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Canadian and American customers who usually buy stuff online certainly have exposed to Moneris Payment Method, which is used by almost shopping websites within their countries. Moneris is known as a cheap cost, high security and user-friendly payment gateway. If you are a website owner and you are considering of Moneris integration on your checkout page, you found the right place! We would love to provide some statistics for Moneris payment at the beginning of this post. Then store admin will be guided on how to integrate this payment method into your website using Mageplaza Moneris extension, the ultimate solution for a professional checkout process.

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About Moneris Payment Gateway

Moneris is the largest financial technology company in Canada, specializing in payment processing. Moneris processes more than 3 billion transactions a year for over 350,000 merchant locations and employs more than 1,900 people across North America.

multiple card types

Be a most commonly-used payment gateway at USA and Canada, Moneris supports online customers checkout by multiple card types such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, etc. Also, the Payment Provider can be integrated into every e-store to assist and ensure their checkout process, which brings the most trusted shopping experience for Canadian and American customers.

The super benefits of Moneris Payment for checkout process

There are many reasons why Moneris has become the most trusted choice for Canadian companies, from excellent security techniques to high qualified customer service. Below we mention four most popular reasons for your store to choose Moneris!

Highest Security

Anyone doing business all knows that security is an important part of building the trust of your customers. With buyers coming and moving away from cash, protect your payment process is a must-do thing. Moneris will put significant importance on your security system and continues to advance protocols to minimize potential risks. To ensure your business and customers’ data are protected right from the checkout page, Moneris offer the following solutions:

  • Industry-leading data encoding and end-to-end encryption during POS transactions EMV-certified chip and contactless products.
  • Compliance with global security practices, such as the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS).
  • Device permissions and restrictions that protect you from fraudulent transactions.
  • Code and application verification to prevent tampering.

Highest Security


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Great Assistant For Store Admin

With Moneris Checkout which is a full online payment solution hosted by Moneris, customer transactions can be accepted and processed in an easy and secure way via your business website.

  • Moneris develop, host and secure the checkout forms
  • Your checkout form fields can be freely customized.
  • Google Pay, fraud tools and also gift cards are supported.
  • Your business’ website will be fitted seamlessly into using your own logo.
  • Enabled within the Merchant Resource Center.
  • Application Program Interface (API) is supported
  • Robust API can be used to integrate payment processing right into the existing website of your business.

Flexible And Easy To Customize

  • A wide variety of integration options is provided. -Various development languages such as .NET, Java, PHP are supported
  • Advanced fraud protection features are available
  • Easier payments with Powerful features
  • SupportTokenization & Vault
  • Allow Hosted Tokenization
  • Support Fraud Prevention Tools
  • Enable Digital Wallet
  • Support Recurring Payments
  • Support Account Updaters
  • Offer Level 2/3 Data

Flexible And Easy To Customize

Installation And Field Services

Using Moneris, you will be given the ability to install a payment processing solution with our Field Service Technicians. This would help you look after your hardware and software installation. Our technical and customer service experts will provide you constantly support no matter what your location is. A great amount of time, as well as effort on technical stuff, can be saved. Instead, you can focus on what you do best, which is running the business.

Choosing Moneris as your partner means that various values to your business will be obtained, such as innovative solutions for bundled, accurate security measures, and 24/24 support. To figure out the solution which works best for your business, contact us today.

How to integrate Moneris Payment on your website checkout

In this post, Mageplaza will guide you - the store admins to sign up a Moneris account then use the Moneris extension on your website.

Guide to Register a Moneris account:

Firstly, please go to this link to register a Moneris account.

Register a Moneris account

After you fill in all the needed information for registering, now you can log in again and choose USA/Canada to “View Full Profile”, see screenshot below:

View Full Profile

At Full Profile page, you can see a field called My Testing Credentials, please click to Request Testing Credentials, insert your Password and choose your Country > Click Request Test Account

Request Test Account

Request Test Account

In the home page, the test information is on the right menu bar. The first line has the store icon, the Store ID, under the Store ID, the API Token with the key icon. You will use this 2 information to configure.

Store ID, Token API

After accessing the account, you need to fill in some information and fundamental questions:

fill in some information

How to configure Moneris module

After register Moneris account to get Store ID and API Token, admin can see this user guide to configure Mageplaza Moneris extension at backend.

Highlight features a Moneris extension should have

Moneris on checkout page

Moneris payment gateway is exclusively used for the USA and Canada customers. It can be shown at checkout page for any customers to click on and process the purchase with ease.

After clicking to the symbol of Moneris payment method, customers can be redirected to the separated Moneris payment page, which makes customers more trustful as their card information are protected at a professional checkout site. Also, admin can enable payment right on the store’s checkout page helping shorten the checkout process.

Moneris on checkout page

Allow payment with various Cart types

As the financial and banking industry is growing rapidly, customers can choose their best-suited card to use. With Moneris extension, it supports users checking out using popular card types worldwide such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB.

various Cart types

Storage card data for next time using

There is one function on Moneris payment which is called Allow Customer Credit Vault. By this, admin can save customers’ card information for the first time checkout.

Allow Customer Credit Vault

Undoubtedly, the saved data will be used for the next purchase without any further time spent for filling all the card required information including card ID, expiration date, verification number. Customers are more than happy with this, which make your store is outstanding and become the best convenient experience provider.

Storage card data

Super-security methods are supported

Security is the most important thing about which customers consider when they making payment. Understand this, Moneris for Magento 2 stores is integrated with high-security means which are CVS/ AVS verification and 3D Secure.

While CVD (Card Validation Digits) verifies the number on the back of the card, AVS (Address Verification Service) as its name using cardholder’s address such as street number, street name and zip/postal code to check the card authenticity when customer makes the transaction on checkout page. They will compare the information issued by the cardholder at the banking system with the information they fill in the Moneris checkout.

Meanwhile, 3D secure is more popular used which create an extra security layer for e-credit card and debit card users.

Super-security methods

Show Moneris payment transactions at backend and frontend

Another convenience Moneris extension supports is that customers can manage their card info at their account page. They can easily view, edit and even delete any card details.


Also, admin can view the card information of customers who have saved their data at any order easily at backend. backend

All the details of Moneris extension functions

With store admins

General Configuration

  • Activate the module
  • Test the Moneris on Sandbox and go live on Production environment
  • Choose Merchant Server: Canada or USA
  • Get the API token and Store ID from Moneris page to apply to your checkout page
  • Redirect customers to Moneris Pay Page
  • Allow customers to pay right on your checkout page

Card configuration function

  • Set the header for Cart Payment section
  • Allow 2 payment action: Authorize or Authorize and Capture
  • Choose Cart types applied for the module
  • Allow saving the customer cart information
  • Set the title for Vault section at the checkout page
  • Choose countries to apply the module
  • Support debug mode
  • Set displaying order for payment methods

Verification and Security configuration

  • Enable/ Disable AVS Verification
  • Set the results after unsuccessful AVS Verification
  • Turn on CVD Verification function
  • Choose the solution if CVD failed
  • Enable/ Disable 3D Secure Verification
  • Add response code and message

Customers support

  • Have multiple choice for their checkout card
  • Purchase product with high security and protection of personal card info
  • Can save their cart data for the next purchase
  • Save time and effort on checkout on your store
  • Have a better shopping experience

Final Thoughts

This post is designed to help users have open-eyes to the functions and great support of Moneris Payment Gateway. Hence, you can make the right decision for your store in genenally and product your payment process specifically. With the highest security, superlative support for merchant and flexible customization on your checkout page, Moneris module from Mageplaza will be the best solution for you if you are running business with mostly Canadian and American customers.

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