Top 9 Best Magento Upgrade Services in 2020

Magento has been the most prevalent eCommerce platform thanks to its modular architecture, overall scalability, and a vast number of customization choices. Magento releases its version upgrades on a regular basis to improve performance, security fixes, and scalability.

The release of Magento 2 has created new opportunities for online businesses because many innovative and incredible features have been included in this version. It’s high time for you to upgrade your current Magento store to the newest version.

However, to migrate to the latest version of Magento, you’ll need both knowledge and skills to transfer the data, order history, and customer accounts seamlessly.

That’s why we bring you the Top 9 Magento Upgrade Services. Read through the list and pick up the most favored service to handle your migration to Magento 2.

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Why move to Magento 2?

Move to Magento 2
Move to Magento 2

All the versions of Magento 2 provide a set of advanced features to enhance user-friendliness, security, and scalability. The Community Edition has included full-page caching, which maximizes the speed due to a decrease in the number of and disk reads and network round trips.

Magento 2 brings multiple special features that offer maximum scope for analytical and marketing tactics. Besides, the latest version will improve administrative options, ensuring a smoother control over the backend of the store. All of these elements contribute to a better purchasing experience for your customers.

In addition to an advanced HTML5, CSS3, and the newest version of PHP, Magento 2 is also an updated technology stack. Moreover, with simple installation processes and user-friendly customization, Magento 2 appears as an eCommerce game-changer, encouraging you to reach out to Magento 2 upgradation services.

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What features Magento 2 can bring to your store?

Features of Magento 2
Features of Magento 2
  • Flexible architecture: Supported by a brand new architecture, Magento 2 offers unparalleled flexibility to grow your eCommerce business.
  • User-friendly checkout: The checkout process has been entirely simplified for better, faster, and more friendly experiences.
  • Performance management: Magento 2 provides improved engagement and customized customer experience across every device.
  • Superior business agility: The standalone database system in Magento 2 supports the efficient and simple management of orders and checkout.
  • Automatic testing: Magento 2 provides the choices of Unit testing, load testing, and code testing before you take any action.
  • Secure payment services: With standard payment services like PayPal, Braintree, and, security is among the most outstanding features of the Magento 2 version.

The process of planning a Magento 2 migration

Plan a Magento 2 migration
Plan a Magento 2 migration

Data Review

Since eCommerce businesses store data over time, the problem is to move the whole amount of it to the new site. This is also a great chance to remove the data which is no longer needed and relevant.

Design Review

An upgrade is a good opportunity to review your website’s design, give enhancements, or overhaul it for a superior look. You can plan to apply new design technologies for bringing in better experiences.

Code & Feature Review

You can review the code and functionalities of your current Magento business. You can get the code cleaned and discard the elements that are ruining the website’s performance.

Hosting Review

As you upgrade, you can consider the costs and advantages of your hosting service and whether it is proper to meet your requirements. This is the time to change if necessary.

Impact Estimation

An upgrade to a new version can have an important effect on your business. Therefore, in addition to the cost and time needed, you also need to estimate the risk of downtime and data loss.

Prioritization & Scheduling

Eventually, you have to set a priority-based plan before upgrading your store. It is vital for you to consider new features and design elements to add to your store.

9 Best Magento Upgrade Services

Best Magento Upgrade Services
Best Magento Upgrade Services

1. LitExtension Magento Upgrade Service

LitExtension Magento Upgrade Service
LitExtension Magento Upgrade Service

With LitExtension, you can transfer products, orders, customers, and other significant data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 with several clicks and hours. Here’s the process to upgrade your Magento store with LitExtension:

Set up Magento as a Source Cart

Choose Magento as a Source Cart from the drop-down menu. Fill in your Magento store URL, and follow the instructions to configure up the Connector.

Set up Magento as a Target Cart

Choose Magento as a Target Cart from the drop-down menu. Fill in your Magento store URL, and follow the instructions to configure up the Connector.

Choose data to migrate

Select the entities you need to transfer from Magento 1 Magento 2. The order status and languages will be matched together to be shown correspondingly in the new store.

Implement the full migration

When the upgrade process is kicked off, it will be continually running even when you close your browser. Your data will be transferred to the new store.

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2. Aheadworks Magento Upgrade Service

Aheadworks Magento Upgrade Service
Aheadworks Magento Upgrade Service

Supported by a team of qualified Magento 2 solution experts and developers, Aheadworks is dedicated to offering smooth Magento movement services.

  • Theme migration: Magento 1 themes won’t be compatible with Magento 2. Aheadworks’s designers will restructure and recreate from scratch.
  • Extension migration: The Marketplace for extensions is developing dramatically. If the module you need is not ready, their team will create a custom one, satisfying your demands.
  • Custom code migration: Specialists from Aheadworks will transfer all custom functionalities applied to your Magento 1 store.
  • Data migration: Their team will help you define what data should be migrated and what data should be got rid of.
  • Performance optimization: Your store will be speeded up with the Magento performance optimization service.

3. Rootways Magento Upgrade Service

Rootways Magento Upgrade Service
Rootways Magento Upgrade Service

Rootways makes sure that all the Magento version upgrades occur in the development environment without impacting your existing production system. Their specialist group implements final QA testing and carries out updates on the live environment with nearly zero downtime, so you can continue to serve your clients without any interruptions. Update your Magento store now to improve functionality, maximize load time, and reinforce security for your online business.

Rootways Magento Upgrade Service will do the following for you:

  • Update Magento Core
  • Move and upgrade store themes
  • Update and backup database
  • Upgrade existing third-party extensions
  • Fix bugs after the migration
  • Install the newest security patches

4. Meetanshi Magento Upgrade Service

Meetanshi Magento Upgrade Service
Meetanshi Magento Upgrade Service

Meetanshi has gained customer satisfaction for providing the best Magento upgrade service with more than stores. They have a team of Magento certified developers who can help mitigate any possibility of errors. If you choose to use Meetanshi for your Magento migration, you’ll receive:

  • Delivery in 3 to 5 days: Meetanshi promises to deliver its service timely without any flaws.
  • 6-month warranty: Meetanshi offers you a 6-month warranty to fix any problems related to the version upgrade.
  • Zero downtime: The service is implemented with almost zero downtime, which will not impact the existing store sales.
  • No data loss: Moving the store data from the current version to the newest one is an important part of the service.
  • 100% secure: The company will upgrade your Magento store with the latest security patches.

5. Elsner Magento Upgrade Service

Elsner Magento Upgrade Service
Elsner Magento Upgrade Service

Elsner Technologies is a premier Magento development company that has successfully implemented over 200 Magento upgrades. With certified Magento developers, Elsner has delivered more than 150 successful store upgrades. Moreover, some reasons why you should choose Elsner for Magento Migration include:

  • Fast turnaround time: If time matters, Elsner is a great choice for your Magento update with quick turnaround time.
  • No downtime: During the upgrading process, their professional developers make sure that there is no downtime that can delay your store’s performance.
  • No data loss: Excellent developers from Elsner ensure that you won’t lose any data during the migration.
  • 100% data protection: Elsner Magento upgrade service is 100% prevented from any hackers.

6. MageComp Magento Upgrade service

MageComp Magento Upgrade service
MageComp Magento Upgrade service

Backed by Magento experts, MageComp has already carried out more than 219 store upgrades. The company keeps an eye on the migrating process and fixes any issues as soon as possible. They deliver the service with no downtime, not affecting your current store sales.

Besides, they ensure no data loss when transferring data from the earlier version to the new one. The service is also supported and delivered on time, which won’t let you down. Moreover, the latest security patches will be included in your upgraded store if you go for MageComp service.

7. Magemonkeys Magento Upgrade Service

Magemonkeys Magento Upgrade Service
Magemonkeys Magento Upgrade Service

Magemonkeys Magento upgrade service allows store owners to avail of the up-to-date version of Magento and takes their online business to a higher level.

Core database transmission

Migrating store data is the most vital step of the updating process. That typically consists of transferring store configurations, lists of all items and customers, website content, basic SEO setup, and sales data.

Theme upgrade - Design migration

Magento 1 themes don’t work on Magento 2. Therefore, you have to seek a new store theme, revamp the old one, or rewrite a new custom theme. Magemonkeys designers can install and customize any available-to-apply theme. Additionally, they can remake your existing Magento 1 theme and establish a completely new and trendy design of your Magento 2 store.

Extension upgrade

Earlier installed extensions and 3rd party modules need updating to leverage the amazing features of Magento 2.

Advanced SEO settings migration

If you are using 3rd party SEO solutions, the upgrade to Magento 2 may lead to some significant SEO risks. This is because SEO extension and custom-built SEO solutions generate an advanced SEO setup that cannot be moved with the standard Magento Migration Tool. Superior SEO team from Magemoneys will assist you in recreating advanced SEO settings and effectively optimizing current SEO settings for higher SEO rankings.

8. MagentoGuys Magento Upgrade Service

MagentoGuys Magento Upgrade Service
MagentoGuys Magento Upgrade Service

MagentoGuys has a team of certified Magento developers who can help you move from Magento 1 to Magento 2 seamlessly. Their service is implemented in a development environment without interrupting your existing production system.

The Magento upgrade service of MagentoGuys includes the following:

  • Update and take the backup of the database
  • Install the most up-to-date security patches to your online store
  • Upgrade Magento core
  • Recreate Magento store theme
  • Publish your upgraded store
  • Fix bugs after the migration
  • Carry out QA/Final testing of all components which have been updated

Migrate to Magento 2 today to enhance the functionality and security features of your eCommerce business!

9. OrangeMantra Magento Upgrade Service

OrangeMantra Magento Upgrade Service
OrangeMantra Magento Upgrade Service

With a strong team that has excellent skills and years of experience, OrangeMantra appears as a perfect partner for effective Magento 2 upgradation. They deliver the service within 3-5 business days according to the store’s size and the project’s complexity.

The whole process includes four steps:

  • Download the database and sources of your Magento business to their testing host
  • Update the current store to the Magento 2 while solving all the problems defined during the review
  • Test the new version of the store with all your items, orders, and customers on your testing host
  • Release the new site while making sure that it doesn’t affect the store operation.

Final words

Migrating to Magento 2 is essential, but the upgrading process isn’t that easy and straightforward. It requires thorough planning and scrutiny to deliver a seamless transition. Through the article, you might certainly pick a partner to take care of everything related to the migration for you. Consider carefully before making any decisions.

Your online business will probably grow more with Magento 2. Good luck!

We’re ready to answer all your questions; please leave them (if any) in the comment box. Thank you for reading!


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