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Automatically synchronize Magento 2 data to Quickbooks Online

Financing and accounting is the ulmost crutial department within a business. For Magento 2 websites, this is much better taken care by the third party platform such as Quickbooks Online. In this blog, you are going to know how amazing the Quickbooks Online system can helps in managing your accounting tasks and optimize the cash flows for your businesses.

Magento 2 Quickbooks Online integration solution from Mageplaza will be a great choice for you to start working in Quickbooks Online. Let’s drive into the details!

Main Contents

Quickbooks Online and reasons to use

What is Quickbooks platform?

What is Quickbooks platform

Known as a cloud-based financial management software, Quickbooks Online supports Magento stores to manage the financial situation on their businesses. In more details, Quickbooks Online provides the services to:

  • Manage all customer data
  • Control all billing data
  • Keep an eye on sales and cash flow
  • Control tax and do tax return easily

Great benefits of Quickbooks synchronization for Magento 2 stores

Keep track of all store information

By plain steps in configurations, stores admin are able to connect Magento 2 websites to Quickbooks Online account. Then all the data such as products, customers, sales, invoices, orders, payment methods, tax, will be synchronized easily to the Quickbook system. Thanks to this, you can have complete control over your data and use it as input for financial management.

benefits of Quickbooks

Auto-update saves much time

With this module, all the synchronizations will be done automatically just using the sync rules and sync schedule. Moreover, when there is any change in Magento stores, it is immediately updated in Quickbook Online as long as the changed data is included in the sync rules.

Highlight functions in Quickbooks Online integration module

Transfer product data to Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Online integration supports Magento 2 stores to auto-synchronize and update product information with both basic and advanced data into Quickbooks Online without any limitations. The product details can be Name. SKU, Type, Sales Description, Sales Price, Cost, Taxable, Qty on hand.

In addition, Quickbooks allows importing multiple product types including inventory, non-inventory, service, and bundle ones.

Transfer product data

Synchronize billing documents to Quickbooks Online

Besides product data, billing data is strongly important to financial management activities. Hence, this module typically allows Magento stores to upload their billing documents into Quickbooks Online. They includes orders, invoices, shipment and credit memos documents.

billing documents

Auto-update Customer data to Quickbooks

Along with product and billing documents, Magento 2 Quickbooks Online extension does support synchronize customer data. This is used for further marketing campaigns based on customers’ contacts and account information.

Customer data

Import payment methods to Quickbooks

Various payment methods that your Magento stores support are all under control of Quickbooks Online effectively. In other words, when using Quickbooks Online extension, all of the current shipping methods are auto-transferred from Magento 2 store to Quickbooks Online. Also, if there is any new method, it will be updated immediately into the management system of Quickbooks Online.

payment methods

Rule-based synchronization

Setting up conditions for sync rules allows admins to only import the wanted data quickly and accurately to Quickbooks Online. Conditions are unlimited at backend, it can be based on order attributes, customer attributes, billing documents or payment methods.

Rule-based synchronization

Schedule-based synchronization

Besides setting the sync rules, this module enables admins to configure the schedule for all the rules run automatically. By that, data can be synchronized in minutes, hours, daily, weekly or even monthly.

Schedule-based synchronization

Full functions of Quickbooks Online extension

General configuration

  • Activate/deactivate the module
  • Choose the testing mode
  • Provide the client ID
  • Fill in the client secret
  • Define the redirect URI
  • Check connection before using

Queue Log/ Sync Schedule

  • Set up a schedule to delete queue log
  • Schedule the sync time by minutes
  • Limit the object number sync per schedule

Grid of Synchronization rules

  • Create new rule for Customer, Product, Order, Invoice, Credit Memo, Payment Methods and Tax in Magento
  • View/edit all the synchronization rules easily
  • Add the objects manually to queue via the grid

Queue grid

  • Track sync rules status: Pending, Success or Error
  • Choose to sync certain queue manually at grid

Final words

Magento 2 Quickbooks Online extension automatically synchronizes and update all accounting information such as customer’s information, product details, orders, payments, invoices, inventory, etc. from Magento 2 store to Quickbooks platform.


Quickbooks Online for Magento 2

Sync your Magento data to Quickbooks Online system automatically

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