How to Config Redis Cache in Magneto 2

This article demonstrates how to Config Redis for Magento 2: page and session. It contains the following section:

  • Step 1. Advantages when using Redis for Magento 2.
  • Step 2. Use Redis for the Magento page and default cache.
  • Step 3. Verifying Redis and Magento condition.

Advantages when using Redis for Magento 2:

  • Redis can also be used for PHP session storage, making it possible to completely replace memcached with Redis.
  • The Redis backend works by indexing tags in files so that tag operations do not require a full scan of every cache file.
  • The metadata and the cache record are stored in the same file rather than separate files resulting in fewer inodes and fewer file stat, read, write, lock, and unlink operations. Also, the original hashed directory structure had very poor distribution due to the adler32 hashing algorithm and prefixes. The multi-level nested directories have been dropped in favor of single-level nesting made from multiple characters.
  • The backend supports tag-based cache cleanup without for each loops.

Use Redis for the Magento page and default cache

Magento’s caching is implemented by Magento\Framework\App\CacheInterface

Add a configuration similar to the following to app/etc/env.php

'cache' =>
   'frontend' =>
   // Default Cache
      'default' =>
         'backend' => 'Cm_Cache_Backend_Redis',
         'backend_options' =>
            'server' => '',
            'database' => '0',
            'port' => '6379'
    // Full page cache
    'page_cache' =>
      'backend' => 'Cm_Cache_Backend_Redis',
      'backend_options' =>
         'server' => '',
         'port' => '6379',
         'database' => '1',
         'compress_data' => '0'

Code explanation

  • default, page_cache: Specify the segment name to use a particular segment or a default shortcut for all other caches.
    The default cache segment enables you to configure all cache segments except for page_cache (the full page cache).

  • server: Absolute URL to your Redis server, or if Redis is installed on the Magento server, or an absolute path to a UNIX socket.
  • port: Redis server listen port
  • database: Required if you use Redis for both the default and full-page cache. You must specify the database number of one of the caches; the other cache uses 0 by default.
    Important: If you use Redis for more than one type of caching (for example, default cache and page cache), the database numbers must be different.

  • password: Specifies a password if your Redis server requires authentication.
  • compress_data: Required only for the full page cache. Set to 1 to compress the full page cache. Redis chooses a compression algorithm in the following order, based on availability: snappy, l4z, or lzf. If none of them available, Redis uses gzip.

Check if Redis cache is working

To verify that Redis and Magento are working together, use the following commands:

Redis ping command: redis-cli ping
You will receive PONG in the console

Redis monitor command: redis-cli monitor
Refresh your storefront page and you’ll see output similar to the following.

If you use Redis for page caching, you’ll see output similar to the following:

1476826133.810090 [0] "select" "1"
1476826133.816293 [0] "select" "0"
1476826133.817461 [0] "hget" "zc:k:ea6_GLOBAL__DICONFIG" "d"
1476826133.829666 [0] "hget" "zc:k:ea6_DICONFIG049005964B465901F774DB9751971818" "d"
1476826133.837854 [0] "hget" "zc:k:ea6_INTERCEPTION" "d"
1476826133.868374 [0] "select" "1"
1476826133.869011 [0] "select" "0"
1476826133.869601 [0] "hget" "zc:k:ea6_DEFAULT_CONFIG_CACHE_DEFAULT__10__235__32__1080MAGENTO2" "d"
1476826133.872317 [0] "hget" "zc:k:ea6_INITIAL_CONFIG" "d"
1476826133.879267 [0] "hget" "zc:k:ea6_GLOBAL_PRIMARY_PLUGIN_LIST" "d"
1476826133.883312 [0] "hget" "zc:k:ea6_GLOBAL__EVENT_CONFIG_CACHE" "d"
1476826133.898431 [0] "hget" "zc:k:ea6_DB_PDO_MYSQL_DDL_STAGING_UPDATE_1" "d"
1476826133.898794 [0] "hget" "zc:k:ea6_RESOLVED_STORES_D1BEFA03C79CA0B84ECC488DEA96BC68" "d"
1476826133.905738 [0] "hget" "zc:k:ea6_DEFAULT_CONFIG_CACHE_STORE_DEFAULT_10__235__32__1080MAGENTO2" "d"

... more ...

1476826210.634998 [0] "hmset" "zc:k:ea6_MVIEW_CONFIG" "d" "a:18:{s:19:\"design_config_dummy\";a:4:{s:7:\"view_id\";s:19:\"design_config_dummy\";s:12:\"action_class\";s:39:\"Magento\\Theme\\Model\\Indexer\\Mview\\Dummy\";s:5:\"group\";s:7:\"indexer\";s:13:\"subscriptions\";a:0:{}}s:14:\"customer_dummy\";a:4:{s:7:\"view_id\";s:14:\"customer_dummy\";s:12:\"action_class\";s:42:\"Magento\\Customer\\Model\\Indexer\\Mview\\Dummy\";s:5:\"group\";s:7:\"indexer\";s:13:\"subscriptions\";a:0:{}}s:13:\"cms_page_grid\";a:4:{s:7:\"view_id\";s:13:\"cms_page_grid\";s:12:\"action_class\";s:43:\"Magento\\Catalog\\Model\\Indexer\\Category\\Flat\";s:5:\"group\";s:7:\"indexer\";s:13:\"subscriptions\";a:1:{s:8:\"cms_page\";a:3:{s:4:\"name\";s:8:\"cms_page\";s:6:\"column\";s:7:\"page_id\";s:18:\"subscription_model\";N;}}}s:21:\"catalog_category_flat\";a:4:{s:7:\"view_id\";s:21:\"catalog_category_flat\";s:12:\"action_class\";s:43:\"Magento\\Catalog\\Model\\Indexer\\Category\\Flat\";s:5:\"group\";s:7:\"indexer\";s:13:\"subscriptions\";a:6:{s:23:\"catalog_category_entity\";a:3:{s:4:\"name\";s:23:\"catalog_category_entity\";s:6:\"column\";s:9:\"entity_id\";s:18:\"subscription_model\";N;}s:31:\"catalog_category_entity_decimal\";a:3:{s:4:\"name\";s:31:\"catalog_category_entity_decimal\";s:6:\"column\";s:9:\"entity_id\";s:18:\"subscription_model\";s:71:\"Magento\\CatalogStaging\\Model\\Mview\\View\\Category\\Attribute\\Subscription\";}s:27:\"catalog_category_entity_int\";a:3:{s:4:\"name\";s:27:\"catalog_category_entity_int\";s:6:\"column\";s:9:\"entity_id\";s:18:\"subscription_model\";s:71:\"Magento\\CatalogStaging\\Model\\Mview\\View\\Category\\Attribute\\Subscription\";}s:28:\"catalog_category_entity_text\";a:3:{s:4:\"name\";s:28:\"catalog_category_entity_text\";s:6:\"column\";s:9:\"entity_id\";s:18:\"subscription_model\";s:71:\"Magento\\CatalogStaging\\Model\\Mview\\View\\Category\\Attribute\\Subscription\";}s:31:\"catalog_category_entity_varchar\";a:3:{s:4:\"name\";s:31:\"catalog_category_entity_varchar\";s:6:\"column\";s:9:\"entity_id\";s:18:\"subscription_model\";s:71:\"Magento\\CatalogStaging\\Model\\Mview\\View\\Category\\Attribute\\Subscription\";}s:32:\"catalog_category_entity_datetime\";a:3:{s:4:\"name\";s:32:\"catalog_category_entity_datetime\";s:6:\"column\";s:9:\"entity_id\";s:18:\"subscription_model\";s:71:\"Magento\\CatalogStaging\\Model\\Mview\\View\\Category\\Attribute\\Subscription\";}}}s:24:\"catalog_category_product\";a:4:{s:7:\"view_id\";s:24:\"catalog_category_product\";s:12:\"action_class\";s:46:\"Magento\\Catalog\\Model\\Indexer\\Category\\Product\";s:5:\"group\";s:7:\"indexer\";s:13:\"subscriptions\";a:2:{s:23:\"catalog_category_entity\";a:3:{s:4:\"name\";s:23:\"catalog_category_entity\";s:6:\"column\"

... more ...

If both commands succeeded, Redis is set up properly.

Wrap up

That’s all about Redis Cache configuration in Magento 2. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know, I will reach to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.

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