How to Upload PDF, ZIP Video to Product Page in Magento 2

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Some recent studies show that Product Attachments play an important role in a product. They offer for customers more detailed information about the products that they have purchased. Thanks to this module, you can decorate the product pages with special attachments which will attract customers with ease by eye-catching file icons as well as well-documented attachments.

Interestingly, Product Attachments extension is released by Mageplaza experts. It’s an ideal solution to attract the attention of your customers. Also, only with some simple clicks as drag and drop, admins can upload the attachments easily. We believe that it’s a perfect selection for your e-commerce store.

Why choose Product Attachments for Magento 2 store?

If in the default of Magento, this feature isn’t supported. Now, with the help of Mageplaza Product Attachments, various files can be uploaded with ease to the product page as the user guide, videos, a zip file or audio, etc. Also, another wonderful feature of this module is that it allows customers to view the attachments online as well as save it into their devices. Furthermore, admins can also restrict the attachments to assigned customer groups instead of the public them to everyone. Thanks to these handy greats, it surely brings your attachments the most valuable assets.

Product Attachments

Product Attachments Extension for M2

Enriches your product page with attached single or multiple informative files

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Outstanding features

Ability to attach files in any types

That’s great the Product Attachments supports various file types in uploading, which helps you offer much detailed information for a product.

attach files

  • Documents
    • pdf
    • doc
    • docx
    • pptx
    • xlsx
    • txt
    • readme
  • Compressed files
    • zip
    • rar
  • Images
    • jpg
    • jpeg
    • png
    • eps
    • gif
  • Videos
    • avi
    • flv
    • wmv
    • mov
    • mp4
  • Audio
    • mp3
  • Many other file types

Easy to drag and drop to upload the attachments

Only with some clicks as drag and drop the mouse, admins can easily upload attachments along with a user-friendly admin panel. This not only helps them save lots of time in uploading attachments but also spends more time managing their online stores effectively.

Support eye-catching icons

With the support of icons, customers can easily detect the type of attachments that they view or download. This extension from Mageplaza includes pre-made icons packages that will surely bring the satisfaction to customers.

Attachment downloadable report

Working perfectly with Mageplaza Reports extension, Product Attachments offers all viral information about analyzing as well as managing downloaded files as file names, file types, generated dates, etc.

attachment dowloadable report

Import the files in CSV in bulk (upcoming)

With the help of this feature, you can easily add files in CSV in bulk, which will help save more time for admins in managing their online store.

import files csv

Full feature list

General config

  • Ability to enable/disable the module
  • Allow choosing where to display product attachments
  • Support 40 premade file type icons
  • Enable admins to upload images as file type icons
  • Easily manage the icons
  • Ability to be compatible with Social Login extension
  • Easy to hide product attachments from non-verified customers
  • Allow/disallow customers to view product attachments online
  • Ability to insert a snippet to display product attachments anywhere in product details

Upload Product Attachments

  • Easy to add or edit file name/file label
  • Limit store view(s) to display an attachment
  • Limit customer group(s) to display an attachment
  • Allow uploading an attachment
  • Automatically identify attachment format
  • Easy to set a priority for the product attachment

Manage and report attachments

  • Manage all information on attachments in a grid with ease
  • Acknowledge and analyze important figures of attachments easily
  • Ability to view the number of downloads of each attachment
  • Compatible with Mageplaza report extension

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