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The ultimate guide to Shopify Counter for new users

Are you looking for ways to display your store numbers that can increase sales on Shopify? In this article, we will guide you on how to use Shopify Counter to achieve this. You will understand the details of the advantages of this application and how it works.  

What is Shopify Counter?

Shopify Counter is an app that allows Shopify store owners to create and customize dynamic counters for their online stores. It lets merchants display various store metrics in real-time, such as sales numbers, customer reviews, social media followers, inventory levels, and other key performance indicators (KPIs). It helps quantify store performance visually on the site.

Merchants can choose from different counter themes, colors, fonts, and animations to match their brand’s aesthetics. They also have control over how often the counters update, how long they are displayed, and where on the site they appear.

How to Set Up Shopify Counter

Step 1: Set up the counter

  • Selecting “Add app” to add this app
  • Log in then select “Install app”
  • Select “Set up your Counter” to install
  • Select the data to display, and the date range to use. Select “Next”
  • Copy the JSON URL and keep the tab open. You’ll need it in Step 3.
Set up the counter
Set up the counter

Step 2: Create your account

  • Visit my.smiirl.com to create your account
  • You’ll receive an email with “Complete your Smiirl account registration” to activate the account.
  • Select “Activate my account” in your email which prompts you to create a new password.
Create your account
Create your account

Step 3: Connecting

Pair device

  • Click “Install” to activate your account
  • Enter your unique Counter ID in the space provided then select “Save”

Connect to your network

  • Choose your preferred internet connection then follow the guided steps on the Smiirl site to connect.
  • Connecting to the internet takes a few minutes. The remaining flaps will go from blank to striped when it’s connected.

Connect your data

  • Paste your JSON URL, from Step 1, in the space provided, select “Number” under Attribute, and select “Save”. The status of your counter will change from, “Never connected” to “Connected”

Advantages of Using Counter in Shopify Stores

Shopify Counter is a tool that empowers online merchants to track important store numbers and present them attractively using customizable counter templates, in order to engage customers and demonstrate business growth. It helps quantify store performance visually on the site.

Here are some key benefits of Shopify Counter:

  • Increase conversions by creating a sense of urgency, scarcity, and social proof around tracked metrics like sales and reviews. Metrics like sales numbers or reviews can motivate purchases.
  • Boost customer loyalty by prominently displaying appreciation metrics like rewards given or referrals received. Counters showing loyalty program points or referrals received reinforce brand relationships. 
  • Enhance brand awareness by showcasing important milestones, achievements and growth directly on the store pages through the use of engaging counters.
  • Create more engaging content with interactive and visually appealing data represented by incorporating dynamic, real-time data into counters on high traffic areas like category or product pages. 
  • Highlight store and product performance over time by tracking KPI trends directly on the site.
  • Test multiple counter designs to optimize for maximum effectiveness using analytics.
  • Easily customize counters and update metrics in real-time from the Shopify Counter dashboard.
  • Leverage the power of quantitative data presentation to motivate desired customer behaviors through targeted counter metric selection and placement.

Tips to Use Shopify Counter Effectively

With the right metrics, designs, data management, and placement strategies, Shopify Counter can increase conversions, deepen loyalty, raise brand profile, and boost engaging content – all key drivers of online business success. It’s a versatile tool worth exploring and optimizing.

Some tips for using Shopify Counter effectively include:

  • Choose metrics that will appeal to and benefit target customers. Sales, number of reviews or current stock levels could inspire urgency and conversions. Rewards earned, referrals or discounts could boost loyalty. Follower counts or mentions could enhance awareness of the brand.
  • Test different counter designs. Experiment with themes, colors, fonts and animations to find what fits best visually and tonally. Consider size, shape and placement of the counter for maximum noticeability. Use analytics to determine the highest-performing design.
  • Keep counter data current and accurate. In the app settings, set automatic update frequencies and durations. Manually refresh as needed via the dashboard, too, to maintain relevance, credibility, and engagement. Out-of-date numbers may undermine the counter’s purpose.
  • Promote counters strategically on high traffic pages, product pages or collections where the displayed metrics would most effectively encourage customer actions like purchases, reviews or referrals that lead to sales and growth.
Tips to use Shopify counter effectively
Tips to use Shopify counter effectively

Design Tips to Make Your Shopify Counter Impressive

To make your Shopify counter impressive and enhance the overall user experience on your website, consider the following design tips:

  • Clean and Visually Appealing Design: Ensure that the counter design is clean, visually appealing, and in line with your brand aesthetics. Use high-quality graphics and colors that complement your website’s theme.
  • Prominent Placement: Position the counter in a location on your website where it can easily catch the visitor’s attention. Consider placing it strategically on high-traffic pages or near important call-to-action buttons.
  • Real-Time Updates: Make sure that the counter updates in real time to reflect accurate and current data. Utilize Shopify apps or custom coding to ensure seamless real-time updates.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Optimize the counter’s design for mobile devices to ensure a consistent user experience across all screen sizes. Test the counter on different devices to ensure it looks great and functions flawlessly on mobile.
  • Social Proof Integration: Consider integrating social proof elements into the counter, such as showing the number of satisfied customers, orders fulfilled, or products sold. This can help build trust and credibility with visitors.
  • Call-to-Action Alignment: Align the counter with your call-to-action buttons or text to reinforce the message you want to convey. Ensure that the counter complements the overall conversion goals of your website.

Final Words

This article has provided you with basic knowledge about Shopify Counter. With its versatility and ease-of-use, you can take a data-driven approach to marketing and grow your customer base. Start seeing results today by downloading the app and customizing your first counter.

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