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Shopify Themes Symmetry Review: Presets, Features & More

Visitors’ first impressions of your online store will be influenced by how your Shopify store looks. The choice of a Shopify theme for e-commerce can significantly affect the success of an online business. This is especially true when it comes to in-person selling interactions. By utilizing a theme, you can establish an internet company that provides customers with an equally valuable and engaging encounter. 

Shopify Themes Symmetry is currently one of the most versatile and popular themes on the market. You need it to optimize this and provide your clients with a great shopping experience, whether they are online or in-store. This blog post will examine the unique characteristics of the Symmetry Shopify theme. We will discuss its main features, pros, cons, cost, and extra details.

Shopify Themes Symmetry: A Close Look

This is where the Symmetry theme comes in. Developed by Weyland Technologies, Symmetry has quickly become one of the most popular free themes on the Shopify Theme Store. Known for its elegant and minimalist design, Symmetry offers a modern aesthetic suitable for all types of e-commerce businesses. But beyond just looks, it is feature-rich and customizable to help store owners create an immersive shopping experience. Let’s explore the Symmetry theme in more detail through this guide.

Symmetry Themes Shopify: Who does it cater to?

The Symmetry theme is a chic, elegant, and versatile theme. It will enhance the appearance of your online company. It offers a variety of advanced features. These characteristics can enhance the appearance and ambiance of your store. Symmetry asserts that it creates engaging and enthralling online shopping encounters. This is achieved through its appealing design and neatly structured arrangement. 

The Symmetry theme on Shopify is an ideal option for different types of stores that value aesthetics and user experience. This is possible because of its advanced filters designed to boost conversions. Yet, the Symmetry theme is best suited for fashion and beauty companies. These are companies that aim to attract fashion-forward fans with unique features. 

The theme offers options for personalization. You can tailor the store to your specific interests and design choices. Moreover, Symmetry will be most effective in retail locations that specialize in selling products like:

  • Beauty products and skincare items.
  • Design of furniture and jewelry
  • Products created through creativity and artistic expression

Where to Find the Symmetry Theme?

If you are excited to explore the enchantment of the Symmetry theme, head to the Shopify Themes marketplace to find its online home. This is the place where you can discover the variety of styles provided by Clean Canvas. You can select the one that best matches your brand identity and objectives. 

You can check out this Symmetry Theme link. With this link, you can discover what it can do, and you can learn more about the different designs and functions it provides.

Are free trials offered?

The Symmetry Theme is priced at $360 for a one-time buy. It offers a variety of features and customizable elements. This investment lets businesses improve their online presence and elevate their in-person sales. They can do this through a carefully designed theme. 

Shopify Themes Symmetry Free Trial
Shopify Themes Symmetry Free Trial

Clean Canvas also enables users to examine the possibilities of the theme before making a decision. So, they provide free trials without any limits. This allows businesses to explore the theme’s different styles and features before buying. During this trial period, users can see for themselves how well the theme matches their brand identity and goals for face-to-face sales.

Is the price of the theme justified?

The cost of $360 for the Symmetry theme is considered average due to its extensive set of features. It allows users to use various customizable tools for creating visual narratives. Additionally, it includes conversion-driven functionalities like cross-selling, promotional banners, and fast-buy components. The Symmetry Theme can improve brand visibility, interact with customers, and increase sales. This justifies the expense for companies aiming to stay ahead in the online market.

Pros & Cons of Symmetry Theme


  • It has a variety of customizable designs. This enables businesses to create a professional and captivating online image.
  • The flawless mobile adaptability of the theme is a game-changer. It guarantees an interactive experience for clients across different devices.
  • Some of its characteristics include fast purchasing, suggested in-cart items, and real-time search functionality. These characteristics can improve user experience and greatly increase conversions.
  • Symmetry provides a variety of styles to suit a range of business types.
  • Clean Canvas, who developed the Symmetry theme for Shopify, has an excellent reputation. They provide helpful customer service and regular updates.


  • Adjusting the theme could potentially involve a period of learning and adaptation. This is particularly true for individuals who are not very knowledgeable about Shopify or web design.
  • Although the theme’s performance is still strong, loading times can be affected by extensive customizations and added elements.
  • If you need in-depth customizations, you may need extra help from Shopify Experts. Clean Canvas suggests using Taskhusky. Yet, there is an extra fee depending on your needs.
  • The all-inclusive bundle is expensive. Although the Symmetry theme provides great value, it may be priced higher than some other themes.

4 Exclusive Presets Of  Shopify Themes Symmetry

The Symmetry theme is not a universal solution for everyone. These are the 4 design options provided by the theme.


The Beatnik preset is an elegant and simple visual masterpiece. Beatnik has a simple design, plenty of white space, and a traditional layout. They all create a sense of timeless sophistication. This appearance is perfect for companies wanting to display their products with a white backdrop.  

It also has a clear layout and easy-to-use navigation. This guarantees that visitors to your business will enjoy a great experience. The Beatnik design is ideal for showcasing visually appealing and simple products in fashion stores, home décor retailers, and lifestyle businesses. Fashion-savvy customers will be impressed by its subtle elegance, leaving a lasting impact. This improves the look of your business and allows your fashion collections to be the main focus.


The Chantilly preset communicates sophistication and elegance in its entirety. Visitors are left with a lasting impression of the visually appealing online shop. This is due to its stylish and refined design characteristics. Chantilly gives off a luxurious, contemporary vibe through its attractive color palette, uncomplicated layout, and sleek lines. 

This preset is suitable for companies that value a contemporary, refined look. Luxury home goods stores, high-end fashion merchants, and skincare and cosmetics enterprises are examples of these. Also, Chantilly provides an elegant touch to your online business, setting it apart. Additionally, it will leave a lasting impression on your clients.


The Duke style offers a strong and contemporary method to make your stores distinctive in the market. The modern style of Duke utilizes striking fonts, vibrant color palettes, and impactful visual elements. Duke exudes a rebellious and daring vibe. Its distinctive and innovative design elements capture the eye and leave a lasting impact. 

There are many fascinating attributes to the theme. Captivating color combinations, bold typographic choices, and unconventional layouts are being featured. Duke is perfect for businesses that want to showcase their distinctiveness and creativity. It functions well for brands looking to challenge norms, creative sectors, and niche markets.

Salt Yard

Salt Yard‘s design is characterized by an innovative combination of classic and contemporary features. The idea gives significant focus to product photography. Thus, upon entering the store, customers are quickly able to view the company’s offerings. 

The Salt Yard aims to offer customers of your online store a cozy, interactive experience. Salt Yard’s attractive graphics and easy-to-use navigation attract customers. If you work in travel and hospitality, food and beverage, or any other field where you want to encourage a sense of adventure and exploration, Salt Yard provides an ideal opportunity.

Key Features of the Symmetry Theme Shopify

The theme provides numerous robust functionalities. In general, these are a few standout features of the Symmetry Shopify theme that could catch your attention:

In-cart Recommendations

This function shows customers product suggestions after they have added an item to their cart or are looking at their cart before completing the buy. This improves the shopping experience. These suggestions are made according to the products already included in the shopping cart. They also recommend more or similar products that may catch the customer’s interest.

Ways in which it supports Shopify vendors:

  • In-basket suggestions offer customers extra products to improve their shopping experience. After that, they can take advantage of the customer’s desire to buy something.
  • Contributes to a customized shopping experience. It is a useful instrument for promoting extra products or services to customers. It enables merchants to advertise products that complement each other or enhance the customer’s initial choice.
  • Promotes further buying.
  • The function ensures that customers remain interested while completing their transactions. This provides an opportunity to explore more items within the shop.

Long-form Homepage

The extended homepage is a fluid component in the Symmetry theme. Shopify merchants can design a visually appealing and thorough homepage. This homepage can contain various content sections. In contrast to a typical homepage design, the one that can only include just a couple of main components. The vertically extending long-form design can support diverse content and storytelling styles.

The benefits it provides to Shopify merchants.

  • Long-form designs are exceptional at showcasing a brand’s narrative and beliefs.
  • Merchants can display a range of content formats thanks to the extra space. These include pictures, videos, reviews, and key product features. 
  • This boosts visitor involvement. The function provides in-depth details on products and services.

Reorderable Homepage Rows

The functionality to rearrange homepage rows allows for personalizing the layout of your homepage. You can rearrange sections such as products, blog posts, and promotional content in any way you prefer. This adaptable instrument assists in designing a customized and appealing homepage. The homepage will align with your brand’s narrative.

Ways in which it benefits Shopify sellers.

This gives merchants control over designing the visual experience of their homepage.

  • The characteristic allows for flexibility in modifying the layout of the homepage. This is meant to align with current business objectives and effectively captivate visitors.
  • Retailers can create a story by arranging categories in a specific order.
  • Effortlessly advertise special promotions, seasonal products, or recently added items. It showcases them in the specified sequence.

Horizontal Product Tabs

This functionality provides a simple and structured method to showcase different product categories or collections on one page. This is primarily the page showcasing the product. Apart from scrolling vertically, this function showcases products in a horizontal tabbed layout. This enables guests to move between various sections effortlessly without scolling too much.

Benefits for Shopify Sellers

  • Horizontal tabs aid in natural navigation. This enables visitors to easily navigate between various categories or collections. 
  • This characteristic minimizes mess and enhances content arrangement. So, it upholds a tidy and attractive design.
  • When product categories are organized and easily accessible, visitors are more inclined to browse through various options.

This function offers search results in real time when users are typing in the search bar. Thus, it improves the search capability of your Shopify store. When users type in keywords or product names, the system immediately shows related products, categories, and pages in a dropdown list.

Benefits for Shopify sellers

Live search decreases the amount of time and energy visitors dedicate to searching for particular products or information. So, it greatly enhances the user experience.

  • Guests can easily find items without navigating to a different search results page.
  • The autocomplete feature helps users by suggesting popular or relevant search terms. This improves the search process.

Mega menu

With the Mega Menu feature, customers can easily find and access the information they need. They can do this task without having to search through extensive lists of links or browse many pages. 

With this useful tool, you can attract customers and encourage them to discover more details about your business. This can be achieved by launching and promoting new items, top-selling items, partnership products, or exclusive initiatives.


You can use Slide Show mode to display beautiful photos and great content about your products and company right on your homepage. The slideshow captivates visitors, preventing them from turning their gaze elsewhere. 

It leaves a lasting impression and piques their curiosity to learn more about the product or service you are offering. As a result, utilizing the Slide Show feature could help increase sales for your company. Additionally, it aids in building a loyal fan base.

Quick buy

The Symmetry theme’s ‘Quick Buy’ feature is engaging. You can quickly include items in your cart without being redirected to another product page. By incorporating the Quick Buy feature on your e-commerce website, shoppers can swiftly put products into their shopping carts. They can complete transactions right from the product page. This stops them from switching to a different product page and completing many activities. Clients can save time and energy and have a smooth and pleasant shopping experience.

Enhanced search functionality

Online retailers can use the intelligent search bar to create a predictive search function. This function displays the most pertinent outcomes based on what customers input. This enables them to easily find exactly what they are looking for. Furthermore, e-commerce vendors can customize filters specifically for your company. This allows users to find exactly what they are searching for. They will not perceive it as wasting time scrolling without purpose. 

Mobile-friendly interface

The Symmetry theme is created to work well with different mobile devices and screen sizes. This guarantees a seamless and effortless user experience across many devices. They can be your website’s desktop, tablet, and mobile variations. Clients can investigate your company anywhere and anytime, provided they have an Internet connection. This is because the theme has been tailored for mobile devices.

Lots of customization options

Symmetry offers several customization options. So, you can change the design and look of your website according to your liking. Using a Shopify theme with symmetry allows you to customize colors, fonts, logos, photos, and other elements to match your brand’s narrative and identity. This enables you to highlight the uniqueness of your brand. You don’t need to be concerned about it being mistaken for another company’s identity. 

Multiple language support

Multiple language support
Multiple language support

The Symmetry theme available on Shopify supports many languages. This enables you to reach a broader international customer base. You can rapidly convert data into different languages to enhance customer support. This also enhances sales efficiency using the help of the automated translation intelligence tool.

Integrating Apps and Tools with Symmetry

Using Shopify allows for the opportunity to improve your store’s capabilities. You can do this by utilizing apps and integrations. The Symmetry theme is created to integrate smoothly with many popular Shopify apps. It enables you to incorporate advanced functionalities for enhancing your e-commerce website. 

A few of the most favored apps that seamlessly work with Symmetry are:

  • Product Reviews: There are platforms such as Stamped.io, Judge.me, and Yotpo. They enable the incorporation of customer reviews to enhance social proof.
  • Recommendation Engines:  There are Rebuy, Upsell Cross-Sell, and other apps. They use artificial intelligence to offer customized suggestions and boost the value of purchases.
  • Loyalty & Rewards Programs: Apps such as Smile Rewards aid in fostering customer loyalty. They do this by providing points and rewards for purchases.
  • Email Marketing: Use apps such as Klaviyo, Omnisend, or Privy to connect your email campaigns with Symmetry.
  • Live Chat: Enhance customer support by connecting instantly through live chat apps such as Tidio and Gorgias.

These apps are only a small selection of the many that are compatible with the Symmetry theme. Explore the Shopify app store for more tools that can improve website features and performance. Thoroughly examine app ratings, prices, and compatibility information while conducting your research. This is to guarantee smooth integration.

5 Examples Of Businesses Using Symmetry Theme


Roark is known for embodying adventure and exploration. The brand discovered a digital residence within the Symmetry theme. Designed specifically for men’s and women’s outdoor clothing, the website features products displayed with attractive images and a user-friendly interface. It represents the essence of Roark’s ethos driven by his journey. The banner features full-width slide images alongside a fun layout of images. This aspect of the Symmetry theme is truly striking.

Make My Lemonade

Make My Lemonade is a European fashion brand known for its innovative style. The Symmetry theme is utilized by the store to showcase its character. The website provides customers with a user-friendly layout. Users can discover a wide variety of fashion and lifestyle items interactively.


Besides the fast buy option in the symmetry theme, you can observe how the brand has made use of the reorderable homepage rows. You can see how they use this to showcase a diverse selection of content. This involves connecting their Instagram account, providing their store location, and creating a persuasive content section. This is for customers to subscribe to their brand and extra features.


Sepulcro is an alluring virtual fashion store. It maximizes the use of the Symmetry theme. The store seamlessly combines fashion with user-friendly design. This is achieved by displaying its distinctive clothing line on a white backdrop to attract the attention of the customers. This results in a complete shopping experience for fashion lovers. The store excels in cross-selling by utilizing the in-cart recommendations feature of the theme.

Wall Encyclopedia

Wall Encyclopedia is a central place for unique and carefully selected art-related items. It utilizes the theme’s flexibility with sophisticated designs and strategic positioning. The site displays children’s educational materials such as posters, frames, and other artistic resources. The theme seamlessly combines beauty with practicality. This simplifies the finding of novel and distinct items. They utilize a varied array of functionalities provided by the theme. This refers to promotional pop-ups and the “You May Also Like” section for promoting related products.

Yellow Box Shoes

Yellow Box Shoes focuses on attracting a demographic looking for chic and youthful fashion. The store’s layout follows the Beatnik design aesthetic of Symmetry Theme Shopify. Hence, it is evident that the predominant colors utilized are neutral. This can showcase the brand’s products and appeal to customers. 

The Yellow Box team utilizes the Slide Show feature to showcase more product photos. This assists users in navigating through different products without the need to manually scroll down the page. This function is also tailored for mobile devices. Hence, clients will enjoy a seamless and excellent product browsing and choosing experience while using their smartphones.


The concept of symmetry is a flexible and powerful force. It provides companies with a pass to engaging experiences. Even though there are differences, the interactive features, custom designs, and user-friendly interface matter more than any worries. Stores with enough money that want to stand out in face-to-face sales will like this theme.

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