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Top 20 Top-Pick Products To Sell On Shopify In 2024!

Considering launching a business venture? One of the initial major choices you will encounter is determining what are the best products to sell on shopify. It is an important decision that has the potential to influence your future as a business owner. This article features a yearly updated list of the top 30 best products to sell on shopify. These are not arbitrary selections. They are product concepts that have been shown to be favored by customers. Besides, we also explore the most up-to-date information about emerging product trends. Plus, we will give you advice on identifying increasing interest in a specific product category.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Products To Sell On Shopify

How do you determine which are best products to sell on Shopify? There are five key criteria that can assist you in selecting the top products to sell on the internet:

  • Popularity and desire: The market size is determined by the level of demand. The amount of money you can make from sales depends on 2 factors. How much of the market do you control and how much do you charge for each sale. So, you must consider demand when assessing the profit potential of a product for selling on your e-commerce platform. Perform market research to confirm the level of interest and acceptance of the product among targeted demographic groups. Use various sources such as internal sales data, analytics, customer surveys, Think with Google, market research reports, and Census Bureau data for information.
  • Profit Margin: The revenue potential is just one aspect of the picture. This is due to the necessity of covering the expenses associated with producing and selling your products in your online shop. Your profit margin is the amount of your sales revenue that remains in your possession. There exist many equations to determine profit margin. It all comes down to whether you focus on. The cost of goods sold or other costs like operating expenses. All equations are just a comparison of the discrepancy between your revenue and expenses divided by your revenue. Search for goods that have a low production cost compared to the selling price. This is to generate a high-profit margin from your online shop.
  • Seasonality: Make sure to consider if the product experiences any seasonal spikes in sales. This is important when estimating its annual sales figures. The amount of money you earn from that product and when you receive the funds to pay for your expenses are both influenced by seasonality. Consider if your product will have a continuous demand throughout the yea. Or, if it will only be popular during specific seasons. To adapt to seasonal fluctuations, you may consider selling a variety of products during different times of the year.
  • Competition: It can be challenging to make a profit from a product with high demand when facing intense competition. Assess your capacity to market your product amidst possible rivals. Use your market research to recognize and assess your current rivals. Next, assess the level of difficulty in gaining unauthorized access. Examine how your competitors market their products in terms of positioning. Take note of the features and benefits they highlight. Think about how special your product is and if it offers any unique characteristics or advantages.
  • Product Understanding: To effectively sell your product, need to have a deep comprehension of it. This is to prove its benefits to your specific audience and persuade them that it meets their needs. Take into account your understanding of the product and who it is meant for. Test the characteristics, uses, and advantages of your product. Furthermore, check how well these correspond to the desires of your target audience. Use this tool to determine if you have the expertise to excel in the industry and market the product on your e-commerce website.

Top 30 Best Products To Sell On Shopify In 2024

Everyday Essentials

Vitamins and supplements

Last year, vitamins and supplements were the top-selling items for Shopify merchants in the US. Solutions are available for all health problems, from immune-boosting vitamin C and zinc to supplements for better gym performance.

In the past year, Google searches for sleep aids like “melatonin gummies” have increased. A threefold increase in searches for the benefits of using magnesium spray. This shows a growing interest in new ways of incorporating supplements into daily routines.

Another advantage of supplement products is that they are available to companies, regardless of their size. Entrepreneurs who work independently in e-commerce can create herbal remedies in their own homes and market them on TikTok. In the meantime, major supplement companies such as BPI Sports can catch the interest of national retailers.

Common methods for promoting and selling vitamins and supplements are well-liked by consumers.

  • Teaming up with fitness and health influencers to prove the advantages of the product.
  • Showcasing positive feedback and comments from happy clients.
  • Providing package deals or subscription options for frequent customers


Skincare products attract a broad spectrum of individuals. People of all ages and genders use cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and masks. An increasing number of shoppers are seeking skincare items crafted with superior ingredients. These products are also ethical, eco-friendly, and not tested on animals. Phrases such as “hyaluronic acid serum,” “vegan skin care,” and “retinol” are growing in popularity. 

At the start of 2024, there was an increase in Google searches for “retinol.” Items containing snail mucin are thought to help users have anti-aging skin. Plus, it can also improve skin Texture. According to Google Trends, there was a surge of over 2,300%  in searches for “retinol serum” in the US last year. It reached its highest point around New Year’s.

Successful marketing plans for skincare items encompass: 

  • Working together with beauty influencers to show skincare regimens. 
  • Providing customers with the option to test out products in smaller sizes before making a full purchase. 
  • Showcasing authentic customer photos to display the impact of the product.


Makeup is consistently a popular category of products. The industry is constantly innovating with new tools and techniques. The previous year, lip stains was at the top of the list of trending products. 

At the same time, the monthly search averages have decreased slightly. A constant search interest seen from mid-2022 indicates that this beauty product will remain popular through 2024. Graph on Google Trends showing the popularity of the search term “lip stain.” 

Marketing tips for popular makeup products:

  • Take notes from cosmetics company Rhode. It leverages Hailey Bieber’s celebrity status with popular TikTok clips.
  • Makeup tutorials in films that assist customers in maximizing their purchases.


Insulated cups, such as the Stanley Quencher, are becoming more and more popular. These popular items are trending products with straws and sturdy designs. Tumblers, expected to reach a value of $1.9 billion by 2028, are increasing steadily at a rate of 8.8% per year. They are convenient, environmentally conscious choices for staying hydrated. 

Shot glasses were also popular items, proving to be best-sellers. This is due to their ease of shipment and year-round relevance. 

To sell drinkware on the internet, focus on particular, specialized keywords. For instance, “tequila shot glasses” receives 4,400 monthly searches, “tall shot glasses” 2,400, and “cool shot glasses” 3,600. This attention to detail can set your store apart. Think about using private-label products for shot glasses, tumblers, and other types of drinkware. Work with manufacturers to incorporate your branding onto established, well-liked products.


Socks might appear to be a basic, ordinary object. Yet, they have remained a reliable and successful option for e-commerce companies. The need for socks is influenced by the infinite possibilities for different types. Whether it be the latest trendy material, such as Merino wool, or the opportunity to show off your beloved pop culture figure on a pair of socks. 

Possible marketing tactics for selling socks on the internet may consist of:

  • Focusing on specific groups with legal artwork or designs
  • Offering subscription boxes or packages containing extra clothing items for sale.
  • Emphasizing special features of your socks, like sustainable materials or comfort characteristics.


Bed linens are a fundamental item found in all households, which results in them being consistently favored by consumers. There are many niches available, frequently connected to production materials. The term “linen sheets” is searched for around 20,000 times every month. At the same time, “flannel sheets” are guaranteed to be popular every autumn, particularly in the New England region. 

After establishing brand awareness in the bedding market, try out different products related to your niche. This helps diversify your catalog. Pillows, comforters, mattresses, bedroom furniture, and sleepwear provide opportunities for cross-selling. Hence, you can boost average order values.


Underwear is a product that is essential (hopefully) for everyone. Its compact size and lightweight, along with lucrative profit margins. This makes it a perfect choice for individuals who want to sell items on the internet.

Developing a successful e-commerce business involves following the same process. This is the case whether you are selling underwear or motor vehicle parts. Initially, identify a segment of the market that is not being adequately catered to. Next, provide a personalized shopping experience for the customers.

That is precisely what SKIMS, Kim Kardashian’s company, accomplished. The company started offering shapewear that enhances body shapes when its famous founder couldn’t find diverse underwear options for various skin tones.

SKIMS remains stylish by showcasing its products on the Kardashians’ TV show and social media platforms. They have a unique visual aesthetic and are adept at utilizing social media advertisements. This increases consumer interest naturally and noticeably.

Home & Living

Art and crafting materials

Artistic activities like paint-by-numbers kits are becoming popular again, a trend that has continued since the COVID-19 outbreak. At this moment, there are 14,000 monthly searches for “crochet kit” Simultaneously, the keyword “pottery clay” receives 4,400 monthly searches. 

Crafting is more than just satisfying yourself. It is also an environmentally friendly option. Many artisans create their products to increase self-reliance and reduce the ecological consequences of fast fashion. Companies such as Darn Good Yarn cater to these customers by offering them crafting materials that are sourced ethically.

Posters and artwork

With the help of e-commerce store builders, every artist can create a website and sell their artwork worldwide. This has truly unlocked many opportunities for imaginative individuals who can make money from their skills.

Selling artwork online offers a major advantage: the option to provide print-on-demand items. Print-on-demand allows artists to offer their artwork in print form without the need to store any physical copies. Instead of printing the artwork beforehand, it is printed as orders are received, minimizing initial expenses and storage requirements. 

If you are selling posters and artwork on your e-commerce platform, take into account these marketing techniques: 

  • Emphasize the narrative of each item. This could consist of details about the artist. The source of inspiration for the project. Or, the act of developing it. 
  • Collaborate with a print-on-demand business to provide various sizes and styles. 
  • Use high-resolution pictures to display your artwork.


According to estimates, the global candles market is valued at over $10 billion. Candles can be used outside of the house, too. Spas use them for aromatherapy, and restaurants use them to generate a warm atmosphere. According to the National Candle Association, people buy candles for two primary purposes: to adorn their houses and to aid in their relaxation and unwinding. 

An examination of Google Trends also reveals consistent worldwide interest in “homemade candles”. New Zealand is known for being a very dynamic market. Making candles at home is a simple task. This makes them an excellent option for aspiring entrepreneurs starting a new business venture. It seems that success can be achieved by someone as young as nine years old.

Bath and Body

If you find searching for a product to sell difficult, think about transforming your bathroom into a spa-like environment. You can create this with popular items such as bath salts and bath bombs. Many of these items contain calming components such as CBD. This is extracted from hemp and used to promote relaxation. 

Selling bath and body products is a common business concept. It works well for e-commerce stores of all sizes. Kyle LaFond’s natural deodorant’s widespread recognition demonstrates the potential for homemade products to achieve success.


At some stage, every amateur chef decides to replace their Ikea kitchen tools with high-quality cookware. Google Trends data shows an increasing interest in high-quality cooking items like “cast iron pans.” 

The popular search term “Staub vs Le Creuset” is currently in high demand. There are 2,700 searches conducted monthly, which indicates that customers are actively seeking purchasing guidance. This demand could be addressed through a blog or YouTube channel. Restaurant expansion in nations like India and China is boosting the demand for commercial cookware in the business industry. 

One method to distinguish your cookware company is by promoting a new kitchen item. You can collaborate with a manufacturer to design your unique version of serving utensils or baking dishes. Instead, gather a variety of available items from a wholesaler’s market. After developing a popular product, inform customers of its advantages. You can do this through a social media advertising strategy. This is like what cookware company Our Place did with their Always Pans.


Blankets, like many items listed here, offer entrepreneurs a variety of unique opportunities. You can join the competitive industry of calming weighted blankets (with over 100,000 searches monthly). Or, you could concentrate on specialized items such as weighted blankets and vests for dogs (with 2,100 searches per month). 

Think about focusing on high-end cashmere blankets (2,800 monthly searches) or providing inexpensive hooded blankets (29,000 searches). Doing well in this market depends on recognizing what your customers require and then going above and beyond their expectations with your product.

Leisure & Hobbies


Ebikes are revolutionizing the cycling world. These motorized bicycles make traveling to work easy, even on uphill routes. They also make cycling more accessible to a larger group of people. 

Interest in “ebikes” has grown in the last five years. The searches peak during each summer season. Sales of e-bikes are expected to rise by 10% annually until 2030. Plus, over 77 million ebikes expected to be in use. 

Even though they may be large and heavy, bikes still have the potential to be the focal point of a lucrative dropshipping enterprise. Consider John Murphy, the creator of the lucrative business Ebike Generation. By customizing his website and marketing strategies for a particular demographic, he successfully established a prosperous dropshipping store.

Perfume and cologne

Shifts are occurring in the fragrance industry. Individuals are transitioning from widely available, gender-targeted fragrances to high-quality, organic, and customized scents. These scents are are attractive to all. 

Customers frequently seek out particular brands and products when searching for perfumes and colognes. This is why you need to optimize your website for search engines. Clear and informative content on your product pages and blogs is essential for appearing in search engine results. 

Consider developing a B2B e-commerce website to differentiate your fragrance business. Craft unique fragrances specifically for establishments such as hotels and restaurants. 

An example of this is the White Tea Room fragrance from Westin Hotels, which is now available for consumers to buy. Well-known companies such as Abercrombie and Victoria’s Secret have unique fragrances, which customers adore.


The current wine industry goes beyond classic red wines and well-known vineyards. Consumers are curious about innovative and readily available products. These are wines made from organic grapes, wines produced using natural methods, and bottles sourced from unfamiliar regions. They are also seeking creative methods for studying blends. Plus, they also buy wine directly from makers. 

Entrepreneurs can create a new business centered on this popular product category. Find motivation from The Sip Society. It is a community that focuses on tasting champagne and sparkling wine. It enhances the accessibility and enjoyment of wine tastings.

Accessory Niche

Nail care

Internet-based nail care retailers like OPI and Olive & June cater to a market experiencing an approximate annual growth of 5%. The top nail care brands continuously offer limited edition products for special occasions and holidays. This entices customers to revisit their websites. 

The nail care sector is expanding. This is because people seek products that improve nail health and appearance. Google Trends data shows searches for “cuticle oil” have been increasing steadily over the past five years. At the same time, the term “nail strengthener” is searched for 9,000 times every month. 

Achieving success in the nail care industry typically requires: 

  • Marketing products with the help of influencers who embody aspirational lifestyles. 
  • Launching special editions or seasonal items to attract loyal customers to come back. 
  • Partnering with famous individuals who can promote your brand

Mobile phone accessories

The market for smartphone accessories is valued at hundreds of billions of dollars. Every latest phone launch generates more need for corresponding accessories. They are cases, screen protectors, and chargers. Other general accessories may easily become popular if they address a widespread issue. 

Elevate your marketing plan by producing the content listed below:

  • Use Instagram and TikTok videos to display the distinct characteristics of cellphone accessories.
  • Create blog posts that are optimized for SEO to focus on keywords that are associated with individual phone models.
  • Promote content created by users to establish trust and credibility.

Other Profitable Options

Motor vehicle parts

A lot of individuals opt to use online stores for aftermarket car parts to cut costs on maintaining their vehicles. Consumers are confident addressing common car issues at home. This is thanks to the plenty of how-to resources and YouTube tutorials available. 

Online shopping enables you to check prices, review feedback, and buy the specific item you need. You can do this task without the need to visit a mechanic or a dealer. The need for car accessories is growing beyond basic items like windshield wipers and brake pads. Popular searches include items such as “dash cams” and “car diffusers”, with “magsafe phone mounts” also becoming more popular. 

Suggestions for promoting car components: 

  • Emphasize certifications such as ISO, OEM, and CAPA to guarantee that parts follow safety requirements. 
  • Offer tools or filters to assist customers in locating the correct parts for their vehicle. 
  • Create comprehensive product explanations and purchasing manuals to help consumers make knowledgeable choices.

Coats and jackets

Seasonal changes drive the demand for coats and jackets. This leads to changes in fashion styles and an increasing fascination with outdoor hobbies. Predictions state that the outdoor apparel industry will surpass $45 billion by 2027. This signals a promising future for this product segment. 

Starting a business selling coats and jackets through dropshipping could be a successful and affordable idea. This situation occurs when you are able to locate a provider that gives high-quality items and quick delivery. 

An alternative for launching a business focused on this popular product is to join as an affiliate for a clothing brand or retail store. With an affiliate link in hand, you can set up a website or social media platform where you can showcase and endorse stylish clothing.

Ways To Conduct Market Research To Choose The Best Product

Discovering popular items to offer on the internet can significantly impact your business. Understanding the market, knowing consumer preferences, and providing a positive customer experience at the appropriate moment is essential. Below are 2 successful techniques you can use to discover potential top sellers for your e-commerce platform.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a no-cost tool that shows what people worldwide are looking up. Here is the method for utilizing it:

  • Go to Google Trends.
  • Type a relevant keyword for a product or industry into the search box.
  • Examine the “Interest over time” graph to determine if a search term is increasing in popularity, remaining constant, or decreasing.
  • Use the “Compare” function to assess the popularity of various keywords.
  • Look at the “Related queries” section for more product suggestions.
  • An abrupt increase in organic search traffic is typically a sign of a trend. Before creating an online store centered on a popular product, make sure to investigate to ensure it’s not just a passing trend.

Performing more extensive keyword research in the e-commerce realm is one method for gaining insight into search trends. You can examine historical search volume and associated long-tail keywords. They will assist in creating a more comprehensive understanding of consumer interest.

Amazon and other marketplaces

Online marketplaces provide information on which products are currently popular and in high demand at fulfillment centers. This is how you can take advantage of them: 

  • Visit Amazon’s Best Sellers page to discover the top-selling products. 
  • Check out the Trending Deals section on eBay. You can discover which products are attracting interest. 
  • Etsy features a trending items section. This is where users can explore editors’ favorites and popular handmade items. 
  • Utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram. You can track trending hashtags associated with your shop. 
  • Discovering a popular product marks the start of your entrepreneurial adventure. After you have a product ready for sale, you should focus on understanding your customers. Then you can create a brand and a business plan. 

Do you plan on becoming a retailer and purchasing stock? Or, could you opt for a dropshipping model and collaborate with a supplier who delivers goods straight to your clients?

The Bottom Line

This compilation of popular items for 2024 could assist you in starting or growing your online venture. Many other popular niches are waiting to be discovered. Success as a store owner or drop shipper requires more than just selling trendy items. Understanding your target audience, aligning your brand, and creating a straightforward shopping experience is essential. Trends can change rapidly. So, stay vigilant about the market and be prepared to adjust. Remember to save this article in your bookmarks for updates on popular products.

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