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Laravel Website Cost: A Guide Helps You Breakdown The Price

Prior to selecting Laravel for your website, determine the associated expenses. If you require assistance in itemizing the expenses in detail, then this blog is perfect for you!

What is Laravel & Why Should You Choose Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a commonly utilized PHP framework specifically created for building web applications. It has a streamlined structure. Developers prefer its functionalities. Moreover, it has a strong network of support. They are all widely recognized. Here are the reasons why you should think about selecting Laravel:

What is Laravel & Why Should You Choose Laravel Framework?
  • Sophisticated Syntax: Laravel is a neat and simple syntax. It enhances coding pleasure and boosts productivity.
  • Modular Packaging: A modular packaging system called Composer. This allows developers to add features to their apps easily.
  • Included Features: Numerous included features such as authentication, routing, and caching. This helps decrease the reliance on additional tools.
  • MVC Architecture: A structure organizes code into logic, presentation, and data layers.
  • Database Migration System: This manages database changes with PHP instead of SQL.
  • Eloquent ORM: Eloquent ORM for intuitive database interactions using PHP syntax.
  • Blade Templating Engine: Blade templating engine is used to create reusable and clean templates.
  • Artisan CLI: Artisan CLI for automating repetitive tasks like migrations and testing.
  • Security Features: Security measures against common threats like SQL injection and XSS.
  • Community Support and Ecosystem: Laravel has a supportive community. This community provides resources and packages. It boots easier development.

Overall, Laravel is great for building modern, secure web apps efficiently.

What Fees Are Included In The Cost Of Building A Laravel Website?

What Fees Are Included In The Cost Of Building A Laravel Website?

The price of making a Laravel website can change based on different things. Let’s talk about each one now:

Development Fees

  • Development fees encompass the cost of hiring developers to create your Laravel website. The project’s complexity, the features needed, and the developers’ experience affect the fees.
  • Laravel developers’ hourly rates can change. The change depends on factors like location, skill level, and project details.

Design Fees

  • Fees for design services encompass creating the visual elements and interface of your website. This means making wireframes, prototypes, and the overall design, colors, and graphics.
  • Designers can charge hourly rates or a fixed fee based on the project’s size.

Third-Party Service Fees

  • Using external services like payment gateways, email tools, or social media APIs could cost more.
  • This can include setup, monthly subscriptions, or transaction fees.

Domain Registration

  • Getting a domain means securing a unique web address, like example.com.
  • There are yearly fees for this, which may vary based on the domain extension and name popularity.

Hosting Fees

  • Fees for hosting include the rental of server space for your website files. 
  • Prices may vary depending on server resources. For example: bandwidth, uptime guarantees, and the specific hosting plan selected.

SSL Certificate

  • SSL certificate encrypts data exchanged between your website and its visitors’ information. Hence, it keeps both information secure. 
  • The price may vary depending on the type  (domain validation, organization validation, extended validation, and the supplier you choose).

Content Management System (CMS) Fees

  • There are some fees for utilizing both WordPress and Laravel. These fees include premium themes, plugins, or more functionalities.
  • There are 2 ways to buy high-quality themes and plugins.  First way is with a single payment. Second way is throgh a a subscription-based pricing system.

Maintenance and Support Fees

  • Maintenance and support fees include some factors. Such as: regular updates, bug fixes, and technical help for your Laravel site.
  • To keep your website secure and current, you might hire developers on a retainer. Or, you can sign up for a maintenance service.

Transaction Fees

  • Transaction fees may apply for processing payments. First way is through payment gateways. Second way is through merchant services. The second way is in case your website deals with e-commerce or online payments.
  • These charges are typically calculated in 2 ways. First is as a percentage of the total transaction amount. Another is a set fee for each transaction.

3 Main Hiring Models For Building Website Using Laravel Framework & How It Influences The Laravel Cost

3 Main Hiring Models For Building Website Using Laravel Framework

Today’s article explores various methods for hiring developers to create your web application. Your project requirements determine the costs. Here are some of the common hiring models:

Outstaffing Models

In this model, a company recruits skilled resources to develop its web application. It’s a great choice for projects with tight budgets and when skill-sharing is feasible. Outstaffing services offer dedicated project developers. These developers have access to advanced technologies in the market. They can provide extensive support.

Working with a Trusted Agency

Many agencies specialize in providing skilled developers and developer teams. These developers and teams are suitable for specific requirements. These agencies maintain an impressive database comprising thoroughly assessed engineers. 

This method is ideal. Especially for businesses needing expertise from a large pool of developers.  Although there’s usually a fee to cover expenses, it may seem expensive. Yet, it’s cost-effective because it offers the convenience of hiring remote developers.

If you’re searching for a reliable Laravel development agency, consider Mageplaza. They’re a leading company in Laravel development. They can create exceptional websites and applications to boost your business’s success. There are several Laravel services that Mageplaza offers: 

Mageplaza’s Laravel Development Company
  • Laravel web application
  • Laravel eCommerce solution
  • Laravel custom development
  • Laravel integration
  • Laravel extension development
  • Laravel migration

Some reasons why you should choose Mageplaza Laravel development company: 

  • Experienced Professionals: Mageplaza has skilled developers. They have expertise in the Laravel framework and knowledge of current industry trends. 
  • Tailored Solutions: Customized solutions are their top priority. They ensure that the final outcome exceeds expectations. They do this by aligning with your business goals and involving teamwork.
  • Effective communication: The development process includes transparent and ongoing communication. This includes frequent updates, feedback collection, and timely issue resolution.
  • Quality assurance: Quality assurance is important. This involves involving extensive testing, code reviews, and following best practices. All this is to ensure the delivery of error-free and dependable applications.
  • Data protection: Measures for data protection consist of many factors. Such as: enhanced encryption, secure hosting, and routine backups to safeguard customer data.
  • Timely Delivery: The Mageplaza team has careful planning and management. Hence, they deliver all projects on schedule without sacrificing quality.
  • 24/7 support: Their 24/7 support ensures help is available whenever needed.  Whether during development or after launch.
  • Scalability: Scalability accommodates business growth. The growth comes with solutions that adjust to changing needs.
  • Adjustable pricing: Mageplaza has customized pricing options or your budget. They offer transparency and value, with no undisclosed fees.


Freelance Platforms

For projects that need flexible resources, freelance platforms are a popular choice. These platforms provide various websites. These websites allow freelancers to be hired and vice versa. Businesses can look at work samples of contractors and pick the best ones.

Development work costs $15 to $30 per hour. Be careful of untrustworthy people in the skilled pool. They might cause legal or security issues.

The Cost Of Hiring Laravel Developers

The price of hiring Laravel developers can change a lot. It is based on two main things: their experience and where they are located.

The Cost Of Hiring Laravel Developers

Based On Experience

  • Entry-level Developers receive hourly pay ranging from $15 to $35. They own between 0 and 2 years of experience. They can manage basic Laravel assignments.
  • Mid-level Developers have an hourly rate of $30 to $60. They own a 2 to 5 year background. They have a good grasp on Laravel. They can enable them to handle difficult tasks.
  • Experienced developers request higher fees. The fees generally range from $50 to $100 per hour or beyond. They own more than five years of experience. They are skilled at managing challenging assignments, offering direction, and creating answers.

Based On Regions

  • Laravel developers in North America and Western Europe  have higher fees. It is because of the increased living expenses and high demand in those regions. Hourly fees range from $80 to $200 or higher, based on skill level and geographic area.
  • In Eastern Europe and Asia, developers often offer lower prices. The fees usually range from $30 to $80 per hour. It is because of lower living costs and a large pool of skilled workers.
  • Offshore programmers: Southeast Asian and South American developers usually offer offshore development services. It comes with hourly rates between $20 and $50.

Prices may vary depending on project complexity, developer skill level, and specific requirements.


Understanding the costs associated with building a Laravel website is essential. This is for businesses starting a web development project.

Businesses can make informed decisions by considering many aspects. This article has covered all the aspects for you!

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