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Magento 2 Reward Points

*Magento Edition
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Compatible with: Community: 2.3.* - 2.4.6 Enterprise: 2.3.* - 2.4.6

Magento 2 Reward Points extension enables the system to automatically reward customers for actions they make on your store, including purchases, account creation, product reviews, social media engagement, etc. It motivates shoppers to engage with the store in order to earn more points, which can be used to pay for orders, get discounts or rewards. As a result, the Reward Point extension can effortlessly transform occasional buyers into devoted, loyal customers.

Moreover, store admins can track the loyalty program's efficiency with a detailed report on how customers are earning and spending points on the store.

  • Compatible with Hyva theme
  • Compatible with API/GraphQL
  • Reward customers for purchases, account registration, reviews, etc.
  • Boost sales by accepting loyalty points as payment
  • Bring a joyful experience with the points spending slider
  • Promote the store by rewarding referrals
  • Analyze customer behavior with advanced reports
  • Customize loyalty point labels to attract customers
  • Set Earning/Spending Rules for better management
  • Set up a Milestones Program to encourage clients
  • Enjoy API support for seamless integration
  • Import/Export Reward Points to streamline data

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  • Work perfectly together
  • Cost-effective
  • 60-day money back guarantee
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Reward Points
Reward Points
$94.05 ($99)
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Gift Card
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Thank You Page
Thank You Page
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  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • FREE installation for all

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Convert visitors into loyal customers with diverse programs

Depending on the store owner's promoting strategy, they can easily customize different programs as a strong motivation for visitors and occasional customers to become loyal shoppers.

Enhance customer experience with convenient features and attractive visuality

As customer experience plays an important role in doing business, having the following features to make interacting with reward programs more exciting can be a great advantage.

Maximize store benefits by boosting sales while still balancing rewards points

One of the main reasons leading to a failed reward program is that businesses can't balance the reward they are giving away and the benefits they can gain back. Being too generous with reward programs can lead store owners to losses. Recognizing this issue, Mageplaza has designed features to facilitate effective control of point earnings and spending.

Turn customers into loyal customers
    Business goals:
    • Gain more repeat buyers and loyal customers by providing reward points
    • Show how customers can spend their points in an easy way
    • Reduce the hesitation of first-time buyers when purchasing
    • Encourage visitors to register and become a member
    Default Magento technical limitation:
    • Can set up Magento reward points but with limitations on showing multiple programs at once
    • Set up programs to reward customers with points for shopping or completing a certain action
    • Increase the conversion rate by making shoppers more invested in purchasing from your store, thereby turning them into loyal customers
    • Add expiration to reward points to encourage buyer's engagement before points are no longer applicable

Increase the number of participants
    Business goal:
    • Avoid making the reward program unattractive to customers.
    • Allow consumers to easily understand the way points work and how to use them.
    • Increase the number of users that join the program.
    Default Magento 2 limitation:
    • Can't make your Magento rewards system look more user-friendly in a default store, especially in the checkout section
    • Provide eye-catching point labels that are customizable. Make your reward programs playful and brand-centered with labels like coins, hearts, flowers, etc.
    • Display attractive point indicators on various pages, showing clearly how many points customers will get.
    • Add a joyful spending slider to the checkout page so buyers can pull the slider to choose the number of points to use. You can also add this slider to the Cart page.

Boost sales by offering various rewards
    Business goals:
    • Remind customers of the benefits of shopping with your store in many different ways
    • Enhance the buyer's satisfaction by giving them multiple rewards
    • Increase brand awareness with more social media interactions and word of mouth
    Default Magento 2 limitation:
    • Wouldn't be able to set up many types of reward programs, only for purchase, registration, signup, URL referral, and review submission
    • Create rewards for behaviors on your website, such as creating an account, purchasing, subscribing, writing a review, and others
    • Create rewards for sharing your products on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
    • Create rewards for referring friends via email, URL, or phone numbers. The referred friends will also earn points when joining the program

Track program
    Business goals:
    • Monitor how customers are earning and spending points on the store
    • Make necessary adjustments to make the rewards program more efficient
    Default Magento 2 limitation:
    • Don't provide any function for in-depth analysis of loyalty points with default Magento configurations
    • Integrate the Report extension to view an advanced report on reward points
    • Access the report on the Dashboard with a friendly interface

creating milestone programs
    Business goals:
    • Increase customer retention by showing consumers new tires of reward to achieve
    • Build a long-term relationship with customers through milestones
    • Reward loyal customers for the time they stay with your store
    Default Magento 2 limitation:
    • Don't have a milestone feature on the default Magento loyalty program system
    • Include a milestone feature to turn the reward program into tiers with different prizes at each tier
    • Track the report to see how the milestone program is doing and adjust accordingly

Reward points expiration

Reward points expiration

Points expiration can be configured. Buyers will get a notification email when their points are about to expire.

Reward point indicators

Reward point indicators

Show how many Magento loyalty points are rewarded on the Category, Product, Cart, Mini cart, and Checkout pages.

Earning/Spending rate

Earning/Spending rate

Configure the reward rates for various customer groups with their own priorities.

Reward points transaction management

Reward points transaction management

A detailed transaction report of how buyers earned and spent points on your store.

Refundable reward points

Refundable reward points

Store admins can configure reward points to be refundable or not.

Reward point spending restriction

Reward point spending restriction

The minimum and maximum amount of reward points spent in a time can be limited

Customer group reward

Customer group reward

Loyalty point rates can be configured in specific store views and customer groups.

Earn points from point-spent orders

Earn points from point-spent orders (New)

Allow customers to earn loyalty points from orders in which they have used points.

Reward discount amount display

Reward discount amount display (New)

Display the reward discount amount for items in the order, invoice, credit memo

Overall rating
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23 January 2023

Mageplaza is my favorite extension builder because of their support. The extension had a good price comparing to others. Installing was easy. I had some issues configuring it. But Mageplaza fixed the bugs and uses my feedback to release newer better versions on and on. Language issues were also fixed at my shop. So happy now to have contributed and having a good functional reward system on the shop. Only thing I was missing is a CMS page where the reward system is explained to the customers. As this would be the same for about 90% of the contents for all shops, this could be a feature to add.

26 May 2022

Very nice plugin, it makes my customers enjoy shopping on my website even more

02 May 2022

This extension does what it says and I'm happy with it. One piece of advice: go for the Ultimate version, as you'll need the Reward for behaviours and the Report feature.

Ky Nguyen
21 April 2022

We bought the Pro version and it just works as expected. Highly recommended.

19 April 2022

It's meaningful to discuss with their support team, they understood the point and give a relevant and quick response. Thanks

13 February 2021

Was a nice plugin and worked well but didn't do what I needed in the end so have to return it but for it can do it does very well

17 November 2020

Great extension and fast support. I bought the Pro version and tried some simple rules. It's just great. Can't wait for the site to go live to really test it with sales, I think that the customers will like it!

Bill Rust
24 August 2020

This extension does exactly what it says. Easy to understand and configure. And our customers love building up and spending their points!

23 July 2020

Not bad

Anil Bhat
20 July 2020

We installed it seamlessly within a few hours. Features are great and covers all our requirements

09 April 2020

Great products and great service. They offer the best service in my experience for all my Magento extensions I have purchased. Highly recommend.

04 April 2020

Wonderful extensions. Easy installation, really hassle-free. Many options to customize. Definitely the best in the budget.

30 January 2020

an easy module to install. Cart and Behavior rules give a wide variety to configure the reward system. Also, MagePlaza support is such a quick, professional and very efficient service!

29 November 2019

Instantly quick fix made by Bruce which saved my day! The support was awesome!

01 November 2019

Best support service. We will purchase more extensions in futures and refer Mageplaza for our clients.

Jan Hemmingsson
29 October 2019

Always fast and friendly support from Mageplaza. My site worked again!

13 June 2019

In general, the extension works as advertised. Lots of features and a ton you weren’t expecting that are really great. I’ve been working on Magento for 10 years and I can confidently say that these guys know what they’re doing. Clean and reliable code. That’s all fine and great but what really got me off my ass to write this review was the dev support, I had some features that I really needed, and I asked if they were ‘possible.’ I was expecting a bush-league workaround or a simple “nah” but I was SUPER impressed by the response I got instead. Thomas, one of their devs immediately jumped in and wrote a whole new plugin for my cart to work correctly. He even followed up a few days later to see how things were going. – Blown away. As if the extension doesn’t do enough to begin with, the cost was worth the support provided to follow, alone. These guys will get as much business as I have to give them going forward.

08 April 2019

It's really useful to increase customer loyalty at your store. For the customer, this extension is easy to use and the Mageplaza support is reliable!

25 March 2019

Does a great job and has helped my sales. Is easy to configure and offers a good solution. Should be on the top of your list of addons.

17 March 2019

This is hands-down the best addon you can have for your store. Not only does it drive engagement through sharing and repeat orders, it gives customers an incentive to order MORE to get more points. Sort of like micro-transactions. A+

27 November 2018

I used Reward Points from j2t before and they were just OK. But Mageplaza Reward Points extension is a huge step UP. Ultimate edition of this module makes my revenues go and go...I can't wait for milestones feature, this will be a huge step forward. Thanks, Mageplaza.

14 November 2018

This plugin is very easy to use. I really love it!! Customers can earn points and redeem for cash!! It's the best extension I found after a long search. I'm very happy and highly recommended.

04 November 2018

This little add-on has a major impact on customer loyalty and helps you to stabilize and increase sales:-) The useful adaptations of this module you can do is that you can customize this extension as your needs.

24 October 2018

This is an amazing extension which is a must-have for every e-commerce store. The set up is very easy to install. Just try and see. Much more easy to retain customers :-)

20 March 2018

I am very satisfied with this extension because it's very useful for my store. I did have an issue with the translate of extension, they worked quickly to resolve the issue. I am very happy with the support.

09 March 2018

It's such a big surprise for us to experience this for the very first time. After having Mageplaza Reward points extension installed in our store, our conversion rate is growing significantly. Many one-time buyers visit back our website and purchase more. The last holiday shopping season was awesome, customers were more interested in shopping. It’s so cool after all.

Angelina Badger
09 March 2018

It’s always so easy to be satisfied with the way I’m supported in Mageplaza. The guys solved the compatibility issue in my store so well that I couldn’t ask for more. Reward points extension is working properly and plays its role exactly as it’s claimed. Can’t wait to see the Ultimate version showing up.

MK. Fardy
09 March 2018

Got this from a slot of Pre-order event. Mageplaza Reward Points extension is basically perfect for our store. Everything is working well and the extension’s brought many benefits so far. The support team works so efficiently, thank you guys!

All of the feature updates plan and status will be updated as soon as possible in our public Trello.

View Mageplaza Extension Roadmap 2023 ->

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  • [Ultimate] Compatibility: The extension is now compatible with Hyva theme

  • [Pro] Compatibility: The extension is now compatible with with Hyva theme
  • Bug Fix: We fixed the bug check CustomerID with parameter int
  • Bug Fix: We fixed the bug name of the attribute class
  • Bug Fix: We fixed the bug change template (Reward Points Ultimate)

  • Bug Fix: We fixed the html error in the frontend
  • Bug Fix: We fixed the issue when points were deducted to a negative number upon expiration
  • Bug Fix: We fixed the page redirect error when adding products to wishlist

  • Bug Fix: We fixed calculated shipping earn points
  • Bug Fix: We fixed sell product by points with spent points

  • New Update: We updated UX/UI

  • Compatibility: The extension is now compatible with Magento 2.4.6
  • Compatibility: The extension is now compatible with PHP 8
  • Bug Fix: We fixed display in Paypal review

  • Compatible with Magento 2.4.5p1
  • Fixed minor bugs

  • Compatible with PHP 8.1
  • Fixed minor bugs

  • Added: admin can set maximum number of point can earn per order
  • Added: admin can set redirect to Reward Point section after customer login
  • Added: hide top-link reward if balance is empty
  • Added: display reward discount for order items
  • Compatible with Magento v2.4.5
  • Fixed minor bugs

  • New features:
    • Enable/disable earning points from order which applied spending points
    • Reward points notification for Guest in checkout page
    • Give points to customer when they reach a lifetime sales amount (behavior)
  • Compatible with Magento v2.4.4
  • Fixed minor bugs

  • New features:
    • Enable/disable earning points from order which applied spending points
    • Reward points notification for Guest in checkout page
    • Give points to customer when they reach a lifetime sales amount (behavior)
  • Fixed minor bugs

  • Get reward information from the order history
  • Fix minor bugs

  • Get reward information from the order history
  • Fix minor bugs

  • Added Give fixed X points for every fixed Y amount of price action for Shopping Cart Earning Rule
  • Compatible with Magento v2.3.7

  • Added Give fixed X points for every fixed Y amount of price action for Shopping Cart Earning Rule
  • Compatible with Magento v2.4.3-p1

  • Fixed minor bugs

  • Fixed minor bugs

  • Added allow spending points for Coupon Code
  • Added sell product by points or price
  • Added spending points when creating order in admin
  • Added points allocation action for behavior rule
  • Compatible with Magento v2.4.3
  • Fixed minor bugs

  • Added allow spending points for Coupon Code
  • Added sell product by points or price
  • Added spending points when creating order in admin
  • Added points allocation action for behavior rule
  • Compatible with Magento v2.3.7
  • Fixed minor bugs

  • Added Reward Landing Page
  • Added min grand total for reward point when writing reviews
  • Fixed minor bugs

Magento 2 Reward Points extension is a rewarding system allowing merchants to give bonus points to customers when they perform specific actions such as repurchasing, subscribing, or reviewing. Merchants can set rules for all rewarding activities.

To allow the Mageplaza Reward Points extension: Log in to Admin Panel > Admin Panel > Store > Configuration > Mageplaza Extensions > Reward Points > General configuration and turn the Enable to Yes. Follow our guide to discover further settings.

The answer is yes. The Milestone program effectively encourages shoppers to interact more with the store by offering higher incentives for each upper membership level. It simply motivates people by explaining the more points they have, the more benefits they'll get.

Absolutely yes, the customer can use existing points and gain new points on the same purchase.

Sure. You can set specific customer groups for each loyalty program by navigating to its settings in the backend. Then, choose one or multiple customer group(s) you want to apply for that program..

Yes, you can initiate many programs at once by setting various earning rates in the backend.

Don't worry. The rewarded points will automatically be revoked.

Yes. The Reward Points for the Magento 2 extension is designed with built-in email configuration, allowing store owners to set Point Expiration Email with a pre-made template.

Absolutely! To motivate customers with attractive messages when they place an order, you can customize that loyalty program's description in the backend.

Tracking customers' transactions with points is really easy with Mageplaza's reward program extension. The module provides a transaction history grid that automatically updates all users' transaction information like amount, status, created and expiration dates, etc.

Standard Professional Ultimate
General Configuration
Enable/Disable the module
Customize Reward point labels
Configure Reward point icons
Rewards for Customer group
Rewards for Specific store views
Set the Maximum Available Points Balance
Sell products by points
Earning Configuration
Set Rounding point method: Up or Down
Set Earning by Catalog Rule
Allow earning points from tax
Set a maximum number of points that can be earned per order (New)
Enable/Disable Point refund
Allow earning points after Invoice created
Enable admin to set the Point Expiration
Enable/ disable earning points from orders that applied spending points (New)
Milestone Program
Get X points after Y days of inactivity
Set Earning by Customer Behavior
Spending Configuration
Minimum Balance to Spend Points
Insert the Discount Label
Set the Maximum Spending Points per Order
Spending Points on Tax
Restore Spent Points after Order Refunding
Use Max Points by Default
Refund orders by points
Limit spending point by percent of checkout total
Allow spending points on coupon codes
Use points when creating order in admin
Spending slider
Display Configuration
Display Total Points on Top Links
Display Earning Points on Minicart
Highlight point label
Reward points notification for Guest on the checkout page (New)
Hide top-link reward if the balance is empty (New)
Set redirect to the Reward Point section after customer login (New)
Display reward discount amount for ordered items (New)
Email Configuration
Enable Email Notification
Subscribe Customers by Default
Set the Email Sender
Update point balance email
Points expiration email
Integration and other features
API integration
Hide the top-link if Reward Points balance is empty
Reward points by earning and spending rules
Display reward point on the Category page, Product page
Reports of Earned and Spent points
Sell products by points
Earn points when reaching a lifetime sales amount (New)
Reward for Social Behavior
Display Social button on frontend
Choose Page to Display Social button
Reward for referring friends
Invitation email for referral
Allow inserting default refer URL
Import/Export reward transactions
Import points
Reindex management
Auto-fit with every device (Mobile, Tablet, PC)
Support multiple stores
Support multiple languages
Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
Free support included within the subscription period
60 days guarantee money back


Choose your suitable edition.


Crafted for a great webstore start $94.05 ($99) first year

  • 1-year extension updates
  • 1-year support
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Read our policies
  • Customize Point Labels
  • Configure Point Icons
  • Rewards for Customer Group
  • Rewards for Specific Store Views
  • Maximum Available Points Balance
  • Earning/Spending Configuration
  • Set up Display Configuration
  • Configure Email Notification


Full-package solution $284.05 ($299) first year

  • 1-year extension updates
  • 1-year support
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Read our policies
  • Includes all Professional features, plus ...
  • Social Sharing
  • Reward for Behaviors
  • Reports
  • Reward for Referring Friends


The most popular $189.05 ($199) first year

  • 1-year extension updates
  • 1-year support
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Read our policies
  • Includes all Standard features, plus ...
  • Set up Earning/Spending Rules
  • Display Points on Category & Product Pagen
*Magento Edition
Get 15% OFF discount
$94.05 ($99)
check60-day Money Back checkFrequent Update checkExtensive Support Timeframe checkInstall via Composer
Compatible with: Community: 2.3.* - 2.4.6 Enterprise: 2.3.* - 2.4.6

Why choose Mageplaza Magento 2 Reward Points

Set the system to automatically reward customers for various actions made on your store, including placing orders, creating accounts, leaving feedback, etc. The extension naturally motivates occasional buyers to turn into loyal customers, focussing on a long-term relationship. Additionally, admins can track the reward program's performance with a detailed report on how customers earn and spend points on the store.

Reward Points image Reward Points image Reward Points image Reward Points image Reward Points image
60-day Money Back

60-day Money Back

Extensive 60-day money-back period. You love it or get a full refund no questions asked.

Extensive Support

Extensive Support

Mageplaza provides support 16 hrs/day, 5.5 days/week to guarantee the seamless operation of our extensions on your store.

Install via Composer

Install via Composer

ESimple installation via composer helps you save time and eliminates technical issues during future updates.

Frequent Updates

Frequent Updates

Intensive update roadmaps ensure great performance, bug-free, highly compatible, and innovative extensions.