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CommWeb for Magento 2   v1.0.0

CommWeb for Magento 2
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Commonwealth Bank CommWeb extension integrates an additional gateway - Commonwealth Bank CommWeb provided by the Commonwealth Banks to Magento 2 online stores. Commonwealth Bank CommWeb facilitates the payment process of shoppers, which contributes to increase the conversion rate of e-commerce business.

  • Major card types supported by Commonwealth Bank CommWeb: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB
  • Three Commonwealth Bank CommWeb display types on the Checkout page: Magento Default, Iframe, Popup
  • Application conditions by countries, order total
  • Support partial or total refund online or offline
  • Properly compatible with Mageplaza One Step Checkout



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Lifetime Update


365-day Support

Benefits of Commonwealth Bank CommWeb extension

  • listDiversify payment methods on the Checkout page

    Commonwealth Bank CommWeb extension provides online stores (especially in Australia) with an additional payment method to make the checkout process more convenient to customers.

  • check_circleSimplify integration procedure
  • add_shopping_cartIncrease conversion rates

Accept the most popular cards

Commonwealth Bank CommWeb accepts the most major card types mostly used in every e-commerce store. The payment process becomes much more convenient with extra secure and fast payment gateway applicable to the favoured cards. Belows are 6 different credit cards used by shoppers all over the world:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • JCB

Safe and secure Commonwealth Bank CommWeb transactions


Commonwealth Bank CommWeb protects online transactions with CVN verification and internal risk management system. With CVN (Card Verification Numbers) validation, customers are required to verify cards by a set of 3-4 digit numbers on the back of the credit cards.

CVN of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB and Diners Club requires 3 digits while on American Express it is a 4 digit numeric code. CVN protects card holders and online merchants from risk fraud.

Display Commonwealth Bank CommWeb gateway in multiple ways

Commonwealth Bank CommWeb offers store owners three different display style of Commonwealth Bank CommWeb payment on the Checkout page: Magento Default, Popup Checkout, Iframe Checkout. Each display style goes along with each integration method.

In details, with Magento Default option (Server Integration Method), Commonwealth Bank CommWeb payment section is styled as your site theme and store admins can handle transactions on the store site. A bit different with Commonwealth Bank CommWeb form on the Checkout page if you select Iframe Checkout option.

Meanwhile, Popup Checkout style (Simple Checkout Method) makes Commonwealth Bank CommWeb payment display more lively. A popup form will appear and collect card information from customers; however, the details are forwarded to the Commonwealth Bank CommWeb gateway to handle the transaction.


Commonwealth Bank CommWeb payment with conditions


Commonwealth Bank CommWeb payment becomes applicable to customers if their transactions meet specific conditions as Countries and Order total. From the backend configuration, store admins can select certain applicable countries to use Commonwealth Bank CommWeb extension.

Besides, this payment is also limited to certain orders with value condition: minimum and maximum. When the shopping carts reach minimum and/or maximum limitation, Commonwealth Bank CommWeb will be displayed as an extra payment method.

More features

Testing environment

Select the environment as Sandbox for testing and Production to apply officially to the store site.

Authorize and Capture payment

Capture payment from a Commonwealth Bank CommWeb transaction right after orders created by customers.

Suspected Fraud

Set the status for the order after payment as Suspected Fraud to accept or deny payment.

Sort order

Set the display priority of Commonwealth Bank CommWeb compared to other payments on the Checkout page

Partial and total refund

Store admins can do partial or total refund online or offline.

Extension compatibility

Properly compatible with Mageplaza One Step Checkout

Full Features List

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Set the title for the payment
  • Select payment action to collect payment
  • Set new order status after making payment via Commonwealth Bank CommWeb: Processing or Suspected Fraud (to accept or deny payment)
  • Select display type of Commonwealth Bank CommWeb on the Checkout page: Magento Default, Iframe Checkout, Popup Checkout
  • Select card types applicable to Commonwealth Bank CommWeb
  • Select countries applicable to Commonwealth Bank CommWeb payment
  • Set the minimum of order total requirement
  • Set the maximum of order total requirement
  • Enable debug mode to store diagnostic information in log files on the Magento web server
  • Specify the display position of Commonwealth Bank CommWeb payment on the Checkout page


  • Select the testing environment
  • Enter Publishable Key (collected from Commonwealth Bank CommWeb registration)
  • Enter Private Key collected from Commonwealth Bank CommWeb
  • Click Test Credential button to check connection with Commonwealth Bank CommWeb

View Order

  • Commonwealth Bank CommWeb transaction information at My Orders section of customer’s account
  • View Commonwealth Bank CommWeb transaction information at Order Detail section at the admin backend.
  • Show order comments and transaction history of each order


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  • filter_dramaCan I set the payment applicable by countries?
  • filter_dramaCan I show Commonwealth Bank CommWeb based on order total condition?
  • filter_dramaIn which ways can I display Commonwealth Bank CommWeb payment on the Checkout Page?
  • filter_dramaIs Commonwealth Bank CommWeb displayed well on the One Step Checkout page?

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