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Promo Bar for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Promo Bar for Magento 2
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Promo Bar for Magento 2 helps you notify customers that your site is currently under maintenance or upgradation, and prepare for upcoming products/ services. Thanks to Promo Bar module, store visitors are well informed about maintenance progress as well as the launch date with comfort.

  • Unlimited promo bars on page
  • Auto-show promo bars by conditions
  • Design promo bars with ease
  • Show slider or separately promo bars
  • Display promo bar anywhere on store site
  • Auto close and auto reopen promo bars
  • Promo category
  • Backend preview
  • Properly compatible with Banner Slider, Product Slider



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Problems and Solutions

The Benefits of Promo Bar to Stores

  • record_voice_overEffective notification for marketing campaign
  • add_shopping_cartSupport to boost sales
  • camera_enhanceMake store always active

    The lively and moving bars on pages of store sites will make the stores look active all the time. The visitors coming to this site will feel this store is working positively and would like to surf more.

Applications of Promo Bars

  • check_circle_outlineApply promo bars to sales campaigns

    Online stores can apply the promo bars to sales campaigns such as discounts on product price, discounts on shipping fee, free shipping and so on.

  • check_circleApply promo bars to notifications
  • view_dayEasy to attach promo bars to any content

The Advantages of Promo Bar to Customers

  • check_circle_outlineWell notified of updated news

    With promo bars displayed lively on the top of the page, customers are always well-notified about the latest news or notifications of the store.

  • check_circleNot miss good chances, good prices
  • moodHave better shopping experience

Unlimited promo bars on page

Promo Bar extension allows stores to advertise various sales campaigns or any notifications at the same time by showing multiple promotion banners on the store pages.

On a page, there is either one or multiple banners displaying at the same page and at the same time. Customers can be well noticed about sales, discounts and any notifications when they are on site.

Promo Bar

Auto-show promo bars by conditions

Promo Bar

Another interesting feature of Promo Bar is condition application. From the admin backend, store owners can set the conditions based on which each promo bar will be displayed.

For example, when the shopping cart has items belonging to Women Jackets, the promobar “Sale off 50% for Women Jackets” will be shown. Besides, store owners can prepare promo bars for each period by conditions, then when each period comes, the promobar will be shown automatically.

Design promo bars with ease

Promo bars play an important role in attracting customers and increase sales, so it should be concerned about the good appearance. Interestingly, Promo Bar extension supports store owners with 5 ready-to-use eye-catching bar templates. Therefore, store admins can instantly make use, or customize specific below elements of templates if needed.

  • Text Content
  • URL Text
  • URL
  • Text Content Color
  • Background Color
  • URL Text Color
  • URL Text Background Color

There is not any limitation in the content and color selection when designing promotion/notification bars. Moreover, variables are also supported to customize bars fully and quickly.

Promo Bar

Show slider or separately promo bars

Promo Bar

As mentioned above, there can be multiple promo bar shown at the same place. In this case, there are two types to display them neatly: Slider or Separate.

If Separate, promo bars at the same position will be arranged vertically by priority level. With Slider, promo bars at the same position will display in turn, using the fade effect to change the bars. Depending on store site themes, number of promo bar, stores can select a type to show promo bars appropriately.

Display promo bars anywhere on store site

When promo bars are ready with attractive design, store owners can place the bar anywhere they want. The extension not only offers ready options to place bars at the top of page or content but also allows using snippet to custom the bar positions with ease.

After saving a bar, the snippet code is ready to paste anywhere on store site to show the bar flexibly.

Promo Bar

Schedule promo bars

Promo Bar

The activation of promotion bars can be setup to run in suitable time easily. You can set up the start date and end date which are the valid time for a promo bar. During the valid time, the promo bar can be set to auto-close and auto-reopen with a schedule.

For example, the promo bar will be closed after 5 minutes and reopened after 10 minutes. Continuously showing promotions sometimes makes shoppers feel annoyed. Therefore, it is necessary to set the gap time to help promo bars more friendly.

More features

Grid management

Manage all promo bars right via grid. Store owners can view, filter and edit any promo bar.

Promo category

Allow creating promo categories. Group promo bars into the same category to manage better.

Backend preview

Preview design of a promo bar right from backend.


Set the priority level for each promo bar. Based on that, the promo bar will displayed orderly.

Limit visibility

Show promo bars by store views or customer groups

Permit to close

Allow/ Disallow customers to close promo bars

Auto close

Auto close the promo bar after a specific time

Reopen promo bar

Reopen promo bar after closing for a specific time

Extension compatibility

Properly compatible with Banner Slider, Product Slider

Full Features List

For store admins

Create/Edit Promo Bar

  • Set the name for a promo bar
  • Set status for the promo bar
  • Select store views of the promo bar
  • Select customer group of the promo bar
  • Set category for the promo bar
  • Set start date and end date for the promo bar
  • Set priority for the promo bar
  • Set condition for the promo bar
  • Set design for the promo bar: Text content, URL Text, URL, Load Template, Text Content Color, Background Color, URL Text Color, URL Text Background Color
  • Preview Template from backend
  • Set the display position for the promo bar: Select available options or use snippet code to place anywhere on site
  • Set the trigger schedule to close or reopen promo bar

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Set category containing multiple promo bars
  • Allow/ Disallow customers to close promo bars
  • Auto close promo bars after specific time
  • Auto reopen promo bars after specific time

Display Setting

  • Enable/ Disable multiple promo bars
  • Select display type
  • Set time to change bars

For customers

  • Well notified of updated news
  • Not miss good chances, good prices
  • Have better shopping experience on site


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  • filter_drama How can I place the promo bars anywhere?
  • filter_drama Can I make a schedule for promo bar?
  • filter_drama Can I restrict promo bar view?

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