Magento 2 AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages Extensions in 2024

The Best 6 Magento 2 AMP extensions from hundreds of the AMP extensions in the market as derived from Mageplaza Ranking, which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search results, and social metrics. The below extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your AMP does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best AMP list is ranked and evaluated in 2024, the price from $79 to $149. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

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Here is a list of Best AMP extensions for Magento 2:

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
plumrocket logo


AMP by Plumrocket

  • Create AMP pages for your stores
  • Boost search engine optimization
  • Supports all Google Accelerated Mobile Pages tags and components
  • Support of Google Tag Manager
  • Added Related Products and Upsells on the AMP Product Page

Plumrocket AMPs extension for Magento 2 helps your website content load dramatically quicker on all mobile and tablet devices. Also, Magento 2 AMP plugin can improve your search engine visibility, increase site traffic as well as your conversion rates.

amasty logo


AMP by Amasty

  • Significantly reduce average page load time
  • Auto-generate separate mobile pages
  • Easily customize the AMP page design
  • Display rich snippets for better search

Magento 2 Accelerated Mobile Pages extension make your store pages load 85% faster for mobile users. Improve site usability and visibility in SERP by generating super lightweight mobile pages.

bsscommerce logo


AMP by Bsscommerce

  • Auto-create Magento 2 AMP pages for Category Pages and Product Pages
  • Customize AMP Homepage and CMS Pages by AMP-standard widgets: banner, iframe, social share, image, video
  • Support styling by custom CSS for each page type
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to track the performance of AMP in Magento 2
  • Allow Search and Subscribe Newsletter block on sites using https

Magento 2 AMP extension is the ultimate trending technology for faster and smoother loading mobile web pages. With the ability to be in just a few seconds, the new mobile pages will increase user engagement on your store and drop the exit rate.

cmsideas logo


AMP by Cmsideas

  • Allow use AMP for the home page, category and product pages, catalog search and even CMS pages
  • Customizable mobile pages design
  • Easily Configure Logo In The Mobile Pages
  • Change In Displaying On Mobile Pages

Magento 2 AMP from CMSideas helps your website be loaded faster when your customers access using mobile devices. So that, they have better experiences during the period staying on the website. This can lead to that the rank of your website in the search results of the search engine is improved that means improving SEO of your website.

templates-master logo


AMP by Templates-master

  • Create Google AMP for homepage, search results and CMS pages
  • Auto-generate AMP version for the category, product, product comparison pages.
  • Cut loading time by showing lightweight pages on mobile
  • Flexible custom AMP page look
  • Track customer behavior with Magento Google Analytics

Templates Master AMP extension for Magento 2 is built to help you create specific pages for mobile devices. This is an AMP package consisting of lightweight CSS styles that automatically converts all known tags and blocks into accelerated mobile pages compatible components.

webkul logo


AMP by Webkul

  • Faster loading page for mobile users.
  • Improve search engine ranking.
  • Show favorable reviews on the product AMP page
  • Instantaneously web load across multiple platforms and devices

Magento 2 AMP extension will help you to reduce the loading time of your website and enhance the overall user experience of the mobile users. Besides, the Accelerated Mobile Pages module will also improve site visibility while searching on a search engine.


These 6 AMP modules are ranked based on following criteria:

  • Rating review on Magento Connect, Magento Marketplace and vendor's website.
  • The price and features.
  • The vendor's reputation and Search Engine Ranking.
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
  • Mageplaza team and expert review.

Top 6 Magento 2 AMP Vendors

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