The Differences Between Cross-Sells, Up-Sells and Related Products in Magento

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There are many ways used by online merchants to increase sales for their businesses. Among popular marketing tools used, related products, up-Sells, and cross-Sells seem to be the most effective and favorable by store admins. Cross-sells, up-sells, and related products are three marketing tools generated based on the relationship between the main products and others. In this post, let’s figure out how these marketing tools differentiate from each other.

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Mageplaza Auto Related Products

This product recommendation performs based on the products that customers are searching for. The appearance of related products block is expected to increase the demand of buyers about other products. It means that shopping doers are expected to choose additional products beside what they want to buy at first. Therefore, related items block is usually presented in the product information page. When using this recommendation tool, store owners hope to increase the number of items per order.

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Mageplaza Automatic Related Products - 5 Case Studies on Actual Magento 2 Stores

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Automatic Related Products


Mageplaza Auto Related Products

Up-sells recommendation method is generated with the purpose to persuade a customer to buy another product instead of the item that he intends to purchase in the first place. Up-sells are often more expensive and better in quality, and so on. The underlying purpose of this recommendation method is to higher the value per order. In other words, store owners want their customers to spend more money for another product of the type.

Similar to related products, the upsell block is often arranged to be on the same page of product information page. Therefore, when web browsers are viewing their desired products, they can easily catch a glance at same kind of products which are higher in price and better in quality. If you are still looking for an extension that help you set up upsell products block, click here to see our guideline.


Mageplaza Auto Related Products

“Cross-sells” is a recommendation tool that provides a list of product in both main product page and in the shopping cart page. However, it is preferably to be placed in the shopping cart page with the intention to persuade consumers to have decision on impulse to buy more products. This marketing strategy is remarkably identical to items presented at the cash registers in many stores and supermarkets. If you have been to some of these stores, you can easily catch a glimpse of a small stall with some goods presented. Because the owners believe that when people wait for the products to be charged, they have a tendency to impulsively buy unexpected products. If you want to add cross-sells block to increase your sales dramatically, click here to see full instructions.


Mageplaza Auto Related Products

In summary, although these three recommendation tools above function based on different rules created, it has the same purpose of selling as many goods as possible. Despite their advantages in increasing sales, these recommendations in Magento 2 have some drawbacks that need to be improved, especially the lack of checkbox next to each item in related products, cross-sells, and up-sells block. That is the reason why Mageplaza Automatic Related Products Extension is created. With the aim to handle all the disadvantages of recommendation tools in Magento 2, this extension will help your store boost revenues dramatically.

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