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Magento 2 Product Labels extension   v1.0.1

Magento 2 Product Labels extension
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Magento 2 Product Labels extension by Mageplaza is an effective extension which attracts customers’ attention and motivates purchasing behavior. Appealing sales labels appointed to specific promotion campaign will support store owners to increase conversion rate then boost their sales significantly. Mageplaza Product Labels module allows admins to customize labels quickly and freely.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Product Labels: Problems - Solutions

Product Label: Problems & Solutions

  • error Problem

    There is a fact that when a shopper visits an online store and approaches a huge quantity of product kinds, they can be overwhelmed and find difficult to make the purchasing decision. With the first-time visitors, they will feel curious about what is the most popular item in this shop, or with frequent shoppers, they will need to know what products have any discount or other deals.

  • fast_forward Solution

    In this case, product labels are the excellent solution to notice and guide customers to products meeting their concerns. These useful badges help specific products stand out among a big stuff of others. As a result, customers can easily click to see more about these certain products and quicken their purchasing.

  • done_outline Benefits

    The product labels draw customers’ attraction to certain items and then they can easily find out their concerned products. In case, the labels represent discounts, big sales, customers will be motivated to buy these products quickly.
    In the marketing view, product labels are a factor which can support business in promoting the campaign. It notifies customers about the new products released, special discounts, the remaining quantity of hot selling items. As a result, it helps increase conversion rate and boost stores’ sales significantly.

Typical applications of product labels

  • label Introducing labels

    This type of tags plays the role in introducing typical information about products. They can be new items which have just come out; for example, "New!", "New Arrival", "Super Brand New". They can be the hot items are being sold at a specific period such as "Top seller", "Bestseller", "Best choice", "Best Buy".

  • label_important Discount labels

    When it comes to the aim of boosting conversion rate and increase sales in the certain promotion strategies, store owners will take advantage of sales badges. Here are some product labels examples: "Big Deal", "Special Sale 50% off", "Mega Discount up to 70%". These catchy and appealing deals absolutely draw the attention of customers. They will be willing to discover the deals more and make purchases successfully.

  • offline_bolt Hastening labels

    These labels work as a motivative tool to quicken customers’ purchasing decision. They can be "Limited Offer", "Special Offer - Only today", " Almost gone", "Only 99 items left". These tags notice customers of time or quantity limitation for the special deals, which motivates shoppers to fill their shopping cart quickly.

Ready-to-use appealing labels

Magento 2 Product Labels Extension comes with pre-made templates. These are the trendy labels which are popularly used in many cases. These instant templates are colorful and eye-catching from messages and designs, so the store owners can apply to their products immediately. In case store owners wish to make some changes to suit their purposes, these templates can be edited and configured with ease from admin backend.

Magento 2 product lables pre-made templates

Apply "Best-seller" labels

Product Labels Extension for Magento 2

"Best Seller" labels is the most popular and powerful badges which a huge of the online stores are interested in using for their special products. Among a sheer volume of various products, the products flagged as "Best-Seller" will become out-standing and immediately draw customers attention.

Mageplaza Product Labels extension fully support store owners to decorate their best-selling items with catchy, dominating "Best-Seller" labels. From the backend, admins can easily choose the design of Best Seller badge such as the background color, font type, font size to beautify this type of labels.

Easy to customize labels messages by variables

Depending on each promotion campaign, the shop owners will apply the suitable discount strategy for each item respectively. This requires that message stock should be diverse and can be customized freely before being tagged on the specific products in stores.

Magento 2 Product Labels allows admins to choose predefined variables or, by themselves, write new variables on labels with any content they wish in the liquid. The messages can be sales status, discount percentage, days left for the special price, deal quantity left and so on.

The general structure of variables is friendly and simple to apply to create any messages. For examples: {special_price}, {day_left}, {save_percent}.

Easy to customize Product Labels messages by variables in Magento 2

Rule-based product labels

Rule-based product labels in Magento 2

Product Labels assist admin to assign specific labels to relative category or item by setting condition rules for displaying. This feature is useful in saving time and cutting down workload for admins because they do not have to manually and repetitively apply one label for several items.

The badge appearance will be selected depending on flexible conditions from the backend such as the following:

  • - Product Category
  • - Product Attribute
  • - Attribute Sets
  • - Product SKU

Easy to customize & preview labels designs

Product Labels extension by Mageplaza allow customers to design labels with ease. From the backend, admin can easily customize the labels with various attributes such as font family, font size, labels color, display position on the product image. Especially, custom CSS is also supported to optimize results of designing.

Noticeably, the feature of previewing allows taking a look at the customized design instantly and directly from the backend. Even a small change can be viewed right on the back-end. Admins no longer have to turn back frontend to load pages and check the updates, which saves a lot of configuration time.

Easy to customize and preview product labels designs

More features

Label management grid

All attributes of labels can be easily followed from the backend grid. It helps admin have an overview of all existing badges and manage easily all settings.

Multiple labels

Several labels can be simultaneously displayed on one item to boost the motivation of customers, for examples, both badges "Bestseller" and "Special sale" appearing on one model of menswear collection.

Label priority

To avoid the overlapping of labels in case there are a variety of labels, admin can specify the priority to set specific order for each label. Hence, the labels with the highest priority will show first and vice versa.

Label state

Depending on promotion strategies of store owners, labels can be set up specific active states. In Magento 2 Product labels extension, there are three active options including Running, Queue, and Done.

Display timeframe

The period to display labels can be configured. The admin can be set up the future time for labels in upcoming promotions as well as set up a time limitation.

Responsive display

The labels of one item can be set to appear simultaneously in different pages including Product page, Product listing page, Search page.

Full Magento 2 Product Labels Features

For store admins

Product labels configuration

  • Name product labels to distinguish from others
  • Enable/ Disable a label
  • Apply multiple labels on one product
  • Select specific active state for a label
  • Select store views for product labels
  • Show different labels to different customer groups
  • Set the time period to display a label
  • Set priority for labels to be displayed on products
  • Set condition applied for a label
  • Preview labels updates
  • Select pre-made templates
  • Choose the image to add on a label
  • Set image size
  • Choose predefined variables for labels message
  • Write new variables with a simple structure
  • Select font family for the label text
  • Select font size for the label text
  • Select background color for labels
  • Custom CSS is supported for design
  • Select and preview display position
  • Set same labels design for product listing page and product page
  • Compatible with orther extensions: Countdown Timer, Product Alerts Auto Related Products Product Reviews

General configuration

  • Enable/disable module

Product labels Management Grid

  • Manage Product Labels Management grid on the backend
  • Name the labels
  • Enable/ Disable labels
  • Set state running/queue/done for labels
  • Preview display on Product page
  • Preview display on Category page
  • See store view set for labels
  • View customer groups applied
  • View display priority of labels
  • View future date set for labels
  • Edit the settings of labels
  • Delete labels

For customers

  • View a product with multiple labels
  • Able to view product labels in both product page and product listing page
  • Be aware of the promotion level of products to make a suitable decision for purchasing

Reviews (5)

  • assignment_ind
    Well coded and much needed extension.

    Posted by Eddie on 06 August 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    We are dealing with multiple extension suppliers, and the only that never had conflicts nor issues are Mageplaza extensions. This extension is really needed to boost your store. Thanks, guys.

  • assignment_ind
    Helpful and easy to use

    Posted by Bergur on 11 March 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    It does exactly what is says on the box :) It was easy for me to use labels of my own design, as the pre-made labels didn't fit my usage.

  • assignment_ind
    Very helpful extension

    Posted by David James on 12 February 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Thank you so much for the Product Label extension of Mageplaza. It helps me to decorate the sales products to become much more attractive and lively. The wide range of available templates makes me feel really excited. Thanks

  • assignment_ind
    Very useful to my store!

    Posted by David on 30 January 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Product Labels really works for my store's sales campaigns. I can easily grab customers' notice when they visit stores by the beautiful badges on items. They love this and I also love this. I wish I can know Product Label sooner :D Thanks so much!

  • assignment_ind
    Lovely extension ever!

    Posted by Anne on 03 January 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    I think my store has changed to a very new attractive look since I installed Product Label extension. I love the way to try on the diverse template for product tags, change color, tags and many more. Really excited!!! Most importantly, the conversion rate of my store for each sales campaign has increased incredibly!

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