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Shopify Barcode Scanner: Everything you need to know

Shopify barcode scanner has made product management easier for online business owners than ever, as it helps streamline operations and track sales. With this tool at your fingertips, you can boost your overall business efficiency and optimize the customer experience. 

This blog will cover everything you need to know about the Shopify barcode scanner. You’ll learn how this handy device seamlessly integrates with your existing Shopify store and boosts your business growth. Let’s dive into it!

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What is a Shopify barcode scanner?

A Shopify barcode scanner is a specialized gadget or software that allows retailers to easily collect and scan barcode data directly into their Shopify inventory system. It allows you to quickly update stock levels, track products, and perform numerous inventory-related operations accurately. This will help simplify and automate the inventory management process.

Shopify barcode scanner 

Essentially, a barcode scanner operates by utilizing optical technology to decipher barcodes. This consists of distinct patterns of parallel lines and spaces representing specific product details. The scanner converts this barcode data into a readable format that the connected computer or system can understand.

Once integrated with Shopify, the barcode scanner becomes a robust asset for inventory management. It facilitates scanning barcodes on products, packaging, or shelf labels, instantly updating your inventory records in real time. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and greatly minimizes the risk of human errors. Also, it can provide an efficient and precise approach to monitoring and managing your products.

The Shopify barcode scanner comes in two primary forms: a handheld device and a mobile app. A handheld device like a wireless barcode scanner is connected to your computer or mobile device using Bluetooth or USB. A mobile app that utilizes the built-in camera of your smartphone or tablet to scan barcodes. Both options provide convenient and efficient ways to scan and integrate barcodes into your inventory management system.

A barcode scanner equips you with a range of seamless inventory management tasks, including:

  • Sales and Point of Sale (POS) operations: Seamlessly record sales, deduct stock, and generate accurate invoices or receipts by scanning barcodes during checkout.
  • Stocktaking: Expedite updating stock levels and ensuring precise inventory counts by swiftly scanning product barcodes.
  • Receiving and fulfillment: Simplify the process of receiving shipments by scanning barcodes, instantly updating inventory quantities, and seamlessly matching them with corresponding purchase orders.
  • Locating and organizing products: Employ barcodes to label and scan products, enabling you to monitor and track their physical location within your warehouse or store effortlessly.
  • Retrieve product details: Easily access comprehensive product details, including descriptions, pricing, and variants, by simply scanning the barcode associated with each item.

Why do you need a barcode scanner for your Shopify?

Incorporating a barcode scanner into your Shopify setup provides several benefits, making it a highly advantageous tool for optimizing inventory management. 

Let’s delve into an in-depth exploration of the reasons why integrating a barcode scanner with Shopify is essential for your business:

  • Time-saving process: By leveraging barcode scanners, you can automate these processes effortlessly. Updating stock levels, conducting stocktakes, and managing inventory become swift and efficient. This automation frees up precious time that can be dedicated to other critical responsibilities.
Barcode scanners help save time and deliver exceptional customer service
  • Great accuracy: There is no need to worry about the risks associated with manual data entry and human error. Barcode scanners eliminate these concerns by reliably capturing and recording precise information in your Shopify inventory system. By scanning barcodes, you ensure accuracy and eliminate the chances of incorrect stock levels, misplaced items, or data discrepancies.
  • Efficient order fulfillment: Barcode scanners streamline the entire order processing workflow, particularly in the picking and packing stages. By scanning product barcodes, you can swiftly and accurately identify the correct items, minimizing the risk of shipping errors. This smooths the path for expedited and efficient order fulfillment, satisfying your customers and paving the way for positive reviews.
  • Frequent inventory updates: By scanning barcodes, you achieve immediate updates to your inventory. This will ensure that changes such as receiving new stock, fulfilling orders, or making sales in a physical store are promptly reflected. This level of accuracy and synchronization prevents the risks of overselling or stockouts. 
  • Enhanced inventory visibility: By scanning barcodes, you gain valuable insights into the location, movement, and availability of your products within your warehouse or store. This heightened visibility empowers you to make informed decisions regarding restocking, replenishing, and optimizing inventory levels.
  • Integrated effortlessly with Shopify: Barcode scanners are purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with Shopify’s robust inventory management system. This seamless integration fosters smooth communication between the scanner and your Shopify store, facilitating quick and seamless updates to inventory levels, product information, and sales data. 
  • Fuel growth and scalability: Barcode scanners provide the scalability and adaptability necessary to cater to your expanding inventory needs. Whether you’re running a small online store or a multi-channel enterprise, barcode scanners effortlessly handle higher volumes of products and transactions. With their prowess, your inventory management remains efficient and accurate.
Barcode scanners can boost your business growth

What typical features does a Shopify barcode scanner have?

A Shopify barcode scanner provides a wide range of features and capabilities to enhance inventory management. Let’s explore each feature and its benefits:

  • Barcode scanning: The primary functionality of a barcode scanner is to scan and decode barcodes accurately, enabling quick retrieval of product information.
  • Wireless connectivity: Many Shopify barcode scanners include Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for smooth interaction with your computer or mobile device without tangled cables.
  • Real-time inventory sync: The barcode scanner is designed to sync inventory data with your Shopify store in real-time, guaranteeing that stock levels and product details are always updated.
  • Mobile app integration: Some barcode scanners have mobile app integration, allowing you to scan barcodes with your smartphone or tablet’s built-in camera.  This makes it a versatile alternative for on-the-go inventory management.
  • Inventory reporting: Many barcode scanners include reporting features that allow you to generate thorough inventory reports, examine sales patterns, and make data-driven business choices.
  • Shopify compatibility: A Shopify barcode scanner is specifically built to seamlessly interact with Shopify’s inventory management system, enabling smooth communication and data exchange between the scanner and your store.
  • Compatibility with a Variety of Barcode Types: Shopify barcode scanners typically accept various barcode types, including UPC, EAN, QR codes, and others, ensuring compatibility with many products.

What are the different types of barcode scanners that Shopify supports?

When considering barcode scanners that work seamlessly with Shopify, there are essentially two main categories: handheld barcode scanners and mobile barcode scanning apps. Each of these types brings its own set of benefits and unique features. Now, let’s explore the specifics of each option in depth:

Handheld barcode scanner

Handheld barcode scanners are independent devices that are specifically designed to scan barcodes. They are available in various designs, including wired and wireless options. 

Handheld barcode scanner

Here are some key features and benefits of handheld barcode scanners: 

  • Handheld barcode scanners are designed to scan various barcode types, including 1D and 2D barcodes, ensuring compatibility with a large variety of products and industry standards.
  • These scanners are straightforward, with simple trigger buttons or touch-sensitive controls that allow for effortless operation. They are ergonomically engineered for extended and comfortable use.
  • Handheld barcode scanners are designed to operate in harsh environments, with solid build quality that can withstand drops, crashes, and extreme temperatures. They are built for long-term performance, lowering the possibility of downtime.
  • Batch scanning is supported by some handheld scanners, allowing you to scan multiple barcodes and store them in the device’s memory. This capability is useful for inventory counts or when no continuous connection is available.
  • Handheld barcode scanners frequently include accessories such as stands or charging cradles, which can improve simplicity and productivity in a variety of workflows.

There are two types of handheld scanners: wired and wireless. Each has distinct advantages that can benefit online business owners:

  1. Wired handheld scanners
  • Connected to the computer or Shopify-enabled device using USB or other wired interfaces.
  • Establish a dependable and stable connection.
  • Ideal for stationary setups where the scanner remains connected to a computer or point-of-sale system.
  1. Wireless handheld scanners
  • Establish a wireless connection with the PC or mobile device using Bluetooth technology.
  • Offer enhanced mobility and flexibility, allowing for greater freedom of movement.
  • Particularly beneficial in environments that require mobility, such as warehouses or retail floors.
  • Enable scanning of barcodes from a distance, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Mobile barcode scanning application

Another type of barcode scanner is mobile barcode scanning applications that leverage smartphones or tablets’ integrated cameras to scan barcodes. These apps are installed on mobile devices and establish direct connections with your Shopify store. 

Here are the noteworthy features and advantages they offer:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Mobile barcode scanning apps eliminate the necessity of investing in dedicated barcode scanning hardware. They can also lower equipment expenses while still capitalizing on the advantages of barcode scanning.
  • Convenience: Barcode scanning apps harness the existing hardware of smartphones or tablets, eliminating the requirement for extra devices. They are perfect for businesses seeking flexibility and the ability to scan on the move. Users can effortlessly launch the app, direct the camera to the barcode, and capture the information.
  • Shopify compatibility: Shopify-focused mobile apps provide seamless connectivity with the platform, ensuring precise and real-time inventory changes.

Additionally, barcode scanning apps can easily sync with Shopify services, such as order management and sales analytics. They can capture additional product characteristics and qualities, such as product photos or descriptions, in addition to barcodes.

  • Performance: Barcode scanning apps leverage sophisticated algorithms and image processing techniques to achieve precise barcode recognition. Certain apps provide additional features like batch scanning, bulk editing, or automatic population of product details, enhancing overall efficiency.

Both handheld barcode scanners and mobile barcode scanning apps present viable solutions for integrating barcode scanning into your Shopify inventory management. The selection depends on your distinct business requirements, the nature of your environment, and your preferences regarding mobility or dedicated scanning devices.

Top 11 Shopify barcode scanning apps


EasyScan stands out as a highly popular barcode app offered on Shopify. Its simple interface and extensive feature set make it an excellent choice for effective inventory management.  

With EasyScan, you can effortlessly scan items using your smartphone’s camera and conveniently save them for future reference, allowing you to quickly retrieve pricing information or check stock levels at a later time.

EasyScan app


  • Use your phone’s camera for scanning
  • Store scanned items for future reference
  • Verify stock levels
  • Retrieve pricing details
  • Create barcodes for products
  • Generate SKUs for products

    Quick Scan

    When it comes to swiftly scanning barcodes and effectively managing your inventory, Quick Scan is the ideal solution. This intuitive app simplifies barcode scanning, enables you to monitor stock levels effortlessly, and facilitates seamless product transfers between different locations.

    Quick Scan offers the flexibility to be used across multiple locations, empowering users to specify the location when adding or deducting products from stock levels. Along with efficient stock level management, this app can track the inflow and outflow of stock. Furthermore, all this valuable information can be downloaded and stored in an offline file. This enables you to maintain records according to your specific requirements.

    Quick Scan app


    • Efficiently scan barcodes using a barcode scanner for swift processing
    • Monitor inventory across various locations
    • Effortlessly update and transfer stock between different locations
    • Maintain a record of transactions and access a comprehensive transaction history

      Barcode Man

      For Shopify store owners seeking a barcode app, Barcode Man is an excellent choice. This app provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, empowering you to customize your labels effortlessly. With the ability to rotate and resize labels, you can easily design the perfect label for your products. Furthermore, Barcode Man includes an SKU generator, simplifying the process of generating unique barcodes for your products.

      Barcode Man app


      • A wide selection of more than 40 pre-designed label templates
      • Utilize a convenient SKU generator
      • Effortlessly edit labels with intuitive drag-and-drop tools


        Yanet stands as a robust barcode label maker designed specifically for Shopify stores. With this app, you can effortlessly generate and personalize labels for your products by utilizing a diverse range of templates and editing tools. Additionally, Yanet provides the flexibility to utilize custom-size papers and labels, ensuring that you can create labels that perfectly suit your products.

        Yanet includes a GTIN generator, enabling you to generate distinct GTINs for utilization on your barcode labels. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities, Yanet proves to be an outstanding option for individuals in search of a barcode label maker for their Shopify store.

        Yanet app


        • Built-in GTIN generator
        • Both simple and advanced design options
        • Accessible and available labels

          Multi‑Label Barcodes

          When it comes to printing multiple labels simultaneously, Multi-Label Barcodes proves to be an exceptional app. With its bulk label printing feature, you can efficiently print hundreds or even thousands of labels in a single go. Moreover, Multi-Label Barcodes offers a diverse array of customization options, allowing you to design your labels precisely according to your preferences.

          Multi-Label Barcodes app


          • Print labels using any printer of your choice.
          • Automate stock management to maintain accurate records of your warehouse inventory and prevent any loss of track.
          • Effortlessly assign barcodes and SKU’s to your products with a simple click of a button.

            Retail Barcode Labels

            Retail Barcode Labels is an exceptional and cost-effective Shopify app that empowers you to effortlessly create, allocate, and print barcodes for all your products. The process of generating barcodes and associating them with specific items is incredibly user-friendly and can be conveniently performed within your Shopify store management screen.

            Each barcode can be accompanied by unique labels that encompass essential details such as the barcode itself, SKU code, price, and product name. You can benefit from a wide range of appealing designs available for your labels.

            Once you have finalized the design for your barcode labels, you can print them using any printer, including secure air-printing from mobile devices. However, it is recommended to utilize specialized label printing products like Avery or Dymo for optimal results.

            Retail Barcode Labels


            • Free Shopify app
            • Print labels using a diverse selection of printers.
            • Enhance stock management and inventory control.
            • Generate distinctive labels that incorporate a variety of product information.


              The SKULabs app stands as one of the most robust barcode solutions for Shopify, particularly beneficial for businesses selling across multiple channels. With its comprehensive capabilities, you can efficiently oversee and handle all your orders, shipments, and stock levels through a user-friendly, cloud-based system.

              SKULabs app

              Furthermore, this app enables seamless synchronization of inventory updates across all your sales channels. It integrates with major US-based platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and ShipStation. As a result, whenever there are changes in stock levels, they are automatically reflected across all channels, eliminating the risk of overselling products.


              • Track product stock levels across various selling channels.
              • Minimize picking errors by cross-referencing products with barcodes.
              • Gathering the correct quantity of products necessary to fulfill multiple orders in a single trip.
              • Initiate product orders from suppliers when stock levels reach a low threshold.

                SKU Print

                With the SKU Print app, you can effortlessly generate personalized barcode labels and price tags. These labels can encompass a wealth of information such as the title, vendor name, price, and barcode, with the option to include variations if applicable. All barcodes can be seamlessly stored directly in your Shopify Point-of-Sale or admin area.

                SKU Print app

                Additionally, you have the flexibility to incorporate images into your custom labels, enabling you to create brand-specific labels that align with your unique identity.

                Barcodes are generated automatically, and in case you haven’t entered any numbers in the barcode numbers field, they will be automatically encoded. If you happen to make an error and need to modify a barcode number, it can be easily rectified without hassle.


                • Print personalized product labels directly within your store.
                • Automatically assigns barcode numbers to products in cases where no prior assignments have been made.
                • Integrates with both online stores and point-of-sale locations.
                • Add logos and images to customize and brand your barcode labels.


                  StockSavvy is another exceptional app designed to streamline your stock management process. Packed with an array of impressive features, it empowers you to efficiently track and manage your inventory. 

                  StockSavvy app

                  A feature of this app that sets it apart is its ability to scan barcodes in bulk, allowing you to swiftly update quantities on your Shopify store once you’ve completed the scanning process. This feature enhances accuracy and saves valuable time in stock management.

                  If you are handling multiple locations, this app provides the perfect solution for managing stock across all of them. You can conduct stock counts across all locations or manage stocks at each location separately. This comprehensive functionality allows for efficient stock management and control across your entire business network.


                  • Monitor discrepancies in stock levels using the software’s tracking capabilities.
                  • Compatible with all barcode scanners, ensuring seamless integration.
                  • Update stock levels across various channels and locations simultaneously.
                  • Simplify the process of maintaining accurate stock records with enhanced ease and precision.


                    While not your typical Shopify barcode app, Zenstores primarily focuses on shipping and is specifically tailored to the UK market. However, if you are based in the UK, this app does offer certain barcode functionalities, making it a suitable choice for your needs.

                    Zenstores app

                    With this app, you can conveniently send parcels using a variety of couriers, both domestically and internationally. The app seamlessly imports all orders from your Shopify store directly into your Zenstores account. This enables you to efficiently manage all aspects of orders, including picking, label printing, and dispatching, all within a unified dashboard.


                    • Access a wide range of courier options to ensure optimal service and delivery times for your shipments.
                    • A trial period that allows you to ship up to 100 orders.
                    • Streamline the process of printing shipping labels, complete with barcodes for Royal Mail parcels.
                    • Generate professional invoices for your customers, with the flexibility to include or exclude VAT as needed.

                      Retail/Wholesale Catalog Maker

                      The Retail/Wholesale Catalog Maker app stands out as one of the most user-friendly barcode apps available for Shopify. It empowers you to effortlessly create catalogs that serve a variety of purposes, including generating online documents and printable marketing materials. With its intuitive interface, this app makes the process of creating and customizing catalogs a breeze for your store.

                      Retail/Wholesale Catalog Maker app

                      To get started with this app, simply import all your Shopify products into the user-friendly drag-and-drop builder provided. This powerful builder allows you to construct your catalog effortlessly. With its versatile layout options, you can create various designs and tailor the final appearance of your catalog to align with your branding. 


                      • Generate barcodes with comprehensive information for convenient reference.
                      • Optimize catalogs for SEO, ensuring easy discoverability of your store and effortless navigation to your products.
                      • Designed and developed catalogs that can be seamlessly integrated into your website or downloaded and printed for physical store.

                      How to use your Shopify barcode scanner properly

                      Select the right barcode scanner

                      You should discover a Shopify-compatible barcode scanner tailored to your business requirements and personal preferences. You can choose between a convenient handheld scanner or a versatile mobile scanning app.

                      To select a barcode scanner, you need to consider factors such as your scanning volume, operational workflow, desired mobility, and any specific features. Exploring reputable brands and trusted suppliers in the market can help you find the best Shopify barcode scanner for your business.

                      Set up and connect the barcode scanner

                      To set up barcode generation and labeling for your products, you have two options: utilizing a barcode generator tool or using Shopify’s built-in barcode generation functionality. Consider each method’s ease of use, customization options, and integration capabilities before making your decision.

                      If you decide to use a barcode generator tool, begin by researching and selecting a reliable and user-friendly tool. Look for one that supports the barcode symbology you prefer (such as UPC, EAN, or Code 128) and the ability to customize barcode size, format, and appearance.

                      Alternatively, you can leverage Shopify’s built-in barcode generation functionality. This feature allows you to easily generate barcodes directly within the Shopify platform.

                      Once the barcodes have been generated, they must be printed and attached to your products or packaging. Use a high-quality barcode printer and an adequate label size for clear and precise scanning.

                      Configure the barcode scanner

                      You need an appropriate connection method to configure your barcode scanner to communicate with your Shopify store. You can choose between connecting the scanner to your computer via USB or pairing it with your mobile device using Bluetooth.

                      You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your barcode scanner to guarantee appropriate setup and performance. These instructions will walk you through the configuration procedure, which may include any special program settings, scanning modes, or customization options.

                      Install the barcode-scanning app

                      For those utilizing a mobile barcode scanning app, you need to install the suitable app from the Shopify App Store on your smartphone or tablet. Checking your device’s compatibility and ensuring a simple integration with Shopify will also be necessary. 

                      Installing a barcode scanning app on your smartphone

                      Integrate and configure the barcode-scanning app

                      Typically, this involves checking in to your Shopify account through the app and allowing the necessary rights for data access and synchronization. After granting the necessary permissions, the app will establish a connection with your Shopify store. Verify that the app displays your store’s name or other relevant details, indicating a successful connection.

                      Scan the barcode

                      The final step is to scan the barcode to perform the tasks you want to complete. To maintain accurate and current stock levels in your Shopify store, simply use the barcode scanner or mobile app to scan barcodes during stocktaking. Scan each product’s barcode to instantly update the inventory quantity, guaranteeing precise and up-to-date stock information.

                      To ensure accurate stock management, scan the barcodes of incoming products or items shipped when receiving new inventory or fulfilling orders. This process automatically updates the inventory quantities, guaranteeing precise stock management.

                      Final thoughts

                      The Shopify Barcode Scanner is a game-changer for efficient and accurate inventory management. With its user-friendly design and straightforward integration with your Shopify store, you no longer have to worry about inventory headaches. This powerful tool eliminates the guesswork and manual errors associated with stocktaking. Your store will always reflect the most up-to-date stock levels, resulting in steadfast business growth.

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