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How to add Apple Pay to Shopify store: Simple Tutorial

In the competitive eCommerce industry, if you want to attract more customers, you have to improve their payment process. Specifically, the ideal payment option should be safe, quick, and easy to use. And, Apple Pay was born and became a convenient payment tool. 

But how to add Apple Pay to Shopify store? In this article, we will guide you comprehensively. We will also underline some of Apple Pay’s benefits and mention potential issues you may face when using it.

Let’s dive in and learn how Apple Pay can improve your online business!

What is Apple Pay, and how does it work?

Apple Pay is a wireless payment service. This e-wallet has been put into use by Apple for electronic devices since October 20, 2014. Paying with Apple Pay allows customers to transact without a card, improving security and limiting the risk of revealing personal customer and bank card information. Thanks to its security and high quality, many predict Apple Pay will account for more than 10% of all global cash transactions in 2025.

When you make a purchase at a store that supports Apple Pay, the iPhone screen will light up automatically and access the Wallet app. At this point, you just need to tap to use your Apple Pay card or credit card to pay by confirming with a PIN code or Touch ID (fingerprint).

If you make a purchase online and use Apple Pay as your form of payment, the billing/shipping address associated with the memory card or credit card on file is also entered automatically. Username and purchase will be confirmed using Touch ID.

The payment process will be made using the secure NFC method from start to finish, your personal information and card number will be guaranteed to be maximally safe.

Requirements to use Apple Pay for Shopify store

Before adding Apple Pay to your Shopify store, you must meet these demands:

  1. Pick a payment provider: Choose one that supports Apple Pay, including:
  • Shopify Payments
  • Ignite Payment
  • Stripe
  • Authorize.net
  • First Data Payeezy
  • CyberSource 

You need an active account with one of them and set up your payment system.

  1. Get an SSL certificate: This SSL certificate keeps data safe as it travels between browsers and your site. It’s crucial for secure communication with customers. Follow Shopify’s instructions to activate it.
  2. Follow Apple’s Acceptable Use guidelines: Your store must follow Apple’s Acceptable Use guidelines. Make sure your content and products are suitable with Apple’s policies. If you do not follow the Guidelines above, you can not add Apple Pay to your Shopify store.

When your store meets all above requirements, you can add Apple Pay on your Shopify store. We’ll guide you set up Apple Pay as a payment method for your Shopify store quickly and easily.

How to add Apple Pay to Shopify

Step 1: Logging in to your Shopify store. 

Then, you click on Settings at the bottom left corner of your Shopify admin.

Step 1


Step 2: Click Payment, then select Choose a Provider.

Step 2


Step 3: Select Payment methods, then click the box next to Apple Pay to display payment service providers.

Step 3


Step 4: From the list on the left, choose a provider. 

Among the available payment providers are Shopify Payments, First Data Payeezy, Authorize.net, CyberSource, Braintree, and Stripe. Additionally, if you’re uncertain about a client’s eligibility for Apple Pay, you can select a client from the provided list to explore the available payment options. 

Let us introduce you to some features of some payment providers. If you find a Shopify Payment Gateway that is suitable for all scales of businesses, from small to big companies, for different projects, we suggest that Authorize.Net is a nice choice. This is because Authorize.Net offers different payments, such as e-checks, and major credit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Discover, American Express, and Diner’s Club. Therefore, it will make the payment process smooth and safe and save money for you and your customers.

Besides, Stripe is also another good Shopify Payment Gateway. It is flexible and customizable. Moreover, with features regarding subscription billing and strong fraud protection, Stripe can protect and help your business grow.

Stripe offers over 100 currencies, operates with several programming languages such as Python, Java, PHP, and Ruby, and has features such as one-click and mobile payments. 

Step 5: Save your settings, and you’re done. Now your customers can easily buy and pay with Apple Pay on your Shopify store.

Other ways to accept Apple Pay

Apple Pay in person

Shopify store owners can accept Apple Pay payments in-store. Specifically, store owners can use Shopify POS with an Apple Pay-compatible card reader, such as the WisePad 3 card reader, Chipper 2X BT card reader, POS Go, or Tap & Chip card reader. 

This function is also compatible with the Tap to pay feature on iPhone. Customers can make payments using their Apple Watch or iPhone to any compatible reader. Payment will be processed immediately. Customers don’t need to use a credit card or enter payment details using the keyboard on their iOS device.

Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash offers a convenient person-to-person payment feature, enabling users to send money directly from their Apple Watch or iPhone through their Apple Pay Cash card.

It’s worth noting that Shopify POS seamlessly integrates with Apple Pay Cash when utilizing Tap & Chip, POS Go, Tap to Pay on iPhone, or Chipper 2X BT card readers.

Apple Pay in mobile apps

If your store boasts an iOS app integrated with the iOS Buy SDK, Apple Pay proves to be an optimal solution. The iOS Buy SDK streamlines the establishment of a personalized online store within a mobile app, enabling customers to complete transactions effortlessly using Apple Pay or a credit card.

This SDK seamlessly links to the Shopify platform through GraphQL and accommodates various online store encounters.

Why Should You Need to Add Apple Pay to Shopify?

Why Should You Need to Add Apple Pay to Shopify?

No additional fees and easy installation

Incorporating Apple Pay into your Shopify store doesn’t come with extra charges, provided you meet the outlined criteria in the “Requirements to use Apple Pay for Shopify store” section.

Once these criteria are met, activating Apple Pay is straightforward, following the steps we’ve provided. If you operate a physical store, you can also accept Apple Pay using the Shopify POS system.

Optimal payment security

One of the best things about Apple Pay is how secure it keeps your money. Here’s how it works:

  • Secret code every time: Apple Pay doesn’t share your actual credit card information with stores or apps. Instead, it creates a special one-time code for each purchase. It’s like having a secret password for every transaction.
  • No more physical gestures: Forget about swiping your card and risking someone stealing your details. Apple Pay uses your fingerprint or Face ID to verify your identity, making it extremely secure.
  • Less risk of fraud: Because your real card information is not shared, the risk of someone copying it and using it for harm is much lower.

In short, Apple Pay uses smart technology to keep your money safe and sound whenever you pay for something.

The user interface is simple, gentle, and without advertising

Nowadays, e-wallets are gradually becoming more burdensome. Besides integrating too many features, these applications have a lot of daily notifications and advertisements, making the response to the application slow, directly affecting the usage experience.

With card management software like Apple Wallet, the in-app interface has almost no advertising or promotions. This helps users avoid unnecessary notifications. At the same time, it makes the application lighter and smoother, improving the user experience.

Convenient payment experience

Typing in addresses, shipping details, and payment info on a tiny phone screen can be really annoying. But with Apple Pay, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. All your info is safely kept in a digital wallet. So, when you want to buy something, you just need to tap once, and that’s it! No need to type in your details again and again. This makes shopping super easy and quick. So, your customers are sure to love buying from your store!

P2P money transfer feature

P2P (peer-to-peer) is a feature that helps users transfer money directly to other devices with the same application. This feature is now available on many popular e-wallets today.

However, with its discreet ecosystem, Apple has directly integrated the fast money transfer feature into the iMessage messaging application. Rest assured, with iOS 17 and the all-new NameDrop feature, Apple can take advantage of this exclusive sharing capability, making the payment process between Apple users simpler and more convenient.

How to add Apple Pay to Shopify store: Troubleshooting

Apple Pay not showing in the admin

Sometimes Cybersource, Authorize.net or First Data Payeezy users may not find the option to activate Apple Pay in the admin panel. At this point, you need to ask your payment provider to enable network encryption.

If you are using Stripe, make sure you accept the specific Terms of Service for Apple Pay. If not, you can find it in your Stripe dashboard.

If you’re not sure who your payment provider is, you should ask your bank or your merchant account provider.

Apple Pay button not showing in checkout

If the Apple Pay button isn’t showing during your checkout process, make sure you meet all the requirements to use Apple Pay. You can review the “Requirements to use Apple Pay for Shopify store” section.

If your customers use the Buy Button to pay for their order, Apple Pay is not offered because it is not supported by that sales channel.

Additionally, if the Company Name field is required in the checkout process, Apple Pay will not be displayed.

Customer can’t enter a discount code

They can only use them with Apple Pay if they type the code in before clicking the Apple Pay button on the checkout page. If the cart page has an Apple Pay button, customers can’t go to the checkout page to put in the discount code. To make sure customers can use discount codes with Apple Pay, you need to show an Apple Pay button on the checkout page.

Apple Pay button is not visible in cart drawer

You might not see the Apple Pay button, if your store has a cart drawer or pop-up. In this case, you should integrate Javascript to your store theme and the button will display in the cart drawer.

Apple Pay button showing but not responding

If you see the Apple Pay button but it doesn’t respond, ensure that your Apple laptop is supported and that the lid is open. The button might not work if your laptop is in closed-display mode.

Customer gets an error when paying with Apple Pay on a Mac

Lack of proper connection between your phone and computer might be the reason for the problem. To address this issue, ensure your phone and Mac are closed, activate Bluetooth, and log in to the same iCloud account on both devices. This should resolve the connectivity issue and allow for seamless Apple Pay transactions on your Mac.


In brief, implementing how to add Apple Pay to Shopify is a straightforward and efficient method to enhance your customers’ shopping experience. Apple Pay can assist in drawing more customers and boosting revenue with its simple operation, robust security measures, and convenient payment process. 

By adhering to the steps provided in this manual and addressing any potential problems, you can efficiently establish Apple Pay. Let’s begin and enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

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