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Top 20 Offshore Companies in Lafayette LA

In recent years, Lafayette LA has become a highly appealing tech area for tech companies due to its expansive high-speed fiber network. This makes it understandable why many companies, including offshore companies, decide to create a headquarters for their companies in Lafayette LA. 

And if you are curious about top Lafayette LA offshore companies, then, hang on! The answer lies in today’s article with the list of the top 20 offshore companies in Lafayette LA.

Table of contents: 

Offshore companies in Lafayette LA definition

An offshore company, typically called an “offshore corporation” or “offshore entity,” is a legal business structure established in a foreign country or jurisdiction, primarily to enjoy certain financial, tax, or legal benefits. 

Lafayette is a city in the state of Louisiana in the United States, and it’s not typically associated with offshore company formation due to its location within the United States. Offshore companies are more commonly associated with countries or territories that offer favorable tax regulations, privacy protections, and business-friendly environments.

Offshore companies in Lafayette LA definition

These companies are often set up by individuals or businesses seeking to take advantage of various advantages that might not be available in their home country. However, it’s important to note that while offshore companies can provide various advantages, they are subject to specific legal and reporting requirements both in the offshore jurisdiction and often in the home country of the company’s beneficial owners. 

Additionally, some jurisdictions may have gained a reputation for being used for illicit purposes, such as money laundering or tax evasion, leading to increased regulatory scrutiny in recent years.

Potentials of offshore companies in Lafayette

Offshore companies have become more and more relevant in Lafayette, the potential importance could be attributed to several factors:

  • Economic Diversification: If Lafayette has taken steps to diversify its economy and attract international businesses, offshore corporations could expand the range of industries and services available in the region.
  • Job Creation: Offshore organizations could potentially contribute to job creation and talent attraction if they bring in foreign investment and require a skilled local workforce.
  • Foreign Investment: If Lafayette is actively promoting itself as a destination for foreign investment and has implemented business-friendly policies, offshore companies could serve as a way to attract capital from international sources.
  • International Trade: Offshore organizations in Lafayette could facilitate international trade and business connections, potentially boosting the local economy through increased trade activities.
  • Innovation and Technology Transfer: If offshore companies in Lafayette LA specialize in innovative sectors, they could contribute to technology transfer, research collaborations, and knowledge-sharing within the local community.
  • Business Services Sector: Offshore corporations often require various legal, financial, and consulting services. This could stimulate the growth of the local business services sector.
  • Regional Hub: If Lafayette serves as a regional hub with well-developed infrastructure, connectivity, and logistical advantages, it could attract offshore companies looking for a strategic base.
  • Cultural Exchange: Offshore corporations could contribute to cultural exchange and diversity, bringing in professionals and entrepreneurs from various parts of the world.
  • Infrastructure Development: The presence of offshore companies in Lafayette LA might lead to investments in infrastructure and facilities to accommodate their needs, potentially benefiting the overall infrastructure development of the city.

Top 20 offshore companies in Lafayette LA

1. Agilink Technologies 

For more than 15 years, Agilink Technologies, Inc. has been delivering tailor-made software development and technological answers. The firm’s expertise is crafting designs and developing web, mobile platforms, and database applications.

Agilink Technologies’s website

From the beginning, Agilink’s goal has been to construct top-notch, expandable software solutions for their clientele. With a seasoned and skilled core team, they can grasp intricate issues swiftly and generate appropriate remedies. They’ve established comprehensive internal protocols and software elements that enhance their capacity to promptly deliver solutions, irrespective of the intricacy of the design.


  • UI/UX Design
  • Development
  • Mobile
  • Software Testing and QA
  • Business Analyst
  • MVP Design and Development

2. ArisAlex Digital

Founded in 2008, ArisAlex Digital, previously recognized as Aristotle’s Alexander, was conceived by CEO, Chris Hebert. Despite facing tough circumstances during his upbringing, Chris utilized his early challenges as motivation to forge a more promising path ahead. 

His transformation from a self-educated software engineer to a technology entrepreneur underscores his company’s central conviction in the potency of persistence and ongoing education.

ArisAlex Digital

ArisAlex operates as a Digital Technology Solutions Firm, aiding clients in flourishing within the Digital Era by mentoring them during their digital transformation efforts. Through its Transformational Roadmap, the company offers clients a distinct route to utilize the value of customer relations, competitive edge, operations efficiency, data utilization, and innovative practices in their business frameworks. 

This is communicated in straightforward language, avoiding technical jargon. It ensures harmony between Business and Technology. ArisAlex delivers value across five fundamental domains: Strategy, Technology, Insights, Cybersecurity, and readily available Expertise.


  • Digital IQ
  • Strategic
  • Foundational
  • Security
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Brand & Differentiation
  • Transformational

Major clients: United Vision Logistic, EcoServ, Curtem, ….

3. Toast Mobile 

Toast Mobile, headquartered in Lafayette, LA, offers various software applications catering to iOS, Android, web platforms, and beyond. The company’s expertise extends to crafting and managing server and database setups for each application. 

Toast Mobile’s website


Toast Mobile collaborates extensively with customers, guiding the process from initial idea to testing and eventual release, guaranteeing the customer’s contentment with the final product. Its suite of services is poised to offer remedies that seamlessly integrate customers’  business into mobile technology.


  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile App Development

Major clients: HALLIBURTON, Workstring International, Butler University, …..

4. DigitalChores 

Situated in Lafayette, DigitalChores is a comprehensive web design agency committed to aiding clients in the creation of customer-attracting websites.

The company excels at constructing visually stunning websites that excel in search engine performance, bolster website traffic, and offer avenues for business expansion and sales. Their expertise lies in tailoring unique websites that prioritize user experience.

DigitalChores’s website

Since 2016, DigitalChores has thrived as a collective of seven exceptional individuals. Their global team of WordPress, eCommerce, and professional web developers is dedicated to a singular mission: constructing highly functional websites that propel your business toward exponential growth.

With their unwavering commitment, you’ll consistently have a consortium of dependable experts supporting you throughout your collaboration with DigitalChores.


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo

5. Techneaux 

Techneaux Technology Services is a vendor-neutral service provider specializing in devising and executing Enterprise SCADA Systems, Industrial Control Systems, and Business IT Solutions.

With a wealth of expertise, Techneaux is poised to help clients surmount the hurdles of integrating technology to meet distinct business requirements and goals.

Techneaux’s website

Techneaux is dedicated to leaving its business partners with the confidence that they’ve chosen wisely by collaborating with the company. Beyond comprehending the services essential to customers, Techneaux also grasps the intricacies that render each business distinct. 

As Techneaux continues to expand, it maintains the outlook of a nimble, receptive technology services enterprise, consistently prioritizing its role as the go-to resource for a wide array of evolving tech requirements.


  • Custom Software Development
  • IT Managed Services
  • IT Strategy Consulting
  • Web Development

6. S1 Technology 

Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, S1 Technology comprises a team of seasoned industry professionals. Drawing from their involvement in building and utilizing IT enterprises, they discerned a gap in services available to small and mid-sized businesses.

In response, they embarked on a mission to offer top-tier tech support and expertise akin to what larger enterprises receive, all while prioritizing security.

S1 Technology’s website

What sets S1 Technology apart is its dedication to customers’ continuous uptime, not just addressing downtime. They emphasize proactive maintenance and preemptively averting problems rather than simply intervening when issues arise.

This proactive stance empowers S1 Technology to anticipate challenges and allocate efforts to nurture the individuals leveraging the technology.


  • IT Managed Services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Custom Software Development
  • IT Strategy Consulting

7. Premier Data Systems 

Simplicity is at the core of Premier Data Systems’ philosophy. Unlike other companies in the Acadiana region, Premier Data Systems stands out by offering a written money-back guarantee for its services. 

With a profound understanding that time equates to money, the company eschews excuses and inefficiency. It firmly believes you shouldn’t be burdened with IT issues or unreliable IT providers. If Premier Data Systems’ service doesn’t meet your expectations, they’re committed to refunding your money.

Premier Data Systems’s website

What sets Premier Data Systems apart is its unwavering commitment to making technology a seamless experience for you. This encompasses a promise of responding within 60 minutes or less, taking ownership of challenges instead of placing blame elsewhere, and assuring your complete contentment through their steadfast commitment to old-fashioned customer service.


  • Custom Software Development
  • IT Managed Services
  • Cloud Consulting & SI
  • Cybersecurity

Major clients: JSDC, PCS, MED Express, ….

8. Computer One 

Since 1981, Computer One has been a steadfast provider of technology solutions to businesses in Lafayette, Louisiana. The core mission of Computer One revolves around enhancing efficiency for its customers.

A diverse array of services and solutions is at the heart of Computer One’s offering, ensuring that customers derive optimal value from their technology investments. 

These services and support plans cater to busy business owners and managers who lack the time to engage in updates, data backups, and the intricacies of technology maintenance and troubleshooting.

Computer One centers its efforts on furnishing you with the essential tools required to not only compete but thrive within your distinct industry. Through its technology solutions, the company aims to curtail your costs while positioning your business for prosperity.

Computer One’s website

Its comprehensive offerings encompass backup and disaster recovery solutions, network hardware, versatile server solutions encompassing on-premise, virtual, and cloud-based options, antivirus security solutions, voice-over IP solutions, email solutions, and comprehensive technology maintenance and support. 

The overarching goal of Computer One is to provide you with the reassurance necessary to have full faith in your technology, enabling you to refocus on your core work. Whether you seek occasional computer support or complete network oversight and maintenance, Computer One is committed to being your steadfast technology partner.


  • Managed Services
  • Backup And Disaster Recovery
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Solutions
  • VoIP
  • IT Consulting

9. iMed Software Corp

iMed distinguishes itself as an electronic health record (EHR) “boutique” provider, certified by Drummond Group, fostering close-knit connections with its clientele. Through unique implementation and support services, iMed assures the delivery of a functional and high-quality EHR solution. 

Its ethos revolves around cultivating enduring, successful partnerships rather than sheer quantity. The resounding proof of iMed’s prowess is evident in its impressive track record of over 97% success in the past decade alone. 

With a history spanning more than 15 years and collaboration with numerous suppliers, iMed’s growth from inception mirrors its unwavering commitment to customer care.

iMed Software Corp’s website

Technically positioned as an IT software provider for healthcare, specializing in marketing an electronic medical record solution, iMed’s distinctiveness lies in its unparalleled focus on customer service. The company effectively marries technological solutions with astute engineering, resulting in potent offerings tailored for ambulatory healthcare practices.


  • Custom Software Development

10. Computer Concepts 

Computer Concepts, established by Tim Thousand in February 1999 in Lafayette, Louisiana, has evolved significantly since its inception. 

Initially focused on computer assembly and sales, Computer Concepts has diversified its service portfolio to encompass comprehensive computer and networking solutions and business telephone systems, featuring both local and remote management capabilities.

Furthermore, their product lineup has expanded to encompass renowned brands like Cisco, HP, Lenovo, Lexmark, Microsoft, and NEC.

Computer Concepts’s website

While its primary service region covers all of Louisiana, southwest Mississippi, and southeast Texas, Computer Concepts is willing to extend its services beyond these boundaries on a case-by-case basis. In essence, Computer Concepts is dedicated to aiding your business’s success in the realm of IT.


  • Managed Services
  • VPN / Network Security
  • Hardware & Software Upgrades
  • Backups / Disaster Recovery
  • Phone Systems
  • Networking, Installation, & Troubleshooting
  • Dental Customers

Major clients: HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, …..

11. Teamwork Solutions 

Teamwork Solutions, based in Lafayette, provides a range of software development services to local residents. Their expertise lies in crafting computer programs that are compatible with modern HTML5-enabled web browsers, as well as iOS and Android devices. 

In addition to software development, they also excel in web design and digital marketing. Their solutions cater to various industries, including HVAC, manufacturing, and locksmithing.

Teamwork Solutions’s website

Notably, Teamwork Solutions boasts a strategic partnership with Google and boasts a substantial track record of serving recurring clients over the past decade. Their commitment to customer success is unwavering, as they deeply understand the challenges and obstacles that businesses encounter on a daily basis. 

Consequently, they have structured their services and pricing to provide effective solutions that empower their clients to overcome these challenges.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Trade Show Booth Design
  • Packaging Design
  • App Development
  • Mobile Website Design
  • Product and Service

Major clients: Ash Industries, PopALock of Mobile, Rainmaker Creative, ….

12. Perficient 

Perficient is a prominent global digital consultancy with a vast workforce of skilled strategists and technologists spread across the United States, Latin America, and India. The company is dedicated to reshaping how the world’s largest brands engage with their customers and expand their operations. 

Perficent’s website

When partnering with Perficient, clients gain access to invaluable qualities: expertise and experience, swiftness and adaptability, and a pragmatic approach that propels their businesses forward.

With a presence in 40+ locations worldwide and a substantial workforce comprising certified, experienced project teams, Perficient sets a high standard in its work. The company adopts an agile approach to global delivery, ensuring clients receive solutions and services that stand out from the crowd.


  • Strategy + Transformation
  • Customer Experience + Digital Marketing
  • Innovation + Product Development
  • Platforms + Technology
  • Data + Intelligence
  • Optimized Global Delivery

13. CGI 

Established in 1976, CGI is one of the world’s leading IT and business consulting service providers. Their extensive range of software development services encompasses application development, maintenance, and cloud-native development. 

CGI’s website

CGI’s team actively engages in all stages of the development lifecycle, leveraging global delivery capabilities, local partnerships, and a client-centric governance approach.

CGI serves as a global guide, grounded in factual insights rather than mere hype, to enhance the returns on your IT and business investments. They are dedicated to assisting you in meeting your customers’ and citizens’ ever-evolving digital expectations by offering secure and adaptable end-to-end services.


  • Business consulting 
  • Managed IT outsourcing 
  • Business process services 
  • Advanced analytics 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Cloud & hybrid IT

14. iConvergence 

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, iConvergence has achieved consistent growth and maintained a strong fiscal record over the years. 

iConvergence is dedicated to offering top-notch IT services, products, and solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes. The company’s ability to attract top talent, foster creativity, and prioritize its employees’ personal growth and development has contributed to its success.

iConvergence’s website

iConvergence operates according to a set of core values that include trust, honesty, a genuine focus on customer value, integrity, innovation, a sense of family, care for its employees, and unwavering commitment to its mission.


  • Managed IT Services
  • Network Security
  • Collaboration
  • Disaster Readiness
  • IT Professional Services
  • Networking

15. Global Data Systems, Inc 

Global Data System (GDS) is a seasoned managed IT firm equipped with extensive engineering knowledge and cutting-edge technology resources, catering to the needs of midsize and large enterprises. 

GDS specializes in delivering tailored solutions for various industries, including oil and gas, marine transportation, industrial construction, government, and healthcare. Their commitment lies in providing clients with the latest and most innovative strategies to address industry challenges.

Global Data Systems' website

For over three decades, GDS has been instrumental in helping organizations enhance their financial performance and streamline their operations by strategically implementing top-tier IT solutions. 

With a track record spanning 30+ years, GDS has demonstrated its ability to create solutions precisely aligned with business objectives. GDS is unwavering in its dedication to delivering excellence in every service aspect, from designing and implementing solutions to simplifying billing processes. 

By partnering with GDS, you can leave your IT concerns behind and concentrate on growing your business.


  • Voice and Collaboration
  • Managed IT
  • Cloud Services
  • Connectivity
  • Security

16. Rader Solutions 

Rader Solutions is a team of highly knowledgeable IT service professionals equipped with cutting-edge software and state-of-the-art resources. They offer comprehensive IT solutions from the ground up, strongly committed to providing education, training, and expert services. Their services encompass remote and hands-on technical support, efficient data management, and reliable hosting.

Rader Solutions’s website

Rader Solutions serves as an all-encompassing resource for all your IT needs, essentially functioning as your dedicated IT department. They excel in seamlessly managing and integrating all your technological requirements, ensuring world-class service at every step.

Through managed IT integration, clients benefit from having a single vendor and contact point, simplifying their IT operations.

Rader Solutions enables clients to focus on what truly matters – their core business activities. By creating operational efficiencies and enhancing profitability, Rader Solutions goes beyond being a service provider; they genuinely become a trusted partner in their clients’ IT endeavors.


  • Technology Support
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer
  • Communications
  • Cybersecurity

17.   APEX IT Solutions

Established in 1995, Apex has collaborated with a wide range of companies across various sectors, providing bespoke software solutions, customized training programs, and an array of computer-related services.

APEX IT Solutions’s website


During its initial years, Apex primarily concentrated on assisting Oil and Gas enterprises with a diverse array of projects. These projects included offshore training for Mobil Oil, offering Help Desk services to Unocal, and creating numerous custom software applications for other firms, such as Baker Hughes, Ensco International, and MI Swaco, among others.

Apex IT Solutions continues to prioritize the expertise of its degreed and certified engineers to assist your company in achieving its objectives. As a recognized Microsoft Certified Partner, Apex IT places a premium on delivering lasting solutions with exceptional support as its primary commitment.


  • Software Services
  • Product Development
  • Mapping Interfaces
  • Tailored Training

18. Total Network Technologies

In 2007, Josh Reed founded Total Network Technologies with a fundamental belief: that a small IT consulting firm could flourish by offering businesses quality services and products at fair prices. 

The company’s team of IT professionals, boasting over 30 years of combined experience, is committed to delivering top-notch service while upholding excellent customer support standards.

Total Network Technologies provides its clients with a comprehensive array of technological solutions, encompassing services like virus removal, server virtualization, network infrastructure management, and IT planning.

Total Network Technologies’s website

Total Network Technologies is driven by a clear objective: to assist customers in effectively and efficiently integrating technology within the unique confines of their organization’s environment. 

The team emphasizes establishing robust customer relationships founded on the principles of delivering high-quality work and exceptional customer service. Their commitment is to provide customers with comprehensive end-to-end solutions that align with their specific needs and requirements.


  • Consulting & Projects
  • Managed Services
  • Offsite Backups
  • IT Solutions
  • Service Rates

19. Cite Technology Solutions 

Cite is a trusted provider of secure and cutting-edge technology solutions, primarily catering to the needs of small and mid-sized organizations with intricate requirements. The dedicated team at Cite is committed to empowering organizations to elevate their business to new heights. 

Cite Technology Solutions’s website

As one of the top 20 offshore companies in Lafayette, LA, Cite’s expertise lies in several key areas, including data management, medical imaging, HL7 interfacing, and ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations.


  • Managed IT Services
  • Tech Support
  • Data Backup
  • System Admin
  • VOIP System
  • Medical Support
  • Health Solutions
  • Online Dev Services
  • License Management
  • Cybersecurity

20. InfoTech Solutions 

InfoTECH Solutions is a trusted Managed Services and IT service provider catering to businesses in the southern Louisiana region. 

With multiple offices and highly skilled professionals, InfoTECH Solutions possesses the expertise and resources needed to address challenges that businesses may encounter. As the foremost local IT provider for small and mid-market companies, InfoTECH Solutions currently oversees the management of numerous business networks.

InfoTech Solutions’s website

The primary objective of the InfoTECH Solutions team is to handle customers’ technology needs comprehensively, allowing them to refocus on the core aspects of running their businesses.

This means taking care of network management, software troubleshooting, and computer repairs, so customers can operate their businesses smoothly without the hassle of dealing with these technical issues.


  • Managed IT
  • IT Support
  • IT Helpdesk
  • IT Consulting
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Outsourcing
  • IT Network Support

The challenges of working with offshore companies in Lafayette LA

Working with offshore companies in Lafayette, LA, or any location, presents a unique set of challenges that can impact project execution, communication, and overall success. Some of these challenges include:

  • Communication and Time Zone Differences: Offshore companies are often located in different time zones, which can lead to challenges in scheduling meetings, resolving issues, and maintaining effective communication. Lafayette, LA might have a significant time difference with some popular offshore outsourcing locations like India or Eastern Europe, making real-time collaboration difficult.
  • Cultural and Language Barriers: Different cultures have distinct communication styles, work ethics, and business practices. Language barriers might lead to misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and difficulties in conveying complex technical requirements. This can impact the accuracy and quality of the software being developed.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensuring the quality of the software can be challenging when working with an offshore team. The physical distance can make it harder to monitor progress and quality, leading to potential delays and discrepancies in the final product.
  • Lack of Face-to-Face Interaction: Building a strong working relationship is often easier when teams can interact face-to-face. Offshore collaborations might not provide the opportunity for in-person meetings, which can affect trust, rapport, and overall team dynamics.
  • Data Security and Intellectual Property Concerns: Offshore development involves sharing sensitive business and technical information. Ensuring the security of data and protecting intellectual property can be more challenging when working with a company located in a different legal jurisdiction.
  • Infrastructure and Technology Compatibility: Offshore teams might use different technology stacks, tools, and methodologies. Ensuring compatibility with existing systems and processes could require additional effort.
  • Legal and Contractual Issues: Drafting clear and comprehensive contracts that address issues like scope changes, payment terms, and dispute resolution can be more complicated when dealing with legal systems in different countries.

However, all these issues and concerns may not be a big problem and can be tackled with the help of the Mageplaza team, a team full of field experts! Solutions for several challenges mentioned above that Mageplaza can help you with: 

Work with Mageplaza for your offshoring needs


  • Transparency and communication: If you are worried about communication and time zone differences, throw it away! Mageolaza provides consistent updates and progress reports to guarantee that you stay well-informed and engaged during the entire process of Magento development.
  • Quality assurance: At Mageplaza, a significant focus is placed on maintaining quality assurance. This is achieved through the implementation of stringent testing and quality control procedures to ensure that all projects adhere to the utmost standards.
  • Dedicated support: Say goodbye to all the worries about the lack of face-to-face interaction because Mageplaza is committed to providing you with dedicated 16-hour/day support, ensuring optimal performance for your online store.
  • Security: Mageplaza takes extensive measures to safeguard the security of your website. You can rest assured knowing that your website is well-protected, and there is no need to be concerned about data loss or potential hacker attacks.


The bottom line

Summing up, businesses can gain a multitude of advantages by entrusting tasks to well-established offshore enterprises in Lafayette LA. However, it’s essential to acknowledge the accompanying difficulties as well.

The thriving tech ecosystem of Lafayette, LA is home to a diverse range of offshore companies that have proven their prowess in delivering innovative solutions on a global scale. 

These top 20 offshore companies in Lafayette LA mentioned above exemplify the city’s commitment to technological advancement, exceptional talent, and collaborative partnerships.


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