays, it’s essential to integrate Facebook Livechat into any eCommerce website as it enables stores to respond and address customers’ queries more quickly than other forms of customer support.

In this article, we’ll guide you through Facebook Livechat, its benefits, and how to set up Facebook Livechat in your Magento 2 store.

Let’s dive in!

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What is Facebook Livechat?

Facebook Livechat is a type of software or plugin that you use to communicate with customers like you are in a Messenger conversation. Using Facebook Livechat extension, you can support customers via text, receive their call directly, gather customers’ feedback, and track real-time sales.

With a small but functional chatbox on the landing page, your visitors can quickly contact you and get their problems solved right away. That the visitors do not have to log in to their Facebook or store account to be involved in the conversation makes Facebook Livechat even more preferable among tons of Livechat plugins.

Special note: Starting from May 9th, 2024, Chat Plugin will no longer be available in guest mode. You will only be able to use the link for direct chat only.

Why Facebook Livechat is essential to your Magento 2 store?

No need to introduce the popularity of Facebook and its enormous potentials for eCommerce marketing. With billions of people using Facebook every day, it’s worth your efforts to make at least one step in your sales process relevant to Facebook. You can expect a significant increase in customer experience.

If you are looking for more compelling reasons to use Facebook Livechat, here are some benefits of Facebook Livechat:

  • Facebook Livechat is a handy, quick, and simple alternative for businesses and customers to chat with each other.
  • Both businesses and customers can respond to each other anytime without having to stay on the website. It’s like chatting on Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Livechat extensions provide all necessary features that allow businesses to assist customers efficiently.
  • Businesses can set up quick replies and suggested responses to support customers in a way faster and more convenient.
  • Free Facebook Livechat plugins are well-functioned

How to set up Facebook Livechat in Magento 2

Below are detailed instructions to include Facebook Livechat on your Magento 2 website. We’ll go to two options recommended by Facebook.

Option 1: Using the setup tool

  1. Go to your Facebook page settings, choose Messaging.
  2. In the “Add Messenger to your website” section, click on the “Get Started” button. The Setup Tool will generate the code snippets. You can copy and paste the code directly into your website to activate Facebook Livechat.
Add Messenger to your website
Add Messenger to your website

Click on “Next” to continue.

Set up chat plugin
Set up chat plugin

In the simple interface of Set up Tool, you can easily customize the theme color, the automatic response message, and recorded response time.

Customize Messenger box
Customize Messenger box

Enter your website domain name. Copy and paste the code snippet as you see below after the </body> tag on each webpage where you want the Facebook Livechat box to display.

Copy and paste code snippet
Copy and paste code snippet

Now your Facebook Livechat is completely running on your landing page.

Option 2: Using Developer steps

Follow few simple steps below to include Facebook Livechat on your Magento website, nothing will go wrong.

  1. Whitelist the domain name of your website

Facebook Livechat plugin only renders when loaded on a domain that you have whitelisted. So do the following:

  • Go to Setting > Advanced Messaging
  • In the “White-listed domains” section, enter your domain names. You can add up to 50 domain names that must be all valid.
Enter white-listed domains
Enter white-listed domains
  1. Add Facebook Livechat plugin to your webpage

Add a div with the following attributes in your HTML:

Add Facebook Livechat to webpage
Add Facebook Livechat to webpage

To customize the plugin, such as changing the greeting dialog, theme color, etc, see more attributes here.

Now that you’ve done with the aforementioned steps, a quick and convenient way to interact with your customers is successfully integrated into your Magento 2 webpage. Chat with your customers like mutual friends and get high engagements from a large number of Facebook users.

Facebook Livechat on a webpage
Facebook Livechat on a webpage


No matter which products or services your business is selling, Facebook Livechat will be a good assistant for your customer service and sales process. Now it’s time to integrate this useful extension into your eCommerce stores. I hope this guide helps you to get off the right track.


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