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6 Best Magento 2 Whatsapp Extensions That You Can Trust

Summer Nguyen | 07-06-2021

6 Best Magento 2 Whatsapp Extensions That You Can Trust 6 Best Magento 2 Whatsapp Extensions That You Can Trust

The Most Popular Extension Builder for Magento 2

With a big catalog of 224+ extensions for your online store

To stay competitive, store owners always find ways to keep in touch with their customers and allure new clients to their stores. Nevertheless, today businesses encountered a situation when regular communication channels such as phones and emails have already been no longer valuable.

Social media services guarantee large reach but can’t offer personalized communication with clients. Thus, the business requires a robust commonly-used communication channel that works to boost conversion and facilitate approaching the target audience.

Whatsapp is considered one of the most prominent instant messaging apps across the world. Merchants can leverage this channel to interact with your audience in a manner they would love to. Therefore, it is essential for you to use a Whatsapp extension for your Magento 2 stores that deliver a smooth service experience for your customers via the platform.

Here’s a collection of the best Magento 2 Whatsapp extensions, helping you come up with the most suitable choice for your e-commerce business.

1. Magento 2 Whatsapp Contact by Webkul

Webkul Whatsapp Contact for Magento 2
Webkul Whatsapp Contact for Magento 2

Whatsapp Contact from Webkul allows customers to contact the store owner via Whatsapp. This can lower the efforts of communication over the mails for the fundamental questions like quoting the item.

The shopper can contact the store owner from different pages on the website that covers the product page, cart page, header and footer of the page, and order completion page. The buttons available on the different pages will lead the shopper to the Whatsapp window where they can communicate with the store admin.

Key features

  • Display Whatsapp contact link on various pages
  • Activate Whatsapp web access
  • Provide Whatsapp window view
  • Customize titles for the WhatsApp sharing button
  • Set Customized messages
  • Compatible with Hyva Theme


This module prices at $49.00 with 3-month free support plus the installation fee of $9.80. Webkul offers two other support options for store owners, including 6-month support ($19.60) and one-year support ($24.50).

Besides, the Whatsapp extension supports the Magento Community edition for free, Enterprise edition ($49.00), and Enterprise Cloud edition ($49.00).

2. Magento 2 WhatsApp Notification Extension by MageAnts

MageAnts Whatsapp Notification for Magento 2
MageAnts Whatsapp Notification for Magento 2

Magento 2 WhatsApp Notification Extension by MageAnts allows businesses to send notifications to their customers via Whatsapp when an order has been placed, modified, shipped, and/or canceled.

This extension helps keep customers up-to-date on the status of their orders. By notifying them via WhatsApp, businesses can save time and ensure that their orders are processed accurately and quickly.


  • Complete summary of the order status
  • Send shipment notifications to clients
  • Admin has access to multiple templates for different notifications.
  • Offer better user experience by designing personalized messages.
  • Admin can add their mobile number to receive all the notifications.
  • Fully compatible with Twilio WhatsApp API.
  • Keep customers updated about their order activities via WhatsApp notification.

It’s a great way to keep customers informed. Businesses can ensure that their customers remain loyal and excited about their products. By keeping them updated on the status of their orders, businesses can encourage repeat business and build customer trust. This will result in increased efficiency and more control over the customer’s shopping experience. Not only will they be notified about their order status, but they will also get updates about store activities. This saves you time and is also hassle-free.


The price of the module starts at $89.00 with the Magento Community edition. And the Enterprise edition will cost you $189.00. Buying this extension from MageAnts will get you the following:

  • Free update
  • 3 months of free support ($49 & $69 for 6 months & 12 months support)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

3. Magento 2 Whatsapp Contact by Meetanshi

Magento 2 Whatsapp Contact by Meetanshi

It’s always great to have a conversation with your customers or potential ones. It brings you an opportunity to communicate with them and encourage them for conversions or satisfy them with excellent customer service.

And Whatsapp Contact extension from Meetanshi is another way for you to facilitate your conversation with customers via Whatsapp.

Key features

  • Offer three different types of button, including an icon, box, or QR code button
  • Allow admins to set various chat agents
  • Provide the close button option
  • Enable you to flexibly customize the contact button
  • Support displaying Whatsapp Contact button on any devices


The price of the module starts at $79.00 with the Magento Open Source edition (sometimes there will be a discount). With the Enterprise edition and Enterprise Cloud edition, you need to pay an extra fee of $150.00. Notably, purchasing this extension from Meetanshi will get you:

  • Free lifetime upgrade
  • 365-day free support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

4. Magento 2 Whatsapp Contact by MageComp

Magento 2 Whatsapp Contact by MageComp

The Magento 2 Whatsapp Contact extension enables your customers to quickly connect with you by a single click. It provides backend options enabling one or many Whatsapp operators along with their Whatsapp numbers.

Key features

  • Allow you to enable Whatsapp Contact for mobile devices only
  • Let users change Whatsapp icon, color, position, animation, and text
  • Enable store owners to configure the extension with ease from the backend
  • Support using the Whatsapp contact extension with the Whatsapp business app and send automatic responses to customers
  • Compatible with Hyva Theme


The extension costs $59.00 with 1-year free support for the Community edition. MageComp also charges another fee of $149.00 if you use the Magento Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud editions.

5. Magento 2 Whatsapp Chat Connect by SetuBridge

Magento 2 Whatsapp Chat Connect by SetuBridge

This Whatsapp extension designed by SetuBridge aims to let businesses leverage Whatsapp as a live chatting app widget. The module enables you to include a Whatsapp business chat button on your site or store, through which your shoppers can connect directly from the Magento 2 site.

Key features

  • Ensure a quick and convenient support experience
  • Support configuring the Whatsapp Business application as an automatic responder for customers
  • Support customizing everything related to the Whatsapp app
  • Able to identify the user agent and open the mobile app or web app accordingly


The module costs $59.00 with 6-month free support. You can pay more to lengthen the support time:

  • 6-month support: $39.00
  • One-year support: $59.00

If your store’s running on the Magento Enterprise edition, you need to pay an additional fee of $41.00. Once you purchase extensions from SetuBridge, you’ll get a one-year free upgrade and a 45-day refund guarantee. You can try using this module for your store without any worry. If anything goes wrong, you can get back your money immediately.

6. Magento 2 Quote on Whatsapp by Webiators

Magento 2 Quote on Whatsapp by Webiators

The Quote on Whatsapp extension enables customers to maintain a proper conversation with the store owner. Visitors now no longer have to wait in the queue for the quote response. With this extension, shoppers can get a quotation via Whatsapp by clicking the available buttons on the product and order success page.

This is a robust feature that can push the development of the e-commerce store. Conversion rates will be significantly boosted as the store owner can answer all customers’ questions quickly. Visitors find no need to submit support tickets and wait for responses.

Key features

  • Allow customers to demand a quotation on Whatsapp with ease
  • Allow customers to share order details via Whatsapp
  • Enable the store owner to customize messages for every page
  • Support setting the quote button to appear on the product page or order success page


The price of the Quote on Whatsapp module for Magento 2 is $59.00 with 12-month free support. This price only applies to stores running on the Magento Open Source edition. For other advanced Magento editions, you need to pay $60.00 more.

Webiators also offer additional services, including:

  • Pro installation: $25.00
  • Pro configuration: $25.00


Magento 2 Whatsapp extensions allow e-commerce merchants to implement the Whatsapp chat and share functionality with smooth app integration. Installing a Whatsapp module can help enhance your communication with customers and drive loyalty for your business.

By giving your visitors the option to share information on your items, you can grab new customers, boost brand recognition, and have an extra sales channel.

If you know any other Magento 2 Whatsapp solutions beyond the above list, please share with us in the comment section.

Have a lovely day! Thank you for reading.

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