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With numerous people, locating the nearest store and getting the accurate direction to that store are extremely difficult and complicated. To help you solve the problems, Store Locator is released. Magento 2 Store Locator extension takes advantage of the development of Google Maps and GPS, which allows users to locate any destination in the world no matter how long the address is. Besides, you could also view around the destination like you are there. As a result, customers could find out the nearest shop location and get the direction in the blink of an eye. Moreover, if you use the fully responsive feature, you will be able to process on various devices such as computers, tablets or mobiles freely.

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Why choose Store Locator extension

Besides helping customers to find the store’s location and get the direction more easier, this extension also offers other superb benefits.

Grow sites’ traffic

Once you have added a store locator to your website, it means that your customers have to visit your site before finding out the related stores. It, as a result, would help the number of traffics to your main website increase significantly.

Increase search rankings

When using Store Locator, the local search rankings of your store would be improved considerably thanks to the local content, which is included inside the store local platform. And when your rankings are increased, more customers would know about your store which would help you reach more potential local customers in a short time.

Significant cost and time savings

Magento 2 Store Locator extension would provide the full information about your store’s location includes store locations, contact points, operating hours to your customers. Your customers can then get the essential information quickly and easily. Consequently, you could save a significant amount of time and money instead of trying to make calls all day to instruct your customers.

Improve the experience of users

If you could shorten the process which customers find the related location, you could help them quicken their purchases, which would make them feel satisfied and impress with your website.

Best features of Store Locator extension

Integrate Google Maps with Magento 2 stores

This feature allows customers to approach the store locations easily. And they could also experience all the features of Google Map right on your website. The recommended with relevant suggestions will be shown to customers when they type some letters in the Address box. Besides, they could locate themselves, and the extension will then display the nearest addresses automatically.

Best features of Magento 2 Store Locator extension

The ability to preview, display and edit the shop’s coordinates

With Store Locator for Magento 2 by Mageplaza, you can display the correct latitude and longitude of your store by converting the filled store address to GPS coordinates. Besides, if you want to relocate your store’s location, you can edit its coordinate and place an icon which would mark the correct position on the Google maps. Also, you could preview all the changes that you have made from the admin backend before you apply these changes.

Show information about the store and provides images through slides

Main information of the store block such as address, opening time, phone number, website address, or description would be shown next to the map and also on the marker icon in the map. This feature helps customers view the necessary information about the stores and find the nearest brick-and-mortar store quicker and much easier. Besides, this module does support you to add store’s image sliders directly on the map page, which would enhance customer experience.

Store Locator for Magento 2 help show store information

The design of the map can be customizable

Besides the default style of Google map, this extension also provides 4 mores favorable designs. You can also add more popular and trendy map styles to your site. The zoom function of the default map can be set to match with the content block. Furthermore, both background images and head icon can be customized easily to create an attractive match between the styles of the map and marker icon, which could create a visual appeal to customers.

Filtering store locations

This function allows not only admins but also customers to identify how many store locations are available. It is created based on the radius around the current position of a customer. Customers can now find out the nearest store location to visit, which would quicken their buying process thank for this filter.

Mageplaza Store Locator Filtering store locations

Auto - display the working hours and holidays of a store

With this feature, the status of the store can be changed automatically based on the periods of time. For example, during working hours, the status will be Open, and on the contrary, the store will be put on Close when the store close. In addition, you as the store admin, could configure the holidays and also special days of several stores at the same time.

Store Locator extension display the working hours and holidays of a store

Applying SEO locally

This function could help promote the products of your stores to various local customers right at the time when they are looking for those items. Using Store Locator extension for Magento 2, you can integrate keywords, especially the local ones into your content in order to better your SEO performance and increase the rankings of your stores on search engines such as Google or Bing.

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