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Digital Marketer

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Vanessa is a content executive at Mageplaza. Cooking and reading books are her passion. Her particular hobby is travelling, helping her discover all around. She is an energetic marketer with the hope of making her words magical.

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May 2024

Thank you for seamlessly supporting and trusting in Mageplaza. It’s our big honor to serve you on our store. We are striving every day to bring you better service and...

3 mins read | 05-30-2024
Digital Marketer

Shopify Vs Poshmarky: Which To Choose For Online Store?

Are you unsure whether to choose Shopify vs Poshmark? This article aims to assist entrepreneurs in discovering the ideal platform for their online store. Discover the pros and...

12 mins read | 05-22-2024
Digital Marketer

5+ Best Shopify Quiz Apps in 2024 – Top Recommendation

A product Shopify quiz app – an indispensable online marketing tool crafted to fashion interactive quizzes seamlessly embedded within your ecommerce domain. These innovative applications furnish a swift...

18 mins read | 05-22-2024
Digital Marketer

7 simple steps to add a Shopify favicon to your online store

Welcome to our detailed tutorial. It covers adding a Shopify favicon to your online store. In this guide, we’ll cover the importance of favicons. We’ll also cover their...

9 mins read | 05-22-2024
Digital Marketer