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10 Tactics to Improve your Conversion Rates

Summer Nguyen | 03-12-2021

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The importance of improving your conversion rates and 10 tactics to do it

Trying to increase the conversion rates means persuading your customers to take more actions on your site, leading them to making the purchase eventually. The key to improve your conversion rates and sales is to focus on customer experience and site performance. Build your website with an easy-navigated and friendly interface as well as understand customer behaviours to provide them what they need. Check the following 10 tactics to see if you are missing out anything.

10 tactics to improve your conversion rates
10 tactics to improve your conversion rates

1. Improve product discovery experience

Having a specific product in mind, customers expect their product search results to be filtered properly. Therefore, simple filtering options such as colors, sizes, etc. are not enough, requiring businesses to upgrade filter system. It is advisable that you pay attention to customers’ keyword searches to find out which criteria are missing and improve the product search experience accordingly.

2. Simplify checkout page

Even though you already had great products and great navigation pages, please keep in mind that the checkout page matters too. Baymard Institute’s survey suggests that over 60% of customers stop at this step without completing the checkout process. Simplifying the checkout page means an easier and quicker process for customers, hence better conversion rate will be created. Also, consider that creating an account may seem too time-consuming for some buyers, thus you should allow customers to log in using their social media accounts. Try to remove unnecessary parts, organize steps logically and display everything on one page only.

Suggested tools: One Step Checkout, Social Login

3. Sales promotions

This tactic may seem classic in every business, but it actually works based on the way you use it. Take advantage of the fear of missing out psychology, which means people cannot resist the desire to enjoy what others are having, to urge customers to make decisions quickly. You can show urgency by displaying banners, alerts, or countdown timers. Free shipping threshold can be offered too, but only when the amount is almost achieved, or else you might lose your customers.

Suggested tools: Special Promotions, Free Gifts, Daily Deal, Promo Bar, Thank You Page

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4. Product recommendations

Recommending related products shows customers that you understand their needs and can suggest them necessary items. Imagine when a customer finds a T-shirt that they love but do not have time to search for different jeans to go with it and hence may leave it in the cart. That’s why you should step up and show them related items that may match the T-shirt, which can enhance their shopping experience and motivate them to complete the purchase.

Suggested tools: Automatic Related Products, Product Slider, Who Viewed This Also Viewed, Who Bought This Also Bought

5. Wishlists creation

Customers may not decide right away what to buy, but they can add it to their wish lists and consider later. If your site allows customers to create wishlists, there will be higher chances that they may come back, and in case they forget, you can use email marketing to remind them about this. And when they do come back, they will head straight to the lists and purchase instantly.

Suggested tool: Save Cart and Buy Later

6. Email marketing

Email marketing may vary from announcing news and exclusive offers to notifying customers of order status and loyalty programs. All of these techniques will help remind and urge them to come back to your site. Although the biggest challenge is how to gain their attention when a lot of brands also follow this tactic, you can succeed by including personalized messages as well as creating exclusive content.

Suggested tools: Abandoned Cart Email, Follow Up Email, Product Alerts

7. Ensure trust and security

When purchasing products online, customers tend to be hesitant especially if they are not familiar with your store. Hence, to keep customers stay on your site and purchase items, you have to ensure them that there is trust and security. You can do this by displaying trust badges and well-known partners. Besides that, always integrate security extensions so that your store is protected, too.

Suggested tool: Magento 2 Security Extension

8. Flexible payment options

Customers have their own preference when it comes to payment options. Maybe because that is a major card type or because that is widely-used in their country. Therefore, you should analyze the data and see which methods are commonly used and allow them on your site. Besides, if your loyalty program provides customers with store credits, remember to include them in the payment options too.

Suggested tools: Store Credit, Barclaycard, Sage Pay, Worldpay, CartaSi

9. Take advantage of social media

In recent years, social media have become an effective marketing channel, helping build trust and enhance customer experience. When you link your site to your store’s social media accounts, you can use it as a platform to upload marketing campaigns for more effective results and your customers can easily interact with the brand. Also, they will be more willing to purchase from your site if they can see positive reviews on those platforms.

Suggested tools: Social Suite, Social Login, Social Share

10. Get customer reviews

It is always essential to collect feedback from your customers, because it will help you improve your services and also let them know that their comments always matter. You can send emails to remind customers to come back and leave feedback after purchasing, and even attach a small incentive for the next purchase. Even if they do not complete the purchase, you can still ask them for feedback to see where the problem is and try to fix it.

Suggested tools: Review Reminder, Better Product Reviews, Custom Form

If you read until here and feel like you need to do all of them to improve your conversion rates, then there is one simple solution for you: Check this extension package which contains everything you need.


Marketing Manager of Mageplaza. Summer is attracted by new things. She loves writing, travelling and photography. Perceives herself as a part-time gymmer and a full-time dream chaser.

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