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How Do You Optimise Your Product Descriptions to Help Rank the Product in SERPs?

Summer Nguyen | 11-17-2023

How Do You Optimise Your Product Descriptions to Help Rank the Product in SERPs?

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Are you willing to boost your product sales through your online business? This can be achieved if you make them rank in SERPs. Enhancing a product’s ranking in the result pages can’t be achieved with a wage type of product description.

So, to make your products reach the top position, it necessitates the optimisation of their product descriptions. Let’s explore the mine of steps to optimise your product descriptions. While explaining them, we’ll not just rely on manual processes but automated tools to give you an innovative path.

Multiple Ways to Optimise Your Product Descriptions to Rank Products in SERPs

1. Incorporate keywords

Keywords are the phrases or words that people input in the search bar to reach the things they want. First of all, you should research the high-volume keywords that match your products. After that, follow these tips to add keywords optimally:

  • Prefer the incorporation of “long tail keywords” over short tail keywords since it is easier to rank for them in SERPs.
  • You should embed the “primary keyword” in the title.
  • You should avoid “keyword stuffing”, and replace the repeated keywords with their synonyms.

Manually managing the keywords’ density and incorporation is a difficult task to handle. This is because you may sometimes be unable to efficiently remove or add keywords according to the context of the content.

In this scenario, it is a useful idea to deploy an online tool like The rewording tool will automatically remove the keyword stuffing by altering it with contextually correct synonyms. Additionally, with the tool, you can recognise the best opportunities to fit a keyword in the required place.

Practical Example:

We created a product description for a product, i.e., light bulbs. We found keyword stuffing in the introduction paragraph. We input that piece of product description into the rewording tool and got an optimal output:


Light Bulbs, the future of illumination! Light Bulbs are not just ordinary light bulbs; they are the light bulbs that will redefine your lighting experience. With Light Bulbs, you get more than just light; you get reliability and efficiency.”


Output: “The future of fluorescence bulbs and lighting! An illumination bulb is more than just an ordinary light bulb. It’s the light bulb that redefines your lighting experience. With blaze bulbs, you get more than just glow. You get reliability and efficiency.”


Optimise Product Descriptions

Similarly, you can automatically optimise the repetition or frequency of keywords in product descriptions and make products rank higher in SERPs.

2. Create engaging product titles.

Creating a product title is useful for the ranking of your products. This is because compelling or engaging product titles will grab the user’s attention and urge them to click on them. Ultimately, it will enhance the CTR (i.e., click-through rate) of your product descriptions.

And the higher CTR will be a signal to search engines that your product is relevant to the queries. Ultimately, your products will begin to rank higher in search results. Let’s create compelling product titles with the use of an online rewording tool.

Practical Example: We created some product titles that were not compelling. We pasted them into the rewording tool and ran it. The tool turned them into engaging ones through the rewording technique. Some of the titles, along with their outputs, are listed below:</br>

“Portable Mini Projector with HD Display’.</br> Into</br> “Versatilely Smaller than Expected Projector with HD Show”.

“Vintage-inspired Polaroid instant camera”.


“Polaroid’s innovative instant camera”.

The other reworded titles are shown in the below demo:


Optimise Product Descriptions

Similarly, you can optimise boring product titles into engaging ones automatically.

3. Utilise Basic Terminology

Using basic or simple terminology will make your product descriptions easily read and understandable by people. By finding easy wording, people are more likely to spend more time on your site. This will reduce the bounce rate and elevation in the average dwell time. Ultimately, search engines will rank your products higher in SERPs based on a better user experience.

So, one way to optimise your product descriptions is to replace technical or complex words with digestible ones. However, doing these replacements is not accurate when done manually. That’s why we suggest getting benefits from the utilisation of an online rewording tool. An online rewording tool can instantly replace obscured terms with plain ones.

Practical Example: We had a product description with obscured or complex wording that was no less than a mystery to understand. To replace its difficult words with simple ones, we deployed the rewording tool. In the following, we wrote those complex inputs with simple outputs gained from the online tool.

Input: “With this watch, you embark on an excursion that explores the maze-like enigma of quantum temporality. Where time becomes ambiguous in Planck units, chronology is vulnerable to the capriciousness of quantum temporal ambiguity.”



“With this watch, you embark on a journey to discover the labyrinthine secret of quantum time. Where time becomes ambiguous in Planck units and chronology is open to the darkness of quantum opacity about time.


Optimise Product Descriptions

In the above example, it is obvious how the tool replaced complex wording with simple. You can understand it better after comparing the wording of the input with the outputs.

4. Remove duplicate text pieces.

Duplicate product descriptions can get confused by the availability of duplicated or plagiarised content pieces. As a result, search engines mostly lower the ranking of or penalise such products. On the contrary, search engines uplift unique content in SERPs. So, to make your products rank higher, it is useful to make their descriptions free of any plagiarism.

You can remove plagiarised text pieces either by rewording manually or with the help of an online tool. However, the latter is a simple and accurate way to do so.

For this, you just need to make a minimum effort to pass the duplicated text pieces through the online tool. The rewording tool will do its job by replacing the original and duplicated wording with a fresh one. Let’s have an example:

Practical Example: We found some extent of plagiarism in the below input:

Input: “Developing a strong personal brand enables you to define who you are and what you stand for. Most businesses, large and small, believe in branding. The reason is straightforward. It distinguishes you and tells your users what to expect from you.”

We successfully got rid of the plagiarism with the help of a rewording tool.

Output: “Developing a solid individual brand empowers you to characterise who you are and what you stand for. Most businesses, big and small, accept branding. The reason is direct. It recognises you and tells your clients what to expect from you.”


Optimise Product Descriptions

In the demo, it is obvious that the tool alternated a sufficient amount of original wording with the new ones.


To accelerate your online business, it is essential to make your products rank higher in SERPs. However, the ranking of products is highly dependent on the optimisation of the product description. To optimise product descriptions, you need to take care of multiple aspects. like readability, engagement, uniqueness, and keyword density. In the above sections, we delve into the optimisation of all of the previously mentioned aspects.

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