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Top 12 Shopify Stores Selling Digital Products in 2024

Sam Nguyen | 06-19-2024

Top 12 Shopify Stores Selling Digital Products in 2024

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If you are thinking about selling products that you don’t need to worry about packing, shipping, or inventory, then digital products are a great choice. As technology quickly advances, digital products are becoming some of the best items in the e-commerce market. In fact, e-learning ( a leading category in digital selling) is expected to reach $400 billion in 2026.

Shopify is a fantastic platform, and starting a Shopify store selling digital products could be your dream business.

In this blog, we have rounded up some inspiring Shopify digital product stores that offer various digital product ideas for new entrepreneurs. These examples may give a clear vision of the digital products market and park some ideas for your venture.

Let’s dive in!

What are digital products?

Digital products are non-physical products or services based on digital technology that exist in an intangible form. These may include many offerings, from software, and digital services to online classes. Typically delivered to customers through downloads or email, these products also provide value to businesses without inventory.

Best Digital Products To Sell Online

When it comes to finding profitable digital products to sell online, there are a wide range of options that appeal to diverse interests and skill sets. Here are some of the best digital products you can consider:

  • Online courses: Share knowledge by creating and selling online courses on various subjects like cooking, photography, fitness, etc.

  • Ebooks: The global e-book market is projected to reach a revenue of $14.61 billion by 2024. Write, collect, and publish ebooks on various topics, from academic to entertaining content,…

  • Licensed digital content: Offer licensed stocks like photos, videos, and audio files for other creators to utilize in their projects like Shutterstock, Spoonflowers, and others.

  • Digital templates and tools: Create and distribute templates and tools for design, productivity, and other applications.

  • Music, art, and entertainment: Distribute original music soundtracks, artwork, and various other types of entertainment media.

  • Digital services: Offer specialized digital services such as marketing strategy, graphic design, SEO optimization, or project management.

  • Digital memberships: Develop membership programs that offer exclusive digital content, valuable resources, and community access.

  • Printable digital products: Design and sell printable items such as planners, calendars, and art prints. If you’re interested in this digital product, consider using print-on-demand methods.

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Top 15 Shopify Stores Selling Digital Products

1. Gauge Girl Training

Monthly visits: 13K

Gauge Girl Training is among our best Shopify stores selling digital products, specializing in online courses and programs for wellness. This brand was established in the 2010s to help people achieve their body transformation goals through its personalized programs carefully tailored to each individual.

Gauge Girl Training offers a flexible approach catering to various body types and fitness levels by prioritizing nutrition and fitness programs based on scientific principles.

Gauge Girl Training

Moreover, this brand offers high-quality educational content through videos, e-books, guides, a supportive online community, and a dedicated supplement line to support health and fitness goals.

Main products: Online Courses on Fitness and Nutrition Programs

Special Features:

  • Customized programs tailored to individual needs and specific fitness goals, with options for different body types.
  • High-quality educational content and a supportive online community for motivation and engagement.
  • A vast selection of supplements to aid various health and fitness goals.

2. Violette Field Threads

Monthly visits: 23K

Violette Field Threads is a Shopify store specializing in digital sewing patterns and tutorials for handmade clothing and accessories, particularly for women and children. It offers a variety of styles from vintage to trendy, with patterns available in an inclusive size range, and detailed instructions. The brand fosters an active online community, regularly releases seasonal collections, and provides easy purchase and download of patterns.

Violette Field Threads

Moreover, Violette Field Threads interacts with customers through social media and a blog, offering tips, inspiration, and additional tutorials, making it a valuable resource for sewists of all skill levels.

Main products: Digital Sewing Patterns and Tutorials

Special Features

  • Diverse and inclusive patterns, with step-by-step tutorials for all skill levels.
  • Active community and customer engagement through social media and a blog.
  • Convenient download links for patterns after purchase.

3. The Lux Lens

Monthly visits: 43K

The Lux Lens is a Shopify store that not only focuses on free stock photos but offers all types of digital tools and resources related to photography. Its main products encompass Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, and photography editing tutorials aimed at improving the creative workflow of any photographer.

The Lux Lens

The Lux Lens’s website is designed with appealing visuals, using leak fonts and theme. This brand is committed to supporting its community of photographers by regularly releasing new collections as well as providing detailed instructions for each product.

Main products: Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions and Editing Tutorials

Special Features:

  • Diverse presets and actions catering to all photography styles and interests.
  • Detailed tutorials for all products and for all skill levels.
  • Active community and customer engagement through social media and blog
  • Immediate downloads after purchase.

4. A Book Apart

Monthly Visits: 49K

A Book Apart is a Shopify store selling digital products specializing in books for web designers, developers, and digital professionals. The store offers a curated collection of concise, practical books that cover a wide range of topics related to web design, development, and digital strategy. Known for its high-quality content and expert authors, A Book Apart provides valuable resources that help professionals level up their skills and catch up with industry trends.

A Book Apart

A Book Apart has a blog to provide customers with updated information, insights and other resources.

Main products: Digital Books on Web Design, Web Development and Strategy.

Special Features:

  • Books covering various subjects written by many expert authors and industry leaders
  • High-quality books available in both print and digital formats for different reading preferences.
  • Customer engagement through social media and a blog, offering additional resources.

5. The Rabbit Room

Monthly visits: 83K

The Rabbit Room is a Shopify store selling digital products founded by musician and author Andrew Peterson. It is also a community dedicated to creative works, especially in music, books, and artistic endeavors. It provides a selected collection of high-quality, faith-inspired music and books, including exclusive releases and special deals.

The Rabbit Room

Its website is user-friendly, ensuring secure and convenient purchasing, with options for digital downloads and also prompt shipping of physical products. This brand supports a vibrant community through its blog, events, forums, and artist collaborations, creating a supportive and active environment for artists and fans to connect and share their work.

Main products: Music, Books and Deals

Special Features:

  • High-quality, curated, and faith-inspired selection of high-quality music and books.
  • Exclusive Releases and limited-edition items, along with special offers and discounts.
  • Community engagement through a blog, events, online forums, and discussion groups.
  • A user-friendly website with secure checkout, digital download options, and fast shipping for physical items.

6. DrumBroker

Monthly visits: 98K

DrumBroker, also called Hip Hop Drum Samples is a Shopify store focusing on high-quality drum samples and kits tailored for hip hop music production. The store offers a large collection of professionally crafted and continuously updated drum sounds, sample packs, and loops catering to music producers. Hip Hop Drum Samples is a trusted destination for musicians looking forward to boosting their beats and tracks with great drum sounds.


Its website features a sleek and neat design with easy navigation and instant download after purchase. The store frequently updates its library with the latest and innovative sounds and kits to keep up with the fast-changing market.

Main products: Drum Samples, Kits, and Sample Packs

Special Features:

  • Various exclusive and high-quality drum samples, kits, and loops for hip-hop producers of all levels.
  • User-friendly website for easy navigation, immediate download after purchase
  • Regularly updating the library with new and innovative drum sounds and kits.

7. Pixie Faire

Monthly visits: 136K

Next on our list of Shopify stores selling digital products is Pixie Faire, a platform that mainly offers digital sewing patterns for doll clothes, especially those of 18-inch dolls. Pixie Faire provides a diverse selection of patterns that cover various styles and occasions from numerous independent pattern makers. Each pattern goes with detailed instructions for sewists of all skill levels.

Pixie Faire

Pixie Faire also engages its customers through social media and a blog, providing sewing tips, inspiration, and additional resources.

Main products: Digital Sewing Patterns for Doll Clothes and Tutorials.

Special Features:

  • Diverse styles and designs, along with step-by-step instructions, from various independent pattern makers.
  • Community engagement through social media and a blog, providing tips, inspiration, and other resources.

8. AudiobooksNow

Monthly visits: 141K

AudiobooksNow is a Shopify store that provides a wide array of audiobooks across various genres and interests. Users can either purchase audiobooks individually or opt for a club pricing plan where they can enjoy substantial discounts on purchases. This store frequently offers discounts and special promotions making it a great choice among audiobook enthusiasts seeking quality content and convenience in their listening habits.


Its intuitive website and mobile app allow users to conveniently browse, purchase, and listen to their favorite books on the go. There are some features like bookmarks, sleep timers, and also adjustable playback speeds on the mobile apps.

Main products: Audiobooks

Special Features:

  • Large selection of audiobooks across multiple genres and interests.
  • Club pricing plan for discounts on audiobook purchases.
  • User-friendly website and mobile app for convenient listening.
  • Regular sales and special promotions.

    9. CoSchedule

Monthly visits: 423K

CoSchedule is a platform that offers a vast selection of tools for project management, content marketing, and social media scheduling. Besides its software, CoSchedule offers digital resources like templates, guides, and eBooks to assist marketers in effectively planning and implementing their strategies.


The website has a clear and professional look with user- friendly navigation for the customers to browse, purchase and download. This platform integrates with other marketing tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot, WordPress,… By doing so, users can gain deeper insights and achieve better results in their marketing effort.

Main products: Marketing Tools, Templates, eBooks, Guides

Special Features:

  • Detailed marketing project management and scheduling tools.
  • Practical templates and guides for various marketing activities.
  • Integration with other popular marketing and productivity tools.

10. Sheet Music Plus

Monthly visits: 1.6M

Sheet Music Plus is one of the best Shopify digital product stores that offer digital sheet music. It provides a vast catalog of sheet music for multiple instruments, and genres, suitable for all skill levels. Customers can easily purchase and instantly download sheet music, making it a favorable resource for practice and performance.

Sheet Music Plus

The webpage of Sheet Music Plus is designed to focus on user-friendliness and visual appeal. It features a neat layout with clear categorization of products, making it easy to navigate. Besides, Sheet Music Plus regularly offers promotions and discounts on popular sheet music titles, adding extra value for customers.

Main products: Digital Sheet Music

Special Features:

  • Vast catalog of sheet music for various instruments and genres.
  • Instant digital downloads and easy purchase.
  • Various options suitable for all skill levels, from beginner to expert.
  • Regular deals and discounts on popular titles.

11. Skillshare

Monthly visits: 4.9M

The next is Skillshare, known as an online learning platform where users can share their skills through video tutorials. It provides thousands of classes on multiple topics, such as design, photography, and others. Skillshare’s members can benefit from a subscription model to access all classes for a monthly or yearly fee; offline viewing, and ad-free experience.


Skillshare’s website offers a user-friendly and engaging user experience, making it easy to discover, sign up, and join online courses across a variety of fields.

Main products: Online Courses and Tutorials

Special Features:

  • Diverse courses covering creative and professional topics.
  • The subscription model grants access to thousands of courses.
  • Community features for project sharing and feedback.
  • User-friendly website with high- quality content.

12. MasterClass

Monthly visits: 6.7M

MasterClass, launched in 2015, is an online learning platform that offers high-quality courses taught by renowned experts across a wide range of fields like cooking, sports, and more. Besides pre-recorded video lessons, the platform provides downloadable materials and also celebrity instructors. MasterClass provides an engaging learning journey through its All-Access Pass subscription, allowing users to delve into diverse subjects.


The brand’s intuitive website and mobile app ensure easy course access on various devices. Moreover, MasterClass fosters a sense of community with interactive features like comment sections and live Q&A sessions with instructors, creating a supportive and motivating learning environment.

Main products: Online Courses on

Special Features:

  • Renowned instructors from various fields offer expertise and insights.
  • High-quality video lessons and downloadable resources enrich the learning experience.
  • All-Access Pass subscription model allows unlimited exploration of diverse subjects.

What Should I Do After Creating Shopify Stores Selling Digital Products?

After creating a Shopify store selling digital products, there are some steps that you can follow to make your website better.

Step 1: Optimize Your Store

Choose a suitable Shopify theme for your store to make it attractive, user-friendly, and optimized for conversions. You can refer to how to design your website from visual-focused websites like Pinterest and Instagram. Besides, if you want your Shopify store to have the visual appeal of Instagram, try our Mageplaza Instagram Feed. You’ll likely love it!

Mageplaza Instagram Feed for Shopify

Engage visitors, build trust, and customize effortlessly. Streamline tasks and boost interaction.

Check it out!

Once you have curated a selection of distinctive and attractive items, ensure your products are accurately described with compelling titles, product descriptions, and images to attract potential customers.

Shopify SEO is very important, make sure that your content is all optimized for visibility and organic traffic. This includes optimizing product descriptions, meta tags, image alt text, and creating quality content that attracts backlinks.

Step 2: Promote Your Products

In this step, you can execute marketing tactics to boost traffic and increase sales. Using various channels is a great way to market your products. Leveraging hot social channels like Facebook or Instagram may help you showcase your products and build a community for customer engagement while using influencer marketing may assist in drawing the attention of certain groups, etc.

You can develop your brand identity and positioning by creating a compelling brand story or designing a memorable and distinctive logo. Besides, consistently communicating your brand’s core values and messaging across all channels would be best.

Step 3: Provide Excellent Customer Support

Creating a positive shopping experience is crucial for building customer loyalty and driving future sales. Transparency in policies is essential. Additionally, providing helpful resources and promptly resolving issues throughout the shopping journey is vital for maintaining customer satisfaction and demonstrating your commitment to their happiness. Prioritizing customer satisfaction can lead to increased loyalty, repeat business, and long-term sales growth.

Step 4: Leverage Analytics and Continuously Improve

Don’t forget to continuously review your store’s performance. You can use analytics and tracking tools to discover how your Shopify store is performing. There are some key metrics that you should pay attention to like traffic, conversion rates, average order value, and customer retention. By following these data, you can keep track of your store performance as well as identify what should be improved to optimize results effectively.

Other Product-Selling Platforms for Digital Products Besides Shopify


Etsy is not only a famous marketplace for people to sell handcrafted and vintage items but also an ideal platform for selling various digital downloads. You can discover a wide range of digital products on Etsy available for both creators and buyers. For Etsy’s sellers, the platform offers many services to support them in optimizing their store effectively and efficiently.



Leveraging Instagram - a social media platform - to sell digital products is a creative and great idea. This platform focuses on visuals, making it an ideal place for sellers to sell digital products such as digital art, or design templates. Instagram features include Posts, Stories, Reels, and IGTV. The Instagram Shopping feature allows tagging of digital products in posts, enabling direct purchases within the app.


Sellers can also link their digital product catalogs from their Shopify stores to Instagram to further simplify the selling process.


Pinterest is a popular platform for any content creators to discover and find inspiration. Combining social media and search engine features, it’s perfect for selling digital products. Creators can use Pinterest’s visual format to share pins of their products, linking directly to their Shopify stores or product pages.


This platform has some features like Rich Pins, providing details about the pinned product, and Buyable Pins, allowing direct purchases from the pin. is a rapidly growing website that allows creators to quickly set up digital asset stores in just minutes. This platform utilizes Artificial intelligence (AI) to develop SEO-optimized product descriptions and integrates seamlessly with other platforms for no-code automation. The notable feature of is that it doesn’t charge any sales commissions.

With its fast store setup and wide range of customization options, is an excellent solution for digital product businesses.

To Sum Up

This blog has rounded up the best 12 Shopify stores selling digital products across various fields, showcasing their success through unique features and effective marketing strategies.

We also give you some advice on optimizing your Shopify digital product store and suggest some platforms other than Shopify to sell your products. By examining these successful examples and following our recommendations, you can successfully enter the digital products market on Shopify.

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