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Barcode for Magento 2   v1.0.0

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Magento 2 Barcode extension is the supporting tool to attach barcode to products, customize the barcode design and print them with ease. Barcode is an effective track-and-trace solution to facilitate store inventory management, professionalize product packing and impress customers better.

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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Problems and Solutions

The issues of Magento 2 online stores

  • errorIt is difficult to manage the inventory with a huge amount of product data

    When the stores have tons of products, tons of SKU, supplier and stock status. It is too challenging to manage all well. Moreover, it is too easy to make mistakes in every tracking actions.

  • warningA product identifier named barcode is required to join online marketplaces

How does a barcode work

A barcode is a method to encode information in a visual pattern which a scanner machine can read. The combination of black and white lines (or other elements) which follow a set algorithm for that barcode type represents different text characters.

If you change the sequence of elements you get the different text. A barcode scanner reads this pattern and turns it into a line of text that a computer can understand.

In the simplest terms, a barcode is used as a locator to a record in a database. Stores especially the wholesales stores are keen on using barcodes to track a variety of data, from pricing to inventory, because barcodes help to cut down on data entry and they are much more accurate than human keyboard input.

The great benefits of barcodes

  • spellcheckEliminate the possibility of human error

    Instead of tracking individual items manually by employees, which leads to a number of human errors, barcodes can track items significantly accurately ( with the error rate around one error for every 3 million entries). The accuracy of inventory tracking has been improved significantly thanks to barcodes.

  • line_styleEncode product information securely
  • searchSpeed up and professionalize tracking procedure (from price to inventory)
  • thumb_upA method for cutting cost and saving time effectively

What is the positive effect of barcodes to customers?

  • moodReduce time of waiting in line for checkout

    The data stored in barcodes can be recorded instantly on the computer by the barcode scanners. Therefore, at the checkout line, the procedure is processed precisely and quickly by cashiers, so customers do not have to wait long in lines.

  • thumb_upFeel more trust with the product packing including barcodes
  • touch_appTrack products exactly in necessary cases

Auto-generate Barcode

A large number of barcode for mass products can be created automatically via one click.

At the admin backend, admins just need to click “Run” and each product will be assigned with one separated barcode instantly.

All the barcodes will follow the pattern of the barcode number template including alpha, numeric and alphanumeric which is configured at the admin backend. For example, the pattern as [4AN]-[4A]-[4N].


3 different barcode-generating attributes


A noticeable feature of Barcode is allowing admins to select the encoded attributes based on which barcodes will be generated.

  • With Barcode extension, store admins are offered with three options:
  • Generate barcodes based on Product SKU
  • Generate barcodes based on Product Name
  • Generate barcodes based on Mageplaza Barcode

Support 30+ barcode types

Barcode extension supports up to more than 30 encoding types. This offer various kinds of barcode symbologies which differ in qualities such as capacity and linearity, making the advantages for specific uses and industries.

For example, code 39, the oldest barcode type is the common symbology found in electronics, healthcare, and government while code 128 is usually applied in packaging and shipping applications. The diversity of barcode types will meet any applications of all stores in various industries.


4 Ready-to-use barcode label templates


Barcode module supports 4 templates for barcode label with different components:

  • Classic 1: 3 layers including product name, barcode, product number
  • Classic 2: 2 layers including barcode, product number
  • Standard: 4 layers including product name, barcode, product number, price
  • Standard with QR code: Standard styles with extra QR code

Store admins can freely select the preferred templates to apply to product instantly.

Customizable barcode label

The design of the barcode label can be customized to fit admin’s expectations easily. All specifications of barcode can be customized by store admins:

  • Barcode width
  • Barcode height
  • Add logo
  • QR code size
  • Custom barcode content with variables
  • Custom barcode label specifications with CSS

Customizable printing paper


When barcode design is completed, set up printing is the next essential step. Barcode extension allows printing barcode right from the product grid easily and conveniently. Especially, printing paper can be customized to suit certain usage

  • Paper size: A4, A5, A6, Letter
  • Paper orientation
  • Paper margin
  • Barcode label width
  • Barcode label height
  • Barcode label padding
  • Vertical spacing
  • Horizontal spacing

If you would like to use templates, the module supports 3 ready-to-use paper templates: Template OL161 (12 labels/1 page), Template OL160 (18 labels/1 page), Template OL171 (8 labels/1 page). For more paper templates, please contact us for custom service to meet your requirements.

More features

Import barcode

Allow importing barcodes from a CSV file to store backend

Import & print barcodes

Allow set up and print barcodes from an imported file

Mass action to print

Select multiple barcodes to print quickly

Pop-up supported

Pop-ups are used when printing the barcode from Product Grid or Product Edit form

Print sample file

Allow printing a sample to view before mass printing.

Preview barcode label

Allow previewing barcode label, printing paper template from the admin backend.

Full Features List

For store admins

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Select the attribute based on which barcodes are generated
  • Set the barcode number template
  • Generate barcodes automatically with one click

Printing Paper

  • Select the barcode type from 30+ selections
  • Select paper template for printing
  • Select paper size
  • Set barcode label width
  • Set barcode label height
  • Set barcode label padding
  • Set paper margin
  • Set vertical spacing between two barcodes
  • Set horizontal spacing between two barcodes
  • Select paper orientation: portrait or landscape
  • Select the logo to display on barcodes

Label Content

  • Add logo to the barcode label
  • Select barcode label template with 4 choices
  • Set barcode width
  • Set barcode height
  • Edit barcode label content with variables
  • Edit barcode label specifications with CSS

Preview & Sample

  • Preview paper template
  • Preview barcode label
  • Print sample file

For customers

  • Reduce the time of waiting in line for checkout
  • Feel more trust with the product packing including barcodes
  • Track products exactly to inform in the neccessary cases


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  • filter_drama How can I customize the barcode?
  • filter_drama How can I print out barcode to attached on product packages?

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