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Top 20+ Shopify Themes for Your Jewelry Business (FREE AND PREMIUM)

Shopify theme is not something that should be overlooked when owning an online store on this platform. With a jewelry business, it’s even more significant as the visual appeal can create a luxurious and enticing customer’s shopping experience. This article will introduce you to the best Shopify themes for your jewelry business, their features, and how they benefit your online stores.  

Why Do You Need a Shopify Theme?

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Utilizing a Shopify theme saves you a lot of time and money compared to hiring a web developer or building on your own. With a well-crafted theme, you can easily customize it to match your brand and still have time for other sections in your online business checklist. 
  • Create a Band Identity: Jewelry businesses have distinct brand personalities that need to be conveyed, even through online stores. You can incorporate your logo, fonts, and other design components, or adjust the color scheme to meet your brand’s identity.
  • Responsive UX Design: A Shopify theme allows your online store to be mobile-responsive, which means that customers can easily browse your jewelry and make purchases on smartphones and tablets. 

How to Choose the Best Shopify Theme for A Jewelry Store?

Determine your budget

Shopify offers you free to paid themes with a price ranging from $180 to $350 per theme. While free themes are enough for basic requirements, premium themes often offer more advanced features, customization options, and support. Consider the amount you can afford to narrow down the options available.

List out your wanted features

Before selecting a theme, decide what factors you prioritize on your online store: design and aesthetics, responsiveness, product showcase, etc. This would help you not get lost in a bunch of glamorous themes. 

Consider the number of products

By considering the number of products when choosing a theme, you can ensure that your website is optimized for efficient product display, navigation, and search functionality. This helps enhance the user experience, improves the discoverability of your products, and supports the growth of your Shopify store. 

Reviews and Ratings

Pay attention to the reviews and ratings under each theme to figure out if there is any inconvenience in the theme’s performance, ease of use, support provided by the theme developer, and compatibility with Shopify updates.  Choose a theme that has positive reviews and offers reliable support. 

Top 20+ Shopify Themes For Jewelry

1. Dawn


Dawn is a perfect fit if you are looking for a theme with a clean and minimalist design, putting the focus on your items and creating a luxurious online shopping experience. The Dawn theme works with large-sized media assets, which helps customers view your jewelry products up close. 

Price: Free

Key Features: 

  • Chic and elegant design: The simple yet stunning theme enhances the visual appeal of the products.
  • Sales and marketing tools: Dawn integrates with marketing platforms to assist cross-selling, promo banners, suggested goods, etc.
  • Customization: You can personalize the colors and layouts of your store to align with brand identification. 
  • Quick view function: The Dawn theme allows customers to view product details without leaving the current page.

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2. Vivid


Vivid is a stylish and easy-to-use theme, ideal for businesses that pursue a classic and elegant look. 

Price: $200

Key features:

  • SEO-optimized: Vivid theme supports enhancing your store’s rankings and online visibility.
  • User-friendly platform: The theme has over 20 sections and 25+ built-in features to make customers’ browsing experience more exciting.

3. Shark


Shopify’s Shark is a modern, trendy theme with a lot of versatility that will capture customers’ attention and make the most of your items. 

Price: $150

Key features: 

  • Multiple layouts: The theme provides diverse layouts, bringing flexibility and a diverse user experience.
  • Parallax effect: This adds depth and dimension to a website, making it visually appealing.
  • Countdown timer: A countdown timer can create a sense of urgency and build anticipation for an upcoming event or product launch. 

4. Expression


Expression is a clean and sleek theme that will be a suitable choice if you want to pursue a minimalist design for your online store.

Price: $280

Key features: 

  • Color swatches: This feature allows customers to visualize the products in different color options, providing a more interactive and intuitive shopping experience. 
  • Breadcrumb navigation: Breadcrumbs help customers quickly grasp their location within a website’s sophisticated structure. This will significantly enhance customer experience and increase website usability. 
  • Store locator: This is an ideal functionality for businesses with offline stores as it allows customers to locate the physical store closest to their current location, home, or workplace.

5. Reformation


Reformation created by Fuel Themes provides a cutting-edge, appealing, and dynamic design for jewelry stores. 

Price: $320 

Key features: 

  • Video slideshow: The feature allows businesses to present a series of videos on their website as a slideshow. No matter if they are product videos, promotional content, or brand stories, the theme will make your video-based content outstanding. 
  • Mega menu: Unlike a normal dropdown menu that simply displays a list of links, a mega menu allows a multi-column layout, promotional banners, and several visual contents. 
  • Sticky header: Sticky header refers to a header section that stays in view when customers scroll down the page, providing easy access to other sections. 

6. Monaco


Apparent Collective’s Shopify theme Monaco has a stylish and modern appearance that works well with luxury brands. 

Price: $320

Key features: 

  • Dark mode: Customers can easily change between light and dark mode, which reduces eye strain when browsing the web for a long time, especially at night.  
  • Product filtering: Thanks to the product filtering and sorting feature, users can easily narrow down the options according to their preferences.

7. Prestige


Prestige is a premium and sophisticated theme for shops with elegant high-end products. It has multiple functions that can highlight your products and brand identity. 

Price: $380

Key features: 

  • Stock counter: The stock counter function provides a real-time update about available items in your inventory, which can create a sense of scarcity and improve their online shopping experience.
  • Size chart functionality: Merchants can integrate text or images about the measurements of your items. With a size chart, customers are more likely to choose the right fit, hence improving their satisfaction.
  • Recently viewed products: With this feature, users can easily navigate back to products they were interested in without performing a new search. 

8. Eurus


Eurus by BSS Commerce is a functional and seamless design that will be perfect for merchants having physical stores and implementing dropshipping. 

Price: $230

Key features: 

  • Event calendar: Eurus includes an event calendar feature that allows merchants to display upcoming events, workshops, launches, etc. This helps generate awareness and anticipation among customers, encouraging them to attend the events.
  • Before/after comparison: If your products have gone through development, this feature helps emphasize the difference between the two versions.
  • Age verification: Support you to abide by age-restricted product regulations by verifying the age of visitors before allowing them to access the website or make purchases.

9. Frame


Frame is a minimalistic, well-organized, and interactive theme developed by Archer Commerce. It utilized cutting-edge research to make the setup process much easier for merchants. 

Price: $140 

Key features:

  • Customer feedback: Display customer reviews and ratings on the product page, allowing potential customers to read feedback and opinions from previous buyers.
  • Multiple language translations: Frame provides a language-switching feature, allowing visitors to select their preferred language. This helps reach a wider audience and penetrate international markets.
  • Quick view feature: Improve user experience by allowing customers to see product data without leaving the collection or the homepage.

10. Palo Alto

Palo Alto

Palo Alto, a premium theme by Presidio Creative, is a visually appealing and modern theme that can capture the attention of any customer. 

Price: $330

Key features: 

  • Carousel display: The theme allows merchants to showcase multiple photos as a slideshow and highlight the beauty of the jewelry. This can also be applied to support promotions or new launches. 
  • Enhanced search: Palo Alto incorporates leading-edge features such as autocomplete, filters, suggestions, etc. which brings an interesting and convenient search experience.
  • Image zoom: This functionality allows users to have a closer look at product details, textures, and other important features.

11. North


Shopify’s theme North elevates the online purchasing journey with its bold and contemporary design.

Key features:

  • Multiple color schemes: Encourage merchants to change the theme to align with the brand’s personality and enhance visual appeal.
  • Breadcrumbs: Typically appear near the top of the page, breadcrumbs help customers understand their current location and enable them to navigate to other pages easily. 
  • Quick buy: North provides a simplified way to purchase items by adding the “Quick Buy” button next to the product listings. 

12. Vision


Vision is a graceful and sleek theme with eye-catching configurations and dynamic layouts, easily grasping customers’ attention. 

Price: $300

Key features: 

  • Video support: You can include videos about products on your product pages or homepage. These videos can be hosted on popular platforms like YouTube, and Vimeo, or self-hosted on Shopify.
  • Event countdown: Vision incorporates a countdown timer to assist merchants when promoting their discounts, upcoming events, new launches, etc.
  • Image hover: The theme has an image rollover functionality, allowing customers to see multiple versions of the product without navigating to a separate product page.

13. Copenhagen


Copenhagen is a classy, elegant, and user-friendly theme that is especially suitable for high-end jewelry items. 

Price: $320

Key features: 

  • Content marketing: This feature allows you to create and manage blog posts right on the Shopify store, which strongly encourages customer engagement.
  • Stock countdown: With this feature, customers can acknowledge how many items are left and merchants can manage their stock inventory more efficiently.
  • Mega menu: Mega menu is a drop-down menu that helps users reach different pages easily, thus improving browsing satisfaction.

14. Gem


Gem is a Shopify theme with a contemporary look and sophisticated design that comes from Archetype Themes, the best-selling theme agency. 

Price: $380

Key features: 

  • Customizable layouts: Gem’s hierarchical layouts improve user navigation and product category organization.
  • Age verifier: With this functionality, merchants can easily control the access authority of users, ensuring that all legal compliance is complied with. 
  • In-menu promotions: Merchants can place promotional banners or offers within the navigation menu and even customize them based on different target audiences. 

15. Capital


The Capital theme is clean and well-organized, which brings a fresh look for customers who prefer a minimalistic style. 

Price: $180

Key features:

  • Slideshow: Slideshow makes it easy for merchants to display a series of images or banners, which is especially effective for special offers, or seasonal promotions. 
  • Product sorting: Users won’t have to scroll infinitely, in search of their desired items as they can quickly locate them with ease.
  • Photo rollover: Utilize this feature to highlight the details of your products or the differences between varied versions of a piece of jewelry.

16. Zest 


Shopify theme’s Zest has a modern appearance, a dynamic mega menu, and a flexible layout that brings a fresh look to your online business. 

Price: $300

Key features: 

  • Infinite scroll: Zest provides a convenient browsing experience by including all sections on one page, allowing users to explore many products effortlessly.
  • Dynamic mega menu: Visitors may quickly explore all product categories through the organized mega menu of Zest. 
  • Eye-catching lookbook: With the lookbooks feature, customers can visualize how the products would look in real-life scenarios. 

17. Minimalista


Minimalista is a stylish, minimalist theme, creating a sense of luxury that can captivate any visitor’s attention. 

Price: $380

Key features: 

  • Interface switch: The feature allows customers to switch between light and dark modes, bringing a diverse aesthetic experience, and is particularly suitable in low-light environments.
  • Striking videos: Merchants can incorporate videos into any product to demonstrate their highlight features and increase customer engagement.
  • Catalog filters: Users might get lost in a long list of products – this feature will help them get access to items that meet their needs easily. 

18. Editions


Editions created by Pixel Union is a simple, creative, and user-friendly theme that focuses on highlighting products’ features and optimizing user experience.

Price: $250 

Key features: 

  • Blog integration: With the blog section, merchants can include tips and suggestions as an inbound marketing tool. 
  • Recommended products: The “You might also like” section gives recommendations about similar products, encouraging them to consider another purchase. 
  • Testimonials:  The review section strengthens customers’ trust in the quality of your products and services as well as helps them find suitable items much faster. 

19. Forge


Forge is a chick and responsive theme that engages visitors with an easy-to-use interface, interesting blog integration, and beautiful lookbooks. 

Price: $220 

Key features: 

  • Reviews and ratings: The testimonials are included on the first page to build trust from visitors and encourage them to find the perfect fit right away. 
  • Articles: Merchants can utilize this feature to create a positive vibe by providing suggestions, and tips as well as sharing their stories. 
  • Lookbooks: Customers might wonder when and how they can apply your jewelry items, then lookbooks are ideal to make them understand more about your products. 

20. Marble


Marble, a theme by BigStart, has a visually appealing and bold design that might go well with contemporary and trendy items. 

Price: $290


  • Animated banner: If you are launching a new collection or updating new products, this feature might become a helpful marketing tool to build awareness. 
  • Color swatches: The vibrant colors Marble offers can grasp the attention of users and distinguish your online stores from competitors. 
  • Collection page navigation: Merchants can create collections based on product type, category, brand, or any other criteria that you want to showcase.

21. Sahara



Sahara is a theme designed by DigiFist that provides a breathtaking look, making your jewelry more stunning and outstanding than ever. 

Price: $350

Key features: 

  • Pop-up banner: Sahra allows integrating a banner that will pop up whenever visitors access your website to announce discounts, capture leads, or collect email addresses.
  • Multiple market support: This feature allows customers to read the information in their language and supports changing currency to the preferred countries. 
  • FAQs section: Merchants can include quick answers to common inquiries about shipping, returns, exchanges, etc., helping the shopping experience most conveniently. 

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A Shopify theme will significantly impact your customer experience and showcase all of your outstanding features, thus very important to enhance your online store presence. In this article, we have introduced 22 themes for your jewelry store, from free to premium ones. Hope that this will be a helpful resource to make it easier for you when first starting your Shopify business. 

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