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The Latest Review On Shopify Focal Theme In 2024: Must Read!

Do away with generic online shops. Savvy brands in the current digital environment seek uniqueness and influence. Introducing the Shopify Focal theme, an innovative design option made for those willing to stand out.

Focal is not just a theme; it offers stunning aesthetics, an intuitive user experience, and powerful conversion tools. In this article, we will explore the unique characteristics of the Shopify Focal theme. We will assess the advantages and disadvantages of it. Plus, we will showcase instances of eCommerce companies that draw inspiration from the Shopify Focal theme.

Shopify Focal Theme Overview

The Focal Shopify Theme is introduced by Maestrooo. It is one of the best Shopify themes. Its eye-catching grid design highlights lifestyle and product photography, making it stand out. You can visit the Shopify Themes website to download and use this theme. You can choose the theme style that best fits your shop from the four available themes. 

The cost for the theme is currently $320 for a single buy. This qualifies it as one of the priciest themes available in the Shopify Theme Store. The payment will be made once you are prepared to install the Focal theme on your Shopify store.

What is the Shopify Focal Theme?
What is the Shopify Focal Theme?

The main focus of the Focal theme is to highlight technological innovation and adaptability as your online business grows. The main focus has been modified to increase sales and provide a great user experience. It is also capable of enhancing conversion rates. 

As per the Shopify theme store, Focal is excellent for:

  • Content in an editorial format.
  • Designed for longer text sections to enhance brand storytelling.
  • Stores with a large amount of sales
  • Created for shops that handle a high volume of transactions within a specific timeframe.
  • Created to display pictures that enhance visual brand narrative.

A major deterrent to conversions is the slow speed of a website. Revere examined Focal and 83 other topics to identify the most quick-loading ones. The average of the theme’s homepage, collections page, and product page is calculated for each stat. Focal came in at number 20 in the rankings. This is a respectable achievement.

What types of brands does the Focal Theme Shopify cater to?

The Focal theme successfully accommodates a wide range of brand categories. This includes fashion, lifestyle, electronics, and others. Still, its full potential is achieved when utilized for particular brand categories.

  • Luxury and Premium Brands: Enhance your products with Focal’s advanced designs. It supports high-quality images and smooth integration with video players. Picture presenting handmade leather bags against clean white backdrops or shining jewelry shimmering under carefully positioned lights. Each aspect conveys high quality and exclusivity. This will attract upscale customers.
  • Content-Rich Businesses: Enhance your brand narrative with Focal’s well-crafted editorial segments. Blog posts, articles, and compelling descriptions thrive in layouts created for easy reading and user interest. Consider Focal an internet publication focusing on your brand. It nurtures stronger relationships with your audience.
  • High-Volume Stores: High customer demand in stores should not overwhelm you. Focal is designed for high performance, featuring quick loading speeds and strong infrastructure. As your range of products grows and web traffic increases, your clients will still have a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience.

Focal Theme is an excellent choice for eCommerce businesses on Shopify. Here is an examination of its advantages and disadvantages:

Benefits Of Shopify Focal Theme

  • Stunning Responsive Design: Focal offers a striking and contemporary visual aesthetic. It can instantly grab the attention of viewers. High-quality images are the focus. This guarantees a high-quality shopping experience.
  • Responsiveness: Focal ensures a seamless look for your store across different devices. It meets the needs of mobile and desktop users alike.
  • Customization Flexibility: Focal provides a solid design base. Yet, it also enables extra customization to accurately represent your brand’s identity.
  • Theme Settings: You can adjust fonts, colors, spacing, and layouts with the Shopify Focal theme. Select from handpicked palettes and typography choices, or design your unique style. Consider it as creating the platform for your brand’s narrative.
  • Custom Sections and Content: Focal allows you flexibility with page structures. This avoids rigid constraints. Sections can be added, removed, and rearranged. Next, you can design one-of-a-kind arrangements that highlight the key focuses of your brand. Picture adding an engaging video hero section to your homepage to establish a deeper connection with your customers.
  • Third-Party Apps and Integrations: Enhance Focal’s capabilities by effortlessly connecting with a wide range of third-party Shopify apps. You can improve your visibility on social media and tailor customer interactions. Or, you can elevate your marketing strategies. There are limitless possibilities.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Focal has your SEO needs taken care of! A theme by itself cannot guarantee SEO success. Yet, Focal includes various integrated functionalities. This is intended to enhance the rankings of your website. Consider writing mobile-friendly and clean code, creating editable meta tags for every page, and implementing schema markup. This is meant to aid search engines in comprehending your content. Additionally, it emphasizes visual storytelling with premium images and captivating product descriptions. This aligns perfectly with Google’s affinity for quality content.

Downsides of Shopify Focal theme

  • Special Price: Retailing for $320, Focal is positioned as one of the premium choices for Shopify themes. Brands with financial constraints may discover more appropriate options at a lower price point.
  • Customer Service Problems: A few users have experienced sporadic challenges with the response speed from customer support. Some users experience quick help, while others encounter annoying wait times. Waiting for a response from the support team can take several days or even weeks.
  • The Complicated Setup: Setting up the Focal theme could be complex. Newcomers experiencing online themes for the first time encounter a range of challenges.
  • Restricted Third-Party Integrations: Many users discovered that not all third-party apps are compatible. Most of them discover this after utilizing the theme for about a year. If you seek to incorporate more advanced features into the online store, this could potentially restrict the ability to expand features.

Key Features Of Shopify Focal Theme

Product Discovery

  • Mega Menus: The Shopify Focal theme comes with a mega menu feature. This provides potential buyers with a variety of well-organized and clear options. You can display your product categories in a visually appealing and user-friendly layout. Consider extensive menus filled with premium photos and captivating explanations. This will lead customers through an enlightening journey.
  • Advanced Search: The Shopify Focal Theme provides exactly what your customers want with a strong search bar. Facet filters, autocomplete suggestions, and relevant product recommendations. They ensure a smooth and enjoyable search experience.
  • Featured Collections: The Focal theme on Shopify displays carefully selected product collections in specific areas. This is perfect for seasonal deals, recently arrived items, or collections with a specific theme.


  • Product Pages: Convert your product pages into engaging storytelling adventures. The Shopify Focal theme lets you display product images and videos in a neat format using horizontal thumbnails. It also comes with advanced zoom capabilities, interactive video displays, and in-depth explanations. This enables customers to truly interact with your products/services. Moreover, the theme encompasses attractive promotional banners, associated products, highlighted collections, and other elements. 
  • Lookbooks: You can design inspiring lookbooks using the Shopify Focal theme. This allows customers to imagine how your products can be incorporated and styled in their daily lives.

Marketing and Conversions

Shopify Focal Theme has many tools and features as Shopify marketing strategies to enhance your store conversion. Here are the examples: 

  • Promotional Tools: You can attract customer interest and increase conversions. You can do this with the effective tools available in the Focal theme! Eye-catching banners, well-timed popups, and stock counters evoke a feeling of shortage. Additionally, it motivates countdown timers to work together. This is to transform your store into a powerful tool for increasing conversions.
  • Social Proof: You can take advantage of customer reviews and testimonials. You can use them to establish credibility and boost sales. You can showcase positive feedback prominently and integrate social media sharing buttons. This is to expand your reach.
  • Blogs: Try out the flexible blogging features provided by the Shopify Focal theme. Create visually appealing and neatly structured blog posts with prominent images effortlessly. This guarantees a visually appealing and easy-to-use platform for sharing captivating content.

Cart and Checkout

  • Quick Buy: No need to bother with long product page visits. Customers can directly add items to their cart from product grids or search results using Quick Buy. This reduces the number of clicks and increases ease of use.
  • Cart Notes: This allows for customized orders and eases effective communication when placing orders. Your clients can provide detailed directions or personal preferences for individual items. This is ideal for buying gifts or personalized items.

Four Focal Shopify Theme Styles

Focal features four primary theme styles. If you want your store to have a unique look, it’s definitely worth checking out Focal Theme for Shopify themes. The four primary options offered are Sapphire, Quartz, Ivory, and Carbon. Each presents a distinctive style and characteristic. Thus, it’s difficult to make a bad choice with any of them.


Carbon has the most contemporary aesthetic out of all the themes. Its minimalist and sleek design perfectly enhances any store. There are many choices and characteristics available. These product pages have drag-and-drop functionality and pricing tables that update dynamically. Plus, it also can customize background images.

Suitable for: 

  • Technology
  • Electronics
  • Modern Fashion


Ivory is perfect for stores that desire a more classic look. Several characteristics include sidebar widgets, social media integration, customized header and footer designs. Ivory offers a softer feel with subtle characteristics that communicate sophistication. 

This design option is perfect for businesses with a sophisticated sense of style. It blends simplicity with a subtle visual charm. This is to establish a welcoming online environment. The Ivory design is perfect for e-commerce sites looking for a feminine and delicate look. Ivory is ideal for businesses looking to uphold a traditional image. 

Suitable for:

  • Beauty
  • Wellness
  • Jewelry
  • Home Decor


Quartz is perfect for retail spaces looking to evoke a pastime. It features a retro-inspired style that will make your products look like they have been in existence for a while. It communicates a sense of competence and reliability.

Online stores seeking a mix of boldness and flexibility can enjoy using Quartz. Its adaptable design features are suitable for various products and businesses. This enables creativity while upholding uniformity.

Suitable for:

  • Professional Services
  • Financial Products
  • Minimalist Fashion


The Focal Shopify theme’s Sapphire setting features a harmonious and luxurious range of colors. This creates an impression of refinement and grace. The deep blue color creates a feeling of luxury and elegance. Simultaneously, it adds a feeling of refinement and sophistication to the design. 

Sapphire goes beyond tradition with its vibrant and lively design. This choice is perfect for businesses seeking to blend sophistication with powerful statements. It effectively combines impressive visuals and interactive elements to captivate your viewers. If you desire a standout option, opt for Sapphire. It boasts a modern aesthetic that will attract present-day shoppers.

Suitable for:

  • Luxury Goods
  • High-End Fashion
  • Art and Design

Examples Of Stores Using Focal Shopify Themes


FreedomPro is the brand you can rely on for professional gadgets. It transforms your house into an elegant, intelligent sanctuary. FreedomPro’s design ethos embraces bold minimalism, enabling smooth product images and simple lines to convey a strong message. Their product pages have a strong filtering system, enabling you to identify the perfect smart home solution designed for your exact requirements and financial situation. 

For those wanting a more in-depth view, the brand effortlessly incorporates videos. This gives you a direct experience of the wonder that FreedomPro adds to your area. Yet, the brand also places importance on your convenience by offering a one-page checkout. This guarantees a smooth and simple buying process. Furthermore, you can buy their products directly on Amazon.it.

Mogli Martini

Mogli Martini transforms the online shopping experience with Focal’s fun and playful Quartz design. The colorful product displays and expertly crafted videos on the website effectively highlight their one-of-a-kind dresses. Mogli Martini impresses on product pages by showcasing top-notch relevant products. They showcase models in different poses. 

Their standout feature is their skill in using icons to present product features concisely. The best feature of the website is the mega menus showcasing top products with images. This immediately grabs your focus. Curated selections also improve navigation. This results in a feeling like entering a boutique from a fairy tale. This is a place where each click is experienced as a magical find.


Shop Kurier’s products are creatively showcased with sleek designs and simple sophistication. It utilizes bright white backgrounds. This guarantees that their artisanal clogs and leather products are the main focus. It also enables each stitch and slight difference in the natural materials to stand out. 

Shop Kurier is not only attractive to look at but also contains comprehensive product descriptions. Each object tells a tale – from the beginning of the components to the careful artistry involved. Not only will you buy something, but you’ll also be investing in lasting high-quality style. This is filled with helpful advice on taking care of your recently acquired favorite clogs. 

Enhancing the enjoyable shopping experience is Kurier’s ‘Quick View’ functionality. This provides a quick look into the world of each item with just one click. It will quench curiosity and increase the urge to buy them. One of the main advantages of Shop Kurier is its collaboration with ShopPay. This efficient function lets you bypass the typical checkout procedure. Typing endless numbers is no longer necessary. By simply pressing ‘ShopPay,’ you’re all set!

Verdict: Is Focal a Good Shopify Theme?

Focal is a Shopify theme that provides your store with a modern and stylish look. Some of its attributes include customized menus and tabs, an adaptable layout, and an easy setup. The theme is equipped with several useful tools as well. These are statistics related to online shopping and a Shopify checkout process that is all in one. Still, certain customers express dissatisfaction with the customer service provided by Focal.  

Focal remains a solid choice for new or small shops. Focal is a theme that is both beautiful and highly customizable, with full functionality. It has been evaluated for different kinds of stores. Your customers will appreciate its impressive full-screen slider, search auto-completion, and unique built-in features.

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