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Monday CRM Vs Salesforce: Which Is For Your Business?

Today, businesses use CRM software to manage customer data in a competitive market. Salesforce and Monday CRM offer a complete view of customers for personalized experiences and informed decisions. We’ll compare them to help you choose the right CRM.

Monday CRM Vs Salesforce: Quick Assessment

CRM and Salesforce are cloud-based platforms. They both belong to the Customer Relationship Management category. They fall under this category on Monday. CRMs are primarily used by companies to oversee their engagements with clients and prospective clients. Here is a more in-depth exploration of what each provides.

Monday CRM Vs Salesforce: Quick Assessment
Monday CRM Vs Salesforce: Quick Assessment
  • Monday CRM: “Monday CRM” is a reference to the CRM platform. This platform is provided by the company “monday.com.” CRM software assists businesses in overseeing interactions and relationships. They do this with existing and prospective customers. It commonly consists of functions for various duties. These are contact management, sales pipeline tracking, lead management, email integration, and extra features.
  • Salesforce: Salesforce is globally recognized as one of the most popular and extensively utilized CRM platforms. A variety of CRM solutions and tools are offered for various needs. Sales, customer service, marketing, and extra services. Salesforce provides a platform that is based on the cloud. This system enables businesses to efficiently handle customer relationships and optimize operations. It is recognized for its adaptability, expandability, and wide range of third-party connections and applications.

Here’s a comparison table between Monday Sales CRM and Salesforce. The table is based on the specified categories:

Features Monday Sales CRM Salesforce
Features – Customizable workflows
– Visual project management
– Collaboration tools
– Basic CRM functionality
– Extensive customization options
– Advanced analytics and reporting
– Workflow automation
– Marketing automation
Integration – Supports third-party integrations
– Limited integration options
– Vast ecosystem of integrations
– Robust APIs for custom integrations
Pricing – Flexible pricing plans
– Lower starting price
– Complex pricing structure
– Higher starting price
Ease Of Use – User-friendly interface
– Intuitive navigation
– Steeper learning curve
– Extensive training resources
Support – Email support
– Chat
– Resources
– Comprehensive help center
– Phone support
– Email
– Resources
– Dedicated customer success manager
AI Capabilities – Basic AI features
– Limited AI integration
– Advanced AI with Einstein AI
– Generative AI capabilities

Difference Between Monday CRM Vs Salesforce

Now, let’s delve into a more detailed comparison between Monday CRM vs Salesforce. It will help you have a better understanding of these 2 platforms:


Monday CRM:

  • Tailored and robust automation: Using Monday sales CRM, teams can automate tasks efficiently. This helps to save time and simplifies collaboration.
  • Effective monitoring: Keep tabs on personal and team goal progression through performance-tracking functionalities. Receive summaries and in-depth analyses regarding pipelines, goals, group targets, and individual achievements. The goal is to enhance sales and customer happiness.
  • Real-time communication tools:  Using Monday CRM tools and integrations to ensure effortless communication in real-time. Deliver real-time updates, streamline email management, and customize communication with customers and colleagues.


  • Einstein GPT: Salesforce’s artificial intelligence tool accelerates your work pace. It tailors customer interactions and assists vendors in navigating sales processes. It further streamlines analytics processes for fast data retrieval.
  • Service Cloud: Service Cloud, part of Salesforce CRM, automates customer service operations. It links information from different channels of service. Additionally, it generates materials for clients to discover answers independently.
  • Sales Cloud: Sales Cloud serves as an additional Salesforce CRM tool. AI technology assists sales teams in finalizing deals. It offers information and analysis to enhance the sales procedure. It also streamlines everyday tasks for higher efficiency and assists in handling sales predictions.

=> Verdict: Salesforce typically provides a wider variety of features and functionalities. They are ideal for larger corporations with intricate needs. Yet, Monday CRM could be a simpler and more intuitive choice for small businesses or teams. Particularly individuals seeking a simplified CRM option.


  • Monday CRM: Monday sales CRM offers more than 70 integrations and over 200 apps for users to utilize. This enables you to link your CRM with the leading work platforms available. Email clients such as Gmail and Outlook, as well as document managers like PandaDoc and DocuSign, are available. Payment processing platforms such as Stripe and social networking applications like Facebook. These characteristics assist in many tasks. Gathering leads from your campaigns, connecting with email platforms, and many other functions.
  • Salesforce: Salesforce offers more than 3,000 integrations and apps in its platform. They can be accessed via the AppExchange platform. This enables you to customize your CRM according to your preferences. You can discover integrations available for numerous apps to align your various tools. Some of them include SurveyMonkey, Zapier, LinkedIn, Asana, and others. Apps are grouped by sector. Therefore, it is simple to locate the necessary tools to enhance your CRM.

=> Verdict: In general, Salesforce has a wider range of integration options available. This is a result of its strong market position and extended experience in the CRM sector.


Monday CRM:

  • Basic: $12 per seat per month. This encompasses Infinite pipelines, contacts, and boards, a dashboard centered on 1 board, and unlimited complimentary viewers. 
  • Standard: $17 per seat per month. This covers all the features of the Basic plan. It encompasses email connections, enhanced account control, estimates, and bills, 250 personalized monthly CRM automation and connections, and a dashboard merging 5 boards. 
  • Pro: $28 per seat every month. This encompasses all elements of previous strategies. Sales forecasting, email templates, sales analytics, 25,000 monthly CRM automation, and integrations are also included. Furthermore, it is possible to create a dashboard that merges 10 boards. 
  • Enterprise: The cost is determined by an individualized estimate. It covers all aspects of previous strategies and leads scoring, team objectives, advanced analytics, enterprise-scale automation and integrations, multi-level permissions, and HIPAA compliance.


  • Starter: $25 per month. This is perfect for small groups. It consists of streamlined onboarding, lead management, and account management tools.
  • Professional: $75 per per month. This is perfect for sales teams, personalized reports and dashboards, predicting future trends, and creating quotes and contracts.
  • Enterprise: $150 per month. This is perfect for sales teams. It includes analytics and API support, managing pipelines, advanced permissions, and workflow and approvals.
  • Unlimited: $300 per month. This is perfect for teams that need AI and development assistant. It consists of all the functionalities of Salesforce, Premier Success Plan, and developer sandboxes.

=> Verdict: Monday CRM could offer a more budget-friendly option. It is suitable for small businesses or teams seeking a straightforward CRM solution. Conversely, Salesforce could be a more suitable investment for big corporations.

Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use
Ease Of Use
  • Monday CRM: Monday’s sales CRM offers simple templates and boards that are easy to set up. This simplifies the onboarding process and doesn’t need much technical knowledge. In Monday sales CRM, you can easily customize automation with just a few clicks. This allows you to easily build efficient workflows in just a few minutes. You can enhance the efficiency of your processes and tailor them to your desired specifications. 
  • Salesforce: A lot of Salesforce features are user-friendly. This involves guiding or recruiting additional sales representatives. Yet, the platform may have a complicated or daunting user interface and navigation. Significant time and training are needed for new users to get onboarded. Different team members may perceive Salesforce as either intuitive or difficult to adopt. This is based on their technical backgrounds. 

=> Verdict: Monday CRM is often considered more user-friendly compared to Salesforce


  • Monday CRM: There are many resources available to assist you in becoming familiar with Monday’s sales CRM. They consist of articles, videos, webinars, and a Knowledge Base for frequently asked questions. It features a social network where you can interact with fellow users and join in on conversations. Users have access to around-the-clock customer support through a ticketing system. Enterprise plan users also have access to a specific customer success manager. 
  • Salesforce: Salesforce offers various contact methods. This consists of internet-based forms, round-the-clock phone help, and various educational materials. The support you receive will vary based on your specific plan. Various tiers of individualized success plans are included in your plan fees or available for an extra charge. With the increased level of these support plans, you can enjoy many benefits. They are skilled in training, managing accounts, proactive offerings, and extra services. 

=> Verdict: Salesforce’s support options are generally more extensive and comprehensive. It is suitable for larger enterprises with complex requirements. Monday CRM may provide enough support for smaller businesses or teams with simpler needs.

AI Capabilities

  • Monday CRM: Monday’s AI assistant can generate text, create custom formulas, and summarize text into bullet points.
  • Salesforce: Salesforce’s AI tool is Einstein. It is available on higher plans or as an add-on. It now includes generative AI abilities. This is to enhance sales processes by creating emails and summarizing calls. Einstein goes further by capturing and syncing sales data, making sales forecasts, and identifying customer signals. Salesforce’s AI Cloud integrates its technologies to offer secure, generative services for businesses.

=> Verdict: Salesforce Sales Cloud is the clear winner with its advanced AI functions. It has improved Einstein with generative AI, making it a leading AI in the CRM industry.

Monday CRM Vs Salesforce: Which Should You Choose For Your Business?

To begin with, let’s discover the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 platforms. It will help you choose the suitable platform for your business better. 

Features Monday CRM Salesforce
Advantages – User-friendly interface
– Visual project management
– Flexible pricing plans
– Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses
– Quick setup and implementation
– Extensive customization options
– Advanced analytics and reporting
– Vast ecosystem of integrations
– Scalability for businesses of all sizes
– Comprehensive support and training resources
Disadvantages – Limited integration options
– Basic AI capabilities
– May lack advanced features required by large enterprises
– Support may not be as extensive as Salesforce
– Higher starting price
– Steeper learning curve
– Complexity may overwhelm smaller teams
– Customization may require technical expertise

Now, here are some scenarios to consider when choosing between Monday CRM vs Salesforce for your business:

Choose Monday CRM if:

  • You are a small to medium-sized business with simpler CRM needs.
  • You prioritize a user-friendly interface and quick setup.
  • Your budget is limited, and you’re looking for flexible pricing plans.
  • You value visual project management and collaboration tools.
  • Your team requires basic CRM functionality without the complexity.

Choose Salesforce if:

  • You are a large enterprise with complex CRM requirements.
  • You need extensive customization options and scalability.
  • Your business requires Advanced analytics and reporting.
  • Integrating with various third-party applications is essential.
  • You’re ready to invest in extensive support and training resources.
  • You need advanced AI capabilities such as Salesforce’s Einstein AI.


The decision between Monday CRM vs Salesforce for your business depends on various important factors. Remember to test the unique requirements, financial resources, and expansion direction of your company. It is crucial in choosing the correct CRM platform among these two top options. Choosing the CRM that best fits your goals will boost the efficiency and success of your business operations.

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