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How to Add Video to Shopify without YouTube [2 Easy Ways]

Have you ever tried to figure out how to add videos to your Shopify store without youtube? This guide will show you two simple methods that don’t rely on YouTube:

  • Shopify’s embedding feature: This built-in functionality allows you to seamlessly integrate videos into your store.
  • Vidjet for Shopify: This app provides an alternative embedding solution for even more flexibility.

Embedding videos is a great way to attract customers and provide viewers with the most comprehensive view of your products. You can explain instructions, and showcase products from the most visual aspects.

This article dives deep into both methods of how to add video to Shopify without youtube, giving you step-by-step instructions.  By the end, you’ll be able to add videos to your Shopify store in minutes! Let’s get started!

Benefits of Adding Videos to Shopify Store?

According to research, websites with video content have a 41% higher click-through rate than those without video. Additionally, video can help increase the time visitors spend on your site, which can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates. Currently, many shops on Shopify tend to add videos during product introduction, because it also has many benefits. Here are the main benefits of adding videos to your Shopify store according to the article:

  • Increased conversion rates: Videos help introduce customers to products more clearly and build trust, leading to more purchases. Many studies have now shown that videos can significantly influence purchasing decisions.
  • Improve customer experience: Videos on Shopify capture attention longer than images or text. So customers can better understand your products through dynamic video content.
  • Increase brand reach: Video is considered highly shareable content that is preferred by consumers. Brand videos can significantly increase brand awareness and visibility.
  • Lower bounce and return rates: Videos provide clearer demonstrations of features and usage, leading to fewer returns. UGC videos in particular help boost confidence.
  • Enhanced SEO rankings: Video helps increase engagement metrics like time on site and allows buyers to engage more through CTAs. This definitely improves the website’s visibility in search results.

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How to Add Video to Shopify without Youtube: 2 Main Methods

You won’t need any coding knowledge to follow our steps that explain how you can embed videos directly from your PC into your Shopify homepage. Note that Shopify has different themes, so not all themes offer video-sharing options. If so, they may have different upload steps.

Method 1: Use Shopify’s embedding feature

Actually, Shopify’s embedding feature allows you to upload videos through 2 different paths, as follow:

1.1. Upload your video on the Files page

Step 1: Go to your Shopify Admin, find and click Settings where you will select the “Files Tab”.

Step 2: Select the “Upload Files”

Step 3: Upload a video file that meets these 4 requirements:

  • File type: mP4 or .mov
  • Video resolution: up to 4K (4096 x 2160 px)
  • Video length: up to 10 minutes maximum
  • Video size: 1 GB maximum
Upload a video file that meets these 4 requirements

Step 4: Copy the URL of the video by pressing the Link icon “🔗”. 

1.2. Add HTML content to your product with the rich text editor

Step 1: Click Show HTML to view the HTML code for the product description

Step 2: Get your video URL from Step 1. Add this code to the HTML:

Get your video URL from Step 1. Add this code to the HTML

Step 3: Click SAVE

Method 2: Embedding Videos to Shopify with Vidjet

Step 1: Log into your Shopify Admin

Step 2: Click “Products” section on the left-hand menu

Step 3: Find and choose the appropriate product where you want to add your video

Step 4: Click on the “Insert video” icon

<img loading="lazy" decoding="async" width="1999" height="921" src="https://storage.googleapis.com/mageplaza.com/media/2024/06/20175207/Click-on-the-Insert-video-icon.png" alt="Click on the "Insert video" icon" class="wp-image-12214" srcset="https://storage.googleapis.com/mageplaza.com/media/2024/06/20175207/Click-on-the-Insert-video-icon.png 1999w, https://storage.googleapis.com/mageplaza.com/media/2024/06/20175207/Click-on-the-Insert-video-icon-300x138.png 300w, https://storage.googleapis.com/mageplaza.com/media/2024/06/20175207/Click-on-the-Insert-video-icon-1024x472.png 1024w, https://storage.googleapis.com/mageplaza.com/media/2024/06/20175207/Click-on-the-Insert-video-icon-768x354.png 768w, https://storage.googleapis.com/mageplaza.com/media/2024/06/20175207/Click-on-the-Insert-video-icon-1536x708.png 1536w" sizes="(max-width: 1999px) 100vw, 1999px" />

Step 5: Copy your Vidjet embed code and paste it into the text box that appears

Step 6: Click “Insert video” and you’re done

<img loading="lazy" decoding="async" width="1999" height="908" src="https://storage.googleapis.com/mageplaza.com/media/2024/06/20175333/image5-10.png" alt="Click "Insert video" and you're done " class="wp-image-12216" srcset="https://storage.googleapis.com/mageplaza.com/media/2024/06/20175333/image5-10.png 1999w, https://storage.googleapis.com/mageplaza.com/media/2024/06/20175333/image5-10-300x136.png 300w, https://storage.googleapis.com/mageplaza.com/media/2024/06/20175333/image5-10-1024x465.png 1024w, https://storage.googleapis.com/mageplaza.com/media/2024/06/20175333/image5-10-768x349.png 768w, https://storage.googleapis.com/mageplaza.com/media/2024/06/20175333/image5-10-1536x698.png 1536w" sizes="(max-width: 1999px) 100vw, 1999px" />

Types of Video Content You Can Add to Your Shopify Store

There are several types of videos you can add to Shopify to attract customers in different ways:

  • Product launch videos: Perfect for conveying information about new products. These artistic videos with impressive voice overs are ideal for marketing and driving traffic. Add them to a product’s coming soon or landing page.
  • Feature announcements: Introduce newly upgraded features to your customers. This form is easy to use and share, serving both existing and potential customers by showcasing product innovation. Feature announcements are often added to blogs and social media.
  • UGC and unboxing videos: Leverage content from your loyal customers. Clothing brands, for instance, effectively showcase photos and video feedback from customers on social media, enhancing brand exposure. Unboxing videos provide potential customers with candid insights into what they can expect upon receiving the product.
  • Explainer videos or product demos: These videos are valuable additions to product pages and help shoppers make purchasing decisions. Depending on the product, use demos in your content marketing strategy to highlight key features.
  • Product comparison videos: These videos demonstrate how your product compares to competitors’ products. They can showcase superior features and build confidence in your product’s quality. They are particularly effective for shoppers deciding between similar items.


This guide outlined several easy ways for Shopify newbies to directly embed video on their store without relying on YouTube. By uploading video files to your store or using a dedicated hosting service, you maintain full control over your video content and can ensure it plays seamlessly on your site. This gives your visitors the best browsing experience and protects your brand in case of any outages or changes to YouTube’s embedding policies down the road.

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