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Shopify vs Shoplazza: Finding the Perfect Fit

It is important to use an e-commerce platform. There are so many options out there. It can be hard to decide. That’s where this article comes in. Comparing the features of Shoplazza and Shopify aims to make your decision easier. Learn about the differences, its pros & cons. Dive into a comparison of Shoplazza and Shopify to make the right choice!

Shoplazza vs Shopify: A Brief Introduction

About Shoplazza

Shoplazza is a newcomer in online selling. It offers a user-friendly platform at an affordable price. Shoplazza is gaining recognition for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. It is attractive for small businesses and entrepreneurs with unique features.

Shoplazza is an online e-Commerce platform designed for people worldwide


About Shopify

Shopify is user-friendly for building online stores. It simplifies the process from themes to products and payments. Without prior expertise, Shopify is a go-to platform for venturing into online business.

With Shopify, setting up a store is hassle-free as it takes care of hosting and security. It provides appealing templates for creating storefronts effortlessly. Integrated payment processing and shipping options make selling smooth. Despite subscription costs, Shopify’s dependable support caters to businesses of any scale.

Shopify vs Shoplazza: Quick Assessment

Shopify and Shoplazza are two popular ways to sell things online. They have some differences:


  • It’s a well-known platform with lots of features and ways. That makes your online store look the way you want.
  • Good for any size business. That wants a professional online store and grow over time.
  • It has many tools and apps. This help you can use to make running your store easier.


  • It’s newer but is easy to use and not too expensive.
  • Great for small businesses or people just starting. The one wants a simple way to sell things online.
  • It’s made with beginners. It’s easy to set up and manage.

Shopify is great for bigger businesses with lots of features. Shoplazza is simpler and cheaper, perfect for those just starting out. The one you choose depends on what you need for your business.


Feature Shopify Shoplazza
Customization Highly customizable with extensive features Limited customization options
Pricing Higher subscription fees Affordable pricing plans
Scalability Suitable for businesses of all sizes More suitable for small to medium-sized businesses
Support Robust support system Limited support resources
Ease of Use Moderately complex interface User-friendly interface
App Integration Wide range of third-party apps available Limited app integration
Payment Options Integrated payment processing Integrated payment processing
Shipping Options Flexible shipping options Basic shipping options

Shopify vs Shoplazza: The comprehensive comparison



  • Many themes: Shopify has lots of different looks to pick from.
  • Easy to change: You can adjust your store’s design without knowing the code.
  • Add extras: There are lots of apps you can add for more features.
Shopify’s theme is easily customized with clean and stylish sections

Shopify’s theme is easily customized with clean and stylish sections


  • Basic themes: Shoplazza has simpler designs with fewer choices.
  • Easy editing: You can make some changes to your store, but not as much as with Shopify.
  • Fewer extras: There aren’t as many extra apps to add special features.

Shopify gives you more options. That makes your store look just how you want. You will have lots of choices and flexibility.

Choose Shopify if you want to customize a lot with advanced features. Pick Shoplazza if you want something simpler and easier to use, with fewer options to adjust.




Basic Shopify: $29 per month

Shopify: $79 per month

Advanced Shopify: $299 per month

  • Monthly plans: Shopify has different plans. It starts at $29 per month for basic features.
  • Transaction fees: You may pay extra fees for using other payment services. There is unless you use Shopify Payments.
  • App Costs: Some advanced tools require paid apps. That can add to your expenses.


Free Plan: $0 per month

Basic Plan: $9.90 per month

Pro Plan: $29.90 per month

  • Free to Begin: You can start with Shoplazza for free with basic features. It is great for newbies or small businesses.
  • Low-cost Upgrades: You can choose paid plans for more features. It starts at a lower price than Shopify.
  • No Extra Transaction Fees: Unlike Shopify, Shoplazza doesn’t charge more for using external payment services.

Shoplazza offers better pricing. Consider it if you are just starting out or have a small budget. Use Shopify if you need advanced tools and are okay with higher costs. Pick Shoplazza if you want to save money and have basic needs.



  • Shopify can grow with your business. It offers different plans for companies of all sizes.
  • You can upgrade your Shopify plan as your business expands. You unlock more features and options.


  • Shoplazza also allows for growth. It’s not as flexible as Shopify.
  • It’s good for small businesses. It may not be as suitable for larger companies looking to scale up.

Verdict: Shopify is better in terms of scalability. Because it can accommodate businesses of all sizes and offers more features. You can rest assured as you grow. Therefore, choose Shopify if you plan to grow. Besides, smaller businesses have simpler needs. You can use Shoplazza and that’s enough.


Support of Shopify:

  • Shopify offers 24/7 customer support. It is via live chat, email, and phone.
  • They also have many knowledge bases and community forums. It helps you with a center for self-service support.

Support of Shoplazza:

  • Shoplazza provides customer support through email and live chat during business hours.
  • They have documentation and guides for users to troubleshoot issues on their own.

Verdict: Shopify often offers better support options with 24/7 availability. It also has more extensive support information. Businesses prioritize reliable and accessible customer support. They should choose Shopify. Besides, people have simpler needs and are comfortable with limited support options. You just need to choose Shoplazza.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use of Shopify:

  • Shopify is easy to understand and navigate.
  • You can customize your store. There is no need to know complicated actions.
  • It’s simple to set up and manage your store You can be new to it.

Ease of Use of Shoplazza:

  • Shoplazza is also easy to use and understand.
  • It’s designed to be straightforward. This is especially for beginners.
  • You can quickly get your store up and running.

Shopify and Shoplazza are easy to use. Shopify might have a bit more options for making your store unique. You’re new to online selling or prefer simplicity. Shoplazza is a good choice. You want more customization features and experience, Shopify might be better.

App Integration

Shopify’s App Integration:

  • Shopify has lots of apps in its store.
  • These apps add extra features to your store. There are marketing tools and ways to manage your products.
  • You can easily add apps to the Shopify store. That makes it better.

Shoplazza’s App Integration:

  • Shoplazza also lets you add apps. There aren’t as many as Shopify.
  • There are fewer options. Shoplazza still has essential apps for your store.
  • You can find apps for marketing and managing orders in Shoplazza.

Shopify wins here. Because it has more apps to choose from. This gives you more options. You want lots of app choices and need advanced features. Go for Shopify. You want something simpler and don’t need as many apps. Shoplazza might be enough.

Payment Options

Payment Options of Shopify:

  • Shopify supports multiple payment gateways. It includes major credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay.
  • It also offers Shopify Payments. It is a built-in payment processor. This is for seamless transactions.
  • You can offer flexible payment options to your customers. This enhances their shopping experience.

Payment Options of Shoplazza:

  • Shoplazza also supports various payment gateways. The options may be more limited compared to Shopify.
  • Shoplazza provides essential payment methods like credit cards and PayPal. It may not offer as many choices as Shopify.
  • Shoplazza ensures secure payment processing. This is for smooth transactions on your online store.

Verdict: Shopify offers more diverse payment options. That makes it the better choice if you need payment flexibility. Businesses want more payment options and payment features. They should choose Shopify. On the contrary, you are looking for a simpler solution with basic payment functionality. Shoplazza may be enough.

Shipping Options

Shipping Options of Shopify:

  • Shopify lets you set up different shipping rates. It is based on factors like weight, location, and order value.
  • You can link Shopify with shipping companies. There are UPS and FedEx to show real-time shipping rates and tracking.
  • It also helps with tasks like printing shipping labels. That keeps track of orders.

Shipping Options of Shoplazza:

  • Shoplazza offers basic shipping choices. They are setting flat rates or giving free shipping for some orders.
  • It’s not as advanced as Shopify. It still helps you handle orders and keep customers informed.
  • Shoplazza suits small businesses or beginners. The one needs simple shipping solutions.

Verdict: Shopify is the best choice for businesses thanks to its features, connectivity, and shipping. You are new to e-commerce or have simple shipping needs. Shoplazza is a good start. On the contrary, you want robust shipping features and detailed tracking. Shopify is the way to go.

Design Flexibility

Design Flexibility of Shopify:

  • Shopify lets you change your online store looks. You can pick from many different designs. You can also adjust colors, fonts, and layouts easily.
  • You can even make more advanced changes. This is by using HTML, CSS, and Liquid code to make your store unique.

Design Flexibility of Shoplazza:

  • Shoplazza also lets you change your store’s look. It is not as much as Shopify. It has fewer options for changing things like colors and fonts.
  • You can still make some basic changes. You won’t have as much control as with Shopify.

Verdict: Shopify is better in terms of design flexibility. Because it gives you more options to customize the look and feel of your store. You want complete control. Please choose Shopify. Besides, you prefer a simpler approach and don’t need too many design options. Shoplazza may be enough for you.

SEO Tools

SEO Tools of Shopify:

  • Shopify helps your store get found on search engines.
  • You can change titles, descriptions, and web addresses. These are for your products and pages.
  • You can also improve your images for search engines and create a map of your site.

SEO Tools of Shoplazza:

  • Shoplazza has basic tools for SEO. They’re not as many as Shopify’s.
  • You can change titles and descriptions. There aren’t as many options.
  • Shoplazza doesn’t have advanced features like making a site map automatically.

Shopify is better. Because it has more tools and options. That is to help your store show up on search engines. You care a lot SEO and tools. Go with Shopify. You just need basic tools. Shoplazza might be enough.


Inventory Management

Inventory Management of Shopify:

  • Shopify helps you keep track of products.
  • You can see how much stock. You will be alerted if it’s running low.
  • It works with other apps to give you even more inventory features.

Inventory Management of Shoplazza:

  • Shoplazza helps you manage your products, but it’s more basic.
  • You can see how much you have left and get alerts for low stock.
  • It’s not as fancy as Shopify for inventory.

If you have a big store with lots of products, Shopify is better. But if your store is smaller and simpler, Shoplazza is fine.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Responsiveness of Shopify:

  • Shopify makes sure your store looks good on phones.
  • Your store adjusts to fit any screen size.
  • You can even manage your store from your phone. This is by using the Shopify app.

Mobile Responsiveness of Shoplazza:

  • Shoplazza makes your store mobile-friendly too.
  • It might not be as customizable as Shopify.

You want a super mobile-friendly store with lots of options. Go with Shopify. But if you’re okay with something simpler, Shoplazza works fine.

Shopify vs Shoplazza: Which is the best for you?

  Shopify Shoplazza
Pros Versatile customization options. Easy-to-use tools for a polished store.
Suits businesses of any size. Ideal for small businesses or beginners.
Works with many apps for added features. Offers basic app integration.
Extensive support and resources. Limited support options.
Diverse payment and shipping options. Basic payment and shipping features.
Expensive for some or small businesses. Less costly but lacks advanced features.
Cons Steep learning curve, especially for beginners. Limited customization options.
Time-consuming to master. Easy to start, but lacks advanced features.
Some integrations may require extra fees. Fewer integrations compared to Shopify.
Offers extensive customization but may have limitations. Provides a simplified user experience.

Shopify is suitable for all business sizes, especially if you want lots of options and features. It’s good if you’re willing to spend some money and need help with your online store.

When to make decisions:

  • Growing business: Shopify works well. You should plan to grow your business over the long term.
  • Customize a lot of things: You want to change a lot. That is about how your online store looks and works.
  • Different payment and shipping options: You need multiple options for payments and delivery.
  • Lots of support: You want lots of help and resources to solve problems. That is when they arise.

Shoplazza is perfect for small businesses or just starting. It is very easy to use and does not cost much.

When should you choose Shoplazza:

  • Small Business or Newbie: If you’re new to online selling or don’t know much about it, Shoplazza is simple to get started.
  • By budget: For those who want to start selling online without spending a lot of money.
  • Easy Setup: When you want to get your store up and running without too much hassle.
  • Basic needs: If your store doesn’t need fancy items and you just want to sell online without any hassle.

Wrap up

In short, deciding between Shopify and Shoplazza depends on your business needs. Shopify offers many ways to customize and good support. That is great if you’re growing your brand. Shoplazza is simpler and cheaper. That is perfect for small businesses and beginners.

To choose the right one, think about these: features; pricing; growth potential; support; ease of use; apps you can add; and how customers pay and receive their content. Do you want more options or just a basic setup? You should know the differences between Shopify and Shoplazza. That will help you make the best choice for your online store’s success.

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