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How to auto-synchronize Magento 2 data to Freshsales

Vinh Jacker | 01-03-2020

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You are wondering how to update your data from Magento webistes into the Freshsales system so that you can start to nurturing their customers and utilize all of available your data? You can find our best advice in this blog.

Magento 2 Freshsales integration solution is built for Magento 2 stores to deal with a bulk data amount synchronization to the third-party system, in this case, is Freshsales. Let’s see how this solution can beneficial for your current websites.

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About Freshsales CRM

About Freshsales CRM

Being an outstanding product of Freshwork, Freshsales is an all-in-one customer relationship management system. It does assists business of all sizes to collect, analyze and process then nurture customers’ information of any company.

Freshsales is well known for its friendly interface and multiple functions integration. It is included with AI_base lead scoring, built-in mobile, and emails, automatic intelligent work task, customizable and visual reports, etc. This CRM system ensures to provide merchants a complete lead-nurturing system in order to implement the most appropriate marketing and sales campaigns.

How can Freshsales integration is worth of use?

Synchronizing data by schedule saves time

In order to use Freshsales, you have to import all related customers and order data from Magento 2 stores, undoubtedly. If you do it manually, how much time it takes to import data one by one? You cannot do that way, right?

Freshsales integration in your Magento stores will definitely help you to save a ton amount of time since it can auto-sync data to Freshsales system. The sending schedule is flexible depending on admins’ wishes.

Synchronizing data by schedule saves time

Data matched flexibly

Freshsales module allows Magento admins to choose which data from Magento will be matched with which info in the Freshsales system. They can choose websites to get those data as well.

This assures the precise and flexibility in connecting two systems that have different allocations of data. Hence, Freshsales can have potential and promising input to improve its functions.

Real-time update, better customer service

How to update data all the time and persistently to Freshsales? You need a tight schedule and this module is definitely helpful for that.

Magento admins can choose which frequencies they want and the system will do the rest. This function assures that Freshsales have real-time data from customers to take care of them more accurately.

Outstanding functions of Freshsales extension?

Synchronize data to Freshsales by cron

Auto-update data from Magento to Freshsales is the most outstanding function of this module. Admins can set up the schedule for it to run frequently. From which, data can be synchronized from Magento to Freshsales in minutes, hours, daily, weekly or monthly; depending on store purposes.

This function helps us save time and resources to check data and control them manually.

Synchronize data to Freshsales by cron

Auto-update order data to Freshsales

In Freshales, orders data is named as Deals. Hence, Freshsales module will help transfer orders related data from Magento into the Deals folder in Freshsales.

The data includes Order Name, Order Amount, Base Currency Amount, Customer ID, Expected Close Date, Closed Date, Territory ID, Probability. All of this info will absolutely assist Freshsales system to take care of their old customers and maybe up-sell or do remarketing them better.

Auto-update order data to Freshsales

Quite different from Magento, Customer data in Freshsales are divided into three folders: Accounts, Contacts and Leads.

While Leads contains the most basic information of potential customers who leave their info at your stores; Contacts includes the details to easily connect with those customers via phone, email or website, etc. And Accounts covers the information related to the customers’ workplace so that Magento stores can understand them better.

Auto-sync customers related info

Synchronize by rules

How can the data updated in the exact folder of Freshsales in the wanted ways? It will be solved by using sync rules. Magento 2 stores’ admins can create unlimited sync rules using the customers and orders attributes.

For example, we can set up to allow the module to only synchronize customers account created from 2019 to Accounts folder in Freshsales.

Synchronize by rules

Assign Magento data to appropriate Freshsales fields

The mapping field is the next noticeable function of this module. By it, admins can flexibly choose which Magento fields can be matched to corresponding Freshsales fields.

Interestingly, you can select multiple fields to be matched to one field of the other systems, and vise versa. This is exclusively helpful for bulk synchronizing data.

Assign Magento data to appropriate Freshsales fields

Track sync results using queue reports

All the data from Magento stores that match the sync rules will be stored in queues. So in order to control the synchronization process, Magento admins have the right to check the queue status at its grid. (see the pictures below)

In this grid, admins can view queue status (success, error, pending, processing). Also, they can delete and sync certain queues manually there.

Track sync results

Detail functions of Freshsales module

General Configuration

  • Turn on/off the extension
  • Provide Freshsales domain to connect to Magento
  • Provide Freshsales API Key
  • Check credentials before connecting to Freshsales

Queue Schedule

  • Set schedule to auto-delete queue log
  • Set time to auto-synchronize data to Freshsales
  • Decide the object quantity sync per time
  • Allow testing module function by developer mode

Manage Sync Rules

  • Admins can edit/delete sync rules
  • Admin can add sync rules to queue
  • Admin also can status of sync rules
  • Admin is able to create new sync rules
  • Choose Magento objects and related Freshsales objects
  • Select Magento website to get data
  • Set title for the sync rule
  • Define the priority for new sync rule
  • Choose the conditions (by customers and order data) for sync rule
  • Use the mapping fields to match objects of two systems

Manage Queue Grid

  • View/ Delete wanted queues
  • Select specific queues to be synchronized queue manually
  • Sort out queue details: Magento object, Freshsales object, website, status, etc.
  • Any change in Magento is auto-updated in Freshsales queues by schedule
  • Track queue synchronization report

Final thoughts

In conclusion, among various CRM system, Magento 2 Freshsales integration is a good solution for auto-synchronizing customer and order data from Magento stores to the Freshsales system. The extension allows you to update and manage all necessary information then enhance customer relationships and implement stores’ strategies effectively.


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