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Offshore WordPress Developer: What Companies Need to Know

Were you aware that over 40% of the internet is powered by WordPress? Millions of websites use this popular and versatile platform to create stunning and functional online presences. 

But what if you don’t have the time, skills, or budget to build your WordPress website? That’s where offshore WordPress developers come in.

Offshore WordPress development hires professional WordPress developers from a different country or region than the client. Offshore WordPress developers can handle various aspects of WordPress development, such as design, customization, optimization, security, maintenance, and support. 

Hiring an offshore WordPress developer can offer many benefits for your business or project, such as cost savings, quality work, flexibility, scalability, diversity, and access to talent. However, it also comes with challenges and risks, such as communication issues, cultural differences, legal risks, or quality concerns.

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Who is an offshore WordPress developer?

An offshore WordPress developer is a key professional you might need when considering website development. Their specialty is crafting websites using the WordPress platform, and they operate from a different country or region than their clients. 

Offshore WordPress developer

These developers typically have extensive knowledge and experience in WordPress themes, plugins, APIs, and best practices. Their role encompasses various facets of WordPress development, such as design, customization, optimization, security, maintenance, and support. An offshore WordPress developer might work independently or be a part of a larger offshore development team or agency.

Differentiating an offshore WordPress developer from other types of developers, such as onshore, nearshore, or freelance developers, is essential to understand the nuances of what they offer. Here are some distinctions:

Developer Type Location Cost Quality
Offshore WordPress developer Located in a different country or region than the client, which can lead to time zone differences, language barriers, or cultural differences. Usually charges lower rates due to lower living costs and competitive markets in their countries. However, additional costs such as travel, legal, or currency exchange fees may apply. May offer high-quality work if they possess the required skills, experience, and expertise. Possible risks include communication issues, cultural differences, legal risks, or quality control concerns.
Onshore WordPress developer Located in the same country or region as the client, facilitating smoother communication and collaboration. May charge higher rates than offshore developers but often delivers better value in terms of quality, reliability, or convenience. Likely to provide more consistent and reliable quality by following the same standards, regulations, and expectations as the client.
Nearshore WordPress developer Located in a neighboring country or region to the client, offering a blend of the benefits of onshore and offshore development. Rates may be somewhere in between those of onshore and offshore developers. Quality of work is typically consistent and reliable, with lesser cultural and communication barriers than offshore developers.
Freelance WordPress developer Self-employed, works on projects for various clients from anywhere in the world. Charges variable rates depending on skills, experience, availability, or demand. The quality of work can greatly vary based on their reputation, portfolio, and feedback.

Why hire an offshore WordPress developer?

  • Significant cost savings: Some industry experts take a more cautious stance. Christine Overby, an analyst at Forrester Research, posits that opting for an offshore service provider can yield a 25 percent cost reduction compared to outsourcing domestically. Similarly, a recent report by Meta Group suggests that most offshore outsourcing endeavors lead to 15 to 20 percent savings when factoring in all expenses. 
  • Reduced overheads: Besides the cost savings on salaries, hiring offshore can help reduce overheads associated with in-house staff. These savings can extend beyond just wages to encompass costs related to HR, infrastructure, health insurance, and other administrative expenses.
  • Access to experienced professionals: Offshore WordPress developers often possess extensive experience in their field. Their exposure to diverse projects across various industries helps them accumulate a wide array of expertise, making them well-equipped to handle complex and challenging tasks.
  • Exposure to the latest technologies: Developers working offshore typically keep abreast with WordPress development’s most recent tools and technologies. This continuous learning and adaptation to the ever-evolving tech landscape allow them to implement innovative and cutting-edge solutions in their projects.
Access to cutting-edge technologies
  • Increased flexibility: Offshore WordPress developers offer flexibility that is hard to achieve with in-house teams. Whether you need to ramp up for a major project or require a few developers for a short-term project, offshore hiring enables you to adjust the team size based on your evolving needs.
  • Scalability: In addition to flexibility, offshore WordPress developers offer scalability. If you need to expand your team quickly due to a new project or scale down post-project completion, the offshore model allows you to do so smoothly without disrupting your core business operations.
  • Cultural diversity: Offshore developers bring unique cultural perspectives and insights. This diversity can enrich your projects, infusing them with fresh ideas, and make your website more appealing to a broader global audience by ensuring cultural sensitivity and inclusivity.

How much does it cost to hire an offshore WordPress developer?

According to some sources, the average hourly rate for an offshore WordPress developer ranges from $4 to $75. The cost of hiring an offshore WordPress developer depends on various factors such as their location, experience level, skill set, project complexity, timeline, etc. 

The cost of hiring  an offshore WordPress developer varies

The cost of hiring an offshore WordPress developer can vary significantly depending on several factors. These factors include the developer’s location, their level of experience and expertise, the complexity of the project, the timeframe, and the developer’s pricing model.

  1. Location: The developer’s location is crucial in determining the cost. In countries where the cost of living is lower, you may be able to hire a developer at a lower rate compared to those from more expensive regions. For instance, a developer based in Southeast Asia or Eastern Europe may charge less than one based in Western Europe or North America.
  2. Experience and expertise: The level of experience and expertise also significantly impacts the cost. A beginner or junior developer may charge less but require more time or oversight. In contrast, a senior or highly experienced developer will charge more but might complete the project more quickly and with less supervision.
  3. Project complexity: The complexity of your project will also factor into the cost. A simple blog or business website with standard features may cost less than a complex e-commerce site or a website requiring custom coding, themes, plugins, or integrations.
  4. Timeframe: If you need your project completed within a tight deadline, you may need to pay a higher rate for expedited work.
  5. Developer’s pricing model: Developers can charge per hour, per project, or on a retainer basis. Hourly rates can give you flexibility but lack certainty about the total cost, while project-based rates can give you a clear upfront cost but may be higher or inflexible. Retainer contracts are typically used for ongoing work and can provide cost savings over the long term.

Keep in mind that while offshore developers often offer competitive rates, you may also need to consider additional costs such as communication tools, project management software, potential travel expenses, legal fees, or currency exchange fees.

For instance, a simple WordPress website that requires basic customization and functionality may cost around $500 to $1,000. A complex WordPress website with advanced features and integrations may cost up to $10,000. Hiring an offshore WordPress developer may include additional costs, such as travel expenses, legal fees, currency exchange fees, or communication costs.

As with any business decision, balancing cost considerations with the value and quality of work you’ll receive is important. Always remember that choosing the cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best for your project’s success.

How to hire the right offshore WordPress developer

Following a systematic and rigorous process is important to hire the right offshore WordPress developer for your project. 

Hiring an offshore WordPress developer

Here are some steps that you can take to ensure a successful outcome:

Step 1. Define your project needs

Before starting your search, clearly outline your project’s scope and define the required skills and experience. Understanding your needs will simplify the process of identifying the right developer. Some questions that you can ask yourself are:

  • What is the purpose and goal of your website?
  • What are the features and functionalities that you want your website to have?
  • What are the design and layout preferences that you have for your website?
  • What is the expected timeline and budget for your project?
  • What are the technical specifications and standards that you want your website to follow?

Step 2. Conduct thorough research

Investigate different outsourcing platforms and service providers. Analyze reviews, ratings, and inspect past projects completed by prospective developers or outsourcing firms. Some factors that you can consider are:

  • The developer’s portfolio and experience with WordPress development
  • The developer’s feedback and testimonials from previous clients
  • The developer’s availability and responsiveness
  • The developer’s rates and payment methods
  • The developer’s location and time zone

Step 3. Schedule interviews 

After narrowing down potential candidates, set up interviews. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate not just their technical skills but also their communication skills, work ethics, and whether they would be an excellent cultural fit. Some questions that you can ask during the interviews are:

  • How familiar are you with WordPress themes, plugins, and APIs?
  • How do you approach a WordPress development project from start to finish?
  • How do you ensure the quality and security of your code?
  • How do you communicate with your clients and report your progress?
  • How do you handle revisions or changes in scope?

Step 4. Evaluate technical expertise 

Ascertain the developer’s proficiency with WordPress. The developer should have comprehensive knowledge of WordPress themes, plugins, and APIs and be up-to-date with best practices. Some ways that you can assess the developer’s technical expertise are:

  • Ask them to show you some examples of their previous WordPress projects
  • Ask them to explain how they implemented some specific features or functionalities in their projects
  • Ask them to perform a technical test or a coding challenge related to your project
  • Ask them to provide references or recommendations from their previous clients

Step 5. Assess communication skills 

Efficient communication is vital when collaborating with offshore developers. The developers should be adept at expressing their thoughts and issues clearly and be receptive to your instructions and feedback. Some ways that you can assess the developer’s communication skills are:

  • Observe how they communicate during the interviews
  • Check their written communication skills by reviewing their emails or messages
  • Test their verbal communication skills by conducting a video call or a voice chat
  • Evaluate their listening skills by asking them to summarize or repeat what you said

Step 6. Check references 

Where feasible, reach out to their previous clients. This can provide you with insights into their work relationship and the success of the projects they’ve handled. Some questions that you can ask their previous clients are:

  • How satisfied were you with the quality of their work?
  • How well did they communicate with you throughout the project?
  • How did they handle any problems or challenges that arose during the project?
  • How likely are you to hire them again or recommend them to others?

Step 7. Initiate with a trial project 

Starting with a smaller, non-critical project can help you gauge the developer’s skills, work ethic, and communication style in a real-world scenario without committing to a large project. Some benefits of a trial project are:

  • It can help you verify the developer’s technical and communication skills
  • It can help you establish trust and rapport with the developer
  • It can help you identify and resolve any potential issues or conflicts
  • It can help you evaluate the developer’s performance and suitability for your project

Step 8. Discuss terms and conditions 

Before finalizing the hiring process, be clear about the terms and conditions of the project. This includes payment terms, project timelines, key deliverables, and procedures to handle revisions or changes in scope. Some tips for discussing terms and conditions are:

  • Use a written contract or agreement that specifies all the details and expectations of the project
  • Use a secure and reliable payment platform or service that protects both parties
  • Consider utilizing a project management tool or software that promotes effective communication and collaboration.
  • Use a feedback system or mechanism that allows both parties to share their opinions and suggestions.

Following these steps can increase your chances of hiring the right offshore WordPress developer for your project. Hiring offshore WordPress developers can be a rewarding and cost-effective way to create and maintain your WordPress website, as long as you do your research, communicate effectively, and manage your expectations.

Where to find an offshore WordPress developer? 


One of the ways to hire an offshore WordPress developer is to use an agency that provides WordPress development services. An agency has a team of offshore WordPress developers who can handle any WordPress project, from design, customization, optimization, security, maintenance, and support. An agency also has tools and features to help you manage your project effectively, such as escrow payments, milestones, and feedback systems.

However, not all agencies are the same. Some agencies may charge higher rates, deliver lower-quality work, or have poor communication skills. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing an agency for your offshore WordPress development project. 

Online platforms

You can utilize online platforms that connect you with skilled and proficient offshore WordPress developers from diverse countries or regions. These platforms provide various features and advantages, such as selection procedures, payment models, quality assurance, support, and customer review systems. 

You should weigh up and assess these platforms according to your project requirements, aims, budget, and expectations. Toptal, Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are notable examples of these platforms.


You can seek referrals from your network of friends, coworkers, or contacts who have collaborated with or are familiar with a proficient offshore WordPress developer. This method can offer a more personal and reliable recommendation for a WordPress developer with proven skills and experience in your field or industry. 

However, this approach also relies on the availability and readiness of the developer to undertake your project.

Online communities

You can explore online communities where offshore WordPress developers share their knowledge and expertise. These communities can be in the form of forums, blogs, social media groups, or websites dedicated to WordPress or related subjects. 

You can engage in these communities, interact with other members, ask questions, share your project details, or look for potential candidates. Some examples of these communities are WordPress.org, Stack Exchange, Quora, and Reddit.

Freelance websites

You can take advantage of freelance websites, which allow you to post your project specifics and attract proposals from WordPress developers who express interest in your project. These websites offer various features and advantages, such as rating systems, dispute resolution mechanisms, payment protection, and customer support. 

You should weigh up and evaluate these websites based on your project requirements, aims, budget, and expectations. Some examples of these websites are Guru, PeoplePerHour, and Truelancer.

Post your project on freelance sites 

These are some strategies to find an experienced offshore WordPress developer for your project. Each method has its own set of pros and cons, so you should consider them thoroughly before making a decision.


To successfully hire the right offshore WordPress developer, defining project needs, conducting comprehensive research, evaluating technical expertise, assessing communication skills, checking references, and initiating a trial project are critical. Setting clear terms and conditions further reduces the possibility of misunderstandings and disagreements.

Meanwhile, if you are on the hunt for an experienced offshore WordPress developer, agencies, online platforms, referrals, online communities, and freelance websites provide many options to explore. Each channel brings unique benefits and constraints, so conducting a comprehensive analysis based on project needs, budget, and goals is essential.

In essence, offshore WordPress developers present significant opportunities to businesses aiming to meet their digital goals efficiently and economically. However, successful offshore hiring calls for meticulous planning, rigorous vetting, and open communication.

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