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Are you afraid of losing customers due to unsafe payment on your site? You know how much the importance of your security on customers’ information. And you are wondering of which payment gateway can you trust to use on your Magento website? There are many choices for business owners today. Having worked on the e-commerce industry for many years, we had used the services from several popular payment vendors all over the world. One of the best we can say is Worldpay. In this post, Mageplaza will give you the basic information of this vendor and recommend you Magento 2 Worldpay extension which brings your stores advanced functions and promises to transform your customer experience dramatically.

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About Worldpay

Worldpay has doing business as an online multi-currency payment system since 1989. This company offers payments services in all sizes of industries from small, medium to large companies having online stores. Also, Worldpay solutions access can be ranged from physical stores, online and via mobiles. With more than 30 years trusted by over 400,000 merchants in 146 countries, this vendor helps to simplify and streamlines payments across a variety of sales channels by offering over 300 payment methods.

About Worldpay

This big name among the payment vendors world is a pioneer in various sections such as card payments, online payment and no-contact, multiple currency processing. WorldPay outfits you with the devices and gear to ensure you get paid precisely and auspicious and invest your energy tending to promote and expand deals.

Why choose Worldpay for Magento 2?

Multiple choices to demand any customers

As its name, Worldpay is born to simplify the checkout process and payment procedure all over the world serving both parties: merchants and their buyers. Users of this payment gateway can choose their preferred method to pay out for the stuff online because Worldpay supports over 300 payment approaches. There seems no limitation for users from any country to use this. In term of businesses, this vendor offers merchant to have its service in both physical stores, online stores with flexible customization and settings to be compatible with local websites.

High flexibility and security

High flexibility and security

WorldPay is based on adaptability that enables organizations to acknowledge installments through various channels and means. Their installment preparing arrangements are intended to be configurable and supplement each other to suit the manner in which clients pay. Payments encouraged with WorldPay installment arrangements are ensured with remarkable security choices. They are PCI DSS evaluation apparatuses, encryption and tokenization, and EMV chip card acknowledgment, guaranteeing organizations that their client information is secure and safe.

Professional advice for businesses

With WorldPay, clients get master instruction and support from experienced experts. They have broad endeavor installment stage information to assist them with their installment needs as their organizations develop and their clients’ needs move. For organizations, WorldPay causes them to increment their deals while giving their clients genuine feelings of serenity. Customers realize that they can pay in the manner they need without their information being undermined. These outcomes in an exceptionally smooth and positive experience for customers, from the primary snap to the last checkout.

How to register and configure Worldpay integration for Magento 2?

In this part, I would love to guide you on how to register Worldpay account for Magento 2 store.

  • At the first place, please go to this link, then click Sign up to fill in the required information below:

Sign up Worldpay

  • After that, at Worldpay website, it shows the thank you page and requests you to check the email confirmation.

Worldpay email confirmation

  • Using the registered emails to open the link sent to you:

open the link

  • Then, please enter the password you have just registered. Click to Confirm Email to finish the registration:

Confirm Worldpay Email

  • The second step: At Worldpay interface, go to Settings > Orders:

Settings Orders

  • In Orders section, set Authorisations = Yes to enable the API feature of Worldpay:


  • After enabling Authorisations, click API Keys to obtain the Service key and Client key to fill in the Configuration part will be guided with details here

Worldpay API Keys

Outstanding functions supported by Magento 2 Worldpay extension

Support multiple types of credit card

Support multiple types of credit card

With Worldpay extension, various common credit cards are supported. Thanks to this, your customers can checkout using any type of card which they prefer through Worldpay gateway. Below are the types of card which are included:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Maestro

Moreover, there are two options provided for you to display credit cards payments, which are Magento Default checkout and Iframe checkout. Unlike Magento Default in which the Worldpay payment compatible with the theme, with InFrame, the Worldpay payment pages are embedded in the store checkout page. This, as a result, create a continuous communication channel between Worldpay platform and your store site. However, you can still keep your customers to stay on the checkout page and complete their payment using any types.

Support e-wallets payment

Support e-wallets payment

In the digital age, cards are not the only payment method for online orders. Therefore, besides credit card, multiple Alternative Payment Methods are supported, including eWallets. This method, which according to Worldpay’s 2018 Global Payments Report, will account for up to 46% global payment in the year 2021. Supported eWallets payments include:

  • Alipay
  • Qiwi
  • Yandex
  • PaySafe

Support bank transfers payment

Support bank transfers payment

Bank transfers, which is the global second popular payment method by 2021, are also well integrated into the Worldpay module. With this, orders can be paid by transferring money from their bank account to store.

  • iDeal
  • Sofort
  • Przelewy24

Support local card schemes payment

Support local card schemes payment

In particular domestic markets, customers prefer using local cards to make payments. Because of that, the following local cards are also supported when using Worldpay plugin: Mistercard (Bancontact): the most popular payment method in Belgium, with 15 million cards in the country. Postepay: A reloadable prepaid card service which is widely accepted in Italy.

Apply 3d secure layer technology

Apply 3d secure layer technology

Using Worldpay Credit Cards, the transaction of customers will be verified with 3D Secure layer. Transactions will be validated by requesting customers to enter a personal code similar to a one time PIN which is usually sent to them via cell phone or email address. As a result, various benefits can be bought for you:

  • The number of chargebacks will be fewer
  • Responsibility for customers, stores and card holder’ s issuer
  • The conversion rate will be increased

Support card saving and admin order

Support card saving and admin order

With payments using cards, Credit Cart Vault are supported. It allows the card information to be saved for future purchases. As a result, in the next purchase, customers can just simply go to the checkout page and make payment by the card they like without retyping the information of the card.

In addition, admins can also create orders for customers and pay via stored Wordpay Cards of the backend. Consequently, shopping and payment process will become much more convenient and time-saving for admins and customers. More specifically, customer experience and conversion rates will be improved significantly. Besides payment from customers will be sent to store admin quicker.

Allow setting transaction rules

Allow setting transaction rules

With this feature, the conditions for a shopper to use a Worldpay payment can be set easily. More specifically, a transaction which is made via Worldpay need to meet the below requirements:

  • The minimum and maximum range of transaction: If the total order of customer matches the condition, the customer will have the ability to make payment via Worldpay
  • Valid countries to use Word Pay payment method: The nation of customers are chosen to use a payment method by the store admin.

Whole features Magento 2 Worldpay module brings in

For store admins


  • Choose environment: Sandbox for testing or Production
  • Enter Service and Client Key ( The test keys are achieved right after a Worldpay account is registered)

General settings

  • Choose Merchant Country where your business is located
  • Choose the settlement currency which is used for a Word Pay payment method.
  • Set the language which is used for a Worldpay payment method by entering the language code
  • Show/Hide Worldpay logo

Worldpay cards

  • Allow/ Disallow the payment method
  • Set the payment’s title
  • Set the status of an order after the payment is completed
  • Choose payment action: Authorize and Capture or Authorize
  • Choose card types which are applicable
  • Allow/ Disallow 3D Secure
  • Choose the display type at the Checkout page: Magento Default or iFrame Checkout
  • Allow/ Disallow Vault to save credit cards’ information
  • Set the title for Vault
  • Chose countries which are applicable
  • Set the range of transaction applicable to the payment method
  • Allow/ Disallow Debug Mode
  • Set the payment’s display position on the Checkout page

Alternative payment methods

  • Worldpay Paypal
  • Worldpay Giropay
  • Worldpay Alipay
  • Worldpay Mistercash
  • Worldpay iDeal
  • Worldpay PaySafeCard
  • Worldpay Postepay
  • Worldpay Przelewy24
  • Worldpay Qiwi
  • Worldpay Yandex
  • Worldpay Sofort

Admin order

  • Enable admins to create orders
  • Make payment using the customers’ saved credit cards

For customers

  • Multiple payment method selections via Worldpay gateway
  • Credit cards are saved for next purchases
  • The Worldpay saved credit cards can be viewed at My Account Dashboard
  • Details payment transaction can be viewed at My Account Dashboard
  • Be supported to create and pay for orders by store admins

Final thoughts

Worldpay works dependable and ties down exclusive innovation stages that empower traders to acknowledge an immense range of installment types, over various channels, anyplace on the planet. With Magento 2 Worldpay, your online stores can assist both store owners and customers to access many payment methods and increasing conversion rate thanks to payment convenience.

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