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Motion Theme Shopify: Everything You Need To Know About

Are you seeking more information about the various themes available for your store? From no-cost Shopify themes to ones needing payment, they can assist in drawing in customers. Are you interested in enhancing your store with animated elements to improve storytelling? Are you unsure of where to begin? 

The Motion Theme from Shopify can assist you with that. Come with us as we explore the Motion Shopify Theme. We’ll examine its characteristics, advantages, drawbacks, and extra aspects. At the conclusion, you will determine if Motion is suitable for your online store. Let’s not delay and discover the realm of Motion to see what it provides.

What is the Motion Theme Shopify?

The Motion Shopify Theme enhances brands with animation and video. Motion theme Shopify goes beyond typical e-commerce templates. It is a straightforward, top-notch theme. This theme enables interesting and effective sharing of brand and product narratives. Movement eliminates mess, concentrates on simplicity, and highlights products. Plus, it also incorporates captivating visual components.

Each aspect of Motion is created to animate smoothly, ranging from subtle transitions to dynamic video backgrounds. This captures the interest of customers and provides a feeling of being exclusive. Motion has a variety of features. Yet, it is lightweight and operates efficiently on any device. Its user-friendly layout guarantees an excellent user experience. This ensures ease of use and interaction. 

Simply put, Motion is a tool for storytelling that transforms online stores into immersive experiences. By selecting Motion, you can strengthen your brand and form a deeper bond with customers. For enhancing your online visibility and leaving a lasting impact, the Motion Shopify Theme is the ideal option.

There are 3 Motion theme layout options:

Motion Theme Classic Style

The Classic design emits an eternal elegance. It displays sleek lines and harmonious proportions. Perfect for classic brands looking for a refined yet subtle appearance. This design emphasizes both clear communication and practicality. Thus, it guarantees a smooth browsing experience for clients.

Motion Theme Elegant Style

The sophisticated design reflects elegance and refinement. It puts emphasis on elegant design features and meticulous detailing. Ideal for luxury brands seeking to communicate sophistication and uniqueness. This design enhances the shopping experience by focusing on elegant aesthetics and skillful craftsmanship.

Motion Theme Minimal Style

The Minimal design embraces simplicity and self-control. It demonstrates a minimalist and organized design style. It is ideal for contemporary and minimalist brands aiming for a smooth and modern appearance. This design focuses on white space and minimalistic typography. It enables products to be the main focus without any interruptions.

Cost to Use Shopify Motion Theme

The price for utilizing the Shopify Motion theme is a single payment of USD 350. The cost comprises the theme itself, which can be tailored for your brand and all upcoming theme updates. The theme provides various characteristics created for visually impressive and lively online shops.

Although the theme fee is a one-time payment, there are additional possible expenses to take into account.

  • Shopify Subscription: To access the Motion theme on Shopify, you must have a live Shopify subscription, with prices varying from $29 to $299 monthly based on the desired features and services.
  • Apps and Integrations: Other apps or third-party integrations could incur separate charges, based on the needs of your store.
  • Custom Development: If you need more customizations than what the theme provides, you may have to pay for a developer, resulting in an extra expense.

What Do People Review ABout Motion Theme Shopify?

Do you need a unique perspective from other users to have an objective overview of this theme? You can check out these top comments on this theme from Heycarson. They are one of the top e-commerce businesses that connect eCommerce brands and agencies with top freelance Shopify developers and designers. So, you can trust them with their diverse reviews from actual users. 

Dave Roberts

Rating: 5 stars


“Clean and modern designed theme that looks great across mobile and desktop. I particularly like the video header that really helps us convey our brand story in an authentic way. Didn’t even play with the font or colour settings much at all, just my accent color and was good to do. The images, speed and clean layout does most of the talking.”

Alessa Amato

Rating: 4 stars


“Easy to use and adjust, especially for someone with no design or coding experience. There are some small customizations that would be great, like reformatting pages such as product pages to better showcase some features of our products. Overall, really enjoy the theme and have had a great experience.”

Nina Nickles

Rating: 4 stars


The theme has been easy to use and functional for us on many levels. We found a great email marketing manager with Red Cape agency. Top Apps: Draginblog, Klaviyo, Gorgias, Air Inc., Textile, AirCall and Candyrack, Wonderment. We like Draginblog because it not only helps with SEO, but it is a much better blog platform than what comes with Shopify. Klaviyo has been a good tool, especially as we have grown, the analytics are helpful. Gorgias is a great CRM tool and really helps with keeping track of customer correspondence and integrates well with Shopify to help save time. Wonderment is a nice tool to add some branding to tracking for our customers and it also alerts us to delayed or lost packages so we can get out in front of that with our customers. Candyrack works well as an upscale app. They have great customer service and the app looks nice on the website. AirCall and Textline integrate well with Shopify.


Rating: 5 stars


“I really enjoyed the Motion theme. Right from the beginning, it enabled me to build a professional and beautiful online store, for which I’ve received lots of great feedback. Two years ago, I hired a developer to use the Motion theme as a base for a brand new custom theme build for me, as there were customizations I wanted to add to the visual/ branded feel, and we’ve been really happy with it.”

Features Of Motion Theme Shopify

Here are some of its key features:

  1. Display changing collections

The Motion theme on Shopify includes the “Display Changing Collections” feature. This feature allows you to:

  • Showcase different product collections on your homepage.
  • Cycles through selected collections at specific times, keeping your store dynamic and engaging.
  • Highlights various sections, like new arrivals or seasonal specials.
  • Encourages visitors to explore more, increasing the chance they find something they like.
  • Enhances user satisfaction and effectively promotes specific products or offers.

Seamless story animations

There are some highlights of this feature:

  • Lively & engaging store: Motion uses graphics, animations, and video to tell your brand story and showcase your products in a captivating way.
  • Easy video creation: Build high-quality videos without needing professional editing skills. Motion makes it natural and engaging, not corporate.
  • Dynamic content: Motion makes your content look interesting even in “view” mode, not just when clicked on.
  • Customizable animations: Animate everything in your store for a connected feel, or disable animations for a simpler look.
  • Smooth shopping experience: Motion creates a seamless flow between pages for a more enjoyable shopping journey.
  • Hero section slideshow: Create personalized slideshows with fading images and text to showcase your best products or brand story.

ManyHomepage Videos

 Motion lets you add multiple videos to your homepage, perfect for:

  • Showcase your brand: showing your products in action, featuring happy customers, or sharing your brand story.
  • Captivating and informing: Videos grab attention and convey information visually. This feature personalizes your homepage and keeps visitors engaged with dynamic content.
  • Easy upgrading, big impact: Adding videos is a simple way to elevate your store’s look and feel, creating a more interactive experience for visitors who prefer visual content.

Add to Cart Quickly

The “Add to Cart Quickly” section of the Motion theme offers some benefits, such as:

  • Faster shopping, more sales: Motion’s Quickshop feature lets customers add items to their cart directly from product listings on your homepage, collections, or related product pages. No need to jump between pages!
  • Easy decisions, happy shoppers: See key product details – image, name, price, and quantity – without leaving the current page. This saves time and keeps customers engaged in the shopping experience.

Style Guides

The feature “Style Guide” in the Motion theme on Shopify is good if you want the following things: 

  • Shop the look: Motion’s “Style Guide” lets you curate inspiring image collections that showcase your products in different styles or settings. Think of it as a digital lookbook where customers can see how your products come together and get ideas for how to use them.
  • Easy buying & inspiration: Each image links directly to the product page, so it’s effortless for customers to explore and purchase what they love. Highlight seasonal trends, suggest outfits, or showcase product versatility – it’s up to you!
  • Enhanced shopping experience: Seeing products in context inspires customers and helps them visualize how they can incorporate your items into their own lives.

Design For Mobile-First

Over 80% of visits to Shopify stores come from mobile devices, according to a Shopify report.

This indicates that consumers prefer shopping on mobile devices rather than laptops or desktops. Motion has mobile-first features, such as:

  • Seamless shopping: Motion makes shopping on mobile phones a breeze. Customers can easily browse, add items to their cart, and pay directly from their phones.
  • Easy navigation: Drop-down menus make it simple for customers to find what they’re looking for on any device.

20+ Sections

The Motion theme on Shopify includes a range of customizable content blocks within its “20+ Sections” feature. You can effortlessly include and organize your store’s pages. These categories consist of choices such as:

  • Highlighted items
  • Customer feedback
  • Photo collections
  • Additional features

 You can create your website layout without the requirement of coding.  This can be easily achieved by dragging and dropping various sections into position. These sections allow you to:

  • Customize your website to effectively present your products
  • Engage customers by showcasing new arrivals or special offers.

Promo Banners And Popups

The Motion theme on Shopify includes a function called “Promo Banners and Popups”. This function lets you design attention-grabbing messages for your visitors. You can include banners on the top or bottom of your store’s pages. This is to communicate discounts, offers, or significant details. These banners may contain text, images, and links to guide customers to particular products or pages. 

Furthermore, you can create popups that display upon customers’ visits to your website. This provides discounts or encourages them to subscribe to newsletters. This function enables you to convey discounts effectively and attract visitors, motivating them to browse and make purchases on your e-commerce website.

Pros and Cons Of Motion Theme Shopify


  • Improved product visual presentation: The Motion theme is created to display products in an attractive visual way. High-quality images and seamless animations accentuate the product details, enhancing their appeal to potential clients.
  • Communicate a high-quality appearance and sensation: The stylish layout and advanced animations of the Motion theme can contribute to creating a high-end appearance and impression, which improves your brand’s perceived value.
  • Designed to increase the likelihood of conversions: Designed to boost sales, the Motion theme includes functions such as quick view, product filtering, and an easy-to-navigate layout. Assisting in the creation of a smooth shopping experience can result in increased sales.
  • Not heavy, of little weight: The design of the theme is intended to be lightweight. It makes sure that your website loads fast. Quick loading speeds are essential for retaining site visitors and minimizing bounce rates.
  • Optimized for speed: Optimizing speed is an important aspect of the Motion theme. This is essential for both the user experience and SEO. An increased site speed can result in higher search engine placement and enhanced user contentment.
  • Ability to adapt and be flexible: The Motion theme is flexible and can be customized for different online store types. The categories include fashion, beauty, electronics, and home goods. Many diverse businesses find it to be a great option due to its flexibility.


  • Absence of important characteristics: Certain users might discover that the Motion theme is missing some vital features that are necessary for their store. Achieving the desired functionalities may necessitate the use of extra apps or tailored development.
  • Issues with Customer Service: Getting prompt and efficient customer support may come with difficulties. Users may encounter delays or discover that the assistance received does not completely resolve their problems.
  • Potential concerns with specific functions: Certain users have experienced difficulties with certain features of the theme. Issues arise when customizations are flawed or specific functions do not perform as anticipated. These problems might need expertise to fix or extra assistance..

Is Motion Theme Shopify The Perfect Choice For Your E-commerce Website?

Visual storytelling is vital for grabbing customers’ attention and curiosity. This helps firmly establish your brand image in their minds. Motion Theme is the perfect solution for your needs. It will assist in distinguishing your store and thriving in this competitive online market. Why invest large sums of money in creating a “professional empire” when you can achieve the same using Motion? 

Motion comes equipped with many excellent attributes. These include seamless storytelling animation, product filters, customizable layouts, and ease of use. It also has affordable prices, like endless free trials and complimentary theme upgrades. Plus, it offers around-the-clock support. So, Motion is the perfect option for businesses of any size. Yet, it is particularly well-suited for small businesses and new companies.

Case Study: Retailers Utilizing The Motion Shopify Theme

Motion Shopify Theme has made a lasting impact on the world of online shopping. It enables countless online shops to reach unmatched levels of success. Here is a sneak peek at some well-known brands that have adopted Motion. They all utilized its features to develop impressive, top-performing e-commerce websites.


Kneadfurnitue is a well-known furniture label. It has effectively incorporated the Motion Shopify Theme to display its stylish and elegant furniture products. Knead attracts customers and establishes new furniture design industry benchmarks. It did this with its stylish design and dynamic Motion features.

Vogue Store Of Germany

The epitome of elegance and luxury is represented by shop.vogue.de. The Motion Shopify Theme is a perfect complement to this. Vogue Store Of Germany uses Motion’s customizable segments and high-quality appearance. Hence, it offers an engaging shopping experience that appeals to its selective customers.

Guide on Buying the Motion Shopify Theme

The Motion Shopify Theme can be easily bought and downloaded from either the Shopify Theme Store or Archetype. Here are the procedures to get the theme on every platform:

From Shopify Theme Store: 

  • Go to the Motion Theme page in the store
  • Click on “Try theme” on the Motion Theme page.
  • Observe the on-screen instructions to finish the buying process and smoothly set up the theme.

From Archetype:

  • Visit the Archetype website.
  • Go to the Theme category and choose Motion from the choices provided.
  • Select “Try for free” by clicking on it.
  • You will be sent to the Shopify Theme Store site. Adhere to the guidelines provided above for buying and setting up the Motion theme.

The Final Words

To sum up, utilizing the Motion Theme for Shopify can transform your online store into a dynamic and captivating environment. It has a straightforward layout, seamless transitions, and powerful capabilities. This makes it ideal for conveying your brand’s narrative and drawing in customers. Choosing the Motion Theme is a great option if you want to enhance your e-commerce website and make a lasting impact. Begin utilizing Motion now and witness the impact it can have on your store.

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