E-commerce Loyalty Programs: An All-encompassing Handbook

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In the competitive world of e-commerce today, companies are always looking for new ways to keep customers and get them to buy again. One strategy like this that has become very common is the use of e-commerce loyalty programs.

An e-commerce loyalty program is a customer retention strategy designed to encourage repeat purchases and long-term engagement from online shoppers. Just like traditional loyalty programs, E-commerce loyalty programs aim to build strong relationships with customers by offering them incentives, rewards, and personalized experiences that keep them coming back to the online store.

E-commerce loyalty programs provide businesses with a powerful tool to enhance customer engagement. By offering rewards, exclusive discounts, and personalized experiences, these programs create a sense of value and exclusivity for customers. They encourage customers to actively participate in the brand’s ecosystem, whether by purchasing, referring friends, or connecting with the company on social media.

By implementing an effective e-commerce loyalty program, businesses can unlock the true potential of customer engagement and reap the benefits it brings.

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Benefits of Implementing an E-commerce Loyalty Program

Implementing an e-commerce loyalty program can bring a multitude of benefits to businesses.

Firstly, it helps in customer acquisition and retention. Businesses may attract new clients and encourage existing ones to stay loyal to the brand by providing appealing prizes and incentives.

This results in a higher return on investment and enhanced client lifetime value.

Secondly, loyalty programs can drive customer engagement and increase customer satisfaction. When customers feel respected and appreciated, they are more inclined to engage with the business and have a positive experience.

This can result in higher customer loyalty, lower churn rates, and increased brand advocacy.

Lastly, e-commerce loyalty programs give companies valuable information and insights about their customers. Businesses can learn more about their target audience by keeping track of their customers’ behavior and interests.

Then, this information can be used to customize marketing efforts, improve products, and give customers a more personalized experience.

Types of E-commerce Loyalty Programs

Businesses can use different types of loyalty programs for e-commerce, and each has its own set of benefits. Let’s explore some of the most popular types:

Point-Based Systems

Point-based loyalty programs are perhaps the most common type of e-commerce loyalty program. Every time a customer makes a purchase, they accumulate points, and these points can be redeemed for discounts, free products, or other rewards. This type of program is simple to understand and encourages repeat purchases.

Point-based loyalty program

Advantages of Point-Based Systems

  • They are easy to understand and implement. Customers can easily track their points balance and see how much they need to earn to get the rewards they want. Businesses can also set up point-based systems with minimal effort and cost, using various tools and platforms available online.
  • They encourage repeat purchases and customer loyalty. Customers are motivated to buy more often from the same business, in order to accumulate more points and get closer to their desired rewards. Businesses can also use points as a way to incentivize customers to perform other actions, such as referrals, reviews, social media engagement, etc.
  • They offer flexibility and personalization for both customers and businesses. Various incentives are available to customers, which suit their preferences and needs, such as discounts, free products, gift cards, etc. Businesses can customize their point-based systems to fit their brand identity and customer segments, by adjusting the point value, redemption options, expiration rules, etc.
  • They create a sense of gamification and excitement for customers. Customers can enjoy the thrill of earning points and redeeming rewards, as well as competing with other customers or themselves. Businesses can also use gamification elements, such as badges, levels, leaderboards, etc., to make their point-based systems more fun and engaging.

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Tiered Rewards

In tiered reward programs, customers are placed into different tiers based on their level of engagement and loyalty. The higher they go in tier, the more specialized the awards and benefits they receive. This type of program creates a sense of progression and encourages customers to strive for higher levels of engagement.

Tiered reward loyalty program

Advantages of Tiered Rewards

  • Enhanced Engagement: Tiered rewards create a sense of achievement and progression for customers. As they move up the tiers, they feel a sense of accomplishment, which keeps them engaged with the loyalty program.
  • Motivation for Spending: The prospect of unlocking higher-tier rewards motivates customers to spend more to reach the next level. This can lead to increased average transaction values and overall spending.
  • Customer Recognition: Higher-tier customers receive special recognition for their loyalty, making them feel valued and appreciated by the brand.
  • Exclusivity: Tiered rewards often come with exclusive perks, such as early access to sales, unique products, or special events. This sense of exclusivity encourages customer retention and engagement.
  • Cross-Selling and Upselling: Businesses can strategically design tiered rewards to promote specific products or services, encouraging customers to explore different offerings.
  • Long-Term Brand Affiliation: Customers who are invested in the tiered rewards are more likely to have a deeper emotional connection with the brand, fostering long-term loyalty.

Subscription-Based Memberships

Subscription-based loyalty programs, such as Amazon Prime, offer customers exclusive benefits in exchange for a monthly or annual fee. These benefits can include free shipping, access to exclusive deals, and other perks. By offering a premium membership, businesses can generate recurring revenue and increase customer loyalty.

Subscription-based loyalty program

Advantages of Subscription-based Membership

  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty. Continuous commitment makes subscribers more loyal to a brand. They have a vested interest in maximizing the benefits of their membership.
  • Recurring Marketing Opportunities. Businesses can consistently engage with subscribers through marketing efforts, promoting new products, exclusive offers, and updates, fostering ongoing brand awareness.
  • Personalization and customization. This type enables personalization and customization for both customers and businesses. Customers can choose from different plans, tiers, or options that suit their preferences and needs. Businesses can also tailor their memberships to fit their brand identity and customer segments, by adjusting the pricing, benefits, frequency, etc.
  • Community Building. Subscription-based memberships often create a sense of community among subscribers who share common interests. This can lead to increased brand advocacy and customer referrals.
  • Free Trial Conversion. Offering free trials as part of a subscription model allows customers to experience the benefits firsthand before committing. This can lead to higher conversion rates.


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Cashback Offers

Cashback loyalty programs give customers a percentage of their purchase amount back as cash or store credit. This type of program provides an immediate incentive for customers to make purchases and can be particularly effective in driving repeat purchases.

Cashback loyalty program

Advantages of Cashback Offers

  • Customer Acquisition: Cashback offers can attract new customers who are enticed by the prospect of getting money back on their purchases. These offers serve as an incentive for customers to try out the brand or product.
  • Repeat Purchases: Customers return more often to redeem cashback benefits, resulting in repeat purchases and ongoing customer engagement.
  • Higher Average Order Value: Customers may increase their order value to maximize their cashback rewards, leading to larger transactions and increased profitability.
  • Seasonal and Promotional Campaigns: Cashback offers can be strategically aligned with seasonal sales events, holidays, or product launches to further drive customer engagement and sales.
  • Positive referrals: This e-commerce loyalty program generates positive word-of-mouth and referrals. It can create a buzz and a competitive edge for the business, as customers may share their experiences and savings with their friends and family. For consumers who invite others to join or make purchases from the business, several cashback programs may additionally offer referral bonuses or incentives.
  • Valuable data and insights: This program provides data and insights into customer behavior and preferences. The business can collect and analyze data from customer purchases, such as what products or services they buy, how much they spend, how often they shop, etc. This data can help the business tailor its offerings, promotions, and services to meet the customer’s needs and expectations.

Hybrid Programs

Hybrid loyalty programs combine elements of multiple types of programs to create a unique and tailored experience for customers. For example, a hybrid program might offer both points-based rewards and tiered benefits. This type can cater to a wider range of customer preferences and maximize engagement.

Hybrid loyalty program

Advantages of Hybrid Programs

  • Customer engagement and loyalty: This program increases customer engagement and loyalty across multiple channels and touchpoints. Customers can redeem points or incentives for purchases and other actions, such as referrals, reviews, social media engagement, etc. Businesses can also use hybrid programs to communicate and interact with their customers, by providing feedback, support, education, entertainment, etc.
  • Growth and innovation: Hybrid Programs drive growth and innovation for the business by providing valuable data and insights into customer behavior and preferences. By collecting and analyzing data from hybrid programs, the business can better understand the customer’s needs and expectations, and offer them more relevant and personalized solutions.
  • Targeted Marketing: With access to more data from various reward types, businesses can refine their marketing strategies and offer more personalized promotions to customers.
  • Appealing to Different Customer Segments: Businesses can appeal to a broader customer base by offering rewards that resonate with different customer segments. For example, points might attract some customers, while cashback appeals to others.
  • Seasonal Flexibility: Businesses can adjust the types of rewards offered based on seasonal demand or promotional campaigns, increasing program relevance and effectiveness.
  • Cross-Promotion: Hybrid programs can encourage cross-promotion of different products or services within the business by offering rewards or discounts across various categories.

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Designing an Effective E-commerce Loyalty Program

Designing an effective e-commerce loyalty program requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

Clearly Defined Goals

Before implementing a loyalty program, businesses need to define their goals and objectives. Are they aiming to increase customer acquisition, boost customer retention, or drive higher customer engagement? By clearly defining the goals, businesses can design a loyalty program that aligns with their overall business strategy.


Personalization is key to creating a successful e-commerce loyalty program. Customers want to feel valued and appreciated as individuals. By tailoring rewards and offers based on customer preferences and behavior, businesses can create a personalized experience that resonates with their target audience.

Seamless Integration

An effective loyalty program should seamlessly integrate with the existing e-commerce platform. Customers should be able to easily earn and redeem rewards without any friction. Businesses can achieve this by leveraging technology and automation to track customer activity and deliver rewards in a timely manner. For example, implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) software provides businesses with an overview of customer data for personalized rewards and timely support, or incorporating interactive voice response (IVR) technology empowers loyal customers to effortlessly check point balance and claim rewards within minutes using voice commands.

Ongoing Evaluation and Optimization

Once a loyalty program is implemented, it’s important to continuously evaluate its effectiveness and make necessary optimizations. To measure program performance, businesses should track customer retention, repeat purchase rate, and satisfaction. Based on these insights, adjustments can be made to improve the program’s performance.

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5 Case Studies of Successful E-commerce Loyalty Programs

Let’s take a closer look at five successful e-commerce loyalty programs and the strategies they employed to boost customer engagement:

Amazon Prime

As the largest online retailer, Amazon offers its customers a membership loyalty program called Amazon Prime. This is one of the most well-known and successful loyalty programs in the e-commerce industry, with over 200 million members globally.

By offering free shipping, access to exclusive deals, and streaming services, Amazon has created a comprehensive loyalty program that incentivizes customers to stay loyal and engaged.

Amazon Prime - loyalty program of Amazon


  • Enjoy Same-Day, One-Day, and Two-Day Delivery on millions of items.
  • Discounts and free shipping.
  • Prime Gaming: Free monthly subscription to Twitch in addition to free games and unique in-game stuff.
  • Rx savings: Discounts on prescriptions from 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including Walgreens, CVS, and the Amazon Pharmacy.
  • Prime Reading: Choose from hundreds of new books, magazines, and more each month.
  • Prime Try Before You Buy: Try on fashion items before you buy, and only pay for what you keep.
  • Prime Gaming: A free monthly subscription to Twitch in addition to free games and unique in-game stuff.
  • Discounts up to 50% off for College students or Qualified Governmentt Assistance.

Success of the program

  • Market Dominance

Amazon’s ability to dominate the e-commerce market was significantly fueled by Amazon Prime. The program’s benefits, especially fast and free shipping, attracted a massive customer base.

  • Increased Spending

Studies consistently showed that Amazon Prime members tended to spend more money on the platform compared to non-Prime members. The combination of convenience and perceived value encouraged members to shop more frequently on Amazon.

  • Competitive Advantage

Amazon Prime’s comprehensive benefits package gave Amazon a competitive edge over other e-commerce platforms. Competitors struggled to match the level of convenience and value offered by Prime, contributing to Amazon’s market leadership.

  • Customer Engagement

The various services bundled within Amazon Prime, such as Prime Video and Prime Music, encouraged members to spend more time on Amazon’s ecosystem. This increased engagement led to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Subscription Revenue

The subscription model of Amazon Prime provided a consistent and predictable revenue stream for Amazon. This stable source of income allowed the company to invest in expanding its services and infrastructure.

  • Prime Day Success Amazon Prime Day, an annual sales event exclusive to Prime members, became one of the biggest online shopping events globally. This event further highlighted the appeal of Amazon Prime and drew in new subscribers.

What made it succesful?

  • Convenience

The fast and free shipping addressed a major pain point for online shoppers: the wait time for their purchases to arrive. The convenience of two-day and even same-day shipping helped attract customers.

  • Customer Loyalty

By offering a range of benefits, Amazon Prime created a sense of loyalty and commitment among its members. Once customers signed up for the program and experienced the convenience and perks, they were more likely to continue using Amazon for their shopping needs.

  • Free Trials

Free trial periods for Amazon Prime allow potential customers to experience the benefits firsthand before committing to a subscription. This lowered the barrier to entry and encouraged more people to try the service.

  • Retention Strategies

Amazon has consistently added new features and benefits to Prime over time, keeping the service fresh and appealing. This approach increased member retention and encouraged existing customers to continue their subscriptions.

  • Cross-Promotion

Amazon integrated its various services to cross-promote them. For example, Prime Video promotes Amazon’s original shows and movies, and those who use Prime Video might find it more convenient to shop on Amazon as well.

  • Data-Driven Insights

Amazon’s data-driven approach allowed the company to understand customer behaviors and preferences. This insight was used to tailor recommendations, offers, and benefits, creating a more personalized and engaging experience for Prime members.


Walmart+ is a loyalty program that focuses on convenience and savings. Members enjoy benefits such as free unlimited delivery, fuel discounts, and scan-and-go checkout. By offering a wide range of perks, Walmart has successfully attracted and retained loyal customers.

Walmart+ - loyalty program of Walmart


  • Walmart+ Travel. Get 5% Walmart Cash on hotel bookings, vacation and car rentals, tours, activities and more
  • Free delivery from your store. Fresh groceries and more with $0 delivery fees and reasonable in-store prices (no markups). Free shipping with no order minimum
  • Early access. Members get discounts, product releases, online Black Friday deals, and more..
  • Member prices on fuel at over 2,000 Walmart, Murphy USA, Murphy Express, and Sam’s Club gas stations. When you fill your tank, you can save 5 cents per gallon.
  • Mobile scan and go. You can pay as you shop in-store using the Walmart app. Scan your products with your phone, pay with Walmart Pay, and skip the checkout line.
  • Free access to the streaming service Paramount+ Essential, which has thousands of movies and TV shows to choose from, including original and exclusive content. Live sports, news, and entertainment are available on CBS, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, and other channels.
  • Video streaming with Pluto TV. Watch select ad-free streaming content that changes each month.

Success of the program

A survey by Piplsay found that 11% of Americans had signed up for the Walmart+ loyalty program within two weeks of its start. This means that Walmart has more than 30 million subscribers. This is a long way from the 150 million Prime members that Amazon said it had in Q4 2019, but it shows that Walmart has grown a lot in a short amount of time.

The success of Walmart+, especially the free shipping aspect, could help Walmart gain even more market share during the holiday season, which is a big time for e-commerce. A total of 44% of retailers claim that loyalty program members contribute at least 40% of total revenue, per the 2019 Retail TouchPoints Customer Acquisition and Retention Benchmark Report. Additionally, according to the 2020 Retail TouchPoints Customer Loyalty Benchmark Report, 68% of retailers gained new online customers due to the pandemic.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said on the fourth-quarter earnings call in February 2021 that “Over time, more and more of our customers will want Walmart+ because it makes life better.”

What made it successful?

  • E-commerce Growth

The COVID-19 outbreak made online shopping grow faster, and Walmart+ wanted to take advantage of this trend. The program’s launch during a time when more consumers were embracing online shopping could have worked in its favor.

  • Convenience

Like Amazon Prime, Walmart+ offered benefits that focused on convenience. Free delivery of groceries and other essentials from local stores could attract busy consumers looking for a convenient way to shop.

  • Price Competitiveness

Walmart has a reputation for offering competitive prices on a wide range of products. If Walmart+ provided members with exclusive discounts and deals, it could have been an attractive proposition for cost-conscious shoppers.

  • Retail Network

Walmart has a vast array of physical stores. This network could have been leveraged to offer additional services such as convenient pickup options for online orders, making the program more valuable to customers.

  • Customer Data

Walmart’s extensive customer data could have been used to personalize the Walmart+ experience, tailoring offers and recommendations to individual preferences.

  • Trial Periods

Offering free trial periods could have encouraged potential customers to experience the benefits firsthand before committing to a subscription.

  • Integration with Existing Services

Integration with Walmart’s existing online services, such as online grocery ordering and curbside pickup, could have made the Walmart+ program more seamless and convenient for customers.


Costco’s loyalty program, known as Costco membership, offers customers access to wholesale prices and exclusive discounts. Memberships are available at different tiers, providing additional benefits and rewards based on the level of membership. This tiered approach has created a sense of exclusivity and encourages customers to upgrade their membership.

Success of the program

It increases customer loyalty and retention, as customers who pay a subscription fee are more likely to stay with the business and make repeat purchases, as they want to get the most value out of their membership. Over 90% of members have renewed their memberships, and the retailer gained 10 million new customers throughout the pandemic.

It leverages Costco’s existing strengths in both in-store and online sales. Costco is the largest warehouse club operator by sales in the U.S., and its online sales are expected to grow by 21.4% annually from 2019 to 2021. By offering free delivery and curbside pickup for orders over $35, Costco attracts customers who value convenience and low prices.

It helps Costco develop and innovate by delivering consumer behavior and preference data. Costco can use this data to improve its products and services, as well as to launch new products and services such as tool rental centers, installation services, HD Supply acquisition, and Pro Referral network.

What made it successful?

It creates a sense of convenience and value for customers, who can enjoy benefits such as free or fast shipping, unlimited streaming, discounts, rewards, and more, without having to pay extra fees or make additional purchases.

It offers a simple and consistent value proposition to customers: save money on almost everything at Costco. This is an easy-to-understand and attractive benefit that appeals to a wide range of shoppers who frequent Costco for their everyday needs.

Costco extends its value-driven approach to its online platform, offering members-only online deals and promotions that encourage online shopping.

Target Redcard

Target Redcard is a card program that offers customers a 5% discount on all purchases. Depending on the type of card you choose, you may also get additional benefits. In addition to the discount, Redcard holders enjoy free shipping for online orders and extended return windows. This program incentivizes customers to shop at Target and provides them with additional benefits for their loyalty.

Target Redcard - loyalty program of Target


  • 5% off every day at Target and Target.com. You can save 5% on almost everything you buy, including groceries, clothing, electronics, beauty products, and more
  • Free shipping on most items at Target, with no minimum purchase required.
  • An extra 30 days for returns and exchanges.
  • More exclusives. Including special items and offers.
  • No annual or monthly fees.
  • Two-day free shipping on hundreds of thousands of products.

Success of the program

  • Growth and innovation: It drives growth and innovation for Target by providing valuable data and insights. Target can use this data to tailor its offerings, promotions, and services to meet the needs and expectations of its most valuable customers.

  • Higher Spending: The discount provided by the RedCard often leads to higher spending among cardholders. Target shoppers spend more to maximize the 5% savings. According to a report by Kantar Retail, RedCard holders spend about 50% more per year than non-cardholders. They also shop across more categories and generate higher basket sizes than non-cardholders.

What made it succesful?

  • Discounts and Savings

It offers a simple and consistent value proposition to customers: save 5% on almost everything at Target. This is an easy-to-understand and attractive benefit that appeals to a wide range of shoppers who frequent Target for their everyday needs.

  • Convenience, flexibility, and exclusivity

Customers can enjoy free shipping, extended returns, exclusive deals, and other perks that make shopping at Target more enjoyable and rewarding.

  • Exclusive Offers

RedCard holders often receive exclusive offers and deals, which adds value to the program and creates an incentive for customers to keep using their cards

  • Partnerships

Target has sometimes partnered with popular brands and products to offer additional savings to RedCard holders, enhancing the value of the program.

  • Simple Application Process The RedCard can be linked to customers’ accounts for easy access and automatic discounts, making the shopping experience more seamless.

Home Depot Pro

Home Depot Pro is a loyalty program designed specifically for professionals in the construction industry. Home Depot Pro is designed for professional contractors, remodelers, builders, and tradespeople who shop frequently at Home Depot or its affiliated brands. Members enjoy benefits such as bulk pricing, job site delivery, and personalized product recommendations. By catering to the unique needs of professionals, Home Depot has successfully engaged and retained a loyal customer base.

Home Depot Pro - loyalty program of Home Depot


  • Pro Xtra Perks. Members can earn rewards for every dollar they spend at Home Depot, and choose from perks like Pro Xtra Dollars, Tool Rental Credit, or Fuel Rewards. Members can also unlock exclusive offers and discounts on select products and services.
  • Pro Online Experience. Members can access a suite of online tools and features to create quotes online, sync to QuickBooks®, track purchases, manage projects, and more. They can also use the Home Depot app to scan their Virtual ID at checkout, view their Lifetime Color History, and access their Pro Xtra account.
  • Paint Rewards. Members can save up to 20% on paints, stains, primers, and solvents in stores and online, get free delivery on orders of 24 gallons or more, get, dedicated support from paint specialists, and Lifetime Color History.
  • Volume Pricing Program. Members can buy more and save more with bulk pricing on qualifying orders of $1,500 or more. Members can also request a quote online or at the Pro Desk in stores, and lock in the pricing for up to 30 days.
  • Delivery Options. Members can get free delivery on most online orders over $45, or choose from other delivery options such as express delivery, scheduled delivery, curbside pickup, or in-store pickup. They can also get direct delivery from over 2,500 stores to job sites all over the country.
  • Purchasing Options. Members can choose from various credit card and financing options that suit their business needs. Members can also use Text2Confirm to authorize employee purchases via text message or use Quotes to create and share product lists with clients or the Pro Desk.

Success of the program

It has increased the loyalty and retention of professional customers, who account for about 45% of Home Depot’s sales. According to a report by Kantar Retail, Pro Xtra members spend about 60% more per year than non-members at Home Depot. They also shop across more categories and generate higher basket sizes than non-members.

It has boosted the online sales and digital engagement of professional customers, who traditionally prefer to shop in-store. According to Home Depot’s annual report, online sales grew by 21.4% in fiscal 2019 and represented 8.9% of total sales. About 60% of online orders were picked up in stores, indicating a high level of convenience and integration for customers.

It has driven growth and innovation for Home Depot by providing valuable data and insights into professional customer behavior and preferences. Home Depot can use this data to tailor its offerings, promotions, and services to fulfill the expectations and demands of its most important clients.

What made it successful?

  • Time and Cost Savings

The program provides professionals with features like bulk pricing, job-site delivery, and tool rental discounts. These benefits help professionals save time and money on their projects, leading to increased efficiency and profitability.

  • Convenience

Home Depot Pro offers streamlined services such as dedicated checkout lanes, priority order pulling, and specialized customer support. These convenience-focused benefits enhance the experience for busy professionals.

  • Access to a Wide Range of Products

Home Depot’s extensive product selection covers various categories relevant to professionals, ensuring that they can find everything they need for their projects in one place.

Unlocking Success Through E-commerce Loyalty Programs

E-commerce loyalty programs have become a powerful tool for businesses to boost customer engagement and drive long-term success. By implementing the right type of loyalty program, businesses can incentivize customers to stay loyal, make repeat purchases, and become brand advocates. By designing an effective program that aligns with their goals and continuously evaluating their performance, businesses can unlock the true potential of customer engagement and the path to success in the e-commerce industry.

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