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15 Best Magento T-Shirt Designer Extensions & Tools

Vinh Jacker | 08-05-2021

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Each of us always wants to make a difference for ourselves. Store owners desire to create unique products for customers. On the customer side, of course, they also want to receive a unique product for themselves.

Indeed, any customer is satisfied with the fashion items they own, such as T-shirts, bags, shoes, accessories, etc. A Marvel fan won’t hesitate to pay a few dollars more to write a famous Captain America quote on his/her T-shirt, which will surely double your sales. Designing a custom T-shirt is a hobby for anyone.

There are many tools and extensions on the market that provide this feature. However, choosing the right tool and design extension by store owners for Magento stores is not easy. In today’s review, we will collect 15 best T-Shirt Designer extensions and tools for Magento stores, afterwards, you can choose the best one among them.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

7 Best Magento T-Shirt Designer Tools

1. inkXE

If you are looking for a specific design tool for t-shirts, inkXE is a perfect choice. inkXE is a dynamic, powerful, and flexible t-shirt design tool compatible with Magento stores. This is an online design tool that supports all available printing methods as of now. inkXE has a flexible and straightforward control panel that allows you to edit all your requirements. Besides, you can also easily manage orders. What’s more remarkable, the key to this tool’s success is quality graphics because inkXE offers you 10000+ things. With the help of this tool, you or your client can save valuable time when designing a product.

Outstanding features:

  • 4 ways to get the customized orders

    • Ability to customize products with images
    • Ability to customize products with new images
    • Ability to customize products with templates
    • Ability to customize the product by editing the design
  • All kinds of Print Industries supported

    • inlXE designer tool supports all printing industries such as garment, wide format, paper products… and printing methods such as DTG, screen, sublimation, vinyl, etc., as per your industry needs.
    • Allow customers to select various product attributes as color, size, quantity, material, etc
    • Allow customers to customize Size/ Color/Side of the product
    • Easy to customize the product size and the product shape
    • Easily configure the product if customers want
    • Ability to print variable data
  • Easy to customize products in various ways
    • Easy to edit the image
    • Easy to edit the text logo
    • Allow editing artwork logo
    • Offer multiple tools and layers to customize
  • Ability to preview design

    • Easy to preview 3D before checkout
    • Ability to edit carts
    • Allow adding multiple color and size variants of the same product
    • Be able to add notes, preview the present cart

Price: $2499

2. Brush Your Ideas

Personalized t-shirts are a great proposition in the Web-to-Print industry. It allows customers to design their own outfits. With the help of Brush Your Ideas T-shirt Design Tool, you will no longer worry whether your customers can use it or not as it is very easy-to-use and customized software. Even if the client is not technically savvy, they can design with just a few simple steps. In addition, this section also provides a rich library of clipart, fonts, and text designs for your customers to choose from. From there, we believe it will help you in increasing the profit of your Magento store. Brush Your Ideas is exactly for you if your store is missing a T-shirt design software.

Outstanding features:

  • Allowing uploading custom images
  • Include 10000+ customizable clipart
  • Easy to manage printing methods
  • Ability upload or enable WaterMarks
  • Allow editing PDF
  • Include the warning about resolution
  • CMYK color supported with RGB
  • Ability to set the custom pricing

3. Customily

If you have trouble finding a T-shirt design tool for your client, then don’t miss this tool. We believe it will bring a lot of benefits to you. Customily is a great tool we are talking about. It can be suitable for any platform, including your Magento store. Thanks to this module, personalizing t-shirts and other outfits have never been so easy. With just a few seconds, customers have the ability to personalize products based on their preferences. This is really interesting for customers because they design a T-shirt or something for themselves. Thanks to this magic tool, not only does it save your customers time, but it also helps your online store increase sales significantly.

Outstanding features

  • Various colors and Patterns
  • Ability to upload a custom picture
  • Easy to customize product size and model
  • Brilliant fonts and styles
  • ynamic text supported
  • Easy to customize products

Price: $16 per product

4. Designnbuy

Designnbuy is an enhanced solution for Magento 2 stores, which provides powerful functions for customers such as adding check image quality, filtering images, adding text shapes, using image masks, and designing templates. With this tool, store owners can design their own templates in the backend and add them to the store to easily choose. In addition, customers can also create their own products such as T-shirts, gear, bags, etc according to their preferences.

Outstanding features

  • Allow customers to change the product in the middle of a design
  • Allow previewing 2D and 3D
  • Include all the basic designing features as usual
  • Enable customers to download ready to print vector output files in CMYK and PDF
  • Ability to define the personalized products and configure the design areas

Price: $120/month

5. No-Refresh

No-Refresh is a pioneering design software company in the market. It’s worth being one of the most admired product design software companies. We believe your customers will really love the customized products created by this tool. Besides providing your customers with the ability to design T-shirts, it also has the ability to design a lot of other products online such as Sign, Button, Greeting, Labeling, Photoframe, Lettering, Sticker designing tool and others.

In addition, No-Refresh’s solution also provides a lot of powerful and flexible features for your customers. Put your trust in them; your t-shirt business will surely reap a lot thanks to this design software.

Outstanding features:

  • Allow selecting the T-shirt based on 3 levels: Product Type, Product Category and Product
  • Easy to view all sides of the chosen T-shirt on a single screen.
  • Ability to change T-shirt color without any hassle
  • Enable adding text on T-shirt
  • Easily add Name and Number on T-shirt
  • Allow customers to add clipart on T-shirt
  • Enable customer to add image and draw the shape on T-shirt
  • Monogram supported
  • Allow customers to preview all sides of the T-shirt before print

Price: $140 per product

6. Inkybay

Another tool to help your customers personalize products on your website is Inkybay. It is suitable for Magento print shops and e-commerce stores, as well as on various platforms. This utility not only helps your customers create products such as T-shirts, Apparels, Mugs, shoes, signs, stickers, etc., but also helps you easily manage your store. It can automate the processing of custom orders, saving you time in managing your online store. The result of using this utility is to help you gain the trust of your customers, bring them great experiences, and, more specifically, increase your business value.

Outstanding features:

  • Support all printing methods
  • Optimized for mobile with HTML 5 advanced technology
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Easy to upload and download the customized images
  • Allow customers to add text, images, clipart, and quotes to the customized image

Price: Free for 21 days trial and $99.99 per month with 50 storage

7. Zakeke

Zakeke is exactly what I want to talk about. This is a powerful and easy tool for product personalization. This tool allows your customers to design any product like T-shirts, mugs, shoes, accessories, gear, etc. Thanks to the Zakeke tool, you can also more easily manage your personalized products or all the categories in your store than ever before. Besides, it is also responsive on any platform like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc. More impressively, it comes with tons of attractive customization features, sure your customers will be satisfied and delighted with this tool.

Outstanding features:

  • Ability to customize text, the image quickly
  • Easy to view all sides of customized product
  • Support many formats such as PDF, PNG, SVG and AutoCad DXF
  • Ability to display a dynamic price
  • Allow managing all personalized products

Price: $10.49

8 Best Magento T-Shirt Designer Extensions

8. Product Designer Extension by SetuBridge

Magento 2 Product Designer Extension by SetuBridge is a great t-shirt design tool that packs a lot of powerful features. This amazing solution saves your customers time when customizing their products, and they can get designs instantly to print. This tool is built on the basis of open source technology (Angular + HTML 5). More than that, it has a beautiful design and is very easy to use. This is T-shirt design software that you should consider.

Outstanding features:

  • Interactive T-shirt designer tool
    • Allow uploading images with jpg, jpeg and png format
    • Easy to change product colors from the list
    • Friendly user interface
  • Rich designing tools
    • Easy to add various background patterns
    • Be able to decorate the background with multiple colors
  • Background & patterns
    • Allow admins to define various background colors
    • Provide patterns for effective design
  • Powerful text features
    • Include expensive text editor with all pinpoint tools
    • Support outline and shadow effect
    • Support to add the “Quotes” section
  • Save Design
    • Easy to save the created design
    • Be able to log in and signup on to this module
    • Ability to preview all sides of designs on the single popup
  • Layers & Sticky tools supported
    • Include many layer options: Show-Hide, Up-Down, Delete
    • Undo and Redo the previous step supported

Price: $299

9. CMSmart

Magento 2 Online Designer extension by CMSmart is one of the tools that allow customers to create their own T-shirt designs. Besides, customers can also design a variety of other items such as hats, accessories, badges, flyers, business cards, and much more. With this tool, you don’t need to know about photoshop or technical requirements, the Online Designer module can help you design very simple. All you need to do is install the extension and wait for your clients to create beautiful designs. Of course, this makes customers have enjoyable and happy experiences.

Outstanding features

  • Allow store owners to manage the design templates
  • Easy to manage fonts by adding, editing, and deleting Google Fonts, Custom Fonts in the backend
  • Easy to manage customized orders: View design, download design, approve as well as reject design, etc
  • Ability to upload product images for designs
  • Includes all functions for customers as adding text, arts, images, Qr Code and Free draw
  • Allow integrating another module for any products if you want

Price: $179.69

10. Product Designer Extension by MageTop

Customers often desire to personalize a product according to their preferences and requirements. With that in mind, the MageTop Personalized products extension on the Magento 2 platform is developed to help your customers realize their dreams. Product Designer Extension by MageTop allows buyers to design not only their own T-shirts but also other products such as mugs, hats, accessories, and much more. By adding images, text, clipart, etc, designed products will become more unique, and of course, you can improve your shopping and selling experience better.

In addition, this product has an extremely user-friendly interface with powerful and flexible features. If you integrate this utility for your online store, it will definitely help your e-commerce store to grow and increase sales.

Outstanding features

  • Allow design custom products free
  • Easy to save the customized design in My Account
  • Ability to crop the uploaded image
  • User-friendly interface
  • Be able to transform text or artwork from libraries free
  • Easy to download formats in jpg or png
  • QR-code supported

Price: $299

11. Custom Product Designer by Aitoc

Have you ever thought that your customers are their own designers? If not, then you are probably wrong. Give your website visitors a chance to showcase their creativity and abilities. With the Custom Product Designer by Aitoc module, customers can design a T-shirt or any other product according to their own requirements. All you need to do is give them this easy-to-use software; while the customers create their own products, you can also increase your profits by setting higher prices on items with custom-designed products.

Outstanding features

  • Easy to customize different product sides
  • Ability to manage multiple fonts
  • Responsive on any device
  • Lightweight tool, no system slowdowns
  • Various design areas supported
  • Cliparts and custom images easily
  • Integrate Social Media (coming soon)

Price: $299

12. Product Designer Extension by Landofcoder

Undeniably, customers tend to buy personalized products rather than conventional products. Product Designer Extension by Landofcoder gives them exciting experiences and unexpected creative possibilities. You can completely install a free design module to your Magento 2 store. In addition, Landofcoder Product Designer offers excellent customization services. Besides T-shirts, it also allows customers to create many different products according to their needs. Although it is a free module, it also includes all the basic features of a design tool. Customers can design products online with images, text, add google fonts, download designs as pdf, or share their creations on social networks. This will definitely impress your customers, thereby helping to increase the traffic on your store a lot.

Outstanding features

  • Allow customers to customize products with multiple design options
  • Enable customers to download or print personalized designs easily
  • Allow customers to share own design with their friends via social networks
  • Allows customers to choose the premade design template
  • Ability to add text on the customized products
  • Easy to upload and edit the customized products

Price: Free

13. MOTIF – Premier Custom Product Designer Extension

Another tool to help your customers personalize products is the MOTIF – Premier Custom Product Designer Extension. Developed by Spacifi, it provides full features of a designer module. Your customers can add images, text, clipart on T-shirts, or any product they want. Don’t miss the opportunity to help customers have a pleasant shopping experience in your Magento store. Installing a module designer would be an intelligent choice.

Outstanding features

  • Easy to customize the personalized products
  • Allow customers to create their favorite products
  • Easily upload and edit the personalized products
  • Enable admins to manage customized orders easily
  • Manage various multiple design options

Price: $251

14. Milople

Customers desire to personalize a product according to their requirements. To do this, Magento 2 Product Designer extension by Milople is the right choice. It allows your customers to design a product with images, text, clipart, quote, etc. This utility allows them to create a variety of products such as T-shirts, mugs, shoes, and many others. Surely this exciting experience will make your customers happy and thereby help you increase sales fastest.

Outstanding features

  • Ability to add image, text, clipart to design
  • Allow previewing the personalized product
  • All Magento 2 product types supported
  • Ability to redo and undo control
  • Easy to customize action button label
  • Ability to add name and number on the effect on the premium version
  • Premade design template supported on the premium version
  • Allow adding predefined quotes on product

Price: $102

15. Gomage

Gomage T-Shirt and Product Designer is a perfect choice for your customers to personalize products according to their needs. Customers can create their own logos or images on different products such as t-shirts, mugs, souvenirs, caps, shoes, etc. The integration of other powerful features makes it more convenient for you to manage your store. More than that, thanks to this magic tool, it makes customers feel like professional designers, as they can create their own unique designs.

Outstanding features

  • Ability to modify the image by adding text, images, shapes, clipart, etc
  • Easy to choose the available product size
  • Various colors supported when designing
  • Allow customers to upload their own images
  • Allow users to select the preferred size, font, color of the text as well as apply effects
  • Integrate advanced technologies like HTML 5 and CSS 3
  • Allow users to rearrange saved design in My Account

Price: $859

Tips for choosing a Magento T-shirt Designer Extension and Tool

ToolMagento T-shirt Designer Extension and Tool
Magento T-shirt Designer Extension and Tool

If you find yourself choosing a Magento 2 T-shirt Designer Extension and Tool complex, some tips below can help you. Please keep in mind.

  • Multiple Products: Make sure the tool you choose can design multiple products. Just selling t-shirts won’t help you sell much. Please provide a variety of products for the store so that customers have more choices.

  • Open Source Code: Set up free access so developers can easily customize extensions, add or remove arbitrary features.

  • Responsiveness: Make sure the tool you use is responsive on all devices. Customers mostly use their phones to shop online; designing products from their own phones will bring a great experience.

  • Design Elements: You need to check that the utility has all the basic design elements (text, fonts, clipart, images).

  • Powerful Admin Panel: A flexible admin panel is also an essential factor you need to keep in mind when choosing. An easy-to-use and flexible control panel will keep them entertained.

  • Lightweight: this means you need to care about the size of that extension. A small extension will help your website load faster. It’s useless if this add-on slows down your website.

Final Words

That is it. We’ve collected 15 Best T-shirt extensions and tools for Magento stores that not only help your customers personalize their own products but also enhance value to your business. Customers are sure to be impressed with your online store; as a result, you can increase your profits significantly. In addition, we also recommend a few pocket tips to help you make an informed choice when choosing a T-shirt design tool or extension for your Magento store.

Don’t forget to follow and share our articles with your friends via social networks.

Thanks a lot for reading!


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