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Top 20 software outsourcing companies in Bangalore

With the rising need for software development services, businesses aiming to build digital products are increasingly outsourcing. Bangalore, commonly known as India’s Silicon Valley, is home to some of the world’s finest software outsourcing companies.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the Top 20 software outsourcing companies in Bangalore based on their expertise, experience, and customer satisfaction. We’ve also provided a brief summary of each organization, emphasizing their key strengths and areas of expertise. Let’s explore and find the best outsourcing company for your next project!

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What is software outsourcing?

Software outsourcing is a strategy in which a software development project is assigned to external experts in software development instead of in-house resources. This may include outsourcing only specific tasks or entrusting the entire project to the selected software outsourcing partner.

Software outsourcing practice

Companies can profit from outsourcing software development in various ways, including cost savings, access to a bigger talent pool, and faster time-to-market. Companies can also emphasize their core competencies by outsourcing software development and leaving the technical aspects of software development to professionals.

Why is Bangalore an ideal place for outsourcing?

Being hailed as Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has acquired a great reputation for global outsourcing companies. Whether it comes to outsourcing or investment, most worldwide businesses make Bangalore their first and foremost decision.

 Bangalore is well-known for several qualities that have made it a top choice for global corporations. Here are some: 

  • Skilled and talented workforce

The foremost reason that makes Bangalore the top choice for outsourcing is a pool of tech-savvy and skilled professionals. Many famous engineering institutes and universities are located in the city, producing a continuous supply of brilliant and qualified graduates each year. This broad talent pool makes it easier for businesses to discover and hire qualified candidates for software development projects.

  • Cost-effective

Outsourcing software development to Bangalore can save businesses money because the cost of living in Bangalore are lower than in other parts of the world. This means that businesses can access to high-quality software development services at a lower cost.

  • Infrastructure

Bangalore has a well-developed infrastructure, which offers high-speed internet access, modern office spaces, and efficient transportation. This makes it easier for outsourcing companies to set up offices in the city and serve clients all over the world.

  • English proficiency

Bangalore is a city where English is widely spoken and understood, making it easier for companies to communicate with their outsourcing partners without any language barriers or misunderstandings.

Top 20 software outsourcing companies in Bangalore

Here is a list of the top 20 software outsourcing companies in Bangalore that we have compiled for your consideration. Let’s explore!


Infosys is a global IT service and outsourcing corporation headquartered in Bangalore, India, that was established in 1981. With operations in more than 50 countries, it has become one of the world’s top software outsourcing companies. 

Infosys’s website
Infosys’s website

Infosys collaborates closely with its clients to create customized solutions that meet their specific requirements. The company is recognized for its emphasis on digital transformation, innovation, and operational efficiency. This has enabled it to maintain its position at the forefront of the IT sector. 

The company mainly focuses on telecommunications and software testing, but it has the essential resources, IT infrastructure, and capabilities to offer a wide range of IT services. Infosys is also involved in creating cutting-edge IT and technology services and has significant expertise in domains such as could computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain.

The company is renowned for employing highly skilled and gifted IT professionals, and it assists businesses in thriving in a rapidly changing world by providing operational leadership and co-creating breakthrough solutions in areas such as big data and cloud computing.


  • Engineering Services
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Data Analytics and AI
  • Digital Process Automation
  • Application Modernization
  • Service Experience Transformation
  • Cyber Security
  • Applied AI

Major clients: Pfizer, P&G, Microsoft, Bank of America, Verizon, ABN AMRO Bank


Wipro Limited is a multinational company that is widely recognized in the IT space. With a presence in 66 countries, the company has a global reach with over 1400 international clients.

Wipro’s website
Wipro’s website

One of Wipro’s significant strengths is its expertise in digital technologies. By adopting new trends & technologies, the company has helped its clients modernize their IT systems and processes. 

Wipro offers an extensive range of IT services, including digital transformation, application development and maintenance, cloud computing. The company has served clients from a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, retail, and more.

Wipro’s creative solutions and dedication to communities have helped the company become one of the world’s largest and most trusted IT services firms. Wipro has also made substantial investments in innovation by establishing innovation centers and partnering with startups and universities to explore new technologies and solutions.


  • Application
  • Artificial & Augmented Intelligence
  • Design & Experience
  • Business Process
  • Business Solutions
  • Data & Analytics
  • Consulting
  • Cloud

Major clients: Adobe, Amazon, Barclays, Cisco, Citi, Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft


IBM, also known as the International Business Machines Corporation, is a leading provider of IT services that has expanded its global presence in over 170 countries. 

The company has established a strong dominance in the hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence outsourcing industry over the years.

IBM's website
IBM’s website

IBM offers integrated products and solutions for businesses and industries that require data management and automation to streamline their workflows. IBM leverages its vast experience in transformation to create essential workflows that enhance business processes and drive better outcomes. 

By utilizing IBM’s cloud application management services, automation is implemented to increase productivity and shift the focus from detecting errors to preventing them using AI-based technology. This results in ongoing innovation for your application portfolio and improved operational efficiency.


  • Web development
  • Data and Analytics
  • Mobile app development
  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial intelligence and analytics
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • Consulting

Major clients: Microsoft, Salesforce, Walmart, Target, BMW, Bank of America, HSBC

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services is a company that has been providing IT services, consulting, and business solutions for 50 years, collaborating with many of the world’s leading corporations. The company has a global presence in over 50 countries and has a workforce of over 500,000 professionals.

TCS’s website
TCS’s website

The company employs diverse IT professionals, including software developers, engineers, data scientists, cybersecurity experts, and business analysts. TCS also offers a broad range of IT services to clients in various industries, like banking and financial services, healthcare, retail, and more. 

TCS places a significant emphasis on investing in its human resources by offering training, development, and career advancement opportunities. The company is committed to innovation and encourages its employees to stay current with the latest technologies and industry trends.


  • Cloud
  • Cognitive Business Operations
  • IoT and Digital Engineering
  • TCS and AWS Cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data and Analytics
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Consulting
  • Sustainability Services
  • TCS Interactive

Major clients: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Deutsche Bank, General Electric

HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is one of the largest software outsourcing companies in Bangalore. It is a global IT consulting company with talented and passionate employees in over 60 countries worldwide.

HCL Tech’s website
HCL Tech’s website

HCL Technologies has helped numerous businesses of all sizes achieve their goals and thrive in digital transformation. The company offers various IT services in various industries, including banking, healthcare, automotive, aerospace & defense, technology, and others.

Diversity and inclusion are among the core guiding principles of HCL Technologies. The company places a great emphasis on creating a bias-free environment and nurturing a result-oriented organization. At HCLTech, the intellectual strength is prioritised to create new solutions and provide excellent services to its clients.


  • Digital Business, 
  • Application Support & Maintenance 
  • Digital Applications & Platforms
  • Application Modernization Integration
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Cognitive Automation
  • Digital Engineering on Cloud
  • Operational Technologies
  • Product Engineering
  • Digital Foundation

Major clients: IBM, Volvo,Merck, Ericsson, Nokia, Deutsche Bank


Mindtree is a global company that specializes in providing technology consultation and digital solutions. Their primary focus is to help businesses in various industries to transform their business models, accelerate innovation, and achieve growth by utilizing digital technologies.

Mindtree’s website
Mindtree’s website

With more than 700 clients, Mindtree offers expertise in both technology and industry domains to help clients achieve a competitive advantage and meet their business objectives. Mindtree is committed to ensuring that its clients become future sustainable entities ahead of schedule.

Mindtree has collaborated with over 700 businesses of all sizes and industries to help them drive growth through innovative technology solutions and services. By leveraging its expertise across a range of industries, including banking, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, Mindtree helps its clients stay ahead of the competition.


  • Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Consulting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data & analytics
  • Digital Engineering
  • Enterprise Application
  • Testing

Major clients: Kimberly-Clark, Emirates NBD, Microsoft, Zurich Insurance, PepsiCo, 

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a multinational IT service and digital transformation company based in Bangalore and was established in 1986. The company has grown to become one of the world’s largest software outsourcing companies, with a presence in over 90 countries with a large and talented workforce. 

Tech Mahindra’s website
Tech Mahindra’s website

Being one of the software outsourcing companies in Bangalore, Tech Mahindra focuses on delivering the best quality services to clients. The company also values individual dignity which will go a long way in nurturing transparency and trust.

The company’s main focus is on delivering digital design solutions that leverage various technologies and employ innovative platforms to deliver tangible improvements for businesses. By combining various technologies and using the latest resources, Tech Mahindra wants to help its clients achieve measurable success.


  • Infrastructure and cloud services
  • Customer Experience
  • Experience Design Service
  • Data analytics
  • Network services
  • Performance Engineering
  • Testing services
  • Cyber Security

Major clients: Cisco, Nestle, British Telecom, Standard Chartered Bank


Capgemini is an IT service provider that has been operating for several decades since its establishment in 1967. With a global presence, the company operates in more than 50 countries and has a huge workforce of thousands of professionals. One of its offices is located in Bangalore, India.

Capgemini's website
Capgemini’s website

“Unleash human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future” is the company’s ultimate mission. Capgemini collaborates with clients across various industries, including automotive, banking, consumer products, and healthcare. 

Capgemini’s team of experts has extensive experience working with a range of technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The company also focuses on providing the best environment for its employees to thrive and develop.


  • Cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data and artificial intelligence
  • Enterprise management
  • Intelligent Industry

Major clients: General Electric, McDonald’s, Nestle, Siemens, Unilever, Volvo


Being one of the largest software outsourcing companies in Bangalore, Mphasis has a vast pool of talented professionals with extensive expertise in various technologies and domains. 

Mphasis's website
Mphasis’s website

Mphasis provides a comprehensive range of services such as infrastructure technology, business consulting, and outsourcing. The company has continuously improved its processes and offers specialized services that enable its clients to stay competitive in the digital marketplace. 

Mphasis serves various industries, including insurance, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, transportation, logistics, and retail. By leveraging the capabilities of the cloud and cognitive technologies, Mphasis creates customized solutions that cater to the unique needs of its clients and end-users.


  • Application development and management
  • Infrastructure services
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • Cognitive computing
  • Digital transformation
  • Product Engineering
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • DevOps

Major clients: FedEx, DHL,  Microsoft, IBM, HP, Bank of America, Citibank

Heptagon Technologies

Heptagon Technologies is a leading software company in Bangalore that provides a comprehensive range of IT services. Whether you need brand new software developed from scratch or an existing application upgraded, Heptagon Technologies has got you covered. The company offers a diverse range of IT services to meet all your needs.

Heptagon’s website
Heptagon’s website

The team at Heptagon Technologies comprises technical experts who are well-versed in advanced tools and technologies to facilitate the complete digital transformation of your business. They possess extensive experience and expertise in designing and building customized enterprise software and offering ready-to-deploy solutions. 

Over the years, Heptagon Technologies has successfully delivered several projects to clients across different industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and more.At Heptagon Technologies, the team is committed to delivering high-quality solutions that cater to the unique needs and requirements of every client. 


  • Application Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Internet of Things
  • Data Analytics

Major clients: Amazon, Axis Bank, Bosch, Canon, Curve, IBM, Integreon

SAP Labs India

SAP Labs is a subsidiary of SAP AG that provides a range of services, including research, design, development, and enhancement of software applications. The company is widely recognized as one of the top software outsourcing companies in Bangalore. IT has helped businesses combat the negative effects of complexity and discover new opportunities for growth.

SAP’s website
SAP’s website

SAP Labs offers smart cloud solutions that are powered by cutting-edge technologies like Big Data, IoT, and more. These solutions enable clients to make a real impact on the world by optimizing their operations, improving efficiency, and driving innovation.

The SAP Labs team is dedicated to providing high-quality services and developing long-term client partnerships. They collaborate with clients to understand their unique needs and goals, and then deliver creative solutions to help them reach their goals. 


  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Essential Business Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Next-Generation Support Services

Major clients: Macy’s, BMW, Volkswagen, US Department of Defense, Google, Microsoft


Cognizant’s website
Cognizant’s website

Being a modern business creator, Cognizant is one of the few software outsourcing companies in Bangalore. The firm is well-equipped to tackle relevant tasks because of its main focus on cloud, automation, and data management.

With a highly qualified team on board, Cognizant can handle any IT problems, from Android and iOS development to AI and ML solutions. Cognizant understands the importance of timely delivery for the success of any project and ensures it by deploying the industry’s best quality assurance department and testers to verify its performance.

Being trusted by several Fortune 500 companies around the world, Cognizant takes great responsibility for every project and assures its success. 


  • Applications Modernization 
  • Automation 
  • Business Process Services 
  • Cloud 
  • Data & AI 
  • Digital Experience 
  • Enterprise Platforms 
  • Internet of Things
  • Quality Engineering & Assurance 
  • Security 
  • Software Engineering

Major clients: American Express, Bank of America, Pfizer, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Walmart

Trigent Software

Trigent Software is a well-known provider of comprehensive software development services. The company focuses in cutting-edge technologies such as AI, automation, big data, IoT, and cloud computing. It has built a reputation for providing cutting-edge solutions, strategic insights, and great execution.

Trigent Software’s website
Trigent Software’s website

Through its superior offshore software development services, Trigent’s major objective is to support its clients in overcoming technological complexities. The company’s skilled team is dedicated to providing creative and customised solutions adapted to each client’s specific needs and wants.

The company’s services are designed to help clients in achieving their business goals by leveraging the most recent technology and best practices in software development.


  • Custom Software Development
  • Product Engineering
  • Web and Custom Application Development
  • BI & Analytics
  • Cloud Services

Major clients: University of Oxford, Novartis, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Chevron


OpenXcell is one of the leading software outsourcing companies in Bangalore that is renowned for its cutting-edge and creative software solutions.

OpenXcell’s website
OpenXcell’s website

With highly skilled developers and technicians, the company assists enterprises in transforming their businesses by utilizing new technologies and tools. OpenXcell offers end-to-end software development services, from conceptualization and design to maintenance and support, making it a comprehensive solution provider for all your software development requirements.


  • Application Development & Maintenance
  • AI & ML
  • UI/UX Designing
  • IoT Solutions
  • Business Intelligence

Major clients: National Health Service (NHS) UK, The World Bank, HSBC, Amazon, Macy’s, Nike

Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd

Accenture is a renowned IT company for small businesses and startups, it is one of the best software outsourcing companies in Bangalore. 

Accenture’s website
Accenture’s website

Accenture excels in a variety of areas from eCommerce development to project management and software development. The company has earned its reputation by being a dependable and trustworthy partner to work with, and is trusted by some of the world’s largest companies and brands.

Accenture’s innovative solutions help clients overcome obstacles and improve speed and agility in typical IT system integration and maintenance. The company’s continued partnership with clients in selecting options that seamlessly integrate with backend systems enables them to leverage the business advantages offered by the cloud.


  • Application services
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology consulting
  • Cloud
  • Business Strategy
  • Data & Analytics
  • Technology Innovation
  • Digital Engineering & Manufacturing

Major clients: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, SAP

Honeywell Technology Solutions 

Honeywell is regarded as one of the leading software outsourcing companies in Bangalore, providing a diverse range of consumer and commercial products. The company has served clients across various industry verticals, including aviation, defense and space, and chemicals.

Honeywell's website
Honeywell’s website

The Honeywell team is dedicated to offering high-quality services and developing long-term client relationships. They collaborate with clients to well understand their specific needs and goals, and then deliver tailored solutions that help them reach their goals. Honeywell’s skills and experience enable them to provide solutions that are efficient, effective, and suited to the specific needs of each client.


  • Application Services
  • Advanced Analytics and AI Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Agile Transformation

Major clients: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Boeing, Airbus

Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto is among highly reputable software outsourcing companies in Bangalore that provide exceptional outsourcing services. The company has a proven track record of successfully completing over 1800+ projects, serving clients within the country and beyond. 

Magneto’s website

Magneto’s team of professionals offers a range of expert services, including design, development, consulting, and strategy formulation. They possess extensive experience and expertise in working with various platforms such as AngularJS, NodeJS, WordPress, and PHP. At Magneto, the team is committed to delivering high-quality solutions to meet the unique needs and requirements of every client.


  • Web App Development Services
  • Mobile App Development Services
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • UI/UX Design Services
  • Business Consulting

Major clients: Daikin, Elite Screens, Kotak, Labtest, Babla’s, Racechip

Softlabs Group

Being one of the reliable software outsourcing companies in Bangalore, Softlabs Group built a loyal customer base by providing excellent software development services. The company focuses on delivering cutting-edge software solutions to small, medium, and large-scale enterprises.

Softlabs Group’s website
Softlabs Group’s website

Softlabs Group has a team of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals who specialize in delivering robust software solutions to clients. The team uses innovative ideas and swift execution to provide maximum value to clients. They want to ensure that clients receive high-quality software solutions that meet their unique business needs.


  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • IoT, AI, & Machine Learning Development Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Blockchain Development Services

Major clients: Harvard University, Google, Microsoft, Warner Bros, Fox Entertainment, Walmart

Appentus Technologies

Appentus is a well-known software development company that provides exceptional services on a global scale. With offices in the UK, USA, and UAE, the company offers affordable software development solutions to meet all your requirements. 

Appentus’s website
Appentus’s website

Appentus prioritizes quality, product innovation, customer engagement, and timely delivery. They have a team of experts who build scalable and resilient solutions that undergo several quality assurance tests to ensure a product that meets high standards.

Appentus’s process is also designed to ensure that the software development solutions they provide are of high quality, meet the client’s expectations. 


  • Application Development Services
  • Web Development Services
  • Blockchain Development
  • IoT Services
  • Enterprise App Development

Major clients: Citibank, Barclays, Amazon, Walmart, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Uber, DHL

GlobalEdge Software

GlobalEdge is a prominent product engineering company that has been providing software solutions and technology services for more than ten years. The company is renowned for delivering solutions that are fully compliant with global standards, which empower its clients by giving them a competitive advantage.

GlobalEdge Software
GlobalEdge Software

GlobalEdge’s customized solutions undergo rigorous testing and are designed to meet clients’ needs. Their clients are across five key business verticals, including telecommunications, industrial automation, consumer electronics, automotive, and semiconductors. 

By focusing on these verticals, GlobalEdge has developed specialized knowledge and expertise, enabling them to deliver superior solutions that cater to the unique needs of each industry.


  • Software Design and Development
  • Internet of Things Services
  • Test Automation
  • Cloud Services
  • AI-ML Services

Major clients: Huawei, Nokia, LG Electronics, Airbus, BMW, Ford

Challenges of working with software outsourcing companies in Bangalore

  • Security concerns: Outsourcing involves entrusting confidential and valuable intellectual assets to a third-party entity, which can potentially result in the compromise of sensitive data. Despite the stringent data protection regulations in Bangalore, there is still a possibility of experiencing cyber-attacks and data breaches.
  • High cost: While outsourcing to Bangalore can be cost-effective compared to hiring in-house developers in certain countries, the cost of outsourcing can still be significant. It depends on the project scope and the outsourcing company’s rates. 
  • Cultural differences: There may be differences in communication styles between Western and Indian cultures, leading to misunderstandings and delays in project timelines. 

To overcome these hurdles, it is important to identify the appropriate software outsourcing partner that aligns with your business needs. Fortunately, Mageplaza can help you ease these concerns. 

Working with a top-rated software company like Mageplaza

Here are the reasons why we are capable of addressing these tough challenges:

  • Advanced security: We’ll sign NDAs and contracts before starting any project to protect your privacy and security. Besides, we’ll maintain your data up-to-date by implementing high-security layers for your Shopify store. So, just rest assured when working with us!
  • Competitive pricing: Only from $15/h, our service ensures you receive excellent value for your investment. You can choose from different engagement models, such as hourly rates or fixed-price contracts, based on your specific requirements and budget.
  • Expertise: Mageplaza is a reputable and experienced company specializing in eCommerce solutions for both Shopify and Magneto. Our <a href=”https://www.mageplaza.com/services/hire-shopify-experts-developers/” rel=”dofollow noopener”>Shopify</a> and <a href=”https://www.mageplaza.com/services/magento-2-hire-developer/” rel=”dofollow noopener”>Magento experts</a> are well-versed in the platform’s features, customization options, and best practices. We guarantee that clients receive top-notch services tailored to their specific needs.
  • Ongoing technical support: Our experts provide ongoing technical support to clients, addressing any issues that may arise. We can help troubleshoot problems, perform maintenance tasks, and ensure smooth operation, so you can focus on growing your brand without worrying about technical complexities.

With these globally recognized qualifications, you can be confident that we will handle your business competently. Reach out to us today and prepare to level up your business


Bangalore is a dynamic hub of the world’s leading software outsourcing companies that offer a range of IT services. With their cutting-edge technologies and skilled professionals, these companies will help you overcome the challenges of technology. 

Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, outsourcing your software development needs to one of these top 20 software outsourcing companies in Bangalore can help you achieve your business goals.

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