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Oberlo Vs Shopify: Discover The Core Differences

If you’re trying to choose between Oberlo vs Shopify as the basis for your online business, they are both top options in eCommerce platforms. Continue reading to find out if these effective platforms suit your needs!

Oberlo Vs Shopify: Quick Assessment

Shopify, along with Oberlo, assist you in making online sales. They both use the business model called dropshipping.

Oberlo Vs Shopify: Quick Assessment
Oberlo Vs Shopify: Quick Assessment
  • Shopify: Shopify allows you to establish your own online store. You have the ability to include items, customize your shop, process payments, and oversee purchases. It’s similar to leasing a store in an online shopping center.
  • Oberlo: Oberlo collaborates with Shopify. It is intended for use in dropshipping. This implies that you do not maintain inventory. Oberlo sends the order to a supplier once a purchase is made from your store. Next, the supplier delivers it to your client. Oberlo also assists in discovering products to sell on Shopify.

To put it simply, Shopify constructs your store. Oberlo locates items and processes orders on your behalf. To understand more, let’s take a look at a short comparison table. This table summarizes the main distinctions between Oberlo vs Shopify.




User InterfaceTailored for dropshipping in Shopify.Intuitive interface for online stores.
FunctionalitySpecializes in dropshipping.Comprehensive e-commerce platform.
Standalone SoftwareOperates within Shopify.Independent e-commerce software.
Import OptionsDirect integration with suppliers.Multiple import options are available.
Transaction FeesNo additional fees.Fees vary based on plan and gateway.
Sales and Shipment TrackingBasic tracking for dropshipping.Built-in tracking for orders.
AnalyticsBasic analytics for performance.Robust analytics and reporting.
Browser ExtensionsExtension for supplier imports.Wide range of extensions available.

Key Differences Between Oberlo Vs Shopify

Now, we will expand on each of the key factors to provide a more detailed comparison between Oberlo and Shopify:

User Interface

  • Shopify: Shopify is user-friendly and attractive. It assists in establishing and smoothly operating your e-commerce store. You can easily alter the appearance and layout of your store to reflect your brand.
  • Oberlo: Oberlo is easy to use as well. Designed for discovering items and managing dropshipping within Shopify. It simplifies locating and adding products from suppliers such as AliExpress, benefiting both novice and seasoned drop shippers.

=> Verdict: Both offer a user-friendly interface. Shopify is easy to use for managing an online store. Oberlo adds special dropshipping features to Shopify.


  • Shopify: Shopify is famous for its abundance of beneficial features. It can fulfill all your online store requirements, including managing inventory, fulfilling orders, and advertising products. It is an effective tool for expanding your online business.
  • Oberlo: Oberlo doesn’t offer as many features as Shopify. However, it is ideal for dropshipping. The focus is on sourcing products from suppliers and overseeing the shipping process. This is essential for Shopify dropshipping businesses to have.

=> Verdict: Shopify provides a wide variety of functions for creating and handling e-commerce websites. These attributes encompass features that are not exclusive to dropshipping.

Standalone Software

Standalone Software
Standalone Software
  • Shopify: Shopify is self-contained e-commerce software. Shopify offers users the freedom to create and oversee online stores. Users are able to do it without requiring any extra integrations.
  • Oberlo: Oberlo functions as a mobile application of the Shopify platform. It improves Shopify’s dropshipping functionality. Nonetheless, it depends on Shopify’s system for managing stores and processing transactions.

=> Verdict: Shopify is the better option. It provides a complete e-commerce solution on its own.

Import Options

  • Shopify: Shopify provides different import choices to help you add products to your store. Entering data, uploading CSV files in bulk, and connecting with other apps and platforms are some of the available choices.
  • Oberlo: Oberlo Simplifies the process of importing products. This is especially true for drop shipping. Oberlo achieves this by providing seamless integration with vendors such as AliExpress. Using Oberlo, products can be effortlessly brought in by users with just a few clicks. Users have the option to remove the necessity of manual data input or intricate import processes.

=> Verdict: Shopify provides a broader range of options for importing products from various sources. This includes CSV files and third-party apps

Transaction Fees

  • Shopify: Transaction fees depend on the chosen pricing plan. More advanced plans frequently have lower transaction fees. Nevertheless, utilizing Shopify Payments can help lessen these charges.
  • Oberlo: Oberlo does not charge extra transaction fees in addition to Shopify’s regular fees. Customers are still responsible for paying Shopify’s transaction fees. The fees depend on the plan and payment gateway they select.

=> Verdict: Both Oberlo and Shopify are subject to the transaction fees imposed by Shopify. Yet, if you use Shopify Payments as your payment gateway, you can avoid extra transaction fees.

Sales and Shipment Tracking

  • Shopify: Shopify offers sales and shipment tracking features that are built-in. This enables customers to oversee orders, monitor inventory levels, and manage fulfillment processes.
  • Oberlo: Oberlo boosts its ability to track shipments. This is particularly true for dropshipping orders that are sourced via Oberlo. Users can monitor the progress of orders from suppliers. Additionally, they can oversee the fulfillment procedure directly on the Oberlo dashboard.

=> Verdict: Shopify provides extensive features for tracking sales and shipping within its online commerce platform. Oberlo makes order fulfillment easier by functioning as a dropshipping app. Nonetheless, it does not offer independent sales or shipment tracking functionalities.


  • Shopify: Shopify provides strong analytics and reporting features. It offers customers information on many aspects, such as store performance, sales patterns, customer behaviors, and marketing performance. Users can use these analytics to make data-based decisions and improve their business strategies.
  • Oberlo: Oberlo offers simple analytics on dropshipping orders and product performance through its dashboard. However, it might not provide the identical degree of detail and specificity as Shopify’s built-in analytics features.

=> Verdict: Shopify is the better choice. It provides comprehensive analytics tools that cover various aspects of your e-commerce business.

Browser Extensions

  • Shopify: Shopify provides a variety of browser extensions and integrations to enhance the platform’s capabilities and make processes more efficient. These extensions encompass a range of e-commerce elements, including marketing, customer support, inventory management, and more.
  • Oberlo: Oberlo offers a specific browser extension created for a particular purpose. This is meant to make it easier to bring products from AliExpress into Oberlo/Shopify stores. This addition boosts effectiveness. Users can effortlessly import products from supplier websites.

=> Verdict: Oberlo doesn’t have its own browser extension. But Shopify has its own, like the Oberlo Chrome extension. 

Oberlo Vs Shopify: When To Choose?

To make an informed decision, it’s important to discover the advantages and disadvantages of Oberlo and Shopify!




  • Simplifies the dropshipping process.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Shopify. 
  • User-friendly interface for dropshipping tasks.
  • Provides access to a wide range of suppliers. 
  • Helps automate order fulfillment.
  • Offers a comprehensive e-commerce platform.
  • Provides extensive customization options. 
  • Supports a large number of payment gateways.
  • Offers robust customer support resources.
  • Allows for scalability as the business grows.
  • Limited functionality beyond drop shipping. 
  • Relies on the Shopify ecosystem for full functionality.
  • Basic analytics and tracking features. 
  • May require additional apps for advanced features. 
  • Restricted to suppliers within Oberlo’s network.
  • Transaction fees may accumulate based on the chosen plan and payment gateway.
  • Requires time to learn for beginners. 
  • Customization may require coding knowledge. 
  • Advanced features may require higher-priced plans.

Choosing between Oberlo and Shopify depends on many factors. Your specific project requirements and business goals. Here’s a guide to help you decide:

Choose Oberlo if:

  • You’re interested in dropshipping. You want a tool specifically designed for that purpose.
  • You’re already using Shopify. You are planning to use it for your online store.
  • You prefer a user-friendly interface focused on sourcing products and automating order fulfillment.
  • You’re comfortable with the limitations of Oberlo’s functionality.
  • You want access to Oberlo’s network of suppliers

Choose Shopify if:

  • You need a comprehensive e-commerce platform. You want a wide range of features beyond drop shipping.
  • You prefer extensive customization options for your online store’s design and functionality.
  • You’re looking for scalability as your business grows. You want access to advanced features and integrations.
  • You’re willing to invest time in learning the platform 
  • You’re comfortable with the transaction fees associated with Shopify. You prefer the flexibility of choosing your payment gateway.


In short, it is important to know the basic differences between Oberlo and Shopify before you choose. By looking at what each platform does well and not so well, you can pick the one that best fits your needs. This helps you start your online business on the right foot.

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