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Hyva vs PWA: Which Front-End Technology Wins?

With the fast-growing web technologies, organizations are always striving to provide an enriched and convenient experience to their visitors. Two such solutions that have seen a rise in popularity in the realm of e-commerce are Hyvä and Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). Both Hyvä and PWAs promise to enhance user experiences, but they do so in distinct ways. 

In this comprehensive comparison guide, we will explore the features, benefits, and differences between Hyvä and PWAs to help you make an informed decision for your online business.

Hyva and PWA Theme: Quick Overview

  • Hyva is a frontend designed specifically for Magento 2 that combines various themes and tools. Its purpose is to simplify and streamline the complexities of traditional Magento themes. When websites use Hyva as their frontend, they become lightweight and load quickly. This is achieved by revamping the Magento frontend, reducing code and simplifying its structure, while still making use of Magento’s built-in PHP templating system.
  • PWAs are a technology that effectively combines the advantages of both mobile apps and websites. By incorporating the best features from both platforms, PWAs offer extended websites with app-like capabilities. This means that customers can enjoy a native app experience while browsing a PWA. When accessing a PWA through a desktop browser, it appears and functions like a regular website. However, on mobile devices, it can be installed and used as a standalone application.

Before digging into details of the difference between Hyva theme vs PWA theme, let’s take a glance at Hyva Theme vs PWA Theme comparison table:

Feature Hyva Theme PWA Theme
Cost Lower upfront cost (€1,000), potentially lower development cost for multi-store Higher upfront cost ($3,000-$70,000), potentially higher development cost for single store
Ideal for Budget-conscious businesses with multiple Magento 2 stores prioritizing speed and basic functionalities Businesses prioritizing strong mobile presence, app-like features, and advanced functionalities
Performance Excellent due to headless architecture Excellent due to service workers and mobile optimization
Functionality Basic, relies on extensions for advanced features Wider range of features out-of-the-box, including push notifications and offline browsing
Extensions Limited ecosystem of Hyva-compatible extensions Leverages vast library of existing Magento extensions, potential compatibility issues

The Differences Between a Magento Hyva Theme and the PWA Theme

hyva vs pwa
hyva vs pwa

Let’s delve into a detailed comparison of these themes across three key aspects: Cost, performance, functionality, and extensions, to help you decide which one best suits your online store’s needs.

  1. Costs

Hyvä licenses require a one-time payment of €1,000, which is over $1,100. However, you can utilize the Hyvä theme across multiple Magento 2 stores after purchasing it, making it a suitable choice for many businesses. If you operate multiple stores on Magento 2, Hyvä is an excellent option. While the initial license fee for the Hyvä theme is reasonably affordable, it’s crucial to consider the development costs, ranging from $5,000 to $20,000.

In contrast, PWA themes require a more substantial investment. Small projects utilizing a PWA theme have costs ranging from $3,000 to $35,000, while an advanced PWA theme requires an investment of $35,000 to $70,000. However, it’s important to note that developing a PWA theme grants access to iOS and Android devices, essentially equivalent to investing in mobile app development.

Although free Magento themes and community templates might be considered, they won’t yield the same outcomes as Hyvä or PWA themes. Therefore, whether you choose to invest in PWA or Hyvä, it represents a solid and reasonable investment for the future of your business.

Verdict:  The cost victor depends on your specific needs. If multi-store management and budget efficiency are primary concerns, Hyva might be more suitable. If a strong mobile presence and app-like features are crucial, a PWA theme could be a better investment, even considering the higher upfront cost.

2. Performance

Hyva boasts a lightning-fast frontend experience. It achieves this by adopting a headless architecture, essentially separating the front-end presentation layer from the Magento backend. This separation removes unnecessary elements that can slow down page loads. Hyva themes are known for delivering exceptional website speed, leading to a smoother user experience and potentially boosting conversions.

PWA themes also prioritize performance. They leverage service workers, a technology that enables caching content locally on a user’s device. This allows for faster page loads, especially on subsequent visits. Additionally, PWAs are often lightweight and optimized for mobile devices, further contributing to a speedy browsing experience.

Verdict: Both Hyva and PWA themes excel in performance. Hyva offers a slight edge in raw speed due to its headless architecture. However, the real-world performance difference might be negligible for most stores. If raw speed is your top priority, Hyva might be the better choice.

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3. Functionality

Hyva themes focus on simplicity in their design with an added emphasis on simplicity and user friendly interface. They are a clean and minimalistic platform, with a straightforward setup that mostly consists of the e-commerce basics such as product catalogues, shopping carts, and checkout procedures. However, on this aspect, straightforward functionalities may not fully compare to some of the features offered by PWA themes. Hyva relies on third-party Hyva-compatible extensions to add features like wishlists, product comparisons, or loyalty programs.

On other hand, PWA themes often come pre-loaded with a wider range of functionalities compared to Hyva themes. This can include features like push notifications, offline browsing capabilities, and more app-like interactions. These features can enhance customer engagement and potentially drive sales. However, managing a feature-rich PWA theme might require more development expertise.

Verdict: The winner in functionality depends on your specific needs. If you prioritize a clean, fast-loading store with basic functionalities, Hyva is a good fit. However, if you require advanced features and an app-like experience, a PWA theme might be a better choice.

4. Extensions

Hyva requires compatible extensions to add functionalities beyond the core features. While a growing ecosystem of Hyva extensions exists, it might not be as extensive as the pool of extensions available for standard Magento themes. This can limit your customization options and potentially slow down development.

Meanwhile, most PWA themes are built on top of standard Magento themes, allowing them to leverage the vast library of existing Magento extensions. This provides greater flexibility in terms of customization and adding functionalities to your store. However, not all Magento extensions might be compatible with PWA themes, requiring additional development work for seamless integration.

Verdict: PWA themes offer a clear advantage in terms of extension availability. The vast selection of existing Magento extensions allows for greater customization and functionality compared to Hyva’s limited extension ecosystem. However, compatibility issues with PWA themes might require additional development effort.

Hyva Theme vs. PWA Theme: Which is the better for you?

Choosing the right theme for your Magento 2 store requires careful consideration. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of Hyva Themes and PWA Themes to help you make an informed decision:

  Pros Cons
Hyva theme Superior Speed: Hyva’s headless architecture delivers exceptional loading speed, leading to a smoother user experience and potentially higher conversions.
Simplicity and Ease of Use: Hyva offers a clean and minimalist foundation, making it ideal for stores prioritizing a fast-loading and user-friendly experience.
Cost-Effective (for Multi-Store): The one-time license fee can be a good value, especially if used across multiple Magento 2 stores.
Scalability: Hyva scales well for growing businesses, as the headless architecture allows for independent frontend and backend scaling.
Limited Out-of-the-Box Functionality: Relies on Hyva-compatible extensions for features like wishlists or loyalty programs, which can limit options and potentially increase development costs.
Limited Extension Ecosystem: The Hyva extension library is still growing and might not offer the same breadth of options as standard Magento themes.
Development Expertise Needed: Hyva customization might require more development expertise compared to standard Magento themes.
PWA theme App-like Experience: PWAs offer features like push notifications and offline browsing, creating a more engaging experience for mobile users.
Rich Functionality: PWA themes often come pre-loaded with a wider range of functionalities compared to Hyva themes, potentially reducing the need for additional extensions.
Vast Extension Library: Leverages existing Magento extensions, offering greater flexibility and customization options.
Mobile-First Approach: Ideal for stores with a strong mobile focus, potentially reducing the need for a separate mobile app.
Higher Development Cost: PWA themes typically require a larger upfront investment compared to Hyva themes.
Potential Compatibility Issues: Not all Magento extensions might be compatible with PWA themes, requiring additional development work for seamless integration.
Complexity: Managing a feature-rich PWA theme might require more development expertise compared to Hyva.

Ultimately, the best theme for your store depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here’s a quick guideline to help you decide:

  • Choose Hyva if:
    • Speed is your top priority.
    • You prefer a clean and minimalist store design.
    • You are comfortable with a limited set of out-of-the-box functionalities and plan to add features through Hyva-compatible extensions.
  • Choose a PWA theme if:
    • You want an app-like experience with features like push notifications and offline browsing.
    • You require a wide range of functionalities and customization options.
    • You have the development resources to manage potential compatibility issues between PWA themes and existing Magento extensions.

Unlock the Power of Hyvä with Mageplaza

If Hyvä seems like the ideal solution for your Magento 2 store, consider partnering with Mageplaza for Hyvä theme development. Our team of certified Magento developers possesses extensive experience in building high-performance Hyvä storefronts. We can help you:

  • Craft a lightning-fast and user-friendly Hyvä storefront tailored to your brand identity.
  • Leverage the power of Hyvä’s headless architecture for optimal scalability and future growth.
  • Integrate essential Hyvä extensions to enhance your store’s functionality without compromising speed.
  • Ensure a seamless user experience across all devices, including mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Mageplaza offers a cost-effective solution for building a high-performing Hyvä store. Contact us today for a free consultation and discuss how Hyvä theme development can take your Magento 2 business to the next level.


Both Hyvä and PWA themes offer distinct advantages for Magento 2 stores. If you prioritize speed, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness, especially for multi-store management, then Hyvä themes are a compelling choice. 

Partnering with experienced Hyvä theme development specialists like Mageplaza can ensure a smooth and successful implementation process, maximizing the benefits of Hyvä for your online store.

Remember, Mageplaza offers exceptional Hyvä theme development services to bring your vision to life. Leverage our expertise to create a fast, user-friendly, and scalable Hyvä storefront that drives conversions and propels your Magento 2 business forward.

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