How to create Custom Contact Form in Magento 2 frontend with module?

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How to create Custom Contact Form in Magento 2 frontend with module?

You are looking for a tool to collect customers’ feedbacks, contacts, and ideas to build your Magento 2 stores? Our blog today will help you find a good solution for your requirements. You are going to know deeply about Custom Form extension and how it works to nurture your customers leads. Let get started right now with me!

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How Magento 2 Custom Form work?

Custom Form mechanism is simple. Stores’ admin goes to module backend then choose to create a new form. Then they need to decide how many pages you want to build up. If you are not sure about it, you can create the first page to test it.

After having a form page with title and description, you will continue to make Field group including its name and description as well. In each group, there must be, surely, multiple fields. You can enter the question and answer options here. After that, “Preview” function at backend helps you visualize the custom form before you launch it lively.

Undoubtedly, after checking the form outlook, now is the time to show it for your target viewers with the hope that they will leave response as many as possible. At backend, in return, you get the response in the total summary and in detail of each customer. That is so simple and pretty similar to Google Form, right?

Why Magento 2 stores should use Custom Contact Form?

Get the customers’ feedback and ideas without cost

feedback and ideas without cost

Custom Form extension enables store admins to save extra fees on printing paper form, going around the interview and manually collect the data to report it.

By using the online survey, your project takes two-third of time shorter than manually research methods. Also, customers’ data are collected automatically and sent to your backend system with a summary and detailed responses. Since then, it is undoubtedly that this way helps save money and time effectively.

Smart analytics and reports

With Custom Form, the data is not only collected accurately but also is analyzed quickly and automatically. The number of total responses, the total number of each option for a question, the percentage of options, the information compared via bar chart, pie chart, and so on.

These analytics will helps store admin to have a better understanding of customers’ ideas and specific situations related to the form. Eventually, they can give out better decisions to launch a new product line or to change their rewarding programs to bring better customer experiences.

Smart analytics and reports

Collect form at anywhere anytime

Thanks to Custom Form tool, admins just put the form and schedule for it to run at any position on one page and at any site you want. This is truly convenient and high effective since customers can reach your form anytime they visit websites.

More feedback, better improvement

I believe that the final purpose of this form survey is for a better store improvement. Besides the sales improvement, whether it is contact form or review of experience or asking for favored ideas, they all serve better stores for satisfying target customers.

Highlight Features of Custom Form extension

Create unlimited custom forms

This extension allows Magento 2 stores to create numerous custom forms to collect customers’ lead. As its name, custom forms can be flexibly modified with content and design to match the purpose of stores. Also, the custom form can be one-page or multiple-page length.

There are three elements within one page of custom form: field content, field title and description, field groups (include multiple fields).

Create unlimited custom forms

Various options of format input

In order to make sure the format of custom form can be suitable and optimized for all kind of questions and surveys, Custom Form module provides fully diverse format options for all questions and fields such as:

  • Rating scale questions
  • Likert scale questions
  • Matrix questions
  • Dropdown questions
  • Open-ended questions
  • Demographic questions
  • Ranking questions

If you are testing with the multiple-choice question, you should pick the drop-down select format.

Various options of format input

Custom form with multiple pages

For long surveys or researches, the module does support store owners to make it easier with multiple-page form. Admin just needs to do one click to add another page and continue to build its content.

Visitors who are going to answer the survey can follow the question much more conveniently since the form is split into some section page.

Custom form with multiple pages

Support 5 premade form templates

Helping store admins to save time and workload, there are 5 ready-to-use forms at the backend of the module. Admins do not need to make any configuration, just choose them and fill the questions/ information in to complete the form.

  • Feedback Form: Get customers’ reviews of stores’ products and services
  • Contact Form: To leave their questions or issues and get contacted to help by stores
  • Pre-order Form: Notify customers of in-stock items which they want to buy before
  • Survey Form: Collect customer feedback after experiencing your stores
  • Customer Order Request Form: Customers can leave additional requirements of their orders

5 premade form templates

Custom Form can be at any place

Interestingly, Magento 2 admins can put the custom at any position which is aimed to get customers’ attention most. They can easily do it by one of two advanced tools Snippet or Widget.

For Widget, admins select a suitable position for custom form in available lost offered. Regarding Snippet, admins can put the code on the snippet box after creating the custom form. In this module, Snippet supports CMS, PHTML, and Layout.

The forms can be placed anywhere on the store site to draw customer attention with the support of both tools: Snippet and Widget

For Widget

For Snippet

Preview form at backend

Preview function helps you observe exactly how customers will see your forms at the frontend. After generating or updating a custom form, admins can click to “Preview” button to test the form and make sure that it will meet your expectations initially.

Preview form at backend

Auto-mail customers after form filling

Custom Form extension also supports an important function for both customers and admin: Notification email after stores receive the replies. Thanks to that, responders can know that their answers are delivered to stores and at the same time, admins do not need to email customer manually for each response.

Auto-mail customers

Redirect to a specific page

Customers can be redirected to a certain page depending on store admins configuration at backend. It can be a deals page when online stores want to introduce their new deals. It may be the homepage or particular product pages, so on.

Redirect to a specific page

Analytics report of survey results

Collected results will be analytics by Response Summary and Responses Detail sections.

Response Summary, as its name, show all answers of custom form via multiple charts. Visualizing the response in charts will helps Magento 2 stores have the clearest and comparable statistics among different responses. In which, each reply from one customer can be viewed fully via Responses Details section.

Analytics report of survey results

Full features included in Custom Form extension

For store admins


  • Turn on/off the module

Customer notification

  • Auto email responders
  • Choose email sender
  • Select email template

Admin notification

  • Notifications to admins
  • Enter admin email content
  • Name the email sender
  • Choose email template

Google Map

  • Enter API Key to make sure Google Map works

Create and Manage forms

  • Form general information: name, status, store views, customer groups, valid time
  • Form behavior: Form type (static or popup), custom CSS, actions after form submitting
  • Configure admin notification: enable, sending email, email template
  • Configure auto-responder: enable, sender title, email template, fields to collect emails address, email planning (time to send response email after submitting form)
  • Select premade forms to use
  • Generate a new form: page title/ description, submit button text, field group name/ description, add fields with 11 type options

Show forms at frontend

  • Duplicate Snippet code (for CMS, Phtml, Layout) and paste at wished position
  • Create Widget at wanted places
  • Manage Responses
  • View response summary via grid
  • See all responses for one form
  • View details of one response

For customers

  • Better connect with stores
  • Better listened and served
  • Good care, good experience

Wrap up

In the end of the blog, thank you for going with me. I hope that now you can have a good consideration for your choice. Custom Form extension for Magento 2 supports admins to create any forms such as survey forms, contact forms, etc to collect precise information form their customers, hence boost sales or improve stores significantly.

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Rainy is a content creator at Mageplaza. As an ordinary customer, already had a special interest in online shopping, and up to now, has spent more than two years discovering online distribution channels as well as E-commerce platforms.

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